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The Welcoming

"Carter. Check the MALP. Daniel. DHD. Teal'c..." Jack O'Neill's instructions were brought to an abrupt end as he took in the sight before him. The upturned faces of 50 or more kneeling natives were looking with a mixture of awe and fear at the new arrivals. Jack slowly started to descend the stone steps toward the crowd.

"Howdy folks." Jack's tone was light, but his hand remained on his P-90. The crowd remained eerily silent as Jack reached the first row of natives. Casting a quick glance at Daniel, his instruction was obvious. The archaeologist hurried forward.

"Hi there." Daniel approached the crowd. "We're explorers. We've come from a planet called Earth. I'm Doctor Daniel Jackson; this is Colonel O'Neill, Major Carter and Teal'c." He gestured behind him as he introduced each team member. "Please stand up. There is no need to kneel." He moved toward a young woman, who quickly bent her head at Daniel's approach. Placing his hand on the native girls elbow, he applied a gentle pressure until she was stood. Her head remained bent as she quickly glanced at the young man at her side. He rose from his knelt position.

"Please my lord. Please do not take Isena." The fear in his eyes was evident, as he looked at Daniel.

Jack stood forward. "It's ok son. We're not taking anyone." The young man's relief was reflected in his posture as he placed his arm around the young woman's waist.

"Thank you my lord. I am Larnos" he gave a small bow "and this is my chosen, Isena" he pulled the young woman closer.

Jack extended his hand toward the couple "Hi Larnos. I'm Jack." Warily, Larnos extended his hand out in front of him; mirroring Jack's greeting "Hi Jack." Hiding a small smile, Jack patted the young man on the shoulder, and whispering, almost conspiratorially into his ear "Now Larnos, how do I get the rest of them to stand?" He nodded toward the still kneeling crowd. Larnos smiled and turned toward them.

"All stand" he instructed, "these are friends." With a murmur of appreciation, the crowd slowly started to rise. Jack smiled at the young man and stepped back as Daniel moved toward them.

"Larnos, may I ask you a question?"

"Of course my lord."

"Please, my name is Daniel. Anyway I was wondering, what are you all doing here? And why did you think we were here to take Isena?"

Larnos glanced at Isena before answering "It is in our laws that, when the lights on the stone of love are glowing, all those who have a chosen one, and are not yet joined, are to assemble before it. Then our god, Aphrodite, will step through and choose one person to join her." Daniel noticed Larnos increase his hold on Isena as if afraid the new arrivals would change their mind and take her from him. "It has been many cycles since the circle has illuminated. Only the oldest in the village remember the last time Aphrodite returned."

"Larnos. Is it possible to visit your village?" Daniel's eyes danced as the possibility of meeting an Ancient Grecian society.

"Of course Daniel and you will stay for our celebration I hope?"

Daniel looked toward Jack for confirmation, noting the small nod he returned his attention to Larnos "We would be honoured. What are you celebrating?"

Larnos again looked toward Isena, and still gazing at her answered, "Today we are to be joined."

The young couple turned and began to follow the slowly dispersing crowd. Jack gestured for Daniel to lead on. Following behind, he turned to Teal'c and upon the sight of the Jaffa's raised eyebrow, smiled "Hey, there could be cake." Carter dipped her head hiding a smile as she fell into step beside her CO.