Out of the ordinary:

New beginnings.

I couldn't believe it I was getting married to my dream man tomorrow, I am being fussed with for the wedding dress fitting, and the band was going to be late for the after party, my new "mom" was fusing over me saying "you're going to look amazing in my old wedding dress" and "I can't believe it's near to the wedding." I was going to die from all this attention. I was trying just to not faint cause I couldn't believe it all this was over me and Carlisle getting married. I had only seen the designs for the wedding cake and I was worried about how it was going to turn out.

I am just worried that the wedding dress won't fit and that the cake will be a mess and that nothing will go right. Carlisle keeps telling I'm making a big fuss over nothing and that the wedding will be fine. I am starting to think that I am going to faint in the middle of the church. I was turning into a true elf as well according to my husband-to-be. My "mom" keeps telling me to breathe deeply and to just calm down.

"Esme it's going to be fine just calm down okay?" It was Carlisle behind me I could feel his hands coming from behind me on to my stomach. "I know Carlisle you keep telling me that" I smiled and turned around, when I did I saw him in a suit, my eyes were popping out of my head as I looked at him. "What? Esme what's wrong?" He was shaking me as he was asking, "Nothing Carlisle, nothing's wrong." I smiled at him to reassure him.

I looked at his suit and I realised it wasn't black or a navy blue it was a bright blue. He told me that when I was human it was the same colour as my eyes. I knew it was because I had on my wedding dress roses in the same colour. I haven't seen the wedding dress but I know when I see it I will love it because it's my "mom's" old wedding dress-which is lovely-with a few alterations from my best friend Zerlinda.

I asked if Zerlinda could come back for the wedding because she was my best friend on earth and still is. She loves to make things and design them so I have let her make my wedding dress. She has gone back to her normal hair colour and eyes and the way she was before, but she has a better personality now.

"Esme what is it? Don't tell me your fretting that the wedding will be a disaster and that you will never be happy again. Am I right?" Zerlinda could always tell when something was wrong. I could just nod. "Don't worrie as long as you have me here it's going to be fine."

I went to my chamber-our chamber- and lied on our bed. I looked on the wall at the drawings of me which Carlisle drew and the one of me and him kissing witch I drew. I closed my eyes and the dream I had before came clear to me. It was me and Carlisle again in a beautiful forest with a little girl at our side. I felt someone touching me and I woke up to find Carlisle sitting on the edge of the bed.

"Was you asleep my princess?" I shook my head. "Carlisle maybe because we are getting married you could call me Esme." I smiled at him as sweetly as I could. "Yes of coarse Esme, I am here because your "mom" wants you for the wedding dress rehearsal". I got out of the bed and stood up, "Do I look okay?" He laughed and nodded "You look fine darling."

I walked to the door with Carlisle by my side; I could have sworn I nearly feel over. Next thing I could remember was being on the floor and cold hands lifting me up. I woke up to a horrible smell, it was the hospital smell. I hated it. Carlisle was by my side holding my hand. He was very sweet from that point on for the rest of the day. He helped me walk everywhere even when I told him I was fine. He always had his hand on the small of my back. I have to say I quiet liked it.

"Esme dearest we have to get you ready for the wedding rehearsal." "Yes okay Carlisle you can let go of me you know." He smiled at me sweetly letting me know he was there for me when ever I needed him. I smiled back letting him know I was there for him too.

I managed to get to the fitting room without killing myself. When I got there people (elves) were waiting for me and I was thinking Carlisle, he must have sent a message down saying I was coming. I let them fuss over me because I liked it when they weren't for the wedding. They put a nice plain blue/purple dress with some high heeled shoes that were the same colour on me. I had learned how to walk in high heels knowing as a princess I would have to wear them more often now.

I walked into the room where we were having the wedding and I was shocked. I wasn't allowed in here for about 6 months and now i get to see what everyone has done for me and Carlisle. I knew it would be amazing because Zerlinda had planned everything and she knows everything I love. She had put flowers on the tables lily's to be exact, she had put light pink curtains up, the table cloths were elegant but plain and she had painted the walls a baby blue.

I was so shocked that I think I started to cry. I felt cold hands round my waist and drawing patterns on my stomach through my dress. "So my dearest love what do you think of the room?" I couldn't say anything it was still sinking in. "Zerlinda were is Zerlinda?" No one said anything to me; I started to get scared I wasn't going to have a wedding without my best friend next to me.

"Esme sweet she has been taken by a beast," my hand flew to my mouth in shock and I couldn't take it. I was out for some time before I woke up. Again I woke up to the horrible smell of the hospital. I wish I didn't faint all the time. I woke up to Carlisle eyes, his beautiful golden eyes sparkling from the light of the sun. All I could do right now was smile at him.

When I woke up next I was in my bed all covered up and warm. Carlisle walked in at that point and had a tray in his hand and put it on my table. I sat up straight so quick because I had almost forgotten; I was supposed to get married today. "Is there any chance we can postpone the wedding until we get Zerlinda back?" He looked at me with hurt in his eyes. I couldn't tell if it was because I wanted to postpone the wedding or if it was because he could see how hurt I was.

He sat on a velvet chair next to the bed I was in and he hung his head and started to explain what it was that had take my very best friend. "In these lands there is a dragon; it is black with ice and fire on it. We don't know how much damage it can do but one thing is certain the dragon is the thing that took Zerlinda," he stopped and took a deep shaky breath before continuing; "It has been told that the evil master of a land not far from here would wait until a princess has been found for this land and he would take her for his own."

He was upset at this point and I could tell because his voice was shaky and he had tears running down his cheeks. "Carlisle no matter how badly he wants me he will never have me because I am yours forever." I put my hand on his cheek.

He pulled my hand gently to his lips and kissed my palm of my hand softly. "So I'm taking it you want to go and face this beast." I smiled at him and nodded. All I seem to do when I am sitting here in this same bed when ever I faint is talk to Carlisle and smile.

As soon as we were in the chambers Carlisle made me sit down at the table with my food and literally force fed me. He went to get changed and told me to stay where I was and if I had moved he would send me to the hospital wing and have me kept there until Zerlinda was found and brought back. Of coarse being me I didn't listen and went to my bathroom and got changed into a top and trousers and a jacket on top.-the top was the light blue that he loved and the trousers were black the top was a bright pink the same as my walking walked back in and looked at me I made sure of to be sitting in the same place he had left me in.

He looked at me for a few moments and just looked a bit upset the way he does to make me forget if he has done something that I don't like. It worked he didn't realise I had changed my self until half way down the road from the castle. He held me close yet again and sometimes called me Esme Cullen-since his last name was to become mine soon-and I liked it, my name with Cullen on the end seemed to have a ring to it. He took to picking me up with my legs in one arm and holding me up with the other, with me hanging on for dear life to his neck.

When we had gotten to the end of the road we was outside the "elf zone"-the zone where the elf magic stops working but we can still teleport-he picked me up and we teleported to the end of the road where the castle was that this lord lived in. Carlisle put me down and sat me on a stump while he got the tent set up. While he was working on cutting up fire wood he took his shirt off and I was transfixed to his body. The only time I had seen him with his shirt off had to of been when I was sent to find the rare stone and he was watching me sleep.

"Carlisle can you now tell me why we can sleep in the castle but not outside of it?" He nodded and started to tell the tale of the very first queen

"The first queen ever of this land hated not being able to sleep. So she did the only thing she knew of, she came to this wizard and asked him to set a spell upon the castle to a certain distance that would make anyone who came sleep. He told her "On one condition that I the great wizard Aro can marry the first ever princess of this land"; and of coarse the queen agreed. There has never been a princess of this land until now because all the queens have died before finding someone to take the throne when they die. The current queen is about to die out and you will be the next and if we manage to have a baby or you find someone to take the throne when you die then there yet again will be no princess. The current queen has never been told this story before now and she now hates herself for putting you through this. She has never thought that so much pain would come to you." He took a deep breath and started off again "The only way to get Zerlinda back is to marry him or to beat him at his own game."

I smiled and lied down in the tent he came in too. He lay down besides me and I shifted my weight over so that I could lean my head on his chest and we both drifted into a deep sleep. I was dreaming about our wedding day when I finally became Mrs Esme Cullen. That we would have a little baby girl with us and that she would be so cute, there would be no possible way that anyone would pass by her and not want to be with her.

We woke up in the morning around the same time and we were just about ready to go do battle. When I saw a shadow outside the tent and Carlisle froze by my side. I finished getting on my boots carefully and quietly, Carlisle stood and watched the shadow, he finally decided it was safe and the thing forming the shadow was gone. He finished getting his boots on and we walked outside the tent to find a black cat outside the tent.

He stopped dead in his tracks when he saw the cat. I had no idea why until he started to talk to the cat,

"Well, well, well we meet again Aro," All of a sudden the cat transformed into a person no wait a wizard. "Very nice to see you again Carlisle." There was chance that this was normal well my life wasn't normal at all was it?