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Chapter 1


Stepping around the couch a woman feels a sharp pain on the bottom of her right foot, "Ouch, Charlie you really need to stop leaving your toys all over the place," Dr. Samantha Carter yells to her son from the empty room, "Hurry up, we have to leave in five minutes."

Seven year old Charlie O'Neill was upstairs looking for something; injecting some whining into his voice he calls back "Moomm, I can't find my homework!"

Exasperated Sam sighs, "Did you try your desk? What about the kitchen?" She grins at this; he's too much like his father, never remembering a thing.

"What did you say," a voice sounded from behind her.

Not realizing she had said that aloud, she turns around quickly as Sam quickly backtracks, "Nothing, Come on we're going to be late again." She leads Charlie out of the kitchen and takes a sweep of the kitchen. Noting the dishes need to be done and the laundry needs to be folded, she adds them to the top of her list of things to do when she back as she puts on her coat. Her work allows her to work from home, which really works with having a kid. It is only sometimes that she needs to go in and fix some problem. But that only happens rarely. Which is kind of disappointing, it would be an overall thrill to work up close and personal with such an amazing device. Once she gets Charlie off to school, she comes back home and conference calls with the technicians there. Which if they don't hurry she will be late for todays. Remembering the reason for the tardiness she asks him, "Did you find your homework?"

"Yep, I still don't see why I have to do it, I mean its work. I don't need to know how to write, I'm told I can be very creative," came the reply. Usually when that happens he is being yelled at.

"Charlie! Ask your father. Writing is a very important skill to have," before she could go on Sam is interrupted.

With a growing smirk on his face Charlie interrupts, "Dad hates writing." At the mentioning of his dad, his face grows worried, "When is dad coming home, he's going to miss my game."

Equally as worried, Sam sympathizes. Being a training officer should not include this much unknowing and fear. Her husband should have been home by now; it makes one wonder if this is all worth it. The lies get equally tiring as the worry. She had enough of them when he was Special Forces. But this was supposed to be a permanent assignment. It doesn't seem that way. Maybe she will have to act.

At the SGC

"Unscheduled off-world activation" came over the intercom. General George Hammond heard it clear as a sunny day in his office. It drew him out of the upcoming event. The president's upcoming visit is a big stress causer. The security detail is a pain. The secret service are not willing to let the president go anywhere without them. It is difficult because they cannot have access to all floors in which the president wants access to. Yet, the reception is the cause of his current headache. He puts his paperwork aside and goes to investigate.

"Who is it?" General Hammond demanded as he walked down the control room stairs into the control room. SG-1 and SG-2 are two days late and that's never a good sign. The resent quiet activity of the Gou'ld has everyone worried, so precautions must be taken. Those include sending out two teams on the same mission instead of the normal, sending one team. Even on scouting missions, like the one SG-1 is currently on. Originally they were supposed to go alone but the decision was made to have Ferretti's team accompany them.

"SG-1's IDC sir," Walter informed the worried general, silently wishing it had been nothing serious delaying them. Late teams always strike fear into everyone's hearts.

"Open the iris," the general ordered.

With the iris opening the event horizon rippled and out walked, dripping wet and looking none too happy about it, SG-1, which consist of Colonel Jack O'Neill, Dr. Daniel Jackson, Teal'c, and Major Charles Kawalsky, and SG-2, which consist of Major Louis Ferretti, Lieutenants Kyle Green and Fred Goodwin, and Dr. Sara Copper.

"Welcome home people." Without giving them time to respond, the general immediately demanded, "What was with the hold up?"

"We had to wait out the storm but when it showed sign of not letting up we decided to high tail it back here," Colonel Jack O'Neill reported, sounding just as unhappy as he looked, soaking wet and dripping all over the gate room, tired eyes and a frown permanently resting on his face. As Hammond dismissed them he stated, "Briefing at 0900 tomorrow."

Using the rest of his energy he heads towards the infirmary for the mandatory check and then home to his wife and kid. By the time he is done, he hopes to be able to make Charlie's game. The last few times he has been home things have been tense. Sam is mad for some reason. She has not come right out and said anything but it is the little things he noticed. She won't willingly instigate conversation. She turns her back at night, goes to sleep before he reaches the bedroom. They used to lay there and talk about anything and everything, now there is none of that. The last few conversations we tried to have, have ended in arguments. Charlie has not heard any of them so far, yet Jack knows it is only a matter of time. Maybe he'll give her a call once he reaches the infirmary.

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