Rain fell like icicles through the night sky as he ran through the streets of Castle Town and lightning snaked it's way through the sky, shortly followed by a crack. The voices chasing him were blocked out for a time, though they returned all the same, all yelling: "Kill him! Kill the mutation! Kill the half - breed!"

It had been a night like any other, in the beginning. But like all good things, it wasn't meant to last. Him and his father had just sat down to the dinner their maid had just finished. Steam gently licked upwards from the potatoes and gravy covered beef that waited before him.

The smells all but overwhelmed him. Their maid brought over a highly sought after drink in Hyrule Castle Town. Most nobles paid thousands of rupees for such a delightful fruit drink, though his father found a cave chalked full of the plant years back up on a cliff.

To this day his father hadn't shown him the location, but in a few days he would take young Zorn out to the secret spot as a birth-day present. His father had told him that the cave was where he proposed to his mother, nine years ago. He had wanted to go last year, but his father had said: "When you're ten son". Now that it was only a few days away, happiness nearly engulfed the young youth.

The landing of the cup on the table brought Zorn back to reality with a start. He jumped in his chair slightly then realized it was just his drink.

"Are you alright?" asked the maid. She was a young Zora, from a most peculiar place in Hyrule. This Zora had lived in Death Mountain for the first sixteen years of her life. For whatever reason, she had ventured to Lake Hylia and found the town she now served in.

For the next eleven years, she served in the home the Haplen family. Happily tending to their every need. Over Zorn's life time, she had become very much like the mother he never had. Treating him with the utmost care, him likewise.

"I'm fine; Thank you for asking, Clair." He said with a smile. The maid smiled politely back at him and went off to fetch herself some food of here own.

"Could you bring me some water on the way back, and a my matches please? The candle needs to be re-lit." Asked Mr. Haplen.

"Sure thing, I'll be but a moment." With that said, the maid left the room.

Mr. Haplen was a providing, kind father, unlike many other fathers in castle town. He never came home drunk, or screamed at Zorn when he did something wrong. He was a content man, always happy with whatever life threw at him.

Like last year, around Christmas time. There was only enough rupees for dinner. We were flat broke thanks to the King's recent change in taxes. The taxes were increased for the Hylian wars, even though the bastard's coffers were well over full.

Even though all was wrong in the world, he was happy. We had a great dinner that night along with pleasant stories by our fireplace. Our maid told us about the many wonders she saw in her journey here, she also told us of her home.

Many exciting things there. Gorons, The Volcano, the hot spring. Her journey here was treacherous, full of danger and death. Without the Goron's training, there would have been no way for her to survive. My father made her skip the graphic parts, though the story was unhindered by this.

Clair came back into the room with a glass and a small box of matches. "here you are." She said, handing him the items in her hands. He quickly re-lit the stray candle and sat back down. He then took a large gulp of his water, and stuck the matches back in his pocket. "You may go get your dinner now Clair."

The maid exited the room and returned moments later with a steaming plate of food. She set the food on the table then gently sat down.

"Let us say grace." started Mr. Haplen started.

(Insert whatever prayer you pray before each meal here. If you do not pray, that's fine. Just pretend you never read the grace part.)

Zorn immediately started on his, practically breathing in his food. His drink complimented the food very nicely, not only lubricating his throat, but increasing the pleasure the food brought his empty stomach.

"Do you like the food, honey?" Clair asked.

"Yes ma'am, it is very delightful. Thank you very much!" He exclaimed with a mouthful of food.

She immediately started laughing at the youth's muffled words. "What's so funny?" The boy asked through his still closed mouth.

"She is laughing for obvious reasons, son." Zorn sat there for a few moments, thinking over 'the obvious'. He realized what was amidst and almost as quickly as Clair, he broke out in laughter.

A loud crash in the front room destroyed the moment. Mr. Haplen stood from his chair while picking up the blade before on the table.


"Clair, take him to the cellar." He whispered. Not waiting a moment, she grabbed up the boy and took him down several hallways then into a dark staircase leading downward.

More crashes resounded from above, then all was silent. Clair slowly closed the door, and moved closer to the wall she had left him on. "I want you to stay very quite, and don't move from this spot." she whispered.

She walked closer to the door then opened it a little bit. After she was sure the coast was clear, she left Zorn alone.

The boy could hear the rain outside, begin to fall. Lightning cracked over head, lighting the room. A scream could be heard upstairs followed by heavy foot steps. The foot steps moved closer and closer to the cellar door.

The door suddenly swung open to reveal a cloaked figure. "I found you!" The evil figure almost squealed. "Don't worry, I'm not going to hurt you."

The figure held out it's hand. "Where is my daddy, and Clair?" Zorn asked, tears forming in his eyes.

"Mommy and Daddy are upstairs." the figure chuckled. "Are you coming or am I going to have to drag you out of here," He paused, pulling out a rapier. "the fun way?"

The boy walked closer and grabbed the man's clawed hand, afraid of what 'fun' was to this man. "What do you mean mommy?" He asked, now sobbing.

"Ten years and they didn't tell you?" Zorn shook his head. The man cackled. "This day keeps getting better, and better!"

Zorn was led into the living room, where many men were filling the fireplace with wood. His family had a large fireplace, but there was too much stuffed in and left out in front.

"Zorn!" His father growled. "You leave him alone!"

"Do you have any last words Mr. Haplen? How 'bout you? Mrs. Haplen?" The dark figure asked, raising the rapier. The two moved closer to each other, well aware of what was to come, and clamped their mouths shut.

"Maybe I should just tell him for you?" He mocked, giving them a few seconds to say something, but only silence followed. "Fine then. Zorn, your father is a sick man. Eleven years ago, he and Clair got married. Then moved here and had you! Can you believe that! A Man and a Zora!"

Zorn looked at the pair roped on the floor, mouth agape. Tears flowed freely down the duo's cheeks. "We never planned for you to find out until you were ready to leave home." Clair cried.

"... Mom?" Zorn started.

"Oh, enough of this!" The cloaked figure swung at Zorn with his blade, barely missing the poor boy's face by at least half an inch. "Run Zorn! Run!" The two screamed.

Zorn took off at a record speed through the front door and out into the Hylian court-yard. The screams were cut off from behind with a loud crack sound of wood being splintered by metal.

Zorn stopped to look back at the cloaked man running towards him. A bloodied rapier in tow. He didn't dare take another look at his chaser, he just ran, ran faster then anyone he had ever known. Tears ran down his face though the rain hid them. More voices could be heard the farther he ran.

Rain fell like icicles through the night sky as he ran through the streets of Castle Town. Lightning snaked it's way through the sky, shortly followed by a crack. The voices chasing him were blocked out for a time, though they returned all the same, all yelling: " Kill him! Kill the mutation! Kill the half - breed!"

Spears flew past his head and stuck into the ground ahead of him. One spear clipped the right side of his shoulder then spun out of control in front of him.

He lept over the spinning death spike and continued his record speed out into Hyrule East Field (According to the Wii version of TP). Blood now trickled down his arm and onto the ground quickly left behind him.

He took off to the right, running straight for the old ruins he had picnics with... His mother and father... A power not his own suddenly flared up inside him. The wound on his shoulder knitted itself back together and his speed became easier on his legs.

He heard a spear flying in his direction almost as if it were in slow motion. He jumped in the air, spun around, and snatched the death spike swiftly out of the air.

Zorn was quickly closing in on the ruins, his parent's murderer closely followed. He ran down the first flight of stairs then somehow managed to leap to the column on the left side. Several arrows flew past his head, and out into the open field below as Zorn flew towards the railing at high speed through the air. His feet gripped the stone and he spun around to meet many green vines.

He gripped the greenery and swiftly climbed down until he was dangling a good 13 feet off the ground. More than triple his size.

"There he is!" One of the men called out.

Swallowing whatever fear there was, he lept down to the ground, androlled across the grass, his spear stopping him from rolling more than once. Zorn swiftly removed the spear from the ground and resumed running.

A plan formulated in his mind as he ran for the bridge, stone clicked with each running step he took. He was almost home free, then a single arrow flew through the air, past the arch of the bridge, and into the soft tissues of the youth's left calf. He screamed as he rolled across the cold, wet, hard stone, his body sliding to a halt at the halfway mark of the bridge.

Zorn watched as the dark robbed man jumped down the to same level as him, skipping the vines entirely, much to his surprise. The boy tried to get up many times, only succeeding by the time the man was almost on top of him. "You have no where left to run boy, so why even try?"

Zorn didn't listen to the menace, instead, using the spear to pull himself to his feet. "Why don't you just give up? You are going to die weather you like it, or not."

Still not listening to a word the man said, he pulled himself closer to the edge of the bridge. "Oh I see what you're doing, you want to fall to your death rather then let me kill you. If you think you will survive the fall, by all means jump! I don't care how you die, as long as your race is destroyed!"

"If you are so intent on watching me die, help me over." He groaned out, gritting his teeth against the pain in his leg.

"Why would I do that? I want to see you suffer!" The dark figure chuckled.

Zorn was soon sitting upon the stone ledge in front of the figure. "I will give you the same offer as your parents. Any last words?"

"What is your name?"

The man was taken aback momentarily, though recovered quickly. "Kabalstin..."

"I will come for you when I'm older. You and any who follow you."

"That is if you somehow survive!" With that said, Kabalstin flung the boy over by his feat into the icy depths below.