Prompt: "Shanks having to give Luffy 'the talk' because Luffy walked in on him and Makino having sex."

(written 14 June 2010)

Shanks shook his head. He was a grown man, he shouldn't be blushing at the concept of sexual intercourse. Apparently, however, it becomes a lot different when you're trying to explain it to a seven-year-old kid who walked in on you doing it with a woman who was nearly his surrogate mother.

"Um, well," he started up for the third time, "you see, when a man and a woman - not a boy and a girl, they're too young - when they really love each other, that's where babies come from... You know the physical difference between boys and girls?" He looked up to see Luffy picking his nose, staring at him as if he'd been speaking total gibberish.

He swore under his breath. He wished saying "go ask your father" was an option, but the boy's parents hadn't been around for years, as far as he knew, and Garp was not an option. He sighed. It was up to him. He'd just have to try again.

"Remember when the neighbour's dog had puppies...?"