Out of the ordinary:

The rare stone.

I always thought I was different not like all the other people around, I could do things when I got angry that no one else could do. My mother told me I was the same as everyone else, but I knew otherwise. My mom had red hair long like silk and she was tall, not the normal size of a woman her age, my dad was like a giant-everyone stared at him-they both had blue eyes, my dad had blond hair.

Me I was a mixture of them both, half way between their heights, blue eyes that changed colour in the light (from blue to red), my hair went red when I got angry and it was normally blond. I had always hoped that it was just a childhood thing but as I grew up it didn't change. I didn't mean to I was angry at someone but I ended up killing both my parents when I was about 6, I hated my life from that point. I had to live with the guilt.

In school I had made friends with 1 person, she was the same as I was, her eyes green and changed in the light (green to jet black), her hair the same brown when she got angry and normally a white/blond colour. Her name was Zerlinda.

One day Zerlinda and I were walking along in the park when a storm all of a sudden hit. We tried to run from it but we couldn't, then a gust of wind hit us full on from the back. We closed our eyes we didn't want to see all the things that had been destroyed.

Then next morning when we for the first time since the accident opened our eyes, we were not in our houses. We were both lying on the floor both with a different hair colour, not our normal colours. Both of us had sunset coloured hair, both our eyes were hazel, neither of us had any idea what had happened.

"Your awake I must go and tell the queen," we both sat up fast when we didn't recognise the voice. It was a sweet voice like honey. All we could see was a glowing light following after the boy that had just left. We looked at each other, not recognising who it was or where we were.

Then the young boy who left-he must have been at least 18-came back with a note from this "queen". It read:

Dear subjects,

I am queen Krimorel I am inviting you to join me in my chamber-the west wing 3rd door on your left-I hope I haven't scared you and I wish you all the best.

From Queen Krimorel.

"So this queen wants to meet us?" I asked.

"Yes she has always wanted daughters but has never sort the reason to have one. I am sorry I am being rude my name is Carlisle," he told us. Then he bowed. I and Zerlinda looked at each other.

"I'm Esme and this is Zerlinda", we went to bow too Carlisle, but he stopped us mid way.

So we were led by Carlisle to the queen's chamber. We didn't know what to expect we were thinking that something horrible was going to jump out at us and kill us. While we were walking to the chamber it sounded like Carlisle was talking to someone, then we saw it for the first time, he was an elf, short blond hair that like ours changed when he got angry, we couldn't see his eyes but we were sure his eyes were like ours.

He stopped us outside a door with a big, complicated pattern on it. He knocked on the door twice and a voice like chimes answered and said

"Come in". We all went in and Carlisle bowed but we thought better and didn't.

"Are these the two beautiful girls you were talking to me about Carlisle?" The queen asked in her chime voice.

"Yes queen Krimorel they are" he answered. Zerlinda and I Just looked at the queen and then at Carlisle. Carlisle pushed us forward; towards the queen we didn't say anything. Then she got up and came to us, and she hugged us. We just thought she was mad at first but then I saw her crown, her long ears-elf ears-and her dress was like silk, so soft and fluffy I could of got lost in it. But she pulled away from us.

"Now what are your names girls? Oh I see your hair and eyes have already changed good, good that means we are making good progress," she was looking from me to Zerlinda and back again.

"My name is Esme and my friend here is called Zerlinda," I answered her in a shy voice.

"Well it seems your friend will have to go back to earth, I'm sorry but she isn't like us, I'm really sorry." She looked at Zerlinda and I got scared she was the only person I could ever of trusted with my life and she isn't like me at all I couldn't believe it.

"I don't mind," Zerlinda said when she saw my face, my eyes stayed locked on the queen's face.

"Look at me Esme, (-she waited till I looked at her to carry on-) I don't mind I knew I wasn't like you from the begin. I am shorter than you and I am nothing like you. I'm going home to my family." With that she was gone what she wished for so much-to go home-had come true. I looked at Carlisle who had kept his eyes on me at all times.

"Carlisle can you show Lady Esme to her chambers," the queen asked, Carlisle just nodded and led me out with a deep bow.

"Why do you think she wanted to go home?" I asked him.

"She just wants to be with her own family, maybe she thinks she was home, that here was not for her unlike you."

So I walked with him, followed him all the way to the other side of the palace and through so many corridors. I didn't know how I was to remember all the way round the palace.

When we finally got to a door like the ones to the queens room, he said

"Here you go my lady" and he bowed low.

I walked into the room and the doors shut behind me I looked around and all I could see was bright colours all the way around the room. Pinks, blues and all sorts of colours that have not been accessed in the human world. There was a knock at the door and it made me jump, I told them to come in. It was Carlisle and I was happy for that reason.

"My lady the queen wishes to see you right away I'm sorry I know you have just left from the queen's chamber but she wishes to see you, in the main hall." So I followed him down the stairs and all of a sudden we both just popped into thin air and another pop and we were in the main hall at the top of the palace.

"My beautiful Lilth I am so sorry to disturb you. There is a few matters including you and your parents, we need your parents to sign a letter saying you can come and live here as my daughter." The queen was being very nice to me about this and I wanted to stay there forever.

So the queen got the address of where my parents used to live and the letter read:

Dear parents of Esme,

I have your beautiful daughter Esme with me here at my palace and I wish to make here my daughter. If you would so kinds as to sign the request slip at the bottom of this letter to say that you will willingly hand your beautiful daughter over to us. We will take good care of her and we will make sure she has all the things she needs. She is happy to be here and she will even right to you if you want her to tell you she is happy. Please write back to me and sign the slip below.

From Queen Krimorel.

I had read this letter over and over when it had come back with the reply and the slip signed yes-the new people at the house posed as my parents-, I was so happy but I was told not to show I was happy in front of Queen Krimorel. I was waiting in my room-I had learned the way round the palace by now-, the queen wanted to see me for something, something about me becoming a princess.

"Esme darling there is something we need to talk about." She sat down on my velvet chair and beckoned me; I walked closer to her and sat on the other velvet chair.

"This, my dear is about you becoming my daughter I'm afraid that you need to do something before I am allowed to take you as my daughter."

"Yes and that's?" I asked her, she seemed to not want to tell me what it was I had to do.

"You my darling Esme need to risk your life to get a stone. A very rear stone, if you wish not to do it and go home then do so." I just looked her and smiled, I asked

"Can I take Carlisle with me?" She smiled and nodded. I could see the tears start to well up in her eyes, so I gave her a hug.

So with that I was packing my things from my new home to be and with Carlisle at my side, we were off. I had a map of where I had to go but was no good at reading maps so Carlisle had the map and was leading the way. We was walking when I started to feel tired-I hadn't slept well cause I knew I was risking life and limb-Carlisle saw I was slowing down and stopped to let me rest.

"My lady do you wish to stop and sleep? I have a tent in my bag." He asked me with such kindness. I just nodded my head slowly I was too tired to say anything. While he was setting up the tent I feel asleep on the ground, when he finished putting up the tent I could feel him pick me up and carry me to my part of the tent.

In the morning when I woke up he was sitting there outside the tent and not even looking at me when he asked

"How did you sleep my lady?"

"Very well thank you Carlisle," at the moment I spoke his name he turned around to look at me. I was looking straight at him; he got up and started to walk close to me. He bowed in front of me and I was thinking in my head I wonder if he likes me he was right by me now, I opened my mouth to speak but before any words came out he was kissing me. I couldn't believe it, it was one of the most wonderful things I had experienced in my life. When I reacted and started to kiss him back-after his arms were round my waist and mine round his- he pulled away.

I stared at the ground; I didn't want to see the look on his face. I turned to walk back into the tent and he caught my arm and he whispered in my ear

"I love you, but don't tell the queen I would be killed," at this I stiffened and I couldn't move. I wanted to tell him I loved him too but if I said this then I feared that the queen would find out and kill him. So I just walked back in the tent and got changed, Carlisle had set out some cloths for me to wear and I got changed slowly, so that I could take in what had just happened.

I walked out of the tent and then Carlisle had packed the tent away, we set off again it was a long journey and I had fallen over many time and Carlisle had to help me up. The rest of the way till we stopped again to rest-we had walked for nearly 12 hours straight-we never talked till that point. "Would they kill you if I loved you back or would they kill both of us?" I asked him, he turned around to look at me and his eyes were full of pain.

"They would never kill someone who is related to the queen, if they did then they would be killed."He answered,

"That doesn't answer my question would they kill us both? Because I'm not related yet," he just turned away and told me that it did not matter any way. I went to sleep that night but woke in the middle of the night. When I woke I saw something moving at the end of my bed, it was Carlisle I was wondering what he was doing.

"Carlisle what are you doing?" I asked him,

"I was watching you sleep my Lady I hope you don't mind since I don't sleep I like watching you sleep," He sat up and so did I, I beckoned him to come closer to me, he crawled over all the covers. I whispered to him

"You remember when you told me you love me well (-I got really close to his ear-) I love you too," and with that he was kissing me again. I was kissing back and he showed no sign of stopping, so we carried on throughout the night just kissing.

When day light shone on the tent I woke up thinking that last night must have been a dream. I turned on to my side and there was Carlisle. I blinked so many times to make sure I wasn't dreaming still, but no matter how many times I blinked he was still there. I put my hand on his bare chest and he stayed there and didn't move.

"Are you awake my princess?" He asked me and I just nodded and closed my eyes again. He shook me and told me I needed to stay awake. I removed my cover and only then did I realise he had no shirt on. I looked at him worried about how it happened had I still got all my cloths on? All these questions were going around in my head and I was just standing there.

"Don't worry all your cloths are still on I just got hot during the night and took it off," he told me in a calm and level voice.

"Why are you so happy?" I asked him and he looked at my hand, I looked down and saw in my hand there was a stone. I guessed this is what the queen had meant by a rear stone. It was a stone for true love, or so I guessed.

"Is this the rear stone the queen was talking about Carlisle?" I asked him, he nodded and was standing there as if he had no idea what it meant.

"I think we should go back to the palace," I told him he nodded, packed up the tent and we were off. We were holding hands and i hadn't realised we were so near to the palace that I fell over on purpose just so we could spend one last night together.

"I'm going to set up the tent you don't look so good. Here have something to eat." He got some food out of his bag and we both ate then went to sleep. That night we both got a good night sleep and in the morning we were both refreshed and wide awake. Before we got to the palace doors we kissed-for what seemed like years to me-then finally we broke apart.

We started to walk through the castle and found the queen in her chambers.

"I found the stone! I found the stone!" I yelled as I ran towards her. She turned around to hug me and I showed her the stone. She couldn't believe that I had the stone. She asked me how I found it and I just answered

"I looked deep within myself." I looked back at Carlisle and smiled. I and the queen stayed there in her chamber and I went through the story me and Carlisle had come up with. When I had finished telling the queen my story, I went to find Carlisle.

I found him in my chamber sitting down in front of an A3 sized drawing pad. I looked at the pad over his shoulder and saw the drawing, it was of me. The same colour as my hair, the same colour as my eyes, all of it was just the same as me. When he realised I was looking over his shoulder he shut the book quickly and jumped up. I just stood on the spot staring into his eyes. He started to walk out the door; I turned around and grabbed his wrist so that he wouldn't go. He tried to struggle free but I wouldn't let him.

"That drawing it's beautiful, is it of me?" I managed to make myself speak, in answer he just nodded.

I pulled him back into the room and I made him open the pad on the bed. I stared at the drawing for ages and I couldn't believe the detail in the drawing. Every bit of it was like me. I looked from the drawing to him, and back again. I still couldn't believe it.

"I was just thinking about what you said to Queen Krimorel, about looking deep within yourself. Well I thought about that and I looked at you and came straight here to draw. I didn't know what I was going to draw but I lifted the pencil and just drew you."

We stayed in my chamber and just talked for the rest of the day. When I started to feel sleepy he told me he was leaving. I grabbed his arm and begged him to stay.

"Please Carlisle, stay I don't want to be alone." So he stayed by the side of my bed while I slept.

In the morning when I woke up he was still there asleep, I sat up in my bed and looked at him. I got out of my bed-the other side-so I didn't wake him up, I got changed and he still wasn't awake. I put my hand on his shoulder and he woke up with a start.

"Sorry I didn't mean to wake you up," I told him. He just looked at me and I told him to get into the bed and sleep for a while. So he got up and lied in my bed, I sat on a velvet chair next to him and watched him sleep.

He slept for a long time. Watching him made me want to sleep so I rested my head on my arms and slowly drifted into a deep sleep. In my dream I was with Carlisle and we were running in the forest, there was a little girl with us. I was dreaming that we were together and that we had a baby girl, she was so cute and we were all so happy.

When I woke up Carlisle wasn't there any more, I looked all around my chamber but he wasn't there. I ran out the door and I bumped into someone, when I looked up I saw Carlisle he was holding me tight and close to him. I could tell my face was burning up and I saw him smile down at me. He led me back to the seat by my bed with his arm around my waist. I was waiting for the pain to come when he sat me down, something like it was a dream and I was just thinking of it. I closed my eyes and I felt a hand on my shoulder, he was shaking me and when I opened my eyes he was looking worried, like I had done something.

"What did I do something?" I asked him with concern. He shook his head and then smiled at me.

"You must be hungry my lady, may I escort you down to the kitchen or would you like breakfast in bed." He asked me with such care.

"I want to go down I need to move I'm too stiff," I got up off the chair and he had to hold me up in case I fell. I whispered my thanks and he smiled at me.

We walked down to the kitchen and I asked the cook for what I wanted and Carlisle had what he wanted. We sat in silence as we ate but as soon as we were finished I had to ask.

"Carlisle… what is… Going through your head right now?"

"At the moment my princess you" and he put his arm around my waist again and led me back to my chambers so I could change. All the time I was smiling I just couldn't help it, he was thinking of me all the time and I had someone who really cared about me.

The queen wanted to talk to me so Carlisle helped me get into my most amazing dress I could find and we walked to the queen's chambers.

When we got there he let go of me when I had my balance and we both walked into the queen's chamber. I didn't need to knock because I was now part of the family. Carlisle walked in behind me and I could tell he was trying hard not to laugh at me trying to walk in high heels; I had never worn high heels so I was very unstable.

The queen was sitting on the end of her bed; she took one look at me and told me to take the shoes off. I did as she asked and Carlisle held the shoes, I was thinking to myself Carlisle is really sweet. The queen started to talk to me about me signing a letter to say that me princess Esme will promise to change my ways and become the princess to the elf kingdom. Of cause I signed it because I belonged there and I am the only person to find the rear stone.

When I had signed the letter, talked to the queen, I walked with Carlisle back to my chamber. Carlisle had again put his hand on the small of my back, I walked back to my chamber quietly and smiling. When we finally got to my chamber he let go of me and we walked in. I went to my bathroom and got changed-taking my time-when I came out he was in the same place he was when I left him.

I looked at him and remembered who he reminded me of; it was my older brother at home. I missed my family, I walked slowly to where he was-on my bed-and I leant on his bare chest. When I knew he was asleep I started to cry, I think it woke him up but with how kind he is he just lay there.

I woke up to the morning light shining through the window, when I looked over at the window I saw my angel. He was looking out upon the hills; I got slowly from my bed and walked to where he was.

"Carlisle how is it that you can sleep here but not outside the Palace?" I asked him when I reached him.

"That, my lady, is a secret to all elves' so I will tell you when you are a true elf." This is all he told me before picking me up sitting me on my bed and disappearing to the kitchen. While he was at the kitchen I got dressed into a more formal gown and sat at the table in my chamber. He hadn't come back for a while so I got the drawing pad he had used to draw me and lifted the pencil, I couldn't believe it i was drawing and it looked good. I had never been good at drawing.

When he came back I had already finished the drawing, he went to my bed and got the drawing pad from under my bed. I sat there and ate my breakfast while he looked in the drawing pad. When he came across the drawing I did he looked at me, I kept my head down but I could still feel his eyes on me. What could I do to explain myself?

"Esme, my darling Esme, did you draw this?" He asked me I tried to ignore him but it was impossible, he was by my side in a blink-I hadn't yet learnt how to do this-he was asking me again and again.

"Yes okay I drew it, are you happy?" I had to ask the drawing was exact, like someone was watching us. The drawing was of me and him kissing, I don't think I should have drawn it with how he was reacting.

"Esme princess you know how much trouble I would be in if they found this in my drawing pad?" I shook my head I had no idea, tears started to appear in the corner of my eyes. I looked up at him with such sorrow, I was truly sorry but I don't think it showed. Tears started to trickle down my face; as soon as he saw this he knelt down and hugged me trying to stop me. I couldn't remember much after that.

The next day though was very clear to me. I was just walking around the palace by myself when I overheard a convocation between two elf guards. The one asked the other if they knew Carlisle had been knighted which meant he could at last have his dreams come true. I was wondering what they meant by this so I walked off to find Carlisle.

When I found him he was in my chamber looking over the picture I had drawn. I walked in slowly and put my hands on his shoulders.

"What is the dream that most of the guards know about?" He looked up at me-he was sitting on one of my velvet chairs-he just sat there for a while.

"It's everyone's dream really so it's no surprise you heard of it. It is everyone's dream to marry you, they all want to be knighted and ask the queen if they can marry you." I looked at him and nearly fell over; if he wasn't there I probably would of. He sat me on the chair he was just on and was kneeling on the floor in front of me.

"And now you have been knighted you can marry me?" He just nodded, I took his face in my hands and told him "If you want to marry me then ask you know I feel the same way." When I told him his he was out of the room before I could say anything else.

When he returned he had a big smile on his face, I walked over to him and put my hands around his waist. He pulled my hands away from his waist and knelt down on one knee. Before I could say anything or react in another way he asked me "Princess Esme will you do me the honor of becoming my wife?" Tears were welling up in my eyes and my voice was caught in my throat, so for the answer to this question I just nodded.

He was so happy he got up before he even put the ring on my finger and hugged me and twirled me around. He put me down and kissed me "Can I have my ring?" I asked him and he just opened this box that looked plain, but inside was the most beautiful ring I had ever seen, the ring was gold and mounted on the gold ring was, I couldn't believe my eyes, It was the rear stone I had been sent out to find.

My eyes welded up with tears yet again, and he was kissing me again. I couldn't believe this my dreams were coming true.