Harry Potter: The Potion Master

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A/N 1: This story is an ALTERNATE UNIVERSE story there will differences be from the books and the movies. I hope/intend to keep the characters as they are in the books as far as possible, only making changes necessary for the differences in my AU.*

It starts in Harry's first year.

A/N 2: Thank you to all of the Harry Potter fanfiction writers. I do not know how much of this story is inspired by others so I will thank you all for the great work you have done. I do know that one idea I used came from the 30 Minutes That Changed stories, where a Harry from the future send help back and tells Harry what will happen but that is not the idea used.

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The prime ship is Harry/Hermione all others will be shown when they happen.





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Chapter 0ne: Meeting Hermione and Neville a talk takes place

Summary: His parents and the rest of the Marauders raise Harry out side of the UK. They but returns when he is eleven to carry out his destiny and find love he arrives with a mastery in potions that is valid in any member nation of the ICW.

September 1, 1991 9:00 AM King Crossing Station a young boy with messy black hair and green eyes walks towards the pillar between platforms nine and ten pulling a trunk that has a white owl in a cage on top of it. When he reaches the spot he starts to run to the wall, but instead of hitting it, he goes right through it.

-Mum and Dad were right they still use a steam engine. - Thinks the boy as he moves to board the train. - I have some time before we leave so I will read some too bad my family could not make it.-

After an hour and a half, a girl with bushy hair looks in and asks, "May I join you?"

"Why, yes you can my name is Harry what's yours," asks Harry

"I am Hermione, pleased to meet you," stats the girl. -He's cute I love the green eyes. - Hermione thinks.

-WOW! She is beautiful. - Harry thought has he looked at the girl.

"Are you muggleborn?" asks Harry.

"Yes, why?" replies Hermione

" No reason other than so is my mum and that there are some bloody stupid daft gits who think that it matters and that any one not a pureblood is unworthy to learn magic or even live, they even oppress those that are not human. For example the Goblins -you saw them at Gringotts right? It is the only place that they can go with out being attacked or arrested. They can only use their magic for the jobs they do such has the bank and crafting things that they can sell, but you return to them if you die. And we have a ghost for a history professor he teaches mostly the Goblin Rebellions or most fall asleep in his class at least that is what my dad and his two best friends say. Sorry about that but it just dose not seem proper how purebloods treat others or that we are not taught history in a good way," explains Harry.

"That ok, so if we wish to learn in that class we have to do it on our own," Asks Hermione?

"Yes, but we can make it fun." Harry says with a grin has a chubby boy with a toad comes in five minutes Hermione arrived.

"Hi! Harry it is good seeing you again." the boy then turns to Hermione and says "Hi, I am Neville Longbottom a friend of Harry's." says the boy.

"Hi, I am Hermione Granger and I just meet him and hope he will be a friend to me." states Hermione with a blush.

-Damn it looks even better when she blushes- "Well since you both told your last names I guess that leaves me" says Harry has he stands and shakes Neville's and kiss Hermione's hand "Hi, I am Harry Potter." Unseen bye either Neville or Hermione Harry casts a spell that prevents any one that is near from their compartment from seeing or hearing any thing, they say or do as well as any on looking for him just to meet the Boy-Who-Lived. That turned out to be a good thing because Hermione screamed.


"Hermione calm down beautiful, yes I am the, and I like how you said it so called Boy-Who-Lived.

I will answer any of your questions for the books have got it wrong but that was because no one asked my mum and dad what happened." says Harry has Hermione looks at him with a blush on her cheeks.

"Wait you think I am beautiful?" she asks.

"Yes, I do you're almost as beautiful as my mum but you will surpass her when you get older." replies a blushing Harry who looks down so the others cannot see it.

"Thank you, other than my family no one has ever said that to me." says Hermione as she

kisses Harry on the cheek and gives him a hug.

"Your welc… Welcome." Harry says with a stammer, "And If any one says I am wrong I turn them in to a mouse and feed them to Hedwig here for being blind or stupid." as he points to the owl in the cage.

"Neville why do you have a toad?" asks Harry when he notices it.

"Well, my great uncle on my dad's side gave me Trevor but my mum got me an escape proof cage for him, it uses runes to keep Trevor in it and lets me care for him. I would have rather had an owl but it was family so." replied Neville. He sees that his two friend one old and one new are both blinking in time with Hedwig and her starts to laugh at the sight.

"Why are you laughing at Neville?" both Harry and Hermione ask at the same time and Neville laughs even more. When he claims down he says "You two and Hedwig where blink in time as all three of you look at me and then you two asked me why at the same time so sorry it just hit me as funny."

Hermione and Harry just look at each other and Harry is quite certain he is talking for both of them as he says, "Well you forgiven and that did sound like it would look funny," as all three start to laugh at the image.

-I have to get Neville to show use that memory someday. - thought Harry

"Harry where did you get that stuff you said about purebloods," asks Hermione.

"Form my parents and some other adults like Neville's parents, even some books," replies Harry "Here is one of the books you can borrow it. Just return it at one of the meal time, before or after a class."

The three pre-teens all start to read while they wait for eleven o'clock.

At Eleven o'clock the Hogwarts Express starts to move for it is now time to head to school.

Next chapter Harry tells what he knows about what happened the night his home was attacked.

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