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This is just a short little go-between chapter.

Part 2

"A man can be happy with any woman as long as he does not love her."

Oscar Wilde

I trudged up to Grimmald Place and quietly let myself in. I could hear Sirius and his wife downstairs in the kitchen, so I climbed the stairs to my room, intent on finding something that had been in my possession since the deaths of my parents. As I rifled through my things, searching, I thought.

Harry had married Luna right out of Hogwarts. Everyone had been expecting him to end up with Ginny Weasley, but Luna was truly his match. Yes, she might be the master of the non sequitur, but she made Harry happy, and I was happy for them. Ron had married Lavender Brown soon after, a rebound thing after Hermione had broken things off with him, and the marriage had only lasted three months. He had quickly taken up with an older woman, Sirius' cousin and former Order member, Nymphadora Tonks.

Sirius surprised us all when, directly after her graduation from Hogwarts, he began dating Hermione Granger, his godson's best friend. I was a bit skeptical at first, but she had a calming influence on him and he forced her to loosen up. They had been married for six months now, and neither had ever looked happier.

Finally, I came across what I had been searching for. My mother's wedding ring. It was simple, just a delicate white gold band with a small diamond, but it was special to me.

I put the ring in my trouser pocket and headed downstairs to the kitchen. Hermione and Sirius sat at the table, sharing a pot of tea and some biscuits. I sat as well, summoning a cup and letting my best friend's wife pour.

"Well, how did it go at the Ministry?" Hermione asked excitedly. "Are they going to let you teach at Hogwarts again?"

It took a few moments for my brain to catch up with her. After all the strange events of the day, I had almost forgotten what I had gone there for in the first place.

I looked at their anxious faces. "No," I answered, "but it doesn't matter. I got another job."

"Well, that's good, isn't it?" Hermione said. "It's about time someone saw your worth!"

Sirius was making a careful study of my face. "What else, Moony?" he had known me far too long to be fooled by the blankness of my face.

So I told them about the passing of the amendment to the Marriage Law. I let them rant and rail against the Ministry, cursing it and its shortsightedness while I only sat there serenely, listening to them take up verbal arms on my behalf. It was wonderful to have such devoted friends.

Midsentence, Hermione stopped and stared at me. "You don't seem very upset about this, Remus," she observed, squinting in her confusion. "Why?"

Sirius also turned to scrutinize me. "Sweet Merlin," he said after a few moments of study. "You've met someone."

I let the grin that had been threatening to overtake my face finally break free. "I'm getting married in a week," I announced happily.

They were silent. And they were for a while. Long enough that I felt the smile start to crumble off my face. I was thrilled with my decision to marry Buffy. I wasn't in love with her yet, but I knew it was only a matter of time before I was. And in the time it had taken me to walk home, (I didn't like apparating needlessly) I had considered the other part of the Marriage Law. The part about having children. And, although I knew that a Slayer having a baby was a dangerous prospect, I couldn't help imagining a little girl with her wide green eyes and my brown hair.

And my friends, my dear friends, weren't happy for me. I began to stand, intent on retreating back to my corner of the house, when Sirius reached out and clapped me on the shoulder.

"So, mate," he said carefully and with a heartfelt apology in his eyes, "tell us about this bird. Where'd you even meet her?"

I told them everything. About Buffy, the list, the job at the Watcher's Council. My enthusiasm grew with each word I spoke, and by the time I left them to retire to bed, I couldn't wait for morning, when I would begin my job and, even more importantly, I'd get to see Buffy again.