This is my first NCIS story...and i'd like to thank AbbyNormal80 for her awesome Betaing...:)

Before Bloodbath

It was Friday morning at the NCIS lab. Abby had her music blasting in the background as she finished working on the huge caseload, when her phone rang, She smiled, hitting the speaker button to answer.

"Abby's Lab."

"Abby?" said the voice. She froze.

"I've been meaning to-"

She hung up before the person could finish speaking. It was Mikel, her crazy,obsessed, stalker of an ex. She had gotten a restraining order against him but it wasn't doing much good. At one point she had considered telling her co-workers, at least Gibbs, but she knew how protective he was of her. She had always thought of him like her father. Sure she wanted Mikel to leave her alone, but she didn't want him beaten to a pulp with a bat or anything else.

Her good mood evaporated, she went back to work. The rest of the morning every time the phone rang she jumped a little, but he didn't call back. Both Tony and McGee had dropped by to see how the evidence was coming. Both times she almost mentioned the phone call, but neither time said anything. She really did love her job at NCIS, she thought of every member of the Major Case Response Team as family. She had never felt more wanted or safe.

Ziva came down around lunch time."Hello, Abby." Abby turned and smiled at her friend,

"Hey Ziva, whatcha doin' down here. I still don't have any results back." Ziva smiled,

"Apparently, according to Tony, it is my turn to get lunch so I was wondering if you wanted anything." Abby thought about it a minute then answered,

" I'll come with you. I need some fresh air and we haven't hung out in awhile." Ziva and Abby walked out of the lab, unaware of the man peering in at them from the window above.