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"W-What?" Kiba said, "Where did you go?"

Naruto said, "That is none of your concern, Kiba-san. I prefer to keep that place at my discretion."

Sasuke said, "Tell me where you went….you must have gotten stronger than last time six years ago."

Naruto turned his cold eyes upon the Uchiha, "You're right, Uchiha. I have gotten stronger, but like I said, I prefer to keep that place under discretion."

He turned to Iruka, "Are you supposed to evaluate my skills or something."

Iruka said, "Well, Hokage-sama did mention that you were exceptional in taijutsu."

Naruto said, "Do you have an older genin or something? I think I might kill him or her during the fight if I do so."

Sasuke said, "You will fight me."

Naruto thought, "Though I wouldn't bother with him….I do think his ass needs to get knocked down a few pegs."

The former Jinchuuriki said, "Fine, I will indulge you once, Uchiha."

Sasuke said, "Once I defeat you, you will kneel before me."

Naruto said, "Say that after you defeat me, Uchiha."

Arena- "Okay, this is taijutsu only. No weapons, no jutsu, no nothing. If either of you start any hand signs, I will disqualify you and have the Hokage carry out your punishment, no exceptions." Iruka said, "Comprende?"

Naruto said, staring at Sasuke, "I got it."

Iruka turned to Sasuke, "Oh, this means you too, Uchiha-san."

Sasuke said, "Yeah, whatever."

Iruka said, "The match between Naruto Uzumaki versus Sasuke Uchiha. Ready? Begin!" Sasuke slipped into the Uchiha taijutsu style, which its true power can be unleashed when the Sharingan was awakened.

Naruto thought, "Hmm, so many styles to kick his ass with, but which one? I guess I will settle with Mishima Style." Naruto slipped into the Mishima Style stance and Sasuke thought, "I don't recognize that stance."

Naruto said, "I will at least tell you its name….the style is called Mishima Style Karate."

Sasuke moved first by attacking his torso, but Naruto blocked it and kicked him in the torso. Then Naruto began to punch Sasuke not giving him a chance to defend himself. Then the Devil Gene wielder knocked Sasuke down on his ass, "Are you done yet?"

Sasuke looked at him and tried to sucker punch Naruto, but the young man skidded back, "I guess not then."

Sasuke ran at him, screaming a war cry and Naruto caught his punch effortlessly to deliver a nice punch to his gut. Sasuke stepped back holding his stomach and Naruto kneed him with his right leg in the face before turning and kicking Sasuke with his left leg.

"Tch…c'mon, man, don't waste my time. I thought you were supposed to the best of the best. I guess all those compliments got to your head, eh?" Naruto taunted.

Sasuke ran and tried a series of Dragon Kicks, but Naruto blocked all of them with his forearms, then Sasuke started to bounce on the balls of his feet in a boxing stance, which caused Naruto to quirk an eyebrow and said, "Interesting… this should be fun now."

The Uchiha said, "I was just testing you, but now I will get serious."

Naruto made the first move by kicking his shin, but Sasuke moved out of the way and caught Naruto with a punch to the face. The former Jinchuuriki smirked, "Nice, you actually got one hit on me. Let's see you tried that again."

Sasuke bounced close to him and Naruto feinted, and then backed up when Sasuke caught out and swiped at him. Naruto ran at him and ducked under Sasuke's punch to grab his waist and spun around to make Sasuke lose his balance, then did a suplex, luckily if Naruto was not trying to kill him, his head would have been smashed by the force, but the concrete was well acquaintanced with Sasuke's back.

Then Naruto grabbed his arm and wrapped his legs around it, pulled Sasuke's arm in an uncomfortable pain. The Uchiha gritted his teeth in pain as Naruto shouted, "Tap out! Tap out now!"

Sasuke, stubborn as an ass, tried to find a way to release himself from Naruto's grip, but he was in pain. After a few minutes, the Uchiha slapped his hand against the ground and Naruto released him from his bond.

"Shousha: Uzumaki Naruto!" Iruka said.

Sasuke thought, "Damn it, I lost…"

After class was dismissed and everyone was proceeding to go home, Naruto walked toward his old sensei and said, "Ay, Iruka-sensei, can I get a student tutor? I kinda need a crash course in this year."

Iruka said, "Well, Sakura can…."

Naruto said, "Next!"

Iruka said, "Why not?"

The former Jinchuuriki said, "Because Sakura is the type of person that is oblivious to everything in the world except her and Sasuke like all these other bitches. Now can you give me a kunoichi that doesn't worship the feet of the Uchiha?"

Iruka said, "Umm…well, there is Hinata Hyuga."

Naruto thought, "Hmm, Hinata? Wait, Hyuga! That must be the girl that Ayame was talking about then."

Naruto said, "I will take her then."

Iruka said, "Hinata, can you come here for a moment?" In a few moments, a timid indigo-haired girl with an oversized coat and ANBU-style pants came towards Naruto and Iruka, "Y-Yes, I-Iruka-sensei." Iruka said, "Naruto needs a tutor for this year, preferably a student tutor. I would like it if you could tutor him for the next six months."

Hinata thought, "T-Tutoring N-Naruto-kun? Alone?"

The girl began to blush furiously and pushed her pointer fingers together. Naruto thought, "As I thought she has a crush on me, but she lacks confidence too. I have to fix that quickly or she will get herself killed."

Naruto nodded his approval and said, "So what time are you free, Hinata?"

Hinata said, "Ummm….I believe…around five or six."

Naruto said, "I will meet you at Ichiraku Ramen by five thirty then."

Hinata nodded and Naruto thought, "I believe that I can use this to my advantage…I do kinda like her and I also need an ear on the inside to deal with those Hyuga elders and some of the Main family. Now I know that all of the clan heirs like me, which means that the clan heads are the ones that tried to defend me. Hiashi is indifferent and often switch sides to his favor, which leaves the old bastards, the Cyclops and his army of ROOT bitches and those asses on the civilian council members. Now to visit the council since I believe that they will send an ANBU to fetch me in 5…4…3…2…1."

Sure enough, an ANBU came to fetch him, but he recognized the mask…from six years ago in the hospital. "Hello, Neko-chan, I assume that the council requests my presence, correct?" Naruto said.

Neko nodded, "It's good to see you too, Naruto and yes, the council wishes to see you."

Naruto smiled darkly, "Well, then time to give them hell, eh?"

Neko almost smiled, "Indeed." She placed a hand on his shoulder and shunshin to the meeting room.

Meeting Room- The council was filled with mutterings and their own discussions when Naruto and Neko came in the room with Sarutobi, the elders, Danzo, the clan heads and the civilian council. Naruto said, "You rang?"

Homura said, "We have called you today about your disappearance and what kind of training you have undergone."

Naruto said, "My disappearance…I just travel all over the world for six months, learning different trades and my training is none of your concern after all, a ninja doesn't give out any secrets to anyone…even his comrades or enemies."

Danzo asked, "What is this Mishima Style Karate?"

Naruto looked at him, "Ah, so you were the one who sent that person to observe me."

Danzo didn't flinch, but was sweating inwardly as Naruto continued, "I didn't know that you didn't trust your own comrades at all, old man. You wouldn't have to get your own ANBU squads."

Sarutobi said, "You still have ROOT up, Danzo?"

Danzo said, "Only to ensure the loyalty of those who are suspicious to becoming traitors to Konoha."

Naruto said, "You're right to watch me…because the only reason why this place is still standing is the Sandaime Hokage. If something were to happen to him, I would know who it is or who had the motive, Danzo. Since you have the most motive being pushed out of the bid to becoming Hokage, I see you have the grudge against Sarutobi-jii-san."

Danzo thought, "He is on to me."

Naruto said, "Now back to business…I learned different trades and no, I will definitely not teach the Uchiha anything. "

Homura said, "Why not?"

Naruto said, "Because he is a selfish, arrogant brat who wants power to be given to him on a silver platter. His family was destroyed and the council is kissing his ass while I saved your ass from the Kyuubi….yes, I know the secret….and yet no one except the old man, the Ichiraku family and several of the clan heads including some ANBU tried to help me. How ironic is that."

Koharu said, "That is because the Sharingan is the most powerful tool in Konoha."

Naruto said, "Bitch please, even if he somehow activates it, I can still be able to kick his ass. The Sharingan has a flaw like any other doujutsu…it must pierce through the eyes of the opponent to exact its true potential. I learned to fight blindfolded and I am pretty sure that there are jutsu to help hinder the Sharingan. It is not all powerful, now the Kyuubi….a beast with infinite power and chakra to use, able to destroy a mountain with one flick of its tail all sealed into me. I could kill everyone in this room without breaking a sweat."

The civilian council, Danzo, Homura and Koharu sweated in realization that Naruto was right….with the power of the Kyuubi, he would be unstoppable and they just made him their enemy by abusing him for six years.

Naruto said, "My loyalty is to the Hokage only, I will answer to only him or her depending on the next one. The council can't order me to do anything unless it considers me or my interest."

Sarutobi said, "Well said, Naruto. Now you will have your possessions and inheritance from your father and mother."

A fat civilian merchant stood up, "What? He has no family…he is just an orphan."

Naruto said, "For being part of the strongest village, some of you are really stupid. Now the Yondaime had sealed the Kyuubi into me and there were other babies, but why did he choose me? Shikaku-san, can you answer this?"

Shikaku said, "It is too troublesome to not notice the answer because the Yondaime trusts you more than anyone since some of the clan would try to exploit that baby for power…..and who else to trust but your own son."

The civilian side gasped in shock as Naruto smiled, "Yep, that is correct….I am indeed the Yondaime's son, just take off the whiskers and I am a mini-clone of him."

The Haruno councilmember stuttered, "B-But that's i-i-impossible. M-Minato-kun never m-marry anyone."

Sarutobi said, "On the contrary, Yasha, Minato did marry….the surname should be obvious."

Yasha hissed, "He marries that skank."

Naruto flashed and held her up in the air by her neck, "Listen, bitch and listen well. Just because you were some slut trying to get in my father's pants and failed to do so does not, I repeat, DOES NOT GIVE THE RIGHT TO INSULT THE ONE WHO GAVE ME LIFE! And don't even think about having your daughter tried to get in mine to try and spend my inheritance because I will not have it at all. You lost because you didn't catch my father's eye at all and I am glad that he didn't."

Yasha clawed feebly at her throat, which was slowly getting crushed by Naruto's monstrous grip.

Sarutobi said, "Naruto, enough."

Naruto growled, "As you wish."

He dropped her unceremoniously on the floor and Yasha lay on the floor, coughing a fit. Yasha massaged her throat as she hoarsed, "It does not matter, you can't claim the inheritance since the marriage was not recorded."

Sarutobi said with a devious smirk, "That is where you are wrong….I married them in secret since Minato didn't want to be married to you, Yasha. His witnesses were Jiraiya and Tsunade, plus I have the documents here." He threw them on the table in front of the gaping Yasha.

"You asshole, you knew this all along!" Yasha screeched.

Sarutobi said, "Yasha, you were away scheming to get Minato ever since Fugaku got married to Mikoto. Minato used to like you until you destroyed that chance that night he found you sleeping with another man while you were dating. When he met Kushina and made a name for himself, you became sullen and would stop at nothing to try and break them up. Hell, you even tried killing her during the Jonin exams with a cheap shot and Minato kicked your ass for that."

Naruto chuckled, "Seriously? Tou-san kicked her ass?"

Sarutobi said, "Yes, Ms. Yasha over there was 24 years old with a broken leg, bruised face, 5 ribs broken, a concussion, a black eye and dislocated shoulder. She was in the hospital for a month recovering after Minato was thru with her."

Naruto whistled, "Damn and she still didn't get a hint. On another note, do you have pictures?"

Sarutobi said, "Unfortunately, she thought it was a front to get into Kushina's panties, then hit her and quit her. She never knew what she had until it was gone and hell yea, I even got it on tape to laugh."

Yasha bristled in anger at the laughing pair, the memory of Minato's kicking her ass all over the floor

Naruto said, "Okay, you are definitely not getting into my family no matter what."

Sarutobi whispered, "Are you going to reveal your power or what? Because they may enforce the CRA on you."

Naruto said, "So be it…they are bound to know anyway."

Naruto closed his eyes and a seal appeared on his forehead and chest, long black wings popped from his back and his hands turned into claws. Horns came from his temples as Naruto said, "This is my power…my bloodline, I might as well show you since someone was bound to see me like this."

Homura said, "You will have the CRA applied to you."

Yasha grinned and Naruto said, "On one condition….I get to choose the girls before I turn 16."

Tsume said, "That is agreeable, you must have at least eight girls or we will choose the remaining ones for you."

Naruto said, "I agree to the terms."

Hiashi thought, "This might get to my advantage….I can get rid of the council and let Hinata be with the one she loves."

Inoichi thought, "I hope Ino gets over the Uchiha soon."

Tsume said, "He is a sexy one….I would not mind….no, bad Tsume, bad Tsume, bad girl."

Yasha thought, "If I can just seduce him or have my daughter to get with him, I can get his fortune."

Danzo thought, "I got to get him on my side before it is too late."

Sarutobi said, "Naruto Uzumaki will be known as Naruto Namikaze… if he can past the evaluation test."

Naruto said, "Who am I fighting?"

Sarutobi said, "You will be fighting by the categories of Taijutsu, Ninjutsu and Genjutsu. Maito Gai for taijutsu, Kakashi Hatake for ninjutsu and Kurenai Yuhi for genjutsu."

Naruto said, "That is fine then, I will not use my bloodline against either of them."

Sarutobi said, "I thought you said that you didn't know any ninjutsu."

Naruto said, "I can't tell you everything that I am good at, Oji-san. How else I am going to kick your ass?"

Sarutobi said, chuckling, "Everyone, this mission is adjourned and we will meet at training area 18, also you can bring your clan heirs to witness the fight."

Training Area 18- Naruto stood in the middle of the area which the civilian council, clan head and heirs including Sasuke and Sarutobi. "The first match with taijutsu: Naruto Uzumaki vs. Maito Gai." Suddenly a man with a bowl cut, beady eyes, and green spandex with orange leg-warmers came out.

"Dude, I hope your fighting skills are not as bad as your dress code. What in the name of Kami possessed you to wear that crap?" Naruto commented.

Gai laughed, "Ah, my youthful friend, my fighting skills are the best here. There are as hot as my flames of youth."

Naruto thought while a sweatdrop appeared behind his head, "Flames…of….youth?"

Sarutobi said, "Contestants ready?"

Naruto and Gai nodded, then the Hokage shouted, "You may begin!"

Naruto moved into the Kazama Self-Defense stance while Gai moved into the Goken stance.

"What style is that?" Gai asked curiously.

Naruto said, "I will tell you if you win."

Gai moved at half-speed, underestimating Naruto. Gai shouted, "Konoha Senpuu!" Naruto leaned back to avoid the high kick, and then put his hands on the ground, lifting his legs up to avoid the hidden low kick. Naruto back flipped and twisted to the side as Gai tried to get behind him.

Naruto caught him with a kick to the face. Gai twisted to the side and Naruto applied a high kick to the chin before bringing his leg crashing down on his head. Gai's head burrowed deeper into the ground and

Naruto stepped back. "Gai-san, never underestimate your opponent no matter how he looks."

Gai got up, blood tricking down his face, "Good job, my youthful friend…I guess I need to get serious." Gai reached down to remove his weights from his orange leg-warmers and tossed them away. Naruto raised an eyebrow when the weights made a big mushroom dust cloud.

"Hmm….weights, huh?" Naruto unfastened his shin guards and arm guards off for a minute to reveal seals on his arms. There were 6 chain links on him and Naruto said, "Gravity chain link seal 4x release."

4 chain links on his arms and legs disappeared from his body and Naruto began to bounce around, feeling a bit lighter than normal.

"Okay, now we can begin." Naruto said, moving into the Kazama Self-Defense stance once again.

Gai nodded and sped forward as did Naruto. They were a blur to everyone except the Jonin and Hokage, who could follow some of their movements.

Sasuke thought, "How the hell he is moving so fast? What are those seals on his body?"

Anko said to her friend, Kurenai, "Holy shit, Nai-chan, that kid is fast."

Kurenai said, "No….he is faster than Gai."

Anko said, "How?"

Hana Inuzaka, another friend of hers answered, "Naruto released only four chain links on his body, there are still two left for him to unleash…but it seems that Naruto wanted to match Gai. If this was a strength test, I think Gai would have the upper hand and speed, Naruto would will hands down. It will be a match of endurance between the two."

Anko said, "Then the kid will win this match. If he was able to endure the abuse for six years, then this should be a problem to him."

Gai said, "Konoha Daisenpu!"

Naruto shouted, "White Heron!"

Gai's move was dodged and the jonin met Naruto's move fully. Gai stepped back and Naruto grabbed his arm and spun him around, throwing him to the ground. Next, Naruto jumped on his chest and punched him with a one-two punch. When Gai tried to get up, Naruto quickly moved to grab his arms and dislocated them with a crack.

Sarutobi said, "Enough, good, Naruto…I declare Naruto Uzumaki the winner. Next, Kakashi Hatake for ninjutsu." A silver-haired jonin with a hitai-ate slanted over his left eye came forward with an orange book in his hand.

Naruto whispered, "Gravity chain link 4x seal!"

The chain links appeared back on his arms and legs once again. Then the young man turned his eyes on Kakashi and smirked, "It's been a long time….Inu."

Kakashi eye-smiled, "So….you remember me."

Naruto said, "You have not changed your hairstyle at all….and you may want to put that book away or you will get hurt."

Kakashi said, "That is true…"

He put away Icha Icha Paradise away for later and spreaded his legs. "Ninjutsu match: Kakashi Hatake vs. Naruto Uzumaki." Kakashi jumped back, flipping through hand signs and shouted, "Katon: Goukakyuu no Jutsu!"

Naruto dodged and shouted, "Fuuton: Rasenkatama!" He breathed wind on the spiraling ball and launched it at Kakashi. The Jonin moved away from it and a giant blast erupted at the spot where the Cyclops was previously at.

"He knows how to do nature manipulation?" Kakashi thought in shock.

Naruto then flipped through hand signs and shouted, "Raiton: Ikazuchi Hakai!"

He slammed his palm into the earth and Kakashi was forced to retreat to avoid falling into the crater. "I am impressive….you know nature manipulation well." Naruto said, "I happen to come across a teacher who taught me nature manipulation before I came here." When technically it was true, Seito was considered a teacher since Naruto learned it from his memories.

Kakashi said, "I have a feeling that I have to get serious with you."

He lifted his headband to reveal a Sharingan eye to Sasuke's surprise. "How does he have the Sharingan?" The Uchiha thought.

Naruto said, "Let me guess an Uchiha was a friend of yours and gave you his Sharingan, correct?"

Kakashi said, "That is the gist of it, but yeah."

Naruto said, "Oh, well, best get back to action."

Kakashi nodded and flipped through hand signs, "Suiton: Suiryuudan no Jutsu!" A water dragon roared as it sprung out of the lake and moved towards Naruto.

"Hmph, be gone, dragon! Raiton: Jibashi!" He sent a wave of blue-purple electricity from his arms and it collided with the dragon as due to the nature chart, lightning is strong against water.

Kakashi said, "Son of a…."

The Sharingan wielder moved into the trees to avoid being shocked to death by the attack, but Naruto appeared behind him, "Raiton: Hiraishin!" Kakashi's eyes widened, "Hiraishin?!" he thought.

Naruto had lightning covering his hand and struck at Kakashi, but the jonin moved away from the spot only Naruto smirked as he clenched his fist and wind encircled his arm, "Take this! Fuuton: Senpuken!"

Naruto punched at Kakashi and the whirlwind struck Kakashi full power, not letting him dodge at all. Kakashi was sucked into the whirlwind and flung to the ground, the jonin struggled to get up only to see Naruto with a Rasenkatama in his hand to use against him.

"I concede. You are pretty strong." Kakashi said, panting.

Naruto deadpanned, "Or you just want to read your book."

Kakashi said, "That and you might kill me if we continue our match."

The former Jinchuuriki said, "True."

Sarutobi said, "Winner by forfeit: Naruto Uzumaki. Next, Genjutsu match with Kurenai Yuhi, but would you like a rest before you battle her, Naruto?"

Naruto nodded," I could use at least fifteen minutes."

Naruto- The boy sat down on a tree trunk isolated from the rest of the spectators and drank his bottle of water in silence, enjoying the forest. "I have no idea why but being in the forest….just listening to everything is kinda soothing to me."

Suddenly a branch snapped and Naruto looked to see Hinata coming behind him. "Hinata, what are you doing here?" Naruto asked.

The timid girl answered, "I-I wanted t-to….umm."

Naruto said, "For Kami's sake, woman, spit it out."

Hinata said, "I wanted to see how you were doing."

Naruto said, "There, that is better. Remind me to work on your confidence, it seems that you tend to be a little bit too shy for my taste…..I mean, yeah, you are not arrogant like the others, no offense, but really it is going to get you killed."

Hinata said, "I-I'm sorry."

Naruto sighed, "Hinata, don't apologize. Instead I am going to help you since you are helping me with my schoolwork."

She said, "R-Really?"

Naruto said, "Yes, I will help you."

He stood up and walked past her, but stopped and said, "And Hinata…."

Hinata looked up and said, "Yes?"

Naruto said, "If you want to win me over, you best get stronger….I do like you for your kind and caring nature, but you must realize that you must be vigilant to your enemies no matter how much you want to avoid hurting them."

Hinata blushed, "He knows! Wait a minute, he likes me too?!" She thought.

The Devil Gene holder moved to the area where Sarutobi was waiting for him. "Okay, the match between Kurenai Yuhi and Naruto Uzumaki will commence. Kurenai, please step forward."

Kurenai came out and stepped forward to face her opponent. Naruto said, "Wow, beautiful and deadly. Combinations I like so much."

Kurenai had a light blush came across her face and Sarutobi smirked, "Why, Kurenai, is that a blush I see?" Kurenai's blush changed from pink to a light red.

Naruto teased, "Why, yes, oji-san. In fact, I think it is, in fact you can see it more clearly now."

Kurenai protested, "Can we start the match please?"

Sarutobi said, "Fine, you may begin now."

Kurenai started off, "Magen: Jubaku Setsu." A tree appeared behind Naruto and trapped him against it. Naruto said, "Nice genjutsu."

He flared his chakra, dispelling it and then Kurenai moved on to another one, "Genjutsu Shibari." Naruto suddenly couldn't move and then the Genjutsu Mistress said, "Genjutsu: Hanachiri Nuko." She suddenly dispersed into sakura flower petals.

Naruto struggled against the genjutsu, "Well….this one is a little difficult to break, but I won't lose…" Naruto began to move with great difficulty and with a loud cry, he broke the binding genjutsu.

Then he thought, "The scent is thick with sakura blossoms and the petals are obscuring my vision." He closed his eyes and breathed in slowly, listening for Kurenai's whereabouts.

Then his eyes shot open and his hand reached out to grab Kurenai's shoulder and pumped chakra into her system quickly, disrupting her genjutsu.

"You seem to know the way to handle genjutsu well." Kurenai said.

Naruto said with a smirk, "I can't cast genjutsu very well, but I can at least dispel them….all depends on the will of the victim."

Sarutobi said, "Naruto Uzumaki wins….as promised, your inheritance and true name will be given to you. I present to you, Naruto Namikaze."

Ino said, "You are the Yondaime's son?"

Naruto raised an eyebrow, "You never notice that we had the same hair and eyes. The only thing different between us is that I inherited my mother's take-no-shit-attitude and sense of justice."

Ino said, "That is true."

Sasuke said, "I want you to teach me those jutsu."

Naruto said, "Sorry, I am not teaching at this time."

Sasuke stepped closer, "It was not a request."

Naruto said, "Well, I fail to acquiesce to your request. So let's just leave it at that, Uchiha."

Naruto walked away to get his inheritance and mansion setting up his stuff near the Inuzaka residence.

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