Goodbyes Aren't Forever

Drabble: by definition, a fanfiction of exactly 100 words. No more, no less. Extremely short, but harder than you'd think to write. I had this and modified it 'cause I felt like it. Happy birthday to some YW fan out there whose birthday is today. Enjoy. Or cry. Whatever you want.

Here ya go =) Set in between TWD and AWA.

Disclaimer: I own nothing. Period. Diane Duane is God in this universe, not me. Poor wizards….

They had gone to church, said Mass, done everything but actually bury her mother.

Pressing a rose petal to her tear-streaked face, Nita wondered why. Is it just tradition? Or is there some real reason, like them just not wanting us to see? Then again, who really cares…

All she wanted to do was go to sleep, wake up, and find her mom downstairs making breakfast. But her mother would never make breakfast again.

And, even knowing that, though she was gone here, Nita would see her again someday, that knowledge hurt worse inside than any other kind of pain.