Drabble 1

By: SavAnnah1237


"Why?" I asked him. "Why are you covered in blood? I thought you promised them you would stop. I thought you promised me you would stop.." I looked up at him, with sad sapphire eyes.

"Kaoru," He murmured and shook his head slightly. "Its not what you think,"

He turned around, and left for the bathroom. I had small thoughts of stopping him, and forcing him to finish what he was saying, But decided against it.
His clothes were drenched in blood.. other peoples blood. I'd want to shower if I were him too.

Did Kenshin lie to me? Did he kill people tonight? If not, why is he covered in blood? Why would he want to lie to me? These thoughts wouldn't leave me alone.

I heard the shower being turned on. It gave me a nice and peaceful atmosphere to organize my thoughts.

Did he kill them? Did Kenshin lie to me? Kenshin doesn't seem like the type of person to kill, or lie. His soft violet eyes screamed innocence.
On the inside, I want to believe Kenshin. I want to believe that he didn't kill anyone, and that he didn't lie to me. But I'm afraid. I'm afraid of being decieved by someone I love and trust.. again.

My deep wounds only just started healing, If Kenshin were to open them again.. I don't think I could survive.

"What could be worse then being decieved and hurt by the one you love and trust?" I asked myself out loud, Not expecting a reply. "Acusing your love one of something horrible, that they didn't end up doing?" I sighed and rubbed my temples. I knew I wasn't getting anywhere, and I was only making my confusion worse.

I should believe him. If he truly loves me, he would never tell me such lies. I truly love him, so its my job now, to trust him, no matter what we go through.

The shower was turned off. I heard the ruffling of clothes. The door opened to reveal an expressionless Kenshin.

I slowly walked up to him, placed my hand on his cheek and slowly traced over his cross shaped scar. Arms around his neck, and mouth near his ear.

"I believe in you." I whispered.

Not waiting for his response, I headed off to our room, to get some much needed rest.


Okay so first thing, I'm going to be basing all my drabbles (if I decide to make anymore) on this quote;
(I also based this drabble off of it too)

I introduced Death as a character; there was nothing particularly new about this - death has featured in art and literature since medieval times, and for centuries we have had a fascination with the Grim Reaper. But the Death of the Discworld is a little more unusual. He has become popular - after all, as he patiently explains, it is not he who kills. Guns and knives and starvation kill; Death turns up afterwards, to reassure the puzzled arrivals as they begin their journey. He is kind; after all, he is an angel. And he is fascinated with us, in the way in which we make our little lives so complicated, and our strivings. So am I.

-Terry Pratchett

Second.. This is the first drabble, that I have ever written.
Constructive criticism is welcome, But be gentle, I'm very breakable.. ;D

Third; My English marks hate me & I don't have a Beta reader for this. So.. Hopefully my grammar & spelling is.. good enough!

I may decide to write more drabbles based on this quote, but I guess it just depends on what my gentle reviewers think.
(I will mark it as complete for now)

Review, & I shall love you forever.