Walking toward the open wormhole, Jack stole a look at Sam. Just 9 hours ago they were married, husband and wife. As soon as they stepped through the Stargate they would revert back to CO and second in command. As if feeling his eyes upon her, Sam looked round at him. Jack gave her a small smile as he gestured toward the waiting wormhole. Waving their goodbyes, Sam stepped through after Daniel and Teal'c followed closely by Jack.

The loud whoosh of the wormhole closing behind them, SG-1 walked down the ramp.

"Welcome home SG-1. Successful mission I hope?" General Hammond's voice echoed around the 'gate room.

Jack strode down the ramp and replied, "You know how it is General. Teal'c watched our backs, Daniel got to meet an Ancient Greek society, Carter and I got married….the usual." With a roguish smile at the perplexed looking General, he handed his P-90 to the waiting airman and walked toward the locker room, followed close behind by the rest of SG-1.

The End