I could feel the cold air hitting me from all sides of me as I made my way down the dark, desserted street. The blood on the side of my face had dried now but was still there, William my Long-term boyfriend had thrown a lamp at me and I wasn't quick enough to get away this time. He's done it before and apologises afterwards then takes me to the hospital. I know it sounds incredibly strange but if you knew why you would understand me. At the hospital I feel completely at ease, like something in there was protecting me from all evil in the world and I knew exactly who it was. My doctor, Carlisle Cullen. He knew everything William had been doing to me and he promised not to tell a soul, He said I could go talk to him whenever I want at anytime of the day or night. I hadn't seen Carlisle in a long time now, 2 weeks to be exact. Well it was a long time for me, sadly we had been caught by William having a very heated kiss and William now refused to ever take me to the hospital again, He stayed with me 24/7 beating me. Today I had made up my mind, I was going to Carlisle. I knew he was my soul mate and I knew I was his. I had never been kissed like that before in my life.

" Esme, you know you can always come and talk to me whenever or wherever" Carlisle stood up from his chair and came around the front of his desk. His ice cold hand cupped my face and he stroked his thumb across my cheek. It took me a second to get over the electric shock I had just felt surge throughout my hole body. I stood up slowly and moved myself closer towards him, my chest to his. I looked into his topaz eyes and saw what could only be described as Love.

I suddenly felt a slight pressure on my lips and realised he was kssing me, I kissed him back with such force that I never knew I had. My fingers tuggled a-hold of his collar and I tried to pull him closer to me, his fingers found their way into my hair and the kiss deepened.


I looked to my right and saw William stood with such anger in his eyes I thought 'if looks could kill' If they could me and Carlisle would be dead.

"Esme, get out of here now were going home!" He seethed. I felt fear rush through me as I let go of Carlisle and moved away from him. I walked out of his office and looked back only once to see him looking after me with such Love, sadness and heartbreak in his eyes I swear my heart ripped into millions of pieces and were shredded across the country, hidden so nobody could put it togetehr again.

So that is where I was heading to now. The Hospital. I knew I would find him there, I just hoped I'd get there before I had the chance to catch pneumonia.

It felt as if I had been walking for hours and my head was killing me, The cut he had made from the lamp hitting my skull had been long and deep and oozing with blood which had now set in my hair and dripped down my face. I saw a faint light in the distance, Telling me I was very nearly there. Just a little bit more now Esme and you'll be there.

It didn't take me long after that to get to the hospital and I was releived when I got inside but what I wasn't expecting was Carlisle to be stood at the front desk talking to the receptionist. He must have heard me come in because he turned around and ran towards me, eyes wide in shock as he looked at my head.

" Eleanor could you clear my schedule today, please" He turned around and said to the receptionist, she caught a glimpse of me and was stunned and immediately wrote down that he would be unavailable for the rest of the day, or what was left of it. Carlisle led me to his office and sat me down on the make-shift bed that was in there.

"Esme, What did he do to you ?" Carlisle asked, the venom in his voice took me back. Did he really care for me that much to hate William for doing this ? I stayed quiet and could feel tears come to my eyes as I thought about what had happened earlier today. I felt the tears make their way down my cheeks and I felt Carlisle wipe them away with his cold fingers, I looked up at him and nearly burst into a new round of tears. The look of hurt, sadness and ache in his eyes made me die inside.

"Please tell me Esme" He whispered and carressed my cheek with his hand. I nodded slightly but then felt the pain in my head as I did so, I winced and began my story. After I had told him Carlisle looked balistic. He nodded his head but unless you where as close to his face as I was you wouldn't have seen it. He moved away for a second and I felt panic as I reached towards him begging him not to leave.

He turned to me and kissed my forehead.

"I'm just going to get some stuff to clean up your head" I nodded very slightly as I didn't want the pain to come back again. I let him clean me up and he gave me some painkillers to help aswell.

" I didn't know where to go Carlisle, I dont have anyone who to go to who would listen to me and believe me about what William is really like, except you" I stuttered out, looking at my shoes I could feel the tears come back. I felt him put a finger under my chin and he rested his forehead on mine and whispered,

"You have me Esme, you will always have me" I smiled slightly but not enough to make the tears go away. "I love you Esme Evanson and I always will" With that he kissed me and tears of happiness escaped my tear ducts now and I fisted my hands into his hair and once again tried to pull him closer to him. I pulled back after a while to breathe.

" I love you too Carlisle Cullen" I breathed with a smile on my face.