The last chapter. :( Dresses will be on profile. INCLUDING WEDDING DRESS! :)

1 year later. Anthony is nearly 3 and there little girl is around 1 and a half years old.


I couldn't describe the feeling. Joy, happiness, nervous...the list goes on. I stood in front of the mirror staring at my reflection, I felt the tears well up in my eyes as I wiped the ones that had already fallen with a tissue.

Mum stood behind me and put her arms around my shoulders and kissed my cheek, I smiled at her in the mirror and then looked down at the dress.

The white dress went down to the floor, not showing the overly expensive shoes Alice had forced me in. It was a full out Cinderella princess dress, with a sweetheart neckline. It was like a ball gown.

"You look absolutely stunning" Mum said, I could just imagine if she were still human she would have been bawling her eyes out.

"Thank you" I said, turning around when Alice walked through the door holding a white frilly, silk garter, she stalked over to me in her dress and knelt down to put it on my thigh underneath the dress. I smiled, thanking her and turned back to the mirror, my hair went half over my shoulder while the other half was underneath the Vail my hair was put into large ringlets while my fringe was on the side and straight. They both looked at me in awe, while I blushed.

"Oh, here" She held out her hand to show me some earrings and a necklace, I smiled, but looked at her confused. "You already having your something borrowed and something blue, so... The earrings are new and the necklace was-"

"Mine, when I was younger" Mum finished. I turned around and smiled. Alice put the necklace around my neck and passed me the earrings to put in myself. I looked in the mirror and smiled. The necklace was of a lady bug, apparently they are lucky so hopefully I would get through the day without tripping down the aisle, although I doubt dad would let that happen. We still had a little while yet before we had to go down, although mum had to go down to check on Anthony and Rebecca. She kissed my cheek and left the bedroom shutting the door quietly.

"How are you feeling?" Alice asked. I sighed and looked at the floor.

"I don't think i'm sticking on one emotion right now, Jazz must feel dizzy" I said, laughing at the end.

"Yeah, he probably is" She laughed as well. There was silence afterwards but it was not an uncomfortable silence.

"I've been meaning to ask you but with all the wedding planning I haven't been able to" She said, looking up at me smiling. I nodded for her to continue and waited for her to ask me the question.

"Why did you pick Carlie as Rebecca's middle name?"

"Well, we chose Rebecca Carlie Jai Cullen because Carlie is like a girls version of Dad's name and we chose Jai because it just fit" I said. She nodded and then we heard a knock on the door, it opened slowly and Alice stood up.

Dad was stood at the door smiling, He looked me up and down and nodded his head.

"You look beautiful, Princess" He said, coming over and kissing my forehead. I smiled and leaned into his embrace.

"The music is about to start, i'm gonna' head down" Alice said, before disappearing. Not 5 minutes later the music started and I felt nervous more than anything now. I walked down the one flight of stairs and out the garden, we stayed hid behind a corner and waited for Rosalie and Alice to to get half way down the aisle before the wedding march started.

"Don't let me fall Dad" I whispered.

"Of course I wont princess" He said, sounding really serious

"Good, because I can barley walk in the heels Alice has put me in" I said, laughing. I knew Alice would get me back for that but at least I was telling the truth. He laughed before slowly starting to walk forwards our arms linked. We turned the corner and I cast my eyes to the floor and blushed with practically every resident of Forks watching me. Of course; The Blushing Bride. I thought, I lifted my head and looked ahead, Edward was stood at the front of the alter smiling. It took everything in me not to pull off the shoes and run down the aisle but Dad kept me from doing that and looking absolutely stupid.

We reached the end and Dad kissed my cheek before passing me over to Edward. I smiled as Emmett of all people read out the vows and what not.

"Do You Isabella Marie Cullen Take-" He was stopped then when Rebecca got up from her seat and ran over screaming,

"Mummy Mummy, look at my pretty dress" She twirled around showing me.

"Yes Very Pretty, Becky" I said, smiling while everyone else laughed. Anthony got up and stalked over to Rebecca and taking her hand.

"Your s'pposeda' stay sat down Becky" He said, loud enough for everybody here to hear, and again they started laughing. They sat back down next to Mum,Carmen,Kate and Eleazar and looked back at us as if nothing had happened. I was laughing quietly as I turned back towards Edward and looked back down to our joined hands.

"Well, lets try again shall we" Emmett said trying to hold his laughter together, we nodded our heads and looked into each others eyes. "Do you Isabella Marie Cullen take Edward Anthony Mason Cullen to be your lawfully wedded husband, in sickness and in health to live together forever in love?"

I stared into Edward eyes and slipped on the ring as I said. "I do" Edward was smiling wide, staring right back at me.

"And do you Edward Anthony Mason Cullen take Isabella Marie Cullen to be your lawfully wedded wife, in sickness and in health, to live together forever in love?"

"I do" He said, it was my turn to smile this time, my cheeks started to hurt though, so I had to turn it down a little.

"I now pronounce you husband and wife, And Eddie you may now kiss my little sister"

Trust Emmett to change it to something like that, but ignoring the way he put it Edward bent down, wrapping his arms around my waist and pressed his lips to mine and lifted me off of my feet slightly. Everyone cheered, standing up. Edward let go of me and put me back down on the ground. He put his forehead against mine and said,

"I Love you, Mrs Edward Cullen"

Okay People That Was The Last Chapter. I don't know if there will be a sequel, I actually very much doubt it. But I hope you enjoyed the story. :(