Welcome to the 22nd clone army battalion, codenamed "Malus Company" stationed over Felucia. It is a mismatched bunch of rejects that the clone army has deemed expendable, in other words we are used as cannon fodder for droid weapons. I am part of gamma squadron which consists of me "gamma 4"(a.k.a Striker), gamma 3 (codenamed Hawkeye), gamma 2 (known as Flash), and Gamma 1( we call him Sarge). As for what we did to get in here, well I will explain that later.

The Clone War had just started, but already the droids were building a massive foothold on Felucia. Why the planet was of interest to them we didn't know, to us the planet was just a big combination of marsh and rainforest, which meant it had a lot of strange creatures.

I was in the Barracks sleeping in my bed which was located near one of the trapdoors which led down to the hallway below. I was thoroughly enjoying my sleep, that is until the battalion commander decided 3:00 AM would be a good time to get us up for some training drills.

"Wake up maggots! Time for you boys to hit the training simulator!"

I was so startled that I fell out of my bed, rolled over and fell through the trapdoor. Apparently someone had forgotten to close it last night. I hit the hallway floor hard enough that it was heard up in the barracks.

"You alright down there?" asked Hawkeye.

"Yeah" I replied, "You guys go on ahead I'll catch up."

I quickly ascended the ladder, put on my armor and was on my way to the training simulator.

When I got there my squad and I met with commander Bridge.

"Alright, today's simulation is going to cover the firing range, hand to hand combat, and a realistic dogfight."

The training went better than I had expected it to. I excelled in the firing range taking down 98% of the targets using a combination of laser blasts, and the thermal detonator launcher attached to my rifle. Sarge kicked the crap out of us in hand to hand, and we managed to take down all targets in the dogfight. We were celebrating our achievements as we came out of the simulator, then we got a call on the radio.

"Gamma squad this is command, over" said the voice of our Dispatcher Alpha 1 (codenamed Theta)

"This is gamma squad, over" replied Sarge.

"Gamma squad, we are receiving a mayday from a ship approximately two hundred kilometers southwest of our location. I'm sending you the audio that we received." Theta said.

Then we heard a distinctly female voice call out "If anyone can hear me, I'm being attacked by these strange ships. Send Help!. I…" then the recording ended.

"Gamma squad, command wants you to proceed to the ships last known location and start your search from there, out." Said Theta

"We're on it Theta, out" said Sarge, "Alright you heard him, let's go."

We rushed to the hangar, and got into our ARC 170s.

"All systems go" said Sarge

"I'm good here" I heard Hawkeye say

"Let's get out there and kick some ass." said Flash

"All clear over here." I said

At that we took off in search of this unknown ship.