Past, Present, and Future.

Chapter 1.

The Past.

Lily Evans was walking down the corridor. It was a perfectly normal day for her.

Just as Lily liked it.

" Lily!" came a voice from behind her. Lily turned, and saw her best friend, Alice Smith running down the corridor.

" What the flipping...Alice! You look as if lightning has struck you!" Lily laughed. It was partly true. Alice had her hair in a ponytail, but hair was sticking out, and on her head. Still, Alice managed to look incredibly beautiful.

" Well, look at this!" Alice yelled, shoving a paper under Lilys nose.

Lily laughed, and started to read:

James Potter, Sirius Black, Remus Lupin, Alice Smith, and Lily Evans.

Could you please go down to the Black Lake at midnight?


" Do you think we should do this? It sounds completely crazy to me! And if we get caught, the professors arent gonna be happy! And we dont even know who this...this...this erodelbmud is!" Lily practically screamed.

" Relax Lil. And anyways, James,Sirius and Remus will be with us. Hey! Lets go tell them right now!" Alice assured Lily.

Lily still looked a bit doubtful. Alice sighed.

" Come on Lils. Im sure James will want to come," Alice tried to presuade Lily.

" I dont care what James wants. I still think its risky," Lily said.

" Please, please, please. Pretty please!" Alice pouted.

" NO!" Lily yelled.

" Look, if you agree, everytime we go to Hogsmede, I will buy you whatever you want!" Alice said.

" Deal," Lily smiled. Alice glared at her.

" Well come on. Lets go tell the boys," Lily said, and started running to the Great Hall.

Alice laughed.

" Hey girls! What took you so long?" Remus asked Alice and Lily, as they approached the Gryffindor table.

" This!" sais Alice, tossing Remus the piece of paper. Remus read it, and then passed it to James and Sirius. When they had all finished reading it, Lily and Alice just couldnt help, but notice, that James and Sirius had a gleam in their eyes.

" Up for it?" Lily asked them.

They both nodded, grinning.

It was such a cold evening. Lily was shivering in her nightgown. James had very kindly lent her his coat, but still, it was cold.

They were now at the Black lake.

" So, where is this emb...whatever his name is?" James asked.

" Dont know," Sirius answered.

" Look!" Remus suddenly yelled.

It was a pitch black night, the moon was not even out, but what Remus meant was unmistakable.

The Black Lake was sparkling!

" But...the moon isnt out," Alice gasped.

" JAMES!" Lily yelled.

James had bent down, and was about to touch the water.

" James dont! You dont know what it is!" Alice screamed.

" But Ive got this feeling...and its telling me to touch the water," James answered calmly.

" Actually, I feel like that too," Sirius said.

" Me too," Remus added.

" Fine. Then at least, for safety, lets touch it all together," Alice said.

They all bent down, and touched the water.

And they all disappeared.

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-James and Lily are already a couple

-They are all firends.

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