Chapter 1- I Refuse To Die This Way

Hakureisaiga- This is a challenge from a creative dude named Challenger

Naruto- So basically what happens to me

Hakureisaiga- The typical, you are chased by a mob and you die

Naruto- I can't die, I am the main character of this story

Hakureisaiga- You didn't let me finish, but you somehow awaken a deadly power and wreak havoc on your oppressors, then you leave for six years to train yourself and your newfound powers. Oh, and the Kyuubi dies.

Naruto-Finally the weight has been lifted

Hakureisaiga- Let's start the chapter, I don't own this idea, kudos to Challenger

Prologue: The Jubi was known to be a beast of unstoppable power, but what people don't know is that the Jubi was once a human. That person that became the Jubi was given a power from an unknown origin and with that destructive power, he lost control of himself, causing him to become the Jubi. The name of this power was called the Devil Gene. The Jubi wandered the earth until he suddenly disappeared from history and the earth. Some say that he killed himself in madness, others say that he became a rurouni and met someone to settle down but today the Devil Gene will awaken in the most unlikely person- that happens to be six-year-old Naruto Uzumaki.

"Get back here, you damn demon!" someone in the mob shouted at the small blond boy running away.

"Why….Why do they already chase me on my birthday? Why do they call me demon?" Naruto thought.

Suddenly a kunai whipped and embedded itself into Naruto's leg. The boy fell to the ground, desperately trying to crawl but then he was caught and kunai was embedded in his hands and feet to the wall.

Naruto wailed, "Why…why do you hate me so much? I have never done anything to you people and yet for some reason, you scorn me. WHY?"

A masked chunin with bits of silver hair sticking out, said, "Because you are the Kyuubi no Kitsune! The demon is sealed within you! You were the one who killed countless people. Our brothers, sisters, fathers, mothers, lovers….all dead because of your destruction." (A/N: Fifty bucks to the person who guessed this guy right)

Naruto shouted, "I am not the demon."

The chunin said, "Bullshit! There is no reason for you to back out of this now….I am going to kill you here and now."

The Chunin took some gasoline and poured it over Naruto, then he took a lighter, "Thought I might try fire for a change…give my regards to the Devil."

He tossed on Naruto, who screamed in pain as the flames licked on his body. "Is this how I die? Am I really going to die without accomplishing anything? No…..I refuse to accept this fate…..I refuse to die this way….I REFUSE!" Naruto thought in agony.

Mindscape- Kyuubi sat waiting in his cage, then it saw the cage began to glow a eerie purple. "What the fuck?" The demon said. The eerie purple aura traveled toward the Kyuubi and began to absorb its strength. "The boy has that accursed gene….no, I can't go like this. AHHHHHH!" It shouted struggling. Suddenly the fox burst into red-orange chakra, but the purple aura consumed it.

Naruto- Naruto, hanging on the wall, had a strange seal that appeared on his chest. His body lifts out of his holds and black wings came out of his back with a loud snap and his hands turned into claws of a devil.

The villagers and ninjas looked in horror as Naruto changed, but the silver-haired chunin left quickly, sensing that something bad was going to happen. Devil Naruto laughed ominously, "Hahahahahahaha…so I'm the Kyuubi no Kitsune, eh? Tell me, does the fox have wings?" The villagers were shocked and one of them asked, "What are you?"

Naruto said, "Me? I'm Naruto Uzumaki, now you will feel the wrath of God." The jewel located on his forehead begins to glow yellow coupled with red lightning. "Take this! THUNDER CRIMSON BEAM!"

The laser beam shot at the villagers and ninjas killing them with excruciating pain. Suddenly Sarutobi and a group of ANBU came on to the scene of a devilish Naruto and piles of dead bodies each with a single burning hole.

Sarutobi said, "N-Naruto."

Naruto looked at Sarutobi, "Hello, Sarutobi Hiruzen."

The Hokage flinched at the way Naruto said his name. Then Naruto clutched his head, "What is happening?" Then he saw a tall person with black wavy hair and brown eyes, "So you are the wielder of the Devil Gene, huh, Naruto Uzumaki?" he said.

Naruto said, "Who are you and where are we?"

The man replied, "I am Seito Kazuya…the previous holder of the Devil Gene and the Juubi no Ryu."

Naruto said, "There is a Juubi?"

Seito said, "Yes, there is. Now listen carefully, you need to leave Konoha now. The Devil Gene will destroy your body if you don't come here to this place and train to control it."

Naruto said, "Where?"

Seito said, "To the Mishima Zaibatsu located near the border of Kumo and Konoha. My memories will guide you here."

Naruto said, "I feel empty for some reason."

Seito said, "That is because when you forcibly awakened the Devil Gene within you, it absorbed the Kyuubi along with its memories and chakra. You can control it now. You must hurry, time is of the essence."

Naruto nodded and suddenly he woke up in the hospital. He got out of the bed and awakened the Devil Gene again, spreading his black wings.

Sarutobi along with Neko and Inu came into the room, "Naruto, what are you doing?" Naruto said, "I need to go somewhere….I am sick and tired of the villagers trying to kill me every day. I need some space now."

Inu said, "But Naruto….the villagers are just mad, I am sure that they will change…"

Naruto trained his glowing purple eyes on Inu, which unnerved him, "All I am hearing is a whole bunch of bullshit coming out of your mouth. If they wanted to change, they would have done that in three years. Now I am leaving this accursed place for now….there are some people here that are worth saving such as the Ichiraku family."

Naruto flew upwards into the sky and darted through the sky toward the moon. Inu tried to follow him, but Sarutobi held out a hand. "No, Inu, he needs some space now….I know that he will keep his promise though he is darkened by his hatred of the villagers, he is still the same. We will let him go now."

Neko said, "Then how are we going to explain this to the council?"

Sarutobi said, "We tell them the truth because those assholes that we are protecting don't know what is between the sealed kunai and the scroll. They need a wake-up call."

Outskirts of Kumo- Naruto landed in front of the rundown house and walked inside of it. He looked around, "Okay, this looks like the place…now what is the training?" Naruto closed his eyes to search through the Jubi's memories….then he found it.

Naruto said softly, "So I must train in the styles of Capoeira, Mishima Style Karate, Kazama Style Self Defense and Jeet Kune Do. Then I must fight my inner self for control of my body. Interesting….I will not lose here! I need to protect them, they are the only family that ever saw past the demon that used to be sealed inside of me to find the real Naruto Uzumaki."

Council- "What do you mean we can't go get him?" Danzo shouted, "I knew we should have made him a weapon." Sarutobi glared at the old bandaged fool, "Oh, so you can make him devoid of all emotion like your ROOT division that is still up when I specifically told you to disband it."

Danzo thought, "How the hell he knew that ROOT was still operational."

Sarutobi said, "Now Naruto will not be labeled as an A-rank missing nin, I have his consent that he will return, but he never gave us a time to when he will return."

The Haruno bitch shouted, "He has that accursed demon inside of him, he might defect to Kumo or worse, Iwa."

Sarutobi said, "I would not be surprised since the civilian council disobeyed my direct orders to not harm him in any way, yet every time on this day I am alerted to find that he is beaten and bruised each time. Hell, I wouldn't stop him from killing you idiots."

The civilian council paled in fear at Sarutobi's killing intent, "This night was the day he finally snapped and retaliated all because of him being the Jinchuuriki of the Kyuubi. I lost my older son, Kujaku to the demon and have I tried to kill him once…no, but you couldn't let it go."

The shinobi council listened on with smiles on their faces while Sarutobi said, "So when he comes back, I will give him his inheritance, his name, everything that his parents left for him. He will be told everything and explained why this secret was kept from him and no, I am not going to tell you about it. That is the surprise for you. Now am I clear?"

The civilian council gulped in fear as they nodded at the angered old monkey. "Good, this meeting is adjourned now get the hell out of my tower." Sarutobi said.

Mishima Zaibatsu-5 years later- Hanging from the tree, Naruto was finishing a set of crutches. During the five years, he practiced Capoeira for the first year, then Kazama Style Self-Defense for the second, then Jeet Kune Do for the third year, then he did Mishima Style Karate, and finally he started on working on mastering the Advanced Mishima Style Karate.

Naruto's body was very muscular due to the training and since he hunted and ate meat, he grew to a height of five feet and six inches. He often meditates and practiced his moves on Kumo shinobi that occasionally came onto the property, the hunting helped him brush up on his stealth and tracking skills.

"Finally I believe that I am ready to face myself…" Naruto was dressed in black pants with red flames running up his right leg along with a red and black shoe. He also wore red gloves, similar to a man in a picture he saw in the Mishima Zaibatsu….his name was Jin Kazama.

Naruto sat down Indian style in the dojo and drifted inside his mind to face his fate…either to conquer the Devil Gene completely or to be consumed by it.

Mindscape- Naruto opened his eyes to find Devil Naruto sitting on a throne with his fist on his cheek. "Ah, so you finally come to face yourself?" the devil said to him.

Naruto said, "Yes, I have come to reclaim myself."

Devil Naruto got up from his throne and said, "Really? You are so sure of yourself to winning against me."

Devil Naruto slipped into the Mishima Style Karate stance while Naruto moved into the Kazama Style Self Defense stance. "That accursed style, I will make sure to kick your ass for that."

The two charged at each other. Naruto aimed a kick at his opponent, but dodged and swept Naruto's legs from under him. Naruto fell on his back to see jump in the air to try and end it. Naruto rolled backwards and switched Capoeira, doing a handstand and kicking at Devil Naruto's face. Devil Naruto's head went back like a bobblehead and then Naruto did a windmill kick to his opponent, making him crash into the wall.

Devil Naruto gritted his teeth and ran at him with a flying tackle. He slammed his fist into Naruto's face, then grabbed his face to launch him into the same wall he crashed into and dragged it across it before launching him to the floor. Naruto wiped the dirt and gravel from his face to move into the Jeet Kune Do.

Devil Naruto said, "Oh, now you want to dance like a monkey?"

Naruto retorted calmly, "Shut the fuck up and fight."

Devil Naruto said, "As you wish."

Devil Naruto aimed a kick at Naruto's head, but Naruto ducked under it and swept Devil Naruto's legs from under him. Then Naruto got on top and proceeded to punch the hell out of him. Each punch, he drew blood from Devil Naruto 's face, then Naruto took his arm and broke it.

Naruto shouted, "Come on, bitch! Get up, get up! I know you are not dead."

Devil Naruto got up, "I can't lose…not to the likes of you, you are just a mortal."

Naruto said, "That is just it. You are a devil, incapable of knowing emotion such as compassion, remorse, love. All you know is rage, hatred, anger, suffering, pain. That is why I will win because I have people to protect from people like you that reside in the hearts of humans. Now let's end this shit!"

Devil Naruto and Naruto stood in a standoff and then they ran at each other. Devil Naruto tried to do a Thunder Crimson Blast, but Naruto dove under it and spun in a circle to do a Dragon Uppercut to D. Naruto's chin. The devil's hand snapped back and then he fell to the ground hard. Naruto slowly walked to D. Naruto's body and said as he grabbed his head, "Goodbye…my other self."

Naruto twisted his head to the side with a sickening crack. The purple aura came to surround Naruto and the tattoo appeared for a brief moment before receding back into his chest. "Now to train myself with this power." Naruto said to himself.

Konoha-1 year later- Sarutobi sat in his office, doing paperwork as he had been doing for the last twelve years since his reinstation as Hokage. "It has been six years…Naruto. I blame these villagers for doing those horrible things to you and myself for letting them happen to you. I promise whenever you return, I will make things right again as atonement for my sins against you."

Naruto's voice rang out, "Good because originally I was going to shout at you for not telling me the Yondaime Hokage was indeed my father….but then again, I was too stupid not to realize it either."

Sarutobi spun to the window to see a blonde with black highlights in his hair with several bangs covering his eyes, wearing black pants with red and gold flames running up his right leg. He also wore a hooded leather jacket but no shirt, revealing his muscular chest due to intense training.

"N-Naruto." Sarutobi stuttered.

Naruto said, "Hey, old man, how is it going?"

Sarutobi hugged him tightly and Naruto said, "C'mon, Sarutobi-jiji-san, you are the Hokage, not a tear machine."

The old Hokage moved away from Naruto and wiped his tears, "You're right…..I assumed that you want to know everything, right?"

Naruto nodded and Sarutobi began, "Your father was indeed Minato Namikaze, the Yondaime Hokage. He was the one who developed the Hiraishin and ended the Third Shinobi War. He was always cheerful, but in battle, he would be cold toward you if you were his enemy. Your mother was Kushina Uzumaki, she was a lot like you. She would always fight for those in need regardless of her safety and she has an infectious personality that always made you an ally of hers. Your mother died due to complications in childbirth and in your father's will, you were not supposed to learn anything by the time you reached Chunin...but I understand you don't agree with me because having the villagers hunt you would be no different than having Iwa send assassins to you, but Minato and I couldn't take that risk and foolishly anticipated that the villagers would forget their anguish."

Naruto said, "Jii-san, I don't blame you at all, it is the villagers and civilian council I blame for not being able to do better."

Sarutobi said, "But I could have done better….I could have made laws to protect you better, gave you a guardian, something…"

Naruto roared, "Hiruzen Sarutobi!"

Sarutobi looked up at Naruto's haggard face, "Stop wallowing in self-pity, I see that you are sorry…but you can't change the past unless you have a time-space jutsu of some sort. My father gave me that burden because I was the only one he could trust, if there was another, I am sure that the person would have gone mad or abuse the fox's power. Oh, by the way, the Kyuubi no Kitsune….is dead."

Sarutobi shouted, "What? How!"

Naruto said, "When I awakened the Devil Gene forcibly through my will, it absorbed his power, but left the chakra making me stable to survive. I gained its memories along with the Jubi's."

The Hokage said, "There is a Jubi?"

Naruto nodded, "Yes, his name was Seito Kazuya, he was once human until he unlocked the Devil Gene. In doing so, he lost control of himself in failing to defeat his inner self and became the Jubi. He wandered the earth and disappeared until he was found by the Rikudou Sennin, the Sage of the Six Paths and the Rikudou Sennin sealed him inside. The Jubi, while being sealed, inputted some of his power into the Devil Gene and became dormant in the Sennin. "

Sarutobi said, "So you are a direct descendent of the Rikudou Sennin."

Naruto said, "No, I am an indirect descendent. According to history, the Senju and the Uchiha are the descendent of the Rikudou Sennin. The Senju and the Uchiha both have the Devil Gene, but the Mokuton ability suppresses it, giving the males the ability to do wood jutsu and subdue demons while the Sharingan draws its power from the Devil Gene, but there is another stage in the Sharingan….one that the first known Uchiha in Konoha unlocked, Madara Uchiha and Itachi Uchiha had unlocked, the Mangekyo Sharingan. In order to attain this stage, you must kill your closest friend. The Devil Gene is awakened at a certain extent and slowly drives the user to madness due to prolonged use."

Sarutobi said, "So how come you can use it?"

Naruto replied, "Everyone had the Devil Gene inside of them, but it is dormant and can't be unlocked though I can't explain it why I am the only one able to unlock it."

Sarutobi said, "Well, all that matters is that you are back…..also you will be giving the Namikaze estate near the Hyuga estate and your account will be transferred under your name."

Naruto said, "Oji-san, I would appreciate it…if I could go by my mother's maiden name still….I have still haven't forgiven my father just yet."

Sarutobi said, "Of course, Naruto, take your time. So what type of training did you do?" Naruto said, "I mastered the styles of Jeet Kune Do, Kazama Style Self-Defense, Mishima Style Karate and Capoeira, the styles that the Jubi once practiced. I have no ninjutsu except the E-rank jutsus Henge and Kawarimi or any genjutsu, so I would like to enroll myself at the Academy again."

Sarutobi said, "I figured you might say that….so I have already done all of that."

Naruto said, "Thanks, Sarutobi-oji-san, it is good to see you again. Now for you being honest with me, I will ease your suffering a bit more….try using clones to help with your work maybe Tsuchi Bunshins may help you."

Sarutobi slapped his forehead, "I am nicknamed the Professor and yet I could never figure out how to defeat paperwork at all. Thank you, Naruto….now I will help you out, here is a scroll contained the jutsu Kage Bunshin. Since you have a large chakra capacity, you should be able to pull it off without the effects of fatigue."

Naruto caught the scroll and slipped it into his pocket, "Thanks, oji-san…now I am off."

Naruto jumped out the window and Sarutobi got to work with his Tsuchi Bunshin and thought, "I sense that Naruto has gotten stronger, now I hope that nobody angers him or they will suffer his wrath along with my own."

Courtyard- Naruto walked down the village courtyard, ignoring the whispers and glares of the villagers until one of the idiots became bold enough to throw a rock at his back. It hit Naruto dead center and the former Jinchuuriki turned slowly around to face the perpetrator.

The idiot grinned, "Get the hell out of here, demon." Naruto said, "I will not go back to enduring countless abuse from you idiots…no more."

He suddenly moved and did a Tsunami Kick to the bold idiot launching him into the trash can. Then he turned to the rest of the villagers, who were shocked that he actually fought back against them, "Anybody else wants some?"

The villagers backed up and Naruto said, "Good because I am not taking any of this shit anymore. You hit me, I hit you back but if you ever try to hurt anybody I care about….I swear to fucking Kami, I will kill your loved ones before your very eyes before I kill you."

Some of them were shaken or unconscious due to Naruto's killing intent to make sure he was very clear with them. Then the former Jinchuuriki moved toward Ichiraku Ramen and said, "I would like 3 bowls of miso ramen please."

Teuchi said, with his back turned, "Alright then."

He turned around to see Naruto, "Naruto? Is that you?"

Naruto said, "Hey Teuchi-oji-san, how is Ayame -chan?"

Teuchi shouted, "Ayame, come here."

Ayame said, "Unless it is the Hokage or the people who respect Naruto, I am not coming out."

Teuchi said, "Trust me, you will like this one."

Ayame came out, not noticing Naruto, "Okay, what is the big idea, Tou-san?" Teuchi inclined his head to Naruto and Ayame followed his gaze, "N-Naruto-kun?"

Naruto was suddenly glomped by Ayame, "Nice to see you too, Ayame-chan." He said.

Then she yelled at him, "Why didn't you tell us that you were leaving the village? We were worried about you …that you were hurt or dead when you didn't show him for ramen the day after."

Teuchi said, "Ayame, you can't blame the boy for that…he took so much abuse until he just couldn't take any more from those bastards."

Naruto said, "Oji-san, she is right…I should have said goodbye to you two before running off, but I was so angry that I only thought of myself."

Ayame said, "Well, you're back, so how about that ramen?" Naruto nodded and Ayame went in the back along with her father to make his order.

A few minutes later, Naruto asked as he ate, "So….I heard you say that you didn't sell to anybody except the Hokage and those who respected me? Who were they?"

Ayame answered, "Well, there was a Hyuga girl about your age, your teacher, the Hokage's son, a woman named Kurenai, a man named Kakashi, a weird green spandex-wearing man, some of your old classmates except that girl who you had a crush on."

Naruto's face was impassive, he grew out of his crush on Sakura since he realized that she was not the one for him…that and her mother was on the council….she was a complete bitch. "We only sold to them, that's why our business is still here and we also have the protection of the Hokage, making sure that we were not attacked at all." Ayame concluded.

Naruto silently thanked Sarutobi for his efforts. The former Jinchuuriki said, "It was nice to see you again, Teuchi-oji-san, Ayame-chan. I better get to class so I can protect this restaurant."

Teuchi and Ayame smiled softly at the boy, who walked a few feet before turning his head, "And Ayame-chan, you have grown quite beautiful too."

Ayame blushed as Teuchi laughed heartily at her flushed face. It dawned on her that Naruto was not wearing a shirt, only a jacket and she caught a good glimpse of his chest, making her blush even more.

Classroom- Naruto found the room and whispered, "Showtime." He kicked the door off its hinges, making it crash into the wall and past Iruka's face while he was lecturing.

This woke the students, especially Shikamaru up from their slumber.

Iruka turned to the figure sharply and gasped, "Naruto?"

The students started to murmur and whisper as Naruto walked into the room. Some of the girls including a certain Hyuga blushed at his exposed partially covered chest. Naruto, out of the corner of his eye, looked at the students.

The clan heirs were smiling at him, some of the students' eyes widened at the new wardrobe and some that he knew were from the civilian council were glaring daggers at him. Sasuke was also glaring at him suspiciously, trying to measure his strength against his own and his former crush, Sakura was gaping at the new Naruto. "I'm back…and better than ever." Naruto stated with a proud smirk.

Hakureisaiga- End chapter

Naruto- So whose ass I am going to be kicking?

Hakureisaiga- Well, there is Danzo, Homura, Koharu, the civilian council, Sasuke, maybe Sakura if I feel like it. But you are going to be slightly dark for now, killing people or basically beating the shit out of people without remorse.

Naruto- Fine with me, you are the fucking author of the story…

Hakureisaiga- Yes, but this is Challenger's idea…there are rules that I have to follow. Oh, you might see some of the Tekken characters too, well, except for Jin, Kazuya and Heihachi. Sorry, rules are rules