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A Pagan's Fate

Summary: Pagan!Dark!Will Scarlett. Read this story to learn about Robin Hood's brother Will Scarlett; the Bastard child of Lord Locksley, a child of the Gods just like the boy's mother. A powerful witch he is with few connections of the Dark Forces that the Sheriff created long ago. Dar to know the secrets of Scarlett?

Chapter Eight

After the Wedding

It was late into the night and everyone was still celebrating.

I stood in the shadows watching the lot of them dance, drink themselves into oblivion, laughing and enjoying the party with their loves ones. There was few large bonfires all over the forest, as music still rang into the air as the drums beat, the women dancing around flirting with the men who dare to look upon them.

The celebration of Robin's marriage was very similar of the celebration that night when Lady Marian first came into the camp, the night when Fanny's youngest son Robinson Azeem was born. The young boy was named after of course by Robin and Azeem; Robin because as the boy's Godfather and Azeem because Fanny said that him saving her and her son's life it would be honorable to name the boy after him too and John agreed.

Azeem was very touched when he found out about this and was permitted to hold the newborn half into the night while John was going around the whole camp announcing to anyone who would listen (and those that was somber enough) telling them about his new son and as Fanny rested. It was then that Azeem boned to the child, even now as Azeem gladly became the babysitter to all seven younger children (Wulf is old enough to take care of himself) when Fanny, John and John's mother are busy. Azeem became a second father to the children and of course Robin became the favorite uncle.

It was then, I believed that Azeem finally felt he belonged here and was surrounded by friends that cared for him. His homeland is miles east from here and it would take months to get there. I doubt he would ever go back, seeing that he is still a wanted man there and here he is free. I wasn't shocked that Azeem was still here, even after his vow is completed.

The only difference between that day and now is the that King Richard and his men is among those that are celebrating. I do not see the King as I presume that he is with Lady Marian and Robin.

I sighed and turned away from the sight in front of me. I so wanted to feel belonged here, but I just…I just don't feel that am nor do I feel that I should. Part of me is happy that Anhora came to me just hours before; as the part of my soul want to go back home; where my people are. But I found that part of myself now is part of my brother's life. Would my brother let me go? Could I leave him?

I thought back at what Anhora said before he disappeared. "At the eve of Samhain, we will see ach other again. And where your studies shall begin."

That was month from now. I should've known something will happen to me soon, seeing that Samhain is the new year and during the time with my brother and the defending the Sheriff I passed my 28th birthday. I know I was way over due with my Dragonlord duties as most start around their 18th or their 21st years of life. But I runaway when I was that age, I was an lost soul not knowing what to do with my life. I felt lost without my mother, the only person that I known all my life. She was my teacher, my mother and my friend. Shortly after her dead, I seek out my sire and found that he was nothing more then a royal prat that did not deserve my mother and so I left and never returned back to the Locksley Castle. I went back to my people and I left again and never returned. Until now….

Thinking of what lies ahead, I know realized that this was my path. Going back home I will see Hunith again. I will became something more then Robin will ever be. By making this path, it will make my mother proud.

I knew I was ready. I was now at peace within myself.

But will I want to go?

Should I not tell my brother and just leave sparing him from the grieve that it is unknown when they will see each other?

No…Robin deserve to know the truth.

With that I myself to swallowed into the darkness and the flick of my wrists, I disappeared.

I reappeared somewhat close of where Robin and the rest was. Everyone was either far to drunk or too busy partying to notice anything amiss when I reappear out of thin air. Using the magick that came natural to me takes more energy from of me then saying the magick words of Old English, but after doing them for years they came like second nature like breathing.

"Will!" Robin yelled seeing me finally. Robin looked surprised that I appeared without him realizing it but he didn't care. His speech was little slurred but he was only buzzed unlike John and Bull who was so drunk beside him that I don't think they know what's in front of them.

Among them were the King who was talking to Lady Marine and Fanny, who was blushed and awe to be at the King's presence. I can tell that the King glanced at me with wonder, as he knew who I was. I shifted my feet, feeling like a child being watched by an Elder who's just waiting for him to do something stupid.

"Aye." I said not knowing what to say to my brother. "Can we talk…alone please?" I asked him seeing Lady Marian near her new husband that looked that would wanted to come with us. Robin looked at me, he knew something was bothering me since before the wedding, but I was glad he didn't say anything knowing that when I was ready I would talk to him.

Robin nodded, saying that he will be right back to his wife and the both of us walked out, passing the party into the edge of the camp where we can talk alone in peace.

"So…what do you want to talk about?" Robin asked me. My brother looked at me with concern that it stabbed me through the heart.

I turned away from him. I need to come clean with him. I will not lye to him, I will answer his questions. I needed too; I do not want any regrets between us while I'm gone.

"I'm leaving, Robin." I said slowly.

There was silence.

"What?" Robin asked, it was clear he was shocked, angry and little disappointed. "Why?"

"I have to leave." I repeated, I really didn't know what to tell him.

"Why? When? Where?"

"My past as finally came up with me, for I have duties to attend to. I will leave at the eve of Samhain."

"What duties?"

"Duties that you really don't need to know, brother." I really don't know what to tell him. I will admit I am afraid.

"Don't give me this bullshit, Will. I am you brother and you will tell me why now you are leaving me!"

"I have to go back home to my people. As a future Dragonlord, it my duty to go into training and step up what I am born to do."

"Dragonlord? Will, Dragonlords are Pagans and you are not a Pagan. They are servants of the Old Gods and they don't serve the Kings of England. They are here because of the agreement to the Kingdom of Camelot and other Kingdoms up north."

"Our Great Grandfather was one." I tried reasoning him.

"Our what?"

"Our grandmother's father was one himself. Females can't be Dragonlords, but they can borne sons that can. Through her, our Father had the gift but choose not to use it and I have the power to became one. One of my Elders came to me before the Wedding… it is now Time for me to go back."

Robin couldn't believed of what he was hearing. His brother a Dragonlord? It can't be. Dragonlords are known but not many people here have met them only heard of them, as most live up far North where it unknown, pass the wall that the Roman created long ago and Ireland. They are Pagans; those Celtic, Norse people that didn't serve with the Kings of the Kingdoms of England. They serve the Old Gods, demons that disgrace the Lord Jesus Christ and the Holy Father. However with the agreement of friendship between the Kingdoms and many of the Celtic, Norse tribes, Dragonlords are warriors, royalty knights that are respected even in court. It is said that they have the ability to talk to Dragons, even can control them and have magick that goes against everything that he was taught that doesn't exist. Magic can not be real. Not even Dragons.

All this time his brother was one! Will can not be a Pagan, it was against everything he knows!

"You must be joking!" Robin snapped at me, his voice making my insides turn to ice. "You are not one of them!"

I started at my brother, I can feel the angry growing within me. "I am one of them! I serve the Gods willing and I have magick…" I knew I was babbling, but Robin can be so stubborn!

Robin didn't know what to do.

"Kill me if you wish, brother." I snapped as I opened my arms in front of him as if egging him to slain me where I stand. "It is what you Englishmen do isn't?"

Robin snapped his head back to his brother giving him a look off disbelief. "Don't be so dramatic, Will. I won't kill you. I'm just shocked! Give me a moment to damn think!" I watch as my brother stated pacing in front of me, muttering to himself.

"Yeah well…" I was little held back of what he said. I didn't know Robin would've act this way. I thought he would kill me, which I was ready if that happened. I was ready for him to yell at me, beating me as if he could beat the magick out from me.

"Was…your mother…a witch herself?" Robin asked me not looking at me.

"Yes she was." I say the look of honor on Robin face as he turned to face me. "But she wasn't like Mortianna! She was a great healer, everyone loved her."

Robin slowly nodded. "Did father knew?"

I didn't know the answer. "I think so. I'm not sure. Mother hardly spoken of you or him."

"Show me."


"Show me what you can do with this magick that I keep hearing about."

"I don't know…."

"Come on Will!" Robin suddenly smirked. "Surely you know a few spells…I only saw magick few times myself while I was allowed in Court with Father when the few times Pagans came to Locksley Castle for shelter."

I was again taken back. "What do you want me to show you?" I dared to ask.

"Can you fly?" Robin smirked at me.

I shook my head in disbelief and here I thought he would ask me to make gold. "Its possible…but I really don't want to try that. I'm not that powerful! That's what Dragons are for!" I couldn't stop smiling now at the irony. Doesn't matter where you come from, all humans wish to fly like a bird.

Robin did a forceful laugh, I can see that he wasn't very comfortable with this, but at least he was trying which I found myself respecting him a wee bit more.

"Do something simple then. Go on, show me." Robin leaned on a tree as if mocking me that I couldn't do it. Well…I'll show him!

I sighed I looked around myself and found a pebbles on the dirt. I picked up a handful about ten or so and I walked up to Robin who watch me like hawk trying to figure out what I was going to do with these pebbles.

With the flash of gold in my eyes; Robin stepping back shocked; one by one the pebbles lifted up into the air swilling around up my hand and around us as colorful lights sparked.

Robin stood there watching, his eyes widen and slowly a grin was upon his face. "Wow." he said is voice in awe.

I smiled. He had accepted me.

One Month Later

It was long month, that is all I can say to describe what the whole month was like after I had a talk with Robin.

Everyone now knows that I will leaving within a few days. Everyone was acting strange as the Day of the Dead approaches; Fanny acting like a mother towards me; John and Bull acting as if I was betraying them. Wulf on the other hand thought I was abounding him. As these few months our friendship had grown.

Why would a brother leave his own family for reason that any of them are willing to tell them unless it was something sinful?

Fanny has given me lots of items for the trip: clothes, food, things that just in case I got hurt and including items that I knew she couldn't afford. I had this feeling the Lady Marian had helped. It was also nice to be mothered since my own mother is gone to Helgafjell.

Robin gifted me with a fine light colored mare of which I ending up named her Lucasta. She was pretty beast, young one at that but I fine one that will serve me well. She was the colour of light, not a white light that most call it light, but the light from the fires that I believed came from pure light itself. What does light come from but the light from fire itself or the sun?

I will admit I was nervous as Samhain approach. What if I didn't make a good Dragonlord? What if Anhora made a mistake?

The what ifs kept coming into my mind that I didn't know if I could do this.

Every time I see Robin, I felt this pain in my heart; I have learned to love my brother. This thought scared me for the past weeks. What will happen if we never see each other again? What would happen if I turn into something that he views as an Enemy? Would he think of me like Alexander and the Crone?

Is it my fate to die at the hands of my own brother, my own kin?

Or is it my fate to die at the order's of my brother, killed by the hands of his own Soldiers?

I shook my head at these thoughts. Robin is too good to hate me.

…I hope.

It was Day of the Dead or mostly known as Samhain to my people. It was the day of the new year, the day to honor one's ancestors and prey to those that died that year to go into the afterlife in peace. At that very morning when everyone was still asleep to preyed to my mother like I have done the previous years since her dead. But until those years, the first time in my life I honored my father. I may only met him once years ago. He was kind to me until he found out who I was. For I was the reminder of his and my mother's reunion.

I felt my father's spirit in my room deep within Nottingham Castle. I did not know what my father wanted from me, does he want me to say something to him? Or was he sorry that he never knew me?

I did know, for I felt a similar present, whom I always believed to me my mother. At last the two were together. Slowly, I knew they left.

I sat there with the candles in front of me until the candles were short. How long I was sat there in mediation do I not know. I licked my fingers putting out the candles and chanted s saying to my mother and father three times to let them know I love them, I forgive them both (for different reasons) and that I will not forget them.

It was not time to dwell on them. It was time to leave. With that I packed up my things, ready up Lucasta.

It was noon. I felt that it was time to go, Robin, Lady Marian Azeem, few others mainly John, Fanny, Bull and myself rode on our horses together heading towards Sherwood Forest.

None of the knew where we were going, as I myself did not know. I knew when it was time, I would know.

At last at the edge of the forest, I turned towards my brother, getting off my horse as others followed suit. Looking into my brothers eyes who knew that it was time to let me go.

"Good bye, Will" Robin said, there was tears in his eyes, but they did not flow.

I nodded and we hugged. After a moments of standing there in my brother's embrace I stepped back and looked straight into his eyes, as mine were glowing into those familiar golden glow.

"When the sun and moon
Shown in the sky.

We will see each other soon.

But not before hard trails are made;
Tears, anguish, betrayal…
Do not fear my brother.
We will see each other soon."

For that, I started stepping back backwards, Lucasta willing followed. Lady Marian beside her husband looked at me in wonderment as Robin looked at me knowing of what I spoke was the truth, as I was a Seer. I myself do not know where those words came from. It was if my own Magick within myself needed to say it. It was known between us that it will be a long time before we will see each other again. For how long, none of us know for sure.

I turned, climbing on the horse's back and never looked back.

I rode north following the sense of direction of where I knew where Anhora and the few others that come was. I didn't know how I knew, but I followed the path what felt right.

At last I am was at a clearing. Golden leaves covered the clearing with its trees surrounding it was now loosing their leaves, almost barren. It was peaceful sight, the autumn wind slightly blowing through my hair. I slowly got off Lucasta stepping towards the center of the clearing, keeping the mare close to myself.

At last one by one I saw figures coming out from the shadows; Anhora stepped out first followed by two others; one man and a woman.

The man looked like a royal, as the man's robes and cloak looked expensive. However the style of the clothing and the type of cloak the man wore told a different story; this man was of high blood yes but not from any Kingdom that I knew of. Looking at the man clearly, I saw that he had long dark hair, with a trimmed beard and moustache. Around the man's neck was a necklace of a dragon amulet. I knew this was man was a Dragonlord.

Bedside the Dragonlord, was the blonde woman who was clearly a Priestess of some kind judging of the her long graceful dress that given the woman room to run if needed in battle; something that was rare nowadays in women's wear. The woman wore a crown like jewelry across her forehead with a blue jewel right in the center between her brow. Around her waist was punches what could contain her magick runes and powerful Sidhe powders. Draped over her right shoulder was also a leather bag. I this feeling it contain herbs that she found coming here.

Anhora stepped forward, putting his hand on my shoulder.

"It is good to see you, Balinor." I so wanted to snapped at the man that wasn't my name, but I kept my lips shut.

Anhora turned to the man. "Balinor this will be your teacher, his name is Alagor."

The man, Alagor nodded at me.

"This is his wife, Aoibhe, whom will also be your teacher in ways of magick and healing."

The woman, Aoibhe smiled at me. I smiled back to her. Aoibhe gently grabbed my arm leading me of where they came from the shadows. I knew the two men followed close behind as Lucasta was lead by Alagor.

I took a deep breath. 'So this was it.' I thought to myself. I watched as Anhora waved his staff around us as colorful lights suddenly appeared.

And then we vanished into the darkness; leaving no trace.

(End of Chapter)

(End of Story)

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Words: 4,810

(1) Robinson: the name means "Son of Robin". I never did like the name "Robin" so I figured to name the newborn of "Robinson" seeing the Robin is his godfather. The name Robin is the medieval diminutive of the name "Robert" which is from the Germanic name Hrodebert meaning "Bright fame", derived from the Germanic elements hrod "fame" and beraht "bright". It was the Normans who introduced this name to Britain, where it was replaced the Old English cognate Hreodbeorht. It has been a very common English name since that time.

The most famous people borne of this name is the two early kings of France, two Dukes of Normandy and three kings of Scotland including Robert the Bruce who restored the independence of Scotland from England in the 14th century. The Author Robert Browning (182-1889) and poets Robert Burns (1759-1796) and Robert Frost (1874-1963) are famous literary bearers of this name. Others bearers including Robert E. Lee (1807-1870) the commander of the Confederate army during the American Civil War and the American actor Robert Redford (1936-).

(2) Helgafjell: (from Old Norse "Holy Mountain") was one idea of the afterlife which appears in West Norse sources. This place was so sacred that people could not look in its direction without washing their faces first. In the Holy Mountain, the members of the Norse Clans would lead their lives similar to the ones they had lived in the world of the living. Some psychic people could look into the mountain and what they saw was not intimidating, but it was a scene with warm hearth, drinking and talking.

It is one of four places in the afterlife in Norse mythology, as the other three are known as Folkvangr, Hel and Valhalla.

In Valhalla, the dead join the masses of those who have died in combat known as Einherjar, as well as legendary Germanic heroes and kings as they prepare to aid Odin during the events of Ragnarök.

Lucasta: it was Feminine Literature name, that was used first by the poet Richard Lovelance for a collection of poems called 'Lucasta' (1649). The poems were dedicated to Lucasta, a nickname for a the woman he loved Lucy Sacheveral, who he called lux casta "pure light".

Sidhe: (pronounced as "shee") are immortal magickal beings from Irish Mythology. The world Sidhe literally means "people of the (faerie) hills". It is the Gaelic name for the faeries in both Ireland and the Highlands of Scotland. Usually these faeries are attracted to those that are beautiful, wealthy or to have faerie blood. It is believed that the Sidhe have powers beyond those of men to move quickly through the air and able to change their shape at will. The Sidhe may look very similar to elves and other different fairies that reside in the invisible world that coexists with our own. They are not fairies whereas fairies are simple, kind creatures as they are also known to be not immortal.

In the World of Merlin: the Sidhe are immortal race of Avalon, the Island of Youth and they appear as small blue humanoid winged creatures. They are describes as "masters of Enchantment and cruel care of beings."

The Sidhe are also known as: the Fae, Faeries and Aos Si.

Aoibhe: an Irish Female name that is Derived from Gaelic aoibh "beauty". It is also used as an Irish form of Eve.

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