Sam and Dean exchanged looks with each other. Their eyes were wide, confused, their bodies stiff in bewilderment. Castiel had no idea what he just said to cause such alarm.

Dean is the first to speak. "Eh…what?"

"He will help us," Castiel explained. "We will explain the situation to him and he will help us."

Dean turned back to Sam. "My god, he's serious Sam. The angel is serious."

"Of course I'm serious."

Sam gave off a nervous sort of laugh. "Yeah, but, Cas… he's not… I mean…"

"Is there not books written about him?"


"There are people on your world wide web," he indicated towards Sam's laptop. "who acknowledge his great abilities."

Sam gave up and buried his head in his hands. He made some sort of whimpering sound as his shoulders shook. Dean was shaking his head, grinning wildly. "Cas," he chuckled. "Don't you find the, uh, facts people put up a bit farfetched?"

Castiel frowned. "Perhaps. But if he can do even half of what he claims to do-"

"He can count to infinity twice? Boils water just by looking at it? Can divide by zero? Dude, no. We're not talking to Chuck Norris."


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