5. Isle Esme

"Houston?" Bella asked.

"Just a stop along the way," I grinned. She seemed worried about where air honeymoon would take place. She didn't want me to stay inside, away from the public eyes, when the weather was nice. I knew what she wanted and she knew that part of me wanted that, too.

Bella seemed to sleep peacefully from Seattle to Houston. I was always amazed by how goddess like she looked when she slept. I did not want to wake her, but we had to leave when the plane landed. I grabbed her through airport, so we won't miss our next plane.

"Rio de Janeiro?" She asked still confused.

"Another stop along the way," I reassured her.

When we were finally on the next plane, Bella seemed to drift back to her sleeping mode. The flight was long and I finally had some time for myself, so I could think of what was going to happen when we would reach our destination. I could feel nervousness and scariness and lustfulness, and lots of it.

As time seemed to drag on, the plane was almost to the airport. When Bella woke, she seemed alert and focused.

I found our things and took them to one of the cabs waiting outside. I gave the man the directions and we started to move. We continued in silence, until the cab driver informed me we were here. A guessed in my head that Bella was wondering what we would be doing here, surrounded by boats on a dock. I showed her to our ride, put our bags on the boat, and then help Bella get on.

She sat on one of the seats as I prepare the boat. I loved the way her skin looked in the moonlight. It gave her a beautiful glow that could only be naturally from within her.

I knew Bella was nervous and she was probably trying to guess geographically where we headed.

I had always loved the speed and the way the wind felt on my skin and hair. I knew that my life was perfect , Bella was my wife and I her husband, we were alone and tonight was going to be something I wanted since I met her, but I never thought my fantasies would come true, but they were tonight.

Then I heard her. "Are we going much farther?" I guessed she wouldn't like the idea of us having our honeymoon on this boat. Then I said. "About another half hour, till we get there." I glanced toward her and grinned, she was holding on the seat so tightly. I remembered she didn't like the speed. I hoped that would change, when she would become one of us.

"Bella look there," I said and pointing, not knowing if she could see what I saw. I saw the palm trees, the rocks and the sand, but what I looked at was the moon, so perfect on the horizon. Then I saw the place we would stay, the large house.

"Where are we?" She said surprised.

"This is Isle Esme," I said smiling toward her. I drove the boat to the dock and turned it off.

"Isle Esme?" She repeated.

"A gift from Carlisle and Esme offered to let us borrow it" I like this Island, it was quiet and peaceful and private, maybe I would buy something like this, I thought.

I took our things to the dock and came back to my wife, my Bella. She held her hand out for me to help her; instead, I cradled her in my arms, close to me.

"Aren't you supposed to wait for the threshold?" She whispered.

I grinned again. "I'm nothing if not thorough." I said as I walked toward the house. I heard Bella's heart beginning to move fast, I looked at her and wondered what scared her. Did she doubt her decision of losing her virginity and making love with me? I lost my mind thinking about that, and didn't say anything I would wait.

I placed our bags down, opened the door, and waited for her to face me. I decided that if she wanted to back out of our deal, it was okay. Then she looked at me and then showed her through the house, turning the lights as we went. I slowed down as we reached the last room and turned on the last light. It was or bedroom, It was big and roomy , it had big and long glass windows, white walls and a huge king size canopy bed with mosquito netting.

"I'll… go get our things. I walked at a human's pace, thinking about what would or wouldn't happen. I grabbed the bags and checked the temperature. I was a little warm, but that was a precaution.

As I returned up the stairs, I saw Bella near the bed. I slowly walked to her and touched the back of her neck with one of my cool fingers. "It's a little hot in here." I said. "I thought… that would be best."

"Through," She murmured, looking around.

I chuckled and I sounded a little nervous.

"I tried to think of everything that would make this… easier." I said. Bella swallowed loudly from in front of me. Was she rethinking or just nervous.

I told myself I wouldn't back out, but if she told me "no" or stopped me, I would be okay.

"I was wondering if" I started to say, "If … if maybe you would like to take a midnight swim with me?" One-step at a time I told myself, as I took a deep breath. "The water will be warm. This is the kind of beach you approve of."

"Sounds nice" Her voice broke saying this.

"I'm sure you would like a human minute or two… it was a long journey" She nodded; I touched my lips to her throat; below her ear. "Don't take too long Mrs. Cullen," I repeated my lips at her neck.

I strode past her to the doors that led from where we were. I took my shirt off and dropped it down to the floor, and kept walking in to the beach.

I knew Bella was nervous, this was perfectly normal for her to feel this way about the first time she would be with someone, ant it was also my first time.

I found a palm tree and decided to leave the rest of my clothes on the tree.

And as I walked into the water and I wondered how Bella looked naked. I bet she was beautiful and looked like a goddess. Then I wondered what she would think of me, not being able to read her mind always hurt even more each time.

I swam near the ocean floor, checking to see if she made it to the beach.

I was in waist deep water, when I heard her heart. I was facing my back to the house, so she wouldn't feel intimidated, because I wouldn't be able to take my eyes from her body, my hands where on top of the water.

"Beautiful" I heard her say of the moon.

"It's alright," I said as I turned toward her. Her skin was glowing again under the moonlight. I could see her arms covering her breasts and I was so eager to see her. And I was excited because we were both nude and our bodies so close.

I held my hand to her, so we could intertwine our fingers and we did. Then she half-smiled, then raised her other hand and placed it over my silent heart and I shuddered by her warm touch and the way her breast looked. My breath came rougher now.

"I promised we would try," I whispered tense.

"If … if I hurt you, you must tell me at once."

She nodded, keeping her eyes on me and she took a step through the waves and pressed her head on my chest. "Don't be afraid", she murmured, "We belong together." Never in my life had I felt this, it was so right, so perfect.

"Forever," I agreed and pulled us gently into deeper water.

After all, we said, I wasn't worried or scared of hurting her. I was ready, she was ready, just waiting for me to make the next move, and I did.

Slowly I leaned down and gently crushed my cold lips to her warm ones. This kiss felt, beyond words. We both moved closer, until there was no space between us. I felt her heart beat; it was making the most beautiful sound ever. Then I knew we would seal our deal. Then I felt something, I thought that had died, it burned and ached to be in Bella, my erection burned hotter. I had to say her name.

"Bella," I moaned, "Edward" she moaned. My lips left hers and went down her neck, to the hollow of her throat and under her ear. My hands where around her arms and hers were around my neck. I knew she wanted me to continue and so I did. I grabbed her waist and she wrapped her legs around my hips.

"Bella are you ready?" I asked her.

"Yes" was her answer. That was it I took her inside and placed her on the bed and I climbed in. She was such a beautiful goddess her body was flawless. Her breasts were the right size and her curves were a perfect fit.

"What are you doing?" She asked. "Looking at you." I replied. She looked embarrassed. She stopped me by brushing her lips on my chest. I flinched reflexively as she brushed her lips over my skin and my hand sank slowly into the hair at Bella's nape, I lifted her forward. This time when she raised her gaze to mine, I bent my head.

My mouth captured hers almost roughly, my tongue parting her lips and driving into her mouth in a passionate kiss. I kissed her breasts and she arched her back and kept kissing downward, then she opened her legs to me.

I had seen what man did to women when they were making love. But I wasn't sure if she would like it, so I held back.

Then I was hovering on top of her, in between her legs, and kissed her. This kiss was exotic and gentle at the same time. She was ready, she wanted me, and I desired her. Just then, I could feel the burn from my erection much hotter than when we were on the beach.

"Look at me" I told her and she did as I said. I was at her opening and slowly, as slowly as I could with this fire within me, I entered her. She cried out and I covered her mouth. Then I asked. "Did I hurt you?"

"No. It's my first time and I'm still a virgin." She said. "I'll do it slower and it's my first time too."

I kept entering her and she did her best trying not to cry aloud. I kissed her to distract her. She was warm, soft and wet.

Just then, I felt something and I pushed with a little force. She cried and tears came rolling down her cheeks. I took her virginity. "I'm sorry, I'll make you feel better, I promise." I said.

She nodded. I knew she was in pain. I thought making love felt good, to me it did. I kissed her and with infinite gentleness, I began to move inside her. She was paradise now I knew why she was the forbidden fruit she was delicious and yet I took her and devoured her body.

I kept plunging deep and steadily increasing the tempo of my driving strokes, giving and giving and giving until Bella was wild beneath me. Moaning and growling my name. Her fingernails biting into my back and hips clutching me to her, while the passion raging inside her was becoming a holocaust, still going on and on, until it exploited in long soul-destroying burst of extravagant pleasure. I drove into her once more and kissed her. My body suddenly released warm liquid from my erection. This made Bella clasp me tighter and moan with the feeling of that exquisite sensation. I never felt this it was a physical relief and my mind couldn't register all the sensations I felt. It felt like my body was a volcano that needed to erupt.

I took myself out and I just had to bit something, because of a sensation I felt. I grabbed one or two pillows and bit them and then I got calm. She was amazing. I wanted to do it again but she fell as sleep from our first time making love.

Later that same night I noticed that bruises started to blossom across her body.

Again, I knew I wasn't human; I was a monster who hurt her. I knew she was sleeping, but would she hate me, because of what I did to her? I kept my eyes on her perfect body turning purple in some places. I did this to her, I turned her perfect goddess like body to a purple patch of skin on her body. I hated myself I wished I could die.

I remember I had bitten one or two pillows and my Bella and I were covered from head to toes.

Bella finally woke around 10 or 11 am, but didn't open her eyes. I gently touched my finger to her skin going up and down her spine.

I heard her giggle. "What's so funny?" I murmured, still touching her back. She blushed and then her stomach growled. Great I forgot she needed to eat.

"You can't escape being human for very long." She giggled once more.