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Chapter 2

At the sink, Sam is washing the dishes when the phone rings.

"O'Neill residence," Sam answers the phone.

"Why hello Samantha," comes a voice over the phone, full of playfulness.

Speechless she is frozen, limbs locked in place as she hears a voice she longed to hear but she snaps out of it a moment later, "Jack…" she whispers.

"For a moment there you had me worried. I'm on my way home now. I just wanted to call and hear your voice," Jack tells his wife hoping she won't be mad.

"Worried, why would I be worried?" Sam asks. "You were supposed to be home two days ago. What's the cover story this time?" she demands angrily. Does she really want to know? "No wait; don't tell me, I'd rather remain oblivious."

"Sam..." he trails off, rubbing his hand through is hair in frustration. "I'm sorry, there was really nothing I could do," Jack apologizes mentally checking if he forgot something important. Coming up with nothing he decides to wait till he gets home to see if he's in trouble.

Exhausted all of a sudden she explains, "I didn't mean to yell, it's been a long few days."

Now being a good time, Jack changes the subject, "What time is Charlie's game today?"

"At 4 o'clock, you're still coming right?"


"So when do you think you're going to be home by today? Or are we just going to meet at the game?"

"I'm actually on my way home now; I should be there in about ten, maybe fifteen minutes."

Seeing her computer start to flash and beep. She is receiving an incoming message. Sam knows she has to cut this conversation short, "ok see you then, I love you, buh bye." Once the phone is hung up, she walks over to her computer and flips it up, "Yes Walter what is it?" she asks as she waits Walter Harriman's face to appears on screen. The audio is always ahead of the pictures at first.

"Sorry to interrupt you Dr. Carter, but we have a situation here that requires your expertise. A team is stranded off world and their DHD is broken," Walter informs her, "We need you to walk us through on how to fix it," not bothering to tell her the scientists, really just Mckay, decided they didn't need the notes and threw them away. Even when it could come in handy, they don't know a good thing when they see it, especially at a time like this.

"Go to the diagnostic screen … And that should do it," Sam finished her long technobable speech. Remembering what she was working on the day before, she trails off, "Oh I have the new improvements for the dialing program ready to..."

From the front of the house she faintly hears the front door sounding as if it has been opened and closed. Hearing her husband call out, "Honey I'm home." Sam quickly ends the conference short. "Sorry Walter but I have to go. I'll just send the programming in." She then cuts the connection and starts the shutting down process thinking that was close. I thought he said ten minutes, looking at the clock she deduced that she spent about twenty minutes talking. Well time fly's when you're working. Getting up she walks towards the living room where she spots Jack, in no time they're in each other's arms kissing.

When they pull apart their foreheads are connected. Looking up into his eyes, Sam greets her husband, "Hi."

"Hello to you too," he responds. Curious about the voices he heard walking inside he asks, "Who were you talking to?"

Quickly, maybe too quickly Sam replies, "No one, I have just been cleaning up." Walking out of his arms she notices the time, they were going to be late for Charlie's game if they did not hurry! "Jack you need to go get changed and cleaned up. We need to leave in twenty minutes."

Confused Jack just stares at her, "Are you saying I smell?" Devilish thoughts enter his head. Before she could get away he grabs her around the waist and pulls her to him. "We have twenty minutes? Well it only takes me five to get cleaned up…" Jack trails off.

Sam pushes him away, her smile and laughter taking away the rejection of her actions, "Hold it right there flyboy. It is our turn to provide snacks. You go clean up and I will finish the snacks." As he walked by her to go upstairs she swatted him on the backside and she runs the other way to the kitchen. He thought better of chasing after her.

Ten minutes later Jack was back down. "Ready," he announced as he walked into the kitchen thinking he had to grab the snacks.

"Just let me grab my coat," she replied.

He watched her go to the closet and pull out a coat and put it on, but instead of heading back towards him, she moved towards the front door calling as she went, "Coming honey?" Puzzled he called, "What about the snacks?"

"There already in the car," she called back. A few seconds later he catches up with her coat already on, house locked.

With everything locked up Jack puts his hand on the small of her back and together they head to the car. In the corner of his eye Jack catches a piece of reflecting glass off in the distance. Before he can react and go with his gut shots ranged out, seeming to be coming from multiple directions and the yelling started.

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