Before long, our heroes approached the G.U.N. headquarters. It was located in the busy city of Station Square city, which wasn't far from the Mystic Ruins.

Sonic squinted against the sun and searched the sky for Angel Island. He mentally smacked himself when he saw no sign of it. Of course Angel Island was down.

Since the Master Emerald had been smashed into shards, there was nothing that kept the island up in the sky. So it fell, and is now under the ocean. Only by finding all the shards of the Master Emerald, getting them back together into the huge emerald, and putting it back where it belongs, will Angel Island return to the sky.

Sonic turned his attention to the headquarters. It looked dark and imposing compared to the bright and cheerful buildings surrounding it.

The building that they were looking at is covered with a gray color mixed with dark navy blue. It had rows of windows that gleamed dimly in the sunlight. In big silver letters were four words, Guardian Unit of Nations.


Sonic hesitated at the doors, before grabbing one of its handles. The reason for his hesitation was that he was once hunted and captured by GUN before.

When Shadow the Hedgehog (the one that Sonic and his friends were looking for now) was freed from his cryo-sleep by , he stole chaos emeralds for the doctor.

Since Shadow looked similar for Sonic, the blue hero had been mistaken for Shadow, and was hunted down by GUN.

Sonic had been successfully captured and imprisoned in Prison Island, but his friends had broken in and freed him. Later, the island was blown up by .

After the ARK had been stopped from colliding with the planet and after Shadow had fallen to Earth, GUN had apologized to Sonic for mistaking him for Shadow.

Sonic had a straight face on when the apology was made, but inside he flinched. At that time, Shadow was a sore spot for the azure hedgehog. He felt that he had failed as a hero for not being able to save his rival from falling.

Sonic was now okay working with GUN, he had shown that when an alien race called the Black Arms had attacked, despite his rocky start with the organization.

Just before Sonic opened the door, he smelled a strong aroma of chili. His head whipped around to the direction of where the scent was coming from. It was coming from a chili dog stand nearby.

A grin slowly formed on Sonic's face and he released the door's handle.

"I'll be right back," he said and left in a blur. Amy sighed.

"Him and those chilidogs..."

Sonic's favorite food is chilidogs. He would eat about thirty of them in one day. You might think, "Wow, what a pig." But once you think about it, he burns those calories zipping across the face of the planet.

"I'll go find out if Shadow is on a mission for GUN or not," Tails said.

He pulled the door open and went inside before Amy and Knuckles could say anything.

"I guess we wait right now," Amy said.

For the next few minutes, Amy and Knuckles stood around the entrance, waiting for Tails to return, while Sonic was happily gorging himself with chilidogs.

Finally, the two-tailed fox came out. Knuckles and Amy stood up straight and walked over to Tails.

"Is he...?"

"No. He isn't doing any missions right now." Tails answered.

They went over to Sonic, who had stopped eating and was now licking his fingers. (Ew!)

"So, is the faker doing something for GUN?" Sonic asked, now finished licking his fingers.

"No. Now we don't know where he is." Tails answered.

Sonic frowned.

"Hmm... He might be on that small ridge in the outskirts of the city."

Knuckles blinked.

"What in the name of the Master Emerald would he be there for?"

Sonic shrugged.

"When I go for a run near the city, I sometimes see Shadow there. "

"Then let's go see if he is there right now." Amy suggested.


It took longer than expected to reach the outskirts of the city.

What made the gang take long was because Sonic, who was impatient, kept running ahead of everyone, which made Amy mad, and caused her to chase Sonic around with her Piko Piko Hammer.

Everyone laughed at the scene with an angry Amy chasing the scared azure hero, who was shouting apologies to her as he tried to avoid her Piko Piko Hammer.

Even Knuckles was chuckling.

Finally, the blue hedgehog got Amy to calm down and the gang has now reached the outskirts of Central Square City.

Seeing the ledge with a figure standing on it, Sonic couldn't stand his impatience any longer. He raced to the ledge.

"SONIC, GET OVER HERE SO I CAN HURT YOU!" Amy screamed after him.

As Sonic got closer to the ledge, he could see a black hedgehog with red stripes.

He grinned and kept running.

The black hedgehog turned and started to run fast.

Right in the direction the Sonic was zipping in.

There was a loud SMACK, as their heads collided.

The two hedgehogs landed on their rears as Amy, Knuckles, and Tails caught up to them.

"DAMN IT FAKER! WATCH WHERE YOU'RE GOING!" Shadow the Hedgehog yelled, holding his forehead and standing up.

Shadow was the Ultimate Lifeform, created by 's grandfather, Gerald Robonik, fifty years ago on the space station of ARK. He lived there with Gerald and his granddaughter, who Shadow made friends with, Maria.

However, GUN learned of PROJECT Shadow (Which is Shadow), and were afraid that Dr. Robonik was up to something and had created Shadow to use him as a weapon against Earth.

GUN had stormed onto the ARK. Maria and Shadow had fled into the escape pod room. Shadow was in a pod when a GUN solider came and shot Maria.

With her last breath, she sent Shadow into space.

However, when the pod landed on Earth, Shadow was captured by GUN and put into cryo- sleep.

Fifty years later, Shadow was freed fro, his cryo-sleep by . Later, he met Sonic and they both thought of each other as "fakes".

When they both stopped the ARK from falling onto the planet, Shadow had no energy left and fell to Earth.

Shadow was then found by with no memory whatsoever.

When the Black Arms attacked, Shadow helped get rid of them from the planet. He had regained his lost memories by then. He is now an agent of GUN, despite what they had done to Maria.

Also, Sonic and Shadow had become friends and rivals. The reason to why they fight so much might be that they look similar...


"Don't call me Shads." Shadow growled dangerously.

Sonic rolled his eyes.

"Whatever Shad-"

"SHUT UP!" Amy yelled.

Sonic and Shadow just glared at each other.

"Shadow, we were looking for you because we wanted to ask a question." Tails came up to Shadow.

Shadow turned his glare from Sonic to Tails and scowled.

"Hurry up, I don't have all day."

"Um, were you the one who smashed the Master Emerald?" Tails asked carefully.

"The Master Emerald was smashed?"

"Yeah. It happened last night."

"I wasn't near the thing last night. I didn't even know it got smashed. How am I the one who did it?" Shadow asked calmly.

"Well, I saw someone who looked like you do it." Knuckles stepped forth.

Shadow scowled again.

"You must have imagined it. If it looked like me, it might be this faker over here," he gestured to Sonic.

The hero frowned.

"That's impossible; I was over Tails' house when it happened." Sonic argued.

"It's true, he was there," Tails agreed.

"So it might be you who did it, but you are denying it, right?" Amy asked.

Shadow now looked angry.

"How many times do I have to say it? I. Did. Not. Smash. The. Master. Emerald." He growled.

"Who smashed it then? Eggman?" Knuckled yelled.

Before Shadow said anything, Sonic's ear twitched. His instincts were screaming; something bad was about to happen.

Sonic was about to brush it off, thinking it meant Shadow was about to throw a punch at Knuckles and start a fight, when his body started to tense up slowly. Now he knew it was something else.

Sonic quickly shot to the side, startling his friends.

"What the-" Shadow began, but was interrupted when a long stream made of chaos energy went by.

Now Sonic understood. If he were still standing there, it would have impelled him.

He glanced behind him to see a familiar figure made up of crystals that sparkled evilly in the sunlight. The azure hedgehog then recognized the figure immediately, which sent chills up his spine.

'No... It can't be...' Sonic thought

It was Mephiles.

"Oops. I missed." Mephiles said softly.