Chapter 7- Festive Night Fights

Team Uzuki reached the town of Shinjuku to see people hustling and bustling about, building booths, putting up lights and decorations. "Wow, you guys are going to have a nice party, ain't you?" Kiba said in awe with Akamaru barking in agreement.

Moka nodded, "Yes, it is because we host the biggest festival in this area."


Naruto said, "That way, every person that wants to break the crystal arrives here…when does that event happen?"

"It happens at midnight, the festival will start at eight."

Moka said, "So you guys can enjoy the festival…"

"Well, it is perfect…I could get some alone time with Hinata, I can guess that Kiba will be with Moka-san at that time and Yugao-sensei…I have absolutely no idea what she will be doing at all unless she is protecting the jewels." Naruto thought to himself.

"Alright, Team 8, the festival will be starting in two hours, so I want you guys to help Moka-san or any others to get the festival ready in time, then you three can enjoy the festival." Yugao ordered.

"Hai!" The three answered in unison and sprang into action, fixing up the booths, restaurants, games and lights. Moka uncovered the crystal from the tarp and Naruto thought he saw two glimpses of humans and his Devil Gene shrank back in fear.

"Are there…two humans in there? Either they are powerful priestesses or something, their power must be outstanding enough to make my bloodline shrink back…it is almost as if it actually…fears it for some reason. I wonder why, but it looks like to see the reason is to break that crystal and find out myself." The former Jinchuuriki thought.

Two hours later, the festival was under way and true to Naruto's prediction, Kiba stuck by Moka along with Akamaru and Yugao went away somewhere, leaving Naruto and Hinata alone. "I did say I was going to take you up on a date….looks like this will do, huh, Hinata?"

"Really?" Hinata said, "But I am not dressed prop…."

"Hinata, it doesn't matter how you are dressed. As long you are with the person that you are interested in, everyone wouldn't care less. Now let's go and take a look around." The two of them just did that and traveled the festival, eating takoyaki, playing games against each other and just having a good time together.

"Well, that was fun…" Hinata said with a giggle as she held a wolf plushie toy.

"You are lucky that I let you win…" Naruto said with a teasing smile.

"Oh, really? You let me win? You were fumbling around on how to use the water gun." She retorted with a smile. The former Jinchuuriki laughed a bit and then the Hyuga Princess joined along with him. "Step right up, come and face the beautiful yet deadly Nina Williams." An announcer said, "Survive in the ring against her for ten minutes and win a prize!"

Naruto looked at the prize, which was a beautiful sword (1). "Hmm, I guess it would probably help me in the future." Naruto mused to himself. "I think I might do that…" Naruto voiced. Hinata said, "Ok, Naruto-kun, just don't get too injured, alright? I still need to kick your ass in the rest of the games."

Naruto smirked at her as he went inside the ring and the announcer said, "We have a new challenger, what is your name, son?"

"Naruto Uzumaki."

"You hear it, folks! Naruto Uzumaki has the balls to face off against Nina Williams. Let's get things started! Ready? Fight!"

Naruto moved into the Mishima style stance and Nina reacted strangely by holding her head as she was assaulted with repressed memories of herself standing beside someone that once used the same style as him. "Jin…Kazama…" Nina whispered.

Naruto was able to overhear her and said, "You know him, Nina-san?"

Nina replied, "I…I did, he was…my employer once…but then….but then….I can't remember."

"She has amnesia, I wonder….maybe." He switched to Capoeira and again Nina was hit by memories, this time of a bronze-colored man with dreadlocks usually tied into a ponytail. "Eddy Gordo…we were partners under Jin Kazama."

Next was the Kazama stance and she muttered, "Asuka….Jun Kazama, those two were part of his family…but he never wanted them close because of his demonic power."

"This is impossible, she must be over a hundred years old, but she looks like she is in her late twenties." Naruto thought to himself in shock. Suddenly Nina regained her composure and moved into her stance once again, Naruto whispered, "Looks like I have no choice, but to fight her and find out."

The former Jinchuuriki blocked Nina's strike to his collarbone and grasped her forearm as leverage to plant a firm palm strike to her chest as he let go of her arm in a split second. She fell to the ground, but instinctively put her foot out just as Naruto made a move to grapple her.

The Devil Gene possessor was launched back and Naruto used his fist to keep himself in the game. Nina ran at him to do a flying kick, but the former Jinchuuriki ducked under it and sent a kick to her face, making the assassin's head lurch to the left.

Then the Namikaze crouched low and kicked her shins in a twister-like motion and gave her an electrifying uppercut to her chin. Nina fell on her back and Naruto stood ready, knowing that it was not over.

As he did his uppercut, Nina purposefully leaned back and fell to the floor, avoiding the blow altogether. "Of course, you would know that move…she was the bodyguard of Jin for a few years at best. Ok, she knows all of them already…so it looks like I am stuck with the Academy style with a few modifications." He thought as he switched it up.

Nina moved to the side and did a jab, but Naruto dodged and sent a spinning back fist to her face, followed up by a kick to her torso. Nina grimaced in pain as she dodged the fist, but caught the kick in her stomach, but she sweep-kicked him Naruto and was about to break his arm until Naruto sent a punch to her face.

She moved back and then the timer went off. "Ladies and gentlemen, our winner is Naruto Uzumaki, surviving against the incredible Nina Williams." The crowd clapped and cheered in excitement at the fight and Naruto was given the sword, but he tried to search for Nina…she was there for a second, but then blended into the crowd.

"Damn it, she is gone…but something tells me that I haven't seen the last of her at all." He thought to himself. "Naruto-kun, are you okay?" Hinata asked her crush/ fiancé to be. "Yeah, I am fine…but that woman, she just left me with more questions than answers."

Hinata asked, "Do you want me to find her?"

"No, if you use the Byakugan, it might alert a bandit or rouge ninja to our presence and compromise the mission….besides I have a feeling that Nina will be back to see me again, it is almost like the feeling I have with the crystal."

Hinata said, "The crystal? What do you mean?"

"Yes, that crystal holds tremendous power and my bloodline gave me the notion that it fears that power, plus I think I saw two women trapped inside of it." The Hyuga Heiress replied, "If that is so, then maybe you are the one to break it, we should find Yugao-sensei."

Naruto nodded silently and the two went to the find their sensei, but they didn't notice that Nina was watching the two of them. "Naruto Uzumaki….who are you and how do you know the fighting styles of the people of my past?" she thought.

In a half an hour, Naruto and Hinata found their sensei by the crystal and told them about Naruto's reaction to the crystal. "So you have a reaction to it, maybe you can break the crystal. Wait until midnight…then we will see."

So for the next few hours, Naruto and Hinata were able to finish their date and got closer to each other. On midnight, everyone gathered around to see the crystal and Moka, along with several other girls danced around it.

Everyone watched intently especially Kiba in admiration of the grace and beauty, but then Akamaru softly braked, snapping him out of his partner's trance. "What? Poison? Where?"

Akamaru barked twice and growled, making the Inuzuka look up to see a bandit on the roof. Kiba quickly put his gauntlets on and climbed up on a restaurant's roof to tackle the man who threatened to hurt the dancers.

"Attack!" Someone shouted.

Suddenly bandits came in and the people ran in a panic, "Look like our cover is compromising; now we fight." Naruto said as he took out the sword that he won and jumped into the fray alongside his sensei and his fiancée to be if she would have him.

Naruto sliced through one's throat and then stabbed another in his chest. The Jinchuuriki kicked one away then sliced a bandit's stomach open, leaving his intestines to fall out. He grabbed the intestines and used the bandit's dead weight to knock the surrounding ones like a human mace.

Bandits were sent left and right, flying into stands or killed by the weight of the dead bandit and the velocity that it was going at. Then Naruto cut the intestine, making the bandit fly into a group fixated on closing on his sensei.

He looked briefly to see Kiba fighting ferociously against one of the bandits that approached them earlier and then he heard Moka scream and sheathed his sword to see her protecting the crystal and a man who Naruto assumed to be the leader was walking menacingly toward her.

"Get away, girl. I shall be the one to break that crystal, he who breaks the crystal shall rule the world with its hidden power….and I will be that ruler."

"I don't think so…" Naruto said coldly as he kicked the leader in the face, "You must be the leader, who sent those bandits earlier. Who are you?"

"I'm Riku, leader of the Grudge Bandits; you must be the boy with the amazing taijutsu that Jinta warned me about. I suggest that you get out of my way….whoever you are, boy."

"I am Naruto Uzumaki and I suggest that you leave this crystal out of your personal purposes or I will kill you."

"Nina!" Riku called out and the blond assassin appeared out and Riku ordered, "Deal with this nuisance while I collect my prize." Naruto looked to see that Kiba had killed Jinta and moved to Moka's position and then turned his head toward Nina, "Why lower yourself to work for him?"

"Business is business when it comes to the right price. I am an assassin….I will take any job no matter how gruesome or degrading it is." Naruto moved into the Jeet Kune Do stance and bounced around, Nina sent out a punch, but Naruto ducked and did a Shaolin Spin Kick, making Nina fall to the ground.

"You may have more experience than me…but I have more speed than you. Your style comprised of grapples, kicks and throws, Jeet Kune Do is too unpredictable and confusing for you to make many throws or grapples.

Naruto moved toward Nina and did a quick Machinegun Punch by hitting her in the face, chest and stomach, disorientating her. Then he ran up on her body and flipped, planting his feet first into her abdomen, breaking her ribs.

Nina gasped out in pain and then the former Jinchuuriki heard Moka scream out, "Kiba-kun!" Riku was able to stab Kiba in the stomach and the Inuzuka fell to the ground, clutching his wound and then the leader of the Grudge Bandits kicked him away.

Riku laughed as he said, "And now…your power….belongs to me!" He slammed his fist into the crystal , but it didn't break and Riku shouted in surprise, "What? It didn't work?" He rounded on Moka and grabbed her by the hair and sneered, "You wench! You must have put a seal on it, undo and tell me how to break it!"

Mika looked at him with utter disgust, "I will never tell you, you monster….only there is no seal on that I placed. That crystal is only meant for the pure of heart to break and your heart is black as the night sky and stained with the blood of the innocent."

Riku said as he threw her down and said, "Then you will die!" But Naruto caught the blade and said, "You first, you son of a bitch!" He drove his palm in the bottom of his nose, launching the cartilage into the frontal lobe of Riku's brain, killing him instantly.

Then Naruto looked at the crystal to see that his Devil Gene mark was flashing purple, he muttered, "Only the pure of heart can break this crystal…but I don't consider myself pure of heart, so why do you react to me at all?"

He touched the base of it and the crystal lit up and shattered to reveal two women that Nina recognized. "Asuka and Jun Kazama…but that is impossible, Jin told me that Ogre killed his mother." She said to herself.

Naruto caught both of the women and said, "The Kazama clan….the wielders of the Angel Gene and I am the one who supposedly controls them, this is very weird as hell."

Moka said, momentarily looking up from her treating of Kiba, "You are the Chosen one, Naruto-san….finally my word here is done."

Kiba said with a weak smile, "Hehe, all of the good things always happen to you, eh, Naruto?"

"Hey, what about you? I believe that you found a good thing as well; it is not every day you have a beautiful woman treating you. Plus I can tell that Moka-san likes you a lot, Kiba."

Moka blushed and said, "Was I that obvious?"

"No, but I noticed the hidden changes and it seems that the crystal's excess power granted your good service a reward."

Moka looked at herself to see that she was a bit shorter and younger….most likely in her teen years, Moka cried out in tears of joy and Naruto smiled as he thought, "I have a feeling that my life has gotten more interesting."

After a week, Team Uzuki and Moka returned to the village and Naruto set Jun, Asuka and the injured Nina in his home. While he was still treating Nina, she asked, "What are you healing me, Uzumaki?"

"Well, your employer is dead, therefore your job is done, so to me, you are just a person that got caught in friendly crossfire and you have information on those two more than me. They will recognize you when they awaken before we slowly transition them to the rules of this world."

Jun began to stir and Naruto said, "We better go and greet Jun-san."

Jun tried to get up, but Naruto pushed her back gently, "Don't try to move just yet, you have been trapped in a crystal along with you niece for a fairly long time, Jun Kazama."

"Who…are you? How do you know my name?" she asked.

"I'm Naruto Namikaze or formerly Naruto Uzumaki and I have an acquaintance that fought against you in a tournament a few times, her name is Nina Williams, do you remember her?"

Jun replied, "Nina Williams, yes, I fought against her in the Iron Fist Tournament 2. What happened?"

"Time has passed…I stumbled on to your son's diary. According to his last journal entry, he fought against Azazel, the one who was the origin of the Devil Gene and sacrificed his Devil half to kill it and then he fought against Kazuya and killed him as well before finally disappearing from existence after fighting against the Devil. He sought to end the Devil Gene by that plan….his grandfather Heihachi was killed by Kazuya before Jin got to him."

Jun said, "So at last the Devil Gene is gone at last."

"Not quite, you see, there was a man named Seito Kazuya and he succumbed to the Devil Gene hidden in his DNA, turning him into a monster called the Juubi. He was sealed into a person called the Rikudou Sennin, but when he died, he accidently passes it into his son…now everyone has the Devil Gene, but fortunately it is dormant except for a chosen few. There are only two clans, the Uchiha clan and the Senju clan. The Uchiha can activate it to a certain extent, but then they became blind and the Senju is reduced to only one person and there is me."

He activated it and then Jun touched his cheek, making the features disappear. "So that was…why the Devil Gene was feeling so afraid, your clan has the power to suppress the Devil Gene."

Jun said, "Yes, I was able to prevent my son from being possessed by the Devil because of this power."

"I'm afraid that you can't tell or display this ability freely. In this world, there are corrupt people her and they hate me because I used to hold a demon inside of me a few years ago."


"Looks like I have some explaining to do."

Naruto spent the next two hours, explaining chakra, ninja, the reign of the military dictatorship and his life. Jun was a bit peeved that people would do such things to a child and said, "So the only way to survive in this world is by fighting…."

"Not necessarily, but yes…there are some who do everyday things like my suitor Hana-chan, she is a part-time veterinarian."

Suddenly Asuka woke up, "Where am I? Jun-obaa-chan? You're alive? Who is that kid and where are we?" Both Naruto and Jun filled her in on their previous explanation and Asuka smiled as she cracked her knuckles, "So fighting is good here? Cool, I want to be a ninja!"

Naruto smirked, "Sure, we will have to get you registered though. Jun-san, would you like to be a ninja or civilian?"

"Civilian, Naruto-san…"

"Fine, I will see Hana-chan about a job, I noticed your eyes lit up about it when I first mentioned it."

Asuka asked, "But what about Nina-san?"

"Oh, her? Knowing a bit about her, I think that she left already…I can't sense her presence at all and she is the type of person that is cold and aloof…it is the way of the assassin and she follows it to the letter." Naruto said, looking out the window.

Outside of Konoha Gates- Nina looked back at the village and touched her bandaged side, "We will meet again soon….Naruto Namikaze, I don't think I will be able to fit in your world just yet."

(1)- Picture Harry Potter's Gryffindor sword