Two Guys, a Vampire, and a Monster Academy

Now I know what you are all thinking: Oh great, another re-imagining of the series. What makes this one so special?

I admit, this is exactly what this fanfiction is at its heart: a re-imagining of the Rosario + Vampire storyline that feature a key difference compared to the original plot. The only thing that would really make this fanfiction stand out against the rest is that the relationships as featured in the original storyline is not as simple as the unwanted harem. Rather, it is a bit complex due to a single difference whose consequences have a grander and lasting impact then what it would suggest.

Or at least...that was the idea...

Oh and let's not forget the all important disclaimer: I do not own Rosario + Vampire storyline, background, characters and similar media. Anything that sounds familiar to the readers is more then likely not mine, but originated from a source that I do not remember clearly. I may not be able to own my OC in this fiction.

And with that, it's on with the show! ….well...story, but you get the idea

Chapter 1: First Impressions and Fear Mongering

Within a seemingly ordinary School Bus, there were three individuals. One was the bus driver whose chauffeur cap hid half of his face in darkness but his eyes, among other strange traits, glowed through the shadow and gave off a foreboding and mysterious atmosphere. The second was best described as your normal, mediocre student who would be easily lost in a crowd no matter how foreign. The third and last was also a normal student, with the only difference being that he is a foreign exchange student who is clearly marked by his lightly tanned yet Caucasian skin and shoulder length, fiery hair tied up in a pony tail.. He is not so easily lost in a crowd. Upon the ring finger of his right hand was a simple gold band that reflected sunlight

While the bus driver kept his attention upon driving the students to their destination some distance away, the two lone students upon the bus began to converse with one another. Getting to know each other better since the last they have met in each other's respective countries on family reunions upon either side of the great Pacific Ocean.

Tsukune Aono and Louis McCorray were cousins.

"I never thought that you would actually end it just like that, especially after going that far!" Tsukune exclaimed to his American cousin, who simply shrugged before he replied.

"What can I say? I pretty much fell out of attraction for her as my suspicions of her cheatin' on me grew, granted I had absolutely nothing to back them up. However, no one and I mean NO ONE does that to a guy just out of the fuckin' blue! Especially if he doesn't get any fucking warning! It still hurts!" Louis defended.

"And knowing her, she would have never let you get away with it without some sort of retribution." Tsukune noted.

"Yeah, well fortune's timing couldn't have bene better. I just wished my luck was better earlier. Far more useful on my end!" Louis sighed in regret.

"Well, you do reap what you sow." Tsukune advised.

"Hey! I wasn't the one doing all the fuckin' reapin' alright! I was a victim of being fucking sowed in case yah weren't paying fuckin' attention!" Louis nearly yelled.

"I know, I know. Let's switch to another subject okay?" Tsukune attempted to aim his cousin's fury elsewhere rather then upon himself. "So how did you become a foreign exchange student anyway?"

"No fuckin' idea." Louis confessed. "Even with me having family here in the Land of the Rising Sun, such as yourself, and know enough of the local lingo to not be a handicap when the situation calls it though reading and writing is another problem all together, I ain't exactly a 'star' student and ideal representative of high school students back at the States. I'm just thankful that I'm going to the same High School as you are. Granted, the name reminds me of some Scooby Doo episode."

"I am grateful as well." Tsukune admitted. "I really wouldn't know what to do in such an unfamiliar environment without something I know and well to fall back on."

"Glad to be of service!" Louis welcomed, until he looked upward in thought. "I think..."

"And speaking of unfamiliar, aren't High School Grades arranged differently in the US than here in Japan?"

"Yeah, I looked it up. Middle School being only Seventh to Ninth and High School takin' up the higher numbers over here than back at the states. So grateful that I wasn't a freshmen when I started this or else I'd have myself a fuckin' identity crisis."

"Freshmen? But aren't we technically First Years?"

"Technically, that is true under this system. But in my own point of view, we're both Sophomores. Hell, I'm still gettin' used to the idea that Spring Break is the inter-grade period...thingy rather then Summer Vacation like back home."

Tsukune chuckled for a moment before he spoke again. "Well, there will be a lot of things to get used to this year."

"Yeah, hopefully this place has sit down toilets." Louis then visibly shattered. "I still have memories of the squat toilets from last time...Oh crap! I forgot toilet paper!"

"...You are...the students enrolling at Monster Academy?"The bus driver's voice suddenly boomed, making one recall the performances of one Béla Lugosi and other such actors.

"HOLY SHIT!" Louis exclaimed, mostly from surprise then from fright but the emotion was still present. "Did- Did that guy just echoed?"

"W-we are." Tsukune stuttered a response.

"Well then, it would be best to prepare yourselves now." The bus driver stated. "Monster Academy is a veeerrrrrryyyy scaaaaarrrrry place."

There was a pause of uncertainty and confusion before either one of them spoke. "Um...right, we'll take note of that." Louis stated before turning back towards his cousin. "You sure yah don't wanna enroll at an American High School? I'm sure we can work out SOMETHIN'. I mean I'm getting bad fuckin' vibes just from the driver's voice alone!"

"But don't they have shootings over there?" Tsukune asked with concern and a hint of fear in his voice, unsure if it was the rumor or the atmosphere the bus driver was giving off.

"It's not that common!" Louis reassured his cousin before he went to ponder out loud. "I think."

The sudden chime of a cell phone nearly had the two jump out of their seats, followed by Louis throwing fists at Tsukune before the phone was answered. "Moshi Moshi (hello), Kyou-chan?"

"Heh, guess she's really not ready to let us go just yet." Louis chuckled.

"That's not very nice Lou-kun!" Kyouku exclaimed through the cell speaker, forcing Tsukune to pull the cell phone away from his ear before she finally calmed down.

"So what's the occasion?" Louis leaned in close to the cell phone to hear Kyouku better.

"Lou-kun, Tsukii, you two are going to Monster Academy right?"

"We'd better be, or else we're on the WRONG bus." Louis joked.

"Lou-kun, this is serious!" The outburst drew both Tsukune's and Louis' attention. "ANYWAY, since my favorite cousins are attending that school, I did some research."

Louis then turned towards Tsukune. "You mean you enrolled into a school that you have no fuckin' idea about?"

"W-well you did the same thing as well!" Tsukune accused.

"I did my research before we left for the place, though I admit I got shit, meaning nothin'. What's your excuse!"

"Will you two listen to me!" Kyouku exclaimed yet again. "What I found out was that Monster Academy-" The signal for the cell phone suddenly ended just as the bus entered a tunnel.

"Kyou-chan? Are you there? Moshi Moshi?" Tsukune attempted to reconnect with his other cousin.

"Must have been a dropped call then. Happens all the time." Louis stated. "Thankfully I updated my Sidekick LX to use- uh oh..."


"I got no bars. No signal." Louis flatly stated with a hint of dread in his voice.

"Maybe it's just the tunnel." Tsukune rationalized. "I'm sure we'll get a signal once we're out."

Soon enough the bus had arrived at its destination. Next to a dead, dreadful shaped tree was what could be best described as a Pumpkin Headed Scarecrow with a sign stated in Kanji 'Private Monster Academy'. Both sat upon the edge of a cliff overlooking a crimson sea, adjacent were mountains and a forest of similar looking trees that would not look out of place to any horror film. Of in the distance to a cliff edge that seems to curve inward to itself was a set of buildings that gave a much stronger feel of otherworldliness that is enhanced by occasional bolts of lighting.

Neither Tsukune's nor Louis' cell phones have any reception.

"Toto, I don't think we're in Kansas anymore." Louis attempted humor to dilute the situation, badly.

"What a creepy place." Tsukune stated in quiet fright. "This is really different then when we entered the tunnel."

"Be careful."The bus driver warned before the bus doors closed and the vehicle headed back down the tunnel. Both Tsukune and Louis were alone along with their belongings in this strange and alien world as far as they knew.

"I don't suppose it's not too late to turn back now, right?" Louis turned towards Tsukune.

"Either way, we will have to get a call back to Kyou-chan."

"And the most likely place to have a pay phone is over there isn't it?" The American pointed towards the distant buildings just as another bolt of lighting struck.

"It would appear so." Tsukune replied in a deflated voice.

"Craaap...Oh well, it's not like we'll get any answers by standin' around. Would be nice though." And with a grunt, Louis lifted his luggage and checked his back pack before heading towards the obvious path that would, hopefully leading to the school. "You comin'?"

"Do I have a choice in the matter?" Tsukune asked rhetorically before following Louis into the forest. "You have an idea as to what you're doing right?"

"Personally, I'm hoping this is all just a fucking nightmare caused by First Day jitters." Louis admitted as the two cousins ventured deeper into the woods.

"Do you want me to pinch your cheeks or something?" Tsukune offered.

"Tempting, but no." Louis declined. "I doubt it works in such a way, I'd have to pinch myself."

"So why not?"

"Because I'm afraid of the truth. That this is all fucking real."

Tsukune then went silent for a moment, pondering Louis' statement before he replied in turn. "I guess I can't really blame you for thinking that."

After a few moments walking through the forest, Louis finally gave into the temptation. He pinched himself, hard, and causing him to curse up a storm as tears build in his eyes.

Praying that what is on the other side of his closed eyelids was but a dream, Louis opened them. It was not.

"Fuck! It's not a dream..." Louis cursed in defeat. And then just now he heard the distinct sound of chain-links powering a bicycle. "Yah hear that?"

Then the two unfortunately turned instinctively to the sound of a young maiden in distress as they saw a girl of their own age and wearing a female version of their school uniform, racing towards them uncontrollably with her pink-colored hair fluttering in the wind. Too late the two realized that they were in the middle of a collision before they were able to do any to prevent it from happening, or at least step out of the way.

Soon enough, the darkness of unconsciousness faded away into the light of reality and memories of the collision soon flooded in. The two cousins whom originated on either side of the great ocean, Tsukune and Louis, reached for some stable ground or support to aid in their attempt to get back upon their feet despite the pain they feel throughout their bodies. Pain so great that they know not what they laid their hands upon in their effort to get a footing. However, Tsukune soon discovered that the soft, warm earth that he was touching was actually the young pink-headed girl's thigh.

Louis, however, found that his hands were touching not only her hips, but also her mammaries. With the realization of this fact, he nearly shrieked like a girl and jumped away.

"G-gomen (sorry), I suffer from anemia so I have fainting spells and my eyes get blurry." The young girl apologized as Tsukune saw her face and found the aura to be overwhelmingly cute and attractive, enough for him to start suffering from a nose bleed and other obvious biological signs of physical attraction to the opposite sex.

"Tsukune!" Louis then drew the attention of his cousin towards him. "Yah coppin' a feel!"

An unconscious squeeze from his hand and a gasp from the unknown girl caused Tsukune to retract his hand quickly as the pink headed girl squealed in shock and embarrassment, and then the sharp sting of pain was felt up through his arm like needles as the cut upon his hand drew his attention to the flow of blood from the wound.

"Ara ma (oh no)! You're bleeding!" The pink headed girl exclaimed as she pulled a handkerchief from her pocket to clean the wound. "Gomen nasai! It's my fault-"

However, she stopped as she started to smell the air, her cheeks aflame in crimson. Both Tsukune and Louis smelled their own armpits to see if they were the odorous culprit of the young girl's sent of smell. They shrugged to each other as they soon discovered that it was not their own body odor. "Oh my...the scent of blood...I-I can't..."

She soon collapsed upon Tsukune's chest and barely keeping herself steady while the boy in question was having a panic attack at having such a cute and attractive girl so close to his own body. Louis, out of sudden concern, placed a hand upon her shoulder. "Hey, are you alright?"

"Gomen ne (I'm sorry)." The girl apologized rather weakly. "I can't control myself whenever I smell blood..."

"Huh?" Louis raised an eyebrow from her statement as she cupped Tsukune's face with her fingertips, who was still in the middle of a panic attack. His heart rate echoed in her ears, like a symphony.

"Na no de (it's because), watashi (I'm)... vampire!" And her lips then quickly approached Tskune's neck.

"Hey! What are yah doin' to my- KYYYYYYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!" Louis squealed in horror as the motion of his right arm to push the strange girl away from his cousin was turned into an interception to which her fangs dug into the flesh of his hand and drank from the blood that flowed. To say that it was painful was a vast understatement to the American's mind as she pulled away, seemingly satisfied but the wound still flowed.

"She bit my hand! She bit my fucking hand!" Louis exclaimed as he leaped to his feet as what could be amounted to a stroke of miracle as he ran around the area akin to a chicken that was recently decapitated. "She drew blood! She drew fucking blood! She drew my fucking blood!"

Tsukune, meanwhile, was broken out of his dazed stupor to be confronted by his cousin bitten by this innocent looking girl. Was that true, he thought.

"Such flavor! Boldness and full of life!" She exclaimed, enjoying the taste of Louis' blood and seemingly in her own little world. Then, she turned to face Tsukume who was still in the middle of his confusion.

"Matte, what are you-" Still in a state of bliss, she quickly leaned towards him and her fangs drew Tsukune's own blood. "IITTAAAAAAAAAAIIIIIIIIII!"

Despite the screams of the cousins, the pink headed girl gently drank her fill of blood until she was able to reconnect with the real world and realize what she has done. Almost instantly she jumped away from Tsukune who was still panicking about an open wound in his neck. "G-Gomen nasai (I'm sorry)! I couldn't control myself!"

Tsukune felt around the bite region, though instead of an open wound he found a bruise instead. A rather sensitive and painful bruise, but a bruise still. "Nani (what)? There's nothing there?"

"Oh that's just fuckin' great, real fucking fair! YOU get insta-heal on your neck while I'm pumping my fuckin' blood out of my fucking hand like a fuckin' fountain!" Louis cursed as he attempted to stop to bleeding to his right hand, but then he noticed that the girl has hold of his hand. "Wait, when did you-"

She simply lapped the wound and the remaining blood off of his arm, to which Louis immediately retracted his arm to only find that his wound had healed, or at least degraded to a bruise. "It still fucking hurts like hell."

"Sugoi (great)! Gochisosama-deshita (thank you for the meal)!" The pink headed girl exclaimed, thanking Louis for the apparent meal.

Louis' left eyebrow twitched in frustration. "Gochisosama-deshita? Gochisosama-deshita?! I oughta 'gochisosama' my FOOT up your-"

"A-are you a student at Monster Academy as well?" Tsukune interrupted Louis' curse, hoping to diffuse a delicate situation that may determine how they will spend their High School lives here.

"Hai (yes), I just arrived here. Watashiwa (My name is) Akashiya Moka, please to meet you!" Moka greeted, before she lowered her head and placed her crossed hands over her thighs, greatly suggested her sudden shyness. "D-do you both hate vampires?"

"Ano (Um)..."Tsukune had to think on his feet, hoping to make her comfortable enough to be friends with Moka despite the strange topic. "Well I think that vampires are really unique and interesting, very fascinating!"

Louis, on the other hand, thought that Moka was of a very different kind of vampires that he had met some time ago. A rather human kind of vampire subculture. "Actually I met a few during a family trip to New York. They were kind of creepy and weird at first, but they're not so bad once you get to know them well enough."

"Hontouni (really)! Ureshii (glad)!"Moka sighed in relief.

"Even so, wouldn't it be too much to ask to switch to being one of them so-called psychic vampires?" Louis asked Moka. "Sure, I hear that there are those who stick with the old rules of the Vampire Lifestyle, but still- ACK!" Soon both Tsukune and Louis found themselves tackled to the ground, yet again, by Moka.

"Then will you be my friend?"Moka asked.

"Alright, alright, alright! Just don't jump on us like that all of a sudden!" Louis agreed, if only because he's not getting sufficient air. Tsukune simply nodded.

"Yokatta (good)! I was so worried that I would not make any friends here. Ara (oh), and what are your names?" Moka asked.

"Louis McCorray is my name but you can call me Lou for short. Everyone does." Lou then thumbed at Tsukune's direction. "And he's Tsukune Aono, my cousin. Wait, isn't it the other way around?"

"It's a pleasure to meet you Moka-san." Tsukune greeted in return as both he and Lou began to get back upon their feet. However, Moka helped in their task by taking their hands and lifting them to stand that, to her felt like a feather, but to the cousins was like a sudden acceleration akin to a race car.

"You're stronger then you look Pinkie." Lou thanked Moka, who simply cocked her head in confusion.

"Nani?" Moka asked.

"I think it's the hair." Tsukune answered for Lou.

"Ara, ano, naruhodo (is that so)." Moka blushed before she suddenly changed the subject. "Well, we had better get going if we are to make it to the Entrance Ceremony in time. Why don't we meet afterwards and talk more?"

"Yeah, that would be good." Tsukune stated with a smitten look upon his face. Lou, however, held one of confusion.

"Entrance Ceremony? Entrance Ceremony?! Nobody said a THING about an entrance ceremony being involved!" Lou exclaimed as he caught up with Moka with Tsukune following just behind.

"I'm sure all of you know this, but this Academy was built so that monsters of all types can attend!" The homeroom teacher who earlier identified herself as Shizuka Nekonome and was clearly identifiable with two ruffs of hair that resembled cat ears had stated to the entire class. That kernel of information broken whatever train of thoughts either Tsukune or Lou had in their minds beforehand as they sat there in tandem in the row of desks and absorbed what was revealed to them, though what had happened to such thoughts would be best described as a train wreck.

'Wait, she's a real vampire?!' Was the common thought that ran through their mind at that time, though Lou's own thoughts were more on the crude and vulgar in vocabulary.

"Since humans are in complete control of the world, we monsters must learn to coexist with humans if we are to survive!" Nekonome explained through child-like drawings and stick figures. "Therefore, your chief area of study is learning how to co-exist with humans! So the first rule of the Academy is to remain in your human forms!"

'Monsters can shape shift into human form?!' The cousins thought together once more, though Lou's own thoughts were not as censor friendly as Tsukune's own.

"This rule is important, everyone! It's a matter of disguising yourself from other humans in order to co-exist with them so you are forbidden from telling your fellow classmates your true form! Understand?" The homeroom teacher asked the class.

"Nekkonome-sensei! Wouldn't we all be better off eating those weak humans, especially the cute girls?" The obvious bully of the class asked rather bluntly, whose proximity to the cousins was nowhere near comfortable with these revelations. Especially since the bully, despite the suave look of his hair sported a pierced lip in addition to triple ear rings upon his ear.

"Fukanoo (impossible)! Every one here from the students to the faculty are all monsters and protected from the human world because of the shoogai (barrier)! If there was a human, they would have been detected and exterminated!" Tsukune violently jerked from the answer made by Nekonome and causing many of the eyes to be drawn towards him and his cousin's direction. Lou, however, was frozen scared stiff and sweating very cold bullets.

'We're going to fucking DIE here!' Lou cursed in his thoughts. 'I KNEW that things had been going too well to be true! I should have trusted my fuckin' gut about this shit!'

The class was then interrupted by the voice of a lost student. "Gomen nasai, I got lost during the entrance ceremony!"

'Oh fuck me!' Lou's face showed his fear from how pale white it has become in such a short amount of time. 'It can't be her! It can't be fuckin' her!'

'Moka-san?' Tsukune asked within his own mind.

"That is alright, just take a seat near the window." Nekonome replied to Moka's accidental lateness. Many of the male students of the class, and secretly some of the female students, were awed and amazed by the vampire's beauty even if it was just her human form.

Her eyes wondered across the class until Moka met the eyes of people that were familiar. Cousins that she had just met outside school grounds. "Lou? Tsukune?"

Moka then leaped towards the both of them, her arms wrapped around their shoulders in a great embrace that to the cousins felt like a vice grip. "Yatta (yay)! We're in the same class!"

That action caused an uproar from the rest of the class, demanding both Lou and Tsukune what their relationship with this class beauty who embraced them in such a familiar manner. The two cousins, however, were too occupied with trying to keep their bodies from becoming nothing but bloody gelatin and breath at the same time due to Moka's great physical strength.

Only one student in the entire class kept his composure, but for darker reasons as he spied upon Moka's body with lust and both Lou and Tsukune with jealousy and contempt.

Moka and her entourage of Lou and Tsukune walked down the hallway and admiring the architecture and design. To be exact it was Moka who was admiring the surroundings of the hallway and Tsukune was half-drag, half-lead by her right as he barely responded to the vampire's statements and inquiry. His mind was too occupied with how he was so close and friendly with Moka.

Lou was, quite literally, dragged as his right arm was entangled and locked with Moka's left arm as he attempted to free his arm from her grip and barely able to walk on his own two feet. "Halt! Heel! Heel! Whoh girl! Whoh! Stop! Brakes! Stay! Tsukune quick, what's the opposite of 'yah mule'?! Dakota! Dakota! Da-fucking-Kota!"

Both were occupied with their own mental tasks and Moka completely oblivious to the amount of hatred gathered by the jealousy and lust of their fellow male classmates. However, a few death threats have reached their ears.

"Who do those guys think they are, hanging around with such a bijin (beautiful girl)?!"

"If they don't leave her alone, I say we kill them! I doubt she'll mind!"

"Why not kill them now?!"

"Ara, aren't you one kawaii (cute) girl there?" The trio stopped when a taller student with facial piercings stepped into their path.

"Oh good, we-" Lou stopped mid-sentence as he saw the familiar delinquent. 'Oh crap, it's that guy! The one who wanted to eat humans like Tsukune and me! Oh fuck!'He mentally swore as fear overcame him, knowing fully well that the guy before them is a monster who would most likely kill them just for no reason beyond the fact that he can.

"Akashiya Moka-san, soo desu ka (is that right)?" The pierced delinquent asked, to which Moka nodded. "Watashiwa Komiya Saizou, we attend the same class. Aisatsu (salutations)."

'Aa, maybe he's not that bad.' Tsukune wondered to himself mentally, with a glint of hope in his eyes. The same kind of hope that was ruthlessly crushed when Saizou lifted both Tsukune and Lou off the ground by the collar of their shirts almost effortlessly. 'Machigaeru (I was wrong)! Machigaeru!'

"By the way, why is a bijin such as yourself hanging around with such haibokusha (loosers)?" Saizou asked while still holding the cousins up and causing Moka to panic. Meanwhile, the surrounding crowd of students began to converse with one another from the development before them.

"Saizou! That guy is Komiya Saizou!"

"He really sounds like the mysterious and rogue monster that I've heard all about!"

"They say that he caused so much trouble in the Human World that he was sent here to the Academy to punish him!"

"Wouldn't someone like myself be of a better companion then these sort of lowlife kiku (trash) such as these?" Saizou asked as he was about to throw both Tsukune and Lou across and down the hallway.

Panicking, Lou searched his person for something to get both he and his cousin out of this now deadly situation. 'Come on! There's gotta be something! Fucking something!' Then his fingertips found something soft, and his mind knew exactly what his hands had found as he pulled out a rather oversized feather. "This'll do it!"

"Oro (huh)?"Saizou raised an eyebrow, wondering what Lou was planning with such an object.

"Lou-kun? What are you-" Tsukune's question was answered as his cousin began to use the feather to tickle Saizou's exposed neck.

"Anata (You)! Teishisuru (quit it)! That's not funny!" Saizou roared as his body began to slowly succumb to the effects of the tickling feather. His grip loosened just enough for Tsukune to slip out of his own predicament.

Lou soon found that his own collar was loosening and was about to jump back out, but then Saizou recovered and brought the ill-timed American's face to his own. "Did you think you could make a fool of me and get away with it, Gaijin?!"

"Oh crap! Plan B!" Out of reflex, Lou swung his legs swiftly and forcefully as it impacted Saizou's groin. The pain was enough for Saizou to release Lou from his grip as the American fell to the ground and barely landed upon his feet, rubbing his shin. "Shit! That guy has some cojones! Fucking hurts!"

"Lou, daijoobu (alright)?" Moka, asked in concern. However, the American stood up upon his feet, turned his companions towards the nearest exist and pushed them.

"Run! Run! Run like your life depends upon it!" Lou exclaimed as the trio escaped the now in pain pierced delinquent. Lou ran with a noticeable limp in his right leg, clearly indicating that he was in pain from the previous action.

"I'm with Tsukune and Lou, now! Gomenkudasai (I'm sorry)!" Moka apologized as the group rounded the corner and out of sight. Saizou, meanwhile, collapsed flat on his face due to the pain.

Then a thought ran through Lou's mind. 'Why am I pushing her? She can run on her own!'

The group then find themselves catching their collective breaths upon the rooftop of the academy, sure that they were far enough away from trouble.

"That was very kowai earlier." Moka sighed in relief before addressing both Lou and Tsukune. "Daijoobu, Tsukune? Lou?"

"Daijoobu ore (I'm fine)." Tsukune answered.

"I'm good, somehow." Lou rubbed his sore shin, the pain still present. Then he realized something about their current surroundings. "Wait, why are we on a roof?"

"Eeeto (um), Moka-san," Tsukune began sheepishly. "Why are you being so friendly with my itoko and I? I mean, we're not really worth anything and completely mediocre."

"Yeah, and the only good thing I got going is my red hair and being American." Lou stated while showing Moka his fiery locks. "That really makes me the odd one out of the bunch."

Then Lou realized something. "Couz', did you just sell me short?"

"Don't say that!" Moka exploded, catching both Tsukune and Lou off guard and nearly gave them a heart attack from the sudden outburst. "None of you are mediocre or worthless or anything like that!"

"Thanks for the words of encouragement, Pinkie," Lou began. "But that doesn't-"

"Igaini (besides)," Moka cupped her blushing red cheeks as she looked away in an embarrassed fashion. "We're on blood sucking terms now!"

"Huh?" The cousins were collectively confused.

"Be proud of yourselves and your first class blood! They're much better than the transfusion pacts I've had before and far better then tomato juice! Full bodied and the mineral balance is perfect and they both have such flavor and fragrance!" Moka stated in her exited state. "Tsukune being sweet and savory, and Lou's own is so bold, fiery and full of life!"

"Well that's just perfect." Lou silently exclaimed in a deflated voice.

"What do you mean?" Tsukune asked.

"In her mind, you're ketchup and I'm salsa." Lou replied in an annoyed tone towards their overall situation.

"Mata (also), the two of you were my firsts." Moka cupped her blushed cheeks once again.

"First?" The cousins asked the young vampire before them, Tsukune blushing from the thought while Lou simply scratched his head.

"Hai, you two were the first time I had ever fed off of anyone!" Moka blushed a deeper shade of red from the memory alone. "That wonderful feeling, I'll never forget it..."

"Yeah, same on this end." Lou groaned in a sarcastic tone, recalling the experience as well before mumbling to himself. "I'll need years of psychotherapy just to get over it."

"Louis!" Tsukune scolded his cousin, able to hear and clearly understand Lou's mumbling.

"Hazukashiku (embarrassed)!" Blushing Moka playfully pushed Lou away, however due to her greater physical strength compared to an ordinary human, Lou flew through the air briefly before rolling to a stop and nearly impacting his head upon the railings of the roof. Tsukune, on the other hand, was affixed with surprise and horror to not only how strong Moka was without being serious and the fact that his cousin could have died as a result.

"Holy Crap! Keep that up Pinkie, and the only blood you'll get from me is the stuff flowin' outta my cracked skull!" Lou exclaimed.

"Haiaku (hurry)! Haiaku! Let's have more fun and see more of the academy!" Moka exclaimed as she headed towards the stairwell that lead to the lower levels of the school building.

Lou was able to collect himself and walked up beside Tsukune. "Is she even listening?"

"I wouldn't know." Tsukune shrugged. "I really don't worry about such minor details."

"Well, I think you should." Lou advised. "Yah might live longer if yah do." The cousins then joined up with Moka after she called back to them.

After a full day of exploring the sights that the Monster Academy is able to provide, the trio then found their way to the student dormitory. However, to the humans of the group the buildings gave off a foreboding atmosphere and a sense of dread.

"I-I'm not sure if I can live in a place like this for three whole years." Tsukune trembled before turning towards Moka. "How about you Moka-san?"

"Yabai (cool)! It gives off such dignity and character!" Moka admired the building before her that would be their home for the next three or so years, assuming that Tsukune and Lou would be able to survive that long.

"Yeah, and that character is 'Jason Voorhees'!" Lou countered as he moved his arms as though he was setting up a banner. "All we need is a Crystal Lake and a sign that say's 'Elm Street' and it'll be perfect." He added in sarcastically in another poor attempt at humor.

"Are we even looking at the same building?" Tsukune asked out loud to no one in particular, but Moka caught the statement.

"Ara, you don't like it Tsukune, even though you're a monster?" Moka asked, an inquiry that sent chills up and down both Tsukune and Lou's spines. It would appear that a terrible and costly mistake was done. "Which reminds me, what kind of monsters are you two?"

'Crap! Crap! Crap!' Lou cursed mentally as he panicked. 'We're so fucking dead!'

"Oh that's right, revealing your true form to other students is against the rules." Moka recalled. "Gomen nasai, I take back that question." Both Tsukune and Lou sighed deeply in relief, before hiding their relief in faux laughter.

"Yeah, but you told us who you are earlier." Tsukune noted, before receiving a sharp jab in the rib by Matt.

"Well that was before I knew of the school rules." Moka chuckled.

"Yeah, though you really don't fit the profile of one, especially in the scary department. No offense." Lou stated before he realized the slip of his tongue and received a sharp jab in return from Tsukune.

"Sono, well that's because of the rosario upon my chest." Moka showed the cousins the silver cross with the embedded red stone that lie upon her chest, connected by her pearl-ringed leather choker on her neck by two long links of chain. Tsukune was barely able to contain his nose bleed while Matt was wondering about the rosary's significance. "If it's ever removed, I revert to my true form and become a very scaaarry and very strong vampire."

Tsukune and Lou prayed to whatever gods they worshiped that Moka would not give such a demonstration. "Rosaries are able to seal off a vampires powers and keep them in check. Many people hated my true form and I caused a lot of trouble and conflict when I was younger. Because of that, my powers and abilities are sealed up and I can't even remove it myself without suffering severe consequences." Both sighed in relief. "That way I can make friends without problems!"

"Shikashi (however)," Moka suddenly approached Tsukune. "Even if we are sealed, vampires do crave blood." And with that statement, Moka bit Tsukune's neck a second time and consumed his blood while Tsukune held the look of excruciating pain and suffering before he yelled out.

"Chupacabra! That looks painful!"Then Lou suddenly became anxious and looked at his surroundings. "We ain't gonna to find any around here are we?"

"I thought they only live in Mexico?" Tsukune rubbed his neck to massage the pain away as he replied to Lou's inquiry.

"Oh right. I remember now." Lou recalled, then a thought crossed his mind as he turned towards Moka. "Say Pinkie, you know what the bus schedule is around here? Tsukune and I may want to visit our families on the week end."

"Demo (but), everyone knows that the bus only operates once a month." Moka's statement was like a gunshot to the heart to Tsukune and Lou, crushing their one plan of escape down the drain.

Then Lou's own eyes crossed with Saizou as he approached the Boys Dormitory from a distance. Those eyes had the intent of murder, or so spoke Lou's mind. He unconsciously gulped before speaking again. "I'm not sure if this place is really 'us', yah know? Tsukune and I might have better chances in a human school."

"DAMARE (don't)! KIMI DEKINAI (you cannot)!" Moka exclaimed, and scaring several decades off of Tsukune's and Lou's own life span from the outburst. "I hate those humans!"

Both Tsukune and Lou knew deep within their souls that they would not like where this conversation was going. "I went to human schools up through middle school, but none of them believed in monsters and made fun of me because of that, because I was different from there. I felt so lonely and thought that it would be better if I just disappeared."

Then Moka raised her head and looked at them with teary eyes, caused from the painful memory of her past. "Demo, both of you said that it was alright even though you knew that I was a vampire! It was the first time I ever made any friends, the first time I never felt so lonely, fell like I belonged!"

"S-sorry about that Pinkie." Lou apologized as he looked upon his person for a handkerchief or tissue to offer. "I didn't mean to bring up such bad times." He then found a tissue and offered it to her, to which she gave her thanks as she dried her own tears.

"Moka-san," Tsukune began, catching the vampire's attention. "If I were to say that I was one of those humans that you hated, would you still consider me a friend?"

"Tsukune?" Moka question, however Lou interrupted Tsukune before he could continue.

"Hypothetically speaking, of course!" The American joked to throw away any suspicion Moka would have due to Tsukune's question while secretly jabbing his cousin in the ribs, repeatedly and rapidly. And painfully.

"Ano..." Moka thought over the question. "I guess I would still. Datte (however), because of the Academy Rules, I would have to suck you dry!" Moka joked, while Tsukune and Lou laughed rather uncomfortably.

"That's ALL we need to know there, Pinkie." Lou stated as he patted Moka on her head. She chuckled from the American's form of fondness.

"We got to get the fuck out of here, now!" Lou exclaimed but not in so high a level as to draw the attention of Tsukune's and his own Dorm mates as he scrambled to gather all of his cousin's belongings into luggage. Lou's own travel cases and backpack were already prepared for the trip out of the Academy. "There's no way we can survive a week, let alone an entire month here at this rate!"

"I said that I was sorry!" Tsukune stated. "The thought just slipped out!"

"Even so, we're not going to be lucky every time and sooner or later our little dilemma is going to get exposed! Personally, I'd like to live a LONG and happy life, emphasis on the 'long' part of that equation!" Lou countered as he stuffed the last of Tsukune's possessions into his cousin's own backpack. "There, that should be everything! If we do this right, we can reach the tunnel and hitch hike our way back to your place, walk if we need to, and no one would notice where we've gone!"

"Walk?!" Tsukune exclaimed. "In these?!" He pointed to the dress shoes that were apart of the Monster Academy uniform.

"No worries! I brought my jogging shoes from back home and mom bought you a pair as well! Talk about lucky breaks!" Lou explained.

"Why would you bring those? Granted, it's a good idea that you did."

"Well I thought that I would do a little mornin' runnin' before school and such, to keep me fit and all that for my Parkour and Free Runnin'. And now, we'll need it to run!" Lou stated as he put on his jogging shoes and back pack and Tsukune did the same.

Then the two peaked out of Tsukune's dorm room door to check and see if the hallway was clear of any witnesses to their escape. So far, they spotted no one.

"Looks clear." Tsukune stated.

"Sounds good enough for me, now let's go." With luggage in hand, Tsukune and Lou quickly but quietly marched down the hallway and towards the stair well, keeping an eye out for any other possible witnesses, only stopping when they neared a corner or any other obstruction that would block their vision of any other students. An observer would wonder if the two ever had any Special Operations training from the way they stealthily maneuvered their way through the stairs and hallways and out the door in an attempt to evade the attention of other students, despite the handicap of hauling around luggage.

Soon enough, they moved out of the dorm lobby doors and headed straight towards the path that would lead them to the tunnel that would lead them back to the human world.

"So far, so good. Looks like we can get away scott free, but keep your eyes out cos'." Lou advised.

"I know." Tsukune stated in reply.

"Where are you going?" A familiar voice called out to the cousins. Slowly, they turned to see that Moka had caught them in the act.

"Um...well...we're...uh..." Lou tried to think up a good excuse, any excuse, for why Tsukune and himself were sneaking around with luggage. Desperate, he tried an old trick. "Say, what's that?" Lou pointed at something behind Moka.

Full of naivete, Moka turned to see just what Matt was pointing. With the successful misdirection, he pushed Tsukune forward and the two began to flee.

"Run! Run! Run like your ass is gettin' raped!" Lou exclaimed.


"Less talkin', more runnin' fool!" The two then entered the woods and disappeared to evade any pursuers.

"Lou! Tsukune! Matte (wait)!" Moka called out and giving chase, all the while wondering why her friends were running.

"Yes! We made it!" Lou exclaimed as the two reached the familiar cliffs and scare crow, indicating that the tunnel leading back to the human world was nearby.

"Are you sure this is a good idea?" Tsukune asked his cousin. "Who knows what we might meet up with in the tunnel."

"What? You got a better idea in gettin' out of here?!" Lou exclaimed.

"Un, but still, we're leaving Moka-san behind with all of those monsters." Tsukune stated.

"HELLO! Earth to TSUKUNE! She's a monster as well! I'm sure that Pinkie is able to take care of herself!" However, they were interrupted by a shriek of a familiar voice deep in the woods that they had just emerged from.

"Moka-san! She's in danger!"

Lou groaned from this latest development. "Alright, alright, alright! We'll get Pinkie out of whatever situation she got herself in SOMEHOW, make sure she's safe and sound, and then we get ourselves the fuck outta Dodge! Sound alright to you?" Tsukune nodded as they both left their luggage behind and raced towards the source of the scream to render Moka aid.

They were just about to round a corner of trees when Moka cried out again. "TSUKUNE! LOU! HELP ME!"

"Leave her ALONE!" Tsukune cried out as both he and his cousin soon gazed upon the hulking form of a monster whose prehensile tongue was about to wrap itself around Moka.

"What are you pieces of trash doing, ruining my fun between me and Moka-san here!" It roared.

"Tsukune, you remember that old saying 'look before you leap', right?" Lou asked in fright.

"Yeah, I should've looked." Tsukune gulped as the creature approached them menacingly.

"Be careful, it's Saizou-san!" Moka warned, increasing Tsukune's and Lou's own alarm ten fold.

"Crap! As if it couldn't get any worse then it was!" Lou cursed as he barely avoided a swing from Saizou's monster hands.

"How are we even going to survive this?!" Tsukune exclaimed just before he was about to be swiped by Saizou's claws that, without the quick reflex of his cousin, would have rendered his flesh to ribbons.

"If I remember my physics correctly, all we need to do is keep on dodging and wait until he's tuckered out!" Lou recalled and earning him a questionable look upon Tsukune's face. "It takes a lot of energy to move a certain amount of mass, and right now he's got a lot of mass to move around!"

"Then what if he doesn't get tired from swinging those things- ACK!" Tsukune barely dodged another of Saizou's attacks.

"Well, to be frank, we're fucked." Lou stated when Saizou's tongue wrapped around his left arm and started to drag him towards the creature.

"Lou-kun!" Tsukune exclaimed.

"Hey! This is the second date: no tongue!" Lou exclaimed as he searched his pockets that would help him out of the situation, which has increased in dire as Saizou was about to smash his skull with his enormous, clawed fist. Lou then found a small bottle of Tabasco Sauce. "Why the fuck am I carrying this around?"

Shrugging, Lou quickly unscrewed the top and pored the liquid fire onto both Saizou's tongue and in his face, particularly the eyes and nose. The hulking monster roared in pain as he loosened his grip upon Lou's limb and allowed the American to get away. However, Saizou was undeterred by his sudden painful blindness, sharp stinging in his nose, and the horrible fire in his mouth as he swing at the general direction of Lou's location.

"Shit! Plan B!" Lou ducked underneath the claws and made a powerful punch at Saizou's groin and causing the monster to nearly collapse upon him. Jumping away, he shook his hand in excruciating pain. "Jesus, Mary, and fucking Joseph! Talk about mother fuckin' balls of steel!"

"Lou! Tsukune!" Moka called out.

"Don't worry about us! Just get back to the school!" Lou advised. "You'll be safe there!"

"Demo-" Moka began.

"Don't argue about it, just go!" Lou ordered as he dragged Tsukune into running. "Run! Run! Go! Go! Go!" The American's voice of panic echoed as they disappeared through the thicket of trees, their flight or fight response powering their legs to get as far away from the recovering Saizou as possible.

Once they reached the cliffs leading towards the tunnel, both Tsukune and Lou nearly collapsed to their knees as they stopped to catch their breath. Their lungs thirsty for more oxygen.

"We have to go back." Tsukune declared.

"WHAT?!" Lou exclaimed. "Are you insane!?"

"Moka-san is still in danger! Saizou-yarou (thug) will be after her!"

"Look! I ain't sure how up to date you are on current events but we were lucky back there! Next time we'll be fucking dead!"

"But we have to do something!"

"We're human, Tsukune! Fucking human! And that hulk formerly known as Saizou's a fucking monster! We'll! Fucking! DIE!"

"Iie.." Both Tsukune and Lou heard a gasp of shock behind them. Turning, they saw Moka with a look of disbelief. "You're joking...You're joking right? You have to be joking, you just have to...joudangasugiru..."

"Shiiit..." Lou quickly turned towards Tsukune. "Grab the stuff and run!"

"Matte!" Moka grabbed onto their arms before Tsukune and Lou had the chance to run, causing them to panic.

"Yamite (don't)! Iie (no)-" Tsukune exclaimed in fear when suddenly Moka embraced them both. Subtle weeping could be heard.

"Pinkie?" Lou asked, his voice holding concern.

"Shinjitsu (the truth)..." Moka began in between sobs. "The truth is that I really wanted a friend! Even back in middle school I always wanted a friend, it didn't matter if they were human or monster! Here, I was blessed with the two of you, so please don't leave! I don't want to loose my precious friends!"

"Moka-san..." Tsukune felt touched by Moka's need for friends. However, the moment was ruined by the roaring of a particularly angry monster that was Saizou Komiya.

"Aw shit, he's back!" Lou exclaimed.

"Daijoobu!" Moka declared as she face the direction of Saizou's roaring and raised her arms to protect Tsukune and Lou. "I'll protect you, I'll protect you both! I won't let him hurt my precious friends!"

"Yeah, since yah did a HELL of a job defendin' yourself earlier." Lou chastise unknowingly.

"Well do you have a better idea?!" Tsukune exclaimed. Lou then took a quick look at his surroundings and suddenly he pondered a plan.

"I got one!" Lou stated as he pushed Moka away from them and towards the distant school buildings. "Pinkie, just get to the school, we'll handle things from here!"

"Demo!" Moka cried.

"Don't worry, I got an idea, just go!" He ordered and soon enough Moka reluctantly headed towards the school just as Saizou's monestrous form emerged from the forest. Lou maneuvered Tsukune and himself a good enough distance away from the edge of the cliff before Saizou arrived.

"You'll pay for every single thing you did to me you gaijin piece of trash!" Saizou threatened.

"Oh yeah? Well why don't you bring it!" Lou taunted, earning him a gaping mouth from his Japanese cousin.


"Come on! Don't tell me you're scared of little ol' me! Are you really that big of a chicken?!"

"Kisama (bastard)! Did you really think I would be stupid enough to get tricked into falling off the cliff?!" Saizou cursed as he marched menacingly towards the cousins.

"Yeah, I got nothing." Lou simply stated, earning him another shocked face from Tsukune as Saizou moved closer.

"That was it?! That was your PLAN, your GREAT idea?!" Tsukune panicked. "Do you even have a Plan B?!"

"I'm open to any suggestions." Lou stated.

"Here's one," Saizou stated as he raised his fists and ready to slam them down upon Tsukune and Lou. "Pray to whatever gods you worship and die!"

"Alright." Lou sighed as he went to his knees and perform the Christian Sign of the Cross before he clasped his hands together, causing Saizou to stop in mid swing from confusion and surprise.


"Our Father, who art in heaven, hallowed be thy Name." Lou began reciting the Pater Noster prayer.

"WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!" Tsukune exclaimed.

"Well the guy did state 'say our prayers' and so I am. Besides, I know diddly squat on funeral ri-ACK!" Both Lou and Tsukune felt themselves being pushed aside as they barely missed the crushing blow of Saizou's deadly hammer fist. The force of the cousin's savior was enough to push them far enough away from Saizou to recover. Both knew as to who intervened. "Pinkie! I thought I told you to run!"

"Iie! Saizou-san would have killed you both! I couldn't just do nothing and allowed that to happen!" Moka cried out. "You're both my special friends and I want to protect you both."

"Moka-san," Tsukune began. "I-I don't want to leave you either, even if you are a vampire." The declaration hit Moka's heart like an arrow.

"Yeah, I like yah as a friend as well." Lou added. "Unfortunately, I gotta end this touchin' moment with the coldness of reality here. Even if Saizou's true form is some twisted fairy, he's still got an edge on us in the strength and murderous intent department unless we do somethin'!"

When the reflected light of Moka's Rosario hit Tsukune's eye, he suddenly recalled what she said about her true form. "Moka-san's true form!"

"What?" Lou asked.

"Remember when Moka-san said that her vampire power were sealed because of her Rosario?"

"Yeah, I remember! I also remember that she can't remove it!" Lou countered. "It's not like we can just pull it off like this!" Lou grabbed onto the silver cross and yanked upon it to prove his point, however a 'chink' sound was heard as the Rosario separated itself from the chain. "Oh, guess we can."

"The Rosario came off..." Moka stated in surprise and shock before she was enveloped into a blinding light and force, a power that Lou, Tsukune and even Saizou had to shield their eyes from. When the light died down, in place of Moka was a silver haired, red cat eye slitted, older and more voluptuous version of Moka.

"Pinkie?"Lou asked, wondering what just happened.

"Moka-san...?" Tsukune gasped at what was before him.

"Wh-what is she? This overwhelming power! This isn't Akashiya Moka, she's a completely different person!" Saizou exclaimed as this different version of Moka turned to face him. "So the legends were true! That silver hair, those red eyes, that overwhelmingly powerful supernatural aura! Th-that's the power of an S-Class Monster, a Vampire?!"

"Vampire? Moka-san's true form?" Tsukune wondered out loud.

"Hopefully the ownage ain't going to be on us." Lou noted as the two monsters faced each other off.

"Doo shimashita ka (what's wrong), little one? I thought you wanted me, have fun with me. Well then try to take me by force, if you can." This other Moka taunted.

"Don't you dare make fun of me!" Saizou roared as his clawed hands reached for the Vampire, however, she stopped the attack with only her hand.

"This is what you call strength, little boy?" The other Moka stated in a bored voice. "You should realize your place." And with a single upward swing of her legs, Saizou's monstrous form was sent flying into the forest, impacting various tombstones and trees along the way until he was but a silhouette at a distance.

"Hn, nice legs there Xena." Lou stated, however he was referencing the strength of the kick the other Moka performed rather then their shape. Tsukune, meanwhile, was debating weather this verison of Moka or the other was the real personality, nothing how this one was cold and distant while the other was far nicer and friendly.

Then the other Moka turned towards the two, sending a chill up their collective spine. "...What's wrong? Are you scared? Scared of this me?" She asked as she reached towards Lou.

"Oh crap- eh?" Lou was surprised when all this other Moka did was pluck the rosario from his grasp.

"Don't be so worried, this form is still very tired from sleeping for so long. Even so, I have no intention of harming you, the both of you." The other Moka stated. "If I did, my sleeping self would no longer look forward to tasting your delicious blood. So fiery and full of life." She then turned towards Tsukune. "Sweet and succulent."

"What am I? A drive-thru window?" Lou cocked an eyebrow.

"So until we meet again, you two had better babysit the other, sentimental Moka well." The other Moka warned as she attached the Rosario back onto the chain and then reverted back to the sealed, pink haired Moka. Exhausted, she collapsed onto Lou who barely caught her slumbering form.

"Yeah, since we did a HELL of a job beforehand." Lou replied in melancholy.

Suddenly, the American realized that her head was lying upon his shoulder and her fangs poised to bite into his neck whenever she awakens. Panicking, he moved her onto Tsukune's own shoulder. "I don't know the blood sucker that well, but I know enough that she'll bite onto the nearest neck when she comes to."

"NANI?!" Tsukune exclaimed. "Why shouldn't Moka-san bite you on your neck this time! She already bit mine, twice! While you had nothing happen to you!"

"'Nothin'?! She bit my fuckin' hand!" Lou pointed at the still tender bruise on his hand. "But beyond that, since when were we takin' fucking turns?!"

Moka, however, smiled in her sleep. Content that she still had her precious friends with her. She knew that she will have to protect them from the dangers that lurked the halls of Monster Academy, but she didn't mind. She is pleased to know that both Lou and Tsukune were by her side.

"What's that?" Tsukune asked as he pointed at a book that Lou was carrying as the two walked from the dormitory to school grounds for their first day of classes.

"Oh, it's an architecture book." Lou explained. "Must have taken it by mistake before I left the states. I was going to give Pinkie this as a sign of appreciation. I mean it was the least I could do for what she did for us yesterday."

"'Was'?" Tsukune's inquiry was answered when Lou opened the book and showed him the pages.

"The little fucker's in English. How's she suppose to read this?" Lou replied before he slammed the book closed. However he was ambushed by a certain pink haired vampire.

"Tsukune! Lou! Ohayo (good morning)!" Moka greeted, nearly knocking the two over as she jumped and hugged the both of them. Then she noticed the book that was in Lou's hands. "Nani? What is that?"

"Eh? Oh this!" The American then showed Moka the architecture book. "I was gonna give it to yah because of yesterday, but it's in English and I doubt the little architect in you can read a word of it."

"That's so nice of you Lou!" Moka exclaimed as she took the book from the American's hands, embracing it. "Daijoobu! I'll learn to read it and appreciate your gift! Demo, what made you think I wanted to be an architect?"

"And apparently I guessed wrong." Lou shrugged, thinking back to when both he and Tsukune were dragged along across the campus and recalling the vampires own words about the design of buildings.

"Yahari (still), that was sweet of you." Moka turned away as she blushed.

"Eh, I try." The American shrugged again and causing his cousin to sweat drop and shake his own head.

"And speaking of sweet..." Moka then turned towards Tsukune and Lou, the look in her eyes warned them that she was thirsty.

"I-I'm gonna go ahead and meet you two in class! Ja ne!" Tsukune stated as he ran away as he left his cousin and the vampire to themselves.

"Tsukune, you traitor! Get yah ass back here, you back stabbing cock bi-!"Lou screamed in pain as Moka took it upon herself to satisfy her thirst of his blood from his neck. Clearly, he did not like the sensation.

Only three more years that both Tsukune and Lou must endure such mornings.

And that would be chapter one of a (planned) 25 chaptered fanfiction featuring Tsukune and his American Cousin Louis McCorray to the original Rosario + Vampire story. I admit, there are certain plotholes and out of character moments, but it's been years since I've actually written a proper story out of my own head so it should be forgiven.

Currently, I have Five Chapters completed and a Six in the works as of this posting of the story. However, I'll hold them off until I am sure that the story is a worthwhile investment of my time by the reviews of the readers. Comments and suggestions are welcomed, flames... not so much.