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Ludwig stood outside of his house, waiting for his companions to arrive. "They are late again!"

He let out an annoyed sigh. A glance at his watch told him it was a few minutes after 5am, the best time to start training, and nobody was here. Italy didn't even sleep at his place tonight so he had no chance of waking him up on time.

Despite the fact that nobody was there Ludwig decided to start his early training alone.


He knew Ludwig had told him to be at his house at 5 am SHARP, but his blankets had been so warm, and he was only going to sleep five more minutes...

...and then five minutes turned into ten...


And now here he was, running all the way to Ludwig's, EXTREMELY late for training. He panted, Ludwig's house finally coming into sight. "Veeeeee~ L-Ludwiiiiig~ I'm sooooorry I'm late, veeeee~" He stopped in front of the blond, panting hard.


Ludwig turned around when he heard the sound of Feliciano yelling after him. "Can't you just be on time? Useless idiot!" After taking a better look at the Italian he blushed and let out another sigh.

"I think you forgot something... Again..."


"Ve? What do you mean, Ludwig?" He followed the German's eyes, quickly realizing why his face had suddenly turned red.

"Ve~ Sorry Ludwig...I just woke up and forgot to put them on. At least I remembered a shirt, ve?" He buttoned up his shirt like it would make up for his lack of pants. Giggling, he gave Ludwig a sloppy salute. "Better, sir?"


Rolling his eyes, Ludwig decided to ignore his friend's sloppy outfit and behavior. "It seems you will train without pants today."

He started to walk toward the woods near the camp, picking up a steady marching pace. "We will train in guerilla warfare today. You need to have more discipline! If you stay weak like this you will never be able to protect yourself."


"Ve, but if I can't protect myself, Ludwig will protect me!"

Feliciano followed after Ludwig like a puppy, still giggling. Although, he was a little bit wary of going into the woods. It was still a bit dark outside, and he could've sworn the woods around Ludwig's house were MUCH creepier than his own.

He got closer to the blond, already feeling shivers traveling up his spine. Did Ludwig really expect him to go in these woods...alone?

"Ludwig, these woods are creepy...do we have to train here? I-I don't want to go alone!"


Ludwig ignored Feliciano's childish whining. "You hide first. I'll sneak up and try to find you." He tried to explain the training mission accurately, yet simply, so even Feliciano would be able to understand.

"The only thing you have to do is sneak away from me as silently as possible before I get you. I don't even want to hear a breath from you." With that he turned his back to the Italian so he could go find a hiding place.


"Ve? B-b-but Ludwig!"

But he was too late. The German was already walking away.

Feliciano stood for a moment, rooted to the spot by a mixture of fear and desperation. Even if he ran after Ludwig, he'd just get scolded and tossed out into the woods...but he really didn't want to go into the woods! What if something scary attacked him? "L-L-Ludwig..."

His voice was barely a whisper now, the fear sending shivers down his spine. After another moment of debate, he gulped, scurrying of into the forest. If there was anything he knew how to do, it was hide.

This was gonna be a LONG day.


Ludwig waited a few minutes until he couldn't hear Italy's sobbing complaints any more before he turned around slowly and eyed his environment. The woods were still foggy from the cool night air and the only sound he could hear was the soft song of a bird here and there. The German man didn't allow the content building up inside him flow through his strict expression. It would just distract him from his training.

He silently started to creep through the bushes and trees in his search for Italy. I don't need to put that much effort into this. It's just Italy... Not some kind of enemy...

Shaking his head he tried to get rid of these types of thoughts. The Italian man must have found a good hiding place. Ludwig did not expect to have such a hard time finding him.

Where the hell did you hide Feliciano...?


He had found a hollowed tree trunk, wiggling his way inside as he tried to quiet his sobs. This was not fun at ALL. It had to be worse than all the running Ludwig normally made him to. He could barely contain a squeal when a bird took flight from the top of his hiding spot.

It seemed like he had been hiding in that tree for days, no, maybe even years. He was starting to get hungry, and his legs were hurting from crouching for so long, and oh, how he really wanted to go back to sleep for a few more hours...

But, no. Germany told him to hide and told him to not make a peep, so here in this tree hollow he would stay.

...But he really wished Germany would find him soon. He was tired, and hungry, and really had to use the bathroom, and-


Something came tumbling down from the top of the tree trunk, landing right on his head. It was actually just a raccoon who was a bit miffed to discover his home had been invaded by the strange person, but for Italy it was most CERTAINLY an attempt on his life.


He bolted out of his hidey-hole, barreling directly into the person he wanted so dearly to see. He wrapped his arms around the man, sobbing and shivering.



Ludwig turned around as he heard the sound of Feliciano's scream. The scared Italian hugged him tight around his waist and sobbed against his shoulder pitifully. "You useless idiot! You got the mission wrong! I had to find YOU! Not the other way round!"

Noticing the state his friend was Ludwig startled. "What happened to you...?" Italy didn't answer so Ludwig looked around helpless. They were really all alone here.

"Du bist mir auch ein unnützer Hasenfuß..." He sighed and wrapped his right arm around Feliciano's shoulder. With his left hand he smoothed Italy's hair to soothe the half naked man.

"It is nearly noon already. Maybe we should go back to my house and have some lunch…and some pants for you. After that we'll train somewhere else. But not in the forest, okay?"


Feliciano snuggled up closer to Ludwig, trying to quiet his sobs in the bigger man's chest. "V-Ve...C-C-Can we have pasta?"

He felt considerably better now that Germany was here and sunlight was starting to peak through the leafy canopy above them. He flashed a weak smile up at the blond, tears still at the corners of his eyes.

"A-A-And can we have a siesta before we train again? Do we have to train again, ve?"


"Pasta... " Ludwig sighed again hugging the smaller man closer to him. "You always want pasta. And wine and siestas. Is there nothing else you want? Nothing you want to fight for?" He rested his head on Italy's shoulder slightly starting to enjoy the warmth of Feliciano's body.

"Sometimes I don't know what I am training you for. You're not learning anything from all of this, are you?"

Ludwig leaned away from Feliciano and pressed a soft kiss to his forehead. "A siesta sounds good though. That's enough training for today."

He released the Italian from his hug and grabbed his small hand, starting to walk through the forest back to Germany's house hand in hand.


"Ve~" Feliciano hummed in content, happy that Ludwig wasn't too angry at him for failing the mission. And he could have pasta and siesta too? Maybe today wasn't going to be such a bad day after all!

Feliciano gripped Ludwig's hand tightly, intertwining his fingers with his own, swinging their arms back and forth. All traces of his earlier tears and fear had been wiped from his expression, replaced with a silly grin as Ludwig lead him back to his place.

After a few moments of silence, he decided to voice his thoughts.

"Hmm~ Well, I'm not good at fighting, and Ludwig's training is hard...and I do like pasta and wine and siesta. But I think I like Ludwig the most of all, ve~!"


"Sometimes I wish I could be as careless as you." Ludwig's strict expression didn't change even though a slight blush spread across his face. He held Feliciano's hand tight. Though the Italian man was quite close to him all the time, peaceful moments like this were rare between them.

"Feli...Do you really like to train and play soccer with me?" He blushed a deeper shade of red. "Because... Sometimes I think I am too hard on you... Though I don't want to be... kind of...You know what I mean? You are my friend. I don't want to force you or something..."

I should stop talking. Everything I say sounds like nonsense.

Ludwig took in a sharp breath to calm himself down. Why was he so flustered? There was no reason for him to be.


"Ve. It's okay, you just need to relax more, Ludwig~"

The silence was broken once again as Ludwig asked him if he liked spending his time training and playing with him. He almost couldn't contain the giggles when he saw the flush travel across his companion's cheeks, the red in high contrast with his blond hair and pale skin. Even though he would probably get hit if he told him so, Feliciano couldn't help to think that Ludwig was so cute.

"Hmm~" He pondered the question, even though the answer was quick in his mind. Feliciano wrapped his free arm around Ludwig's, nuzzling his face into Ludwig's jacket, enjoying the flood of his scent.

"Well...training can be scary and hard sometimes. And sometimes you get really competitive during soccer and sometimes I just want to run away instead of finishing the game..."

He paused for a moment, before reaching up on his tip toes to place a kiss on Ludwig's chin (since he couldn't quite reach his cheek).

"But, that's all okay. Because no matter what we do, I'm always happy to be around Ludwig. Even if the training his hard, or the situation is scary." He flashed him a smile, a light blush trailing across his own cheeks. "Because we're friends!"


Ludwig's pace towards his house had become slower, almost like he didn't want the time he was spending with Feliciano to end so soon.

And at the last words of the Italian he stopped completely. His friend...

The other countries and nations always said Germany was scary. Or, they completely hated him for different reasons. Yes, he had done a lot of shit in the past. But Italy liked him nevertheless.

Turning his head he looked at Feliciano his face blushing a deep red. He lifted his hand and smoothed a few strains of Italy's hair away from his forehead. Then he brushed over and softly kissed the spot he just touched.

Ludwig moved down over to Feliciano's ear. "Danke..." He whispered, breath brushing past the other ones ear.

Yes. Italy was his friend. Even if he was useless, always late, and would only have thoughts about pasta.

He was his best friend. His only friend…and almost a little more at moments like this.


He practically purred when Ludwig kissed his forehead, his own slight blush spreading.

It wasn't often that Ludwig would allow his emotions to show like this. Of course, he could always catch him off guard by "losing" his clothes or crawling into bed with him, but most of the time it was Feliciano giving the kisses, not receiving.

He had to say, he quite liked it.

The whisper in his ear sent a shiver down his spine, Ludwig's warm breath on his ear sparking a tingling that spread from his stomach to warm all of his body.

...well, Ludwig was being quite open today. It couldn't hurt to take a chance right?

"Hey hey, Ludwig...do you want to know a secret?"

He wrapped his arms around Ludwig's neck, pressing cheek against cheek.

"...Ti amo." He paused, smiling. "Or...I guess in your language...Ich...liebe dich?"


Ich liebe dich? Just three words that had such a deep meaning. But these words were coming from Feliciano. He always babbled about meaningless things like pizza, pasta, and girls; Ludwig knew better than believe that the Italian really meant what he said.

"Feliciano..." Ludwig let his hands drift from the other man's shoulders to his back and wrapped his arms around Italy's hips. He never noticed how small and slender Feliciano seemed in comparison to himself. Of course, Ludwig was taking his training very seriously, unlike Feliciano. The German was taller and stronger then his Italian friend for sure.

This seemed awaken some kind of protective instinct inside of him. He pulled Feliciano closer and held him tight. "Feliciano... You should not say things like that so easily..."

Parents would say these words to their children. And a man would say them to the woman of their dreams. But Italy had just called him a 'friend' a few moments ago. A German man would never say 'I love you' to a normal friend.

"Never say it... If you don't mean it..." He whispered.


Two strong arms had slunk around his waist, pulling him close. Feliciano could feel Ludwig's frantic heart beating against his own, savoring the warmth of his embrace, cursing the tank top and nightshirt that separated them.

"Ludwig...I never said I didn't mean it." His voice was scarcely a whisper now, brushing against Ludwig's chest.

He loved pasta. He loved gelato. He loved his siestas and he loved kittens, and painting, and talking to cute girls. But none of those, none of those was like the love he felt for Ludwig. None of them could even compare to the way his heart would flutter every time he saw Ludwig, or the longing to be close to him, to just touch him, and to hear his voice, even if he was being scolded for something. Every moment he spent with Ludwig was precious, and every moment he was away was torture.

Leaning back so he could see his face, he wove his fingers into Ludwig's hair, staring into his blue eyes.

"I love you Ludwig. I love you."

He sealed his statement with a kiss, bringing his lips to Ludwig's.


Ludwig froze in shock for a moment, his heart skipping a beat when Feliciano's lips meet his own. Love...? Like a man loves a woman? Or the other way round? His mind was running a blank. He couldn't catch a clear thought at the moment. The taste of Italy's lips and the thick scent of the forest surrounding them was pulling him away from reality. Oh, he hated to lose control, but who would ever scold him for doing it now? Nobody would. So Ludwig allowed himself to go with the flow.

He gave a muffled growl against Feliciano's mouth before leaning into the kiss and taking the lead over it. Softly toying his friend's lips, he started to move his hands further down. But suddenly stopped when he felt the touch of skin.

Gottverdammt! He quickly remembered that Italy wasn't wearing pants! He inwardly cursed himself for forgetting that and prayed that Feliciano wouldn't take that as bold move forward.


Felciano wasn't sure what he was expecting, but he CERTAINLY wasn't expecting Ludwig to respond.

He mewled into the kiss, oh so eager to give in, gripping Ludwig's hair and crushing their faces together.

How long had he waited for this moment? No matter, it was completely worth it.

The hand on his behind was a surprise, but the surprise was muddled by the drunkenness of his thoughts. He was intoxicated by Ludwig's touch, by his taste and his smell.

Taking the touch as a signal for takeoff, he slid his own hands under Ludwig's tanktop, exploring the contours of his chest.


Gah. Of course... Feliciano took advantage of Ludwig's accidental touch. Though his slender hands on the German man's chest felt oddly good... Other than the mornings when Ludwig woke up with a naked Italy snuggling against him he never had felt his hands on him like this. This time if felt hot and slightly ticklish, making Ludwig dizzy.

But Ludwig needed air so he broke the kiss panting heavily. "Feliciano..." He paused surprised by his own voice sounding husky and dark. " What the hell.. are we doing here...?" He swallowed to clear his throat. " We should... stop now... before we can't go... back."

But his own excitement was calling him a liar.


"Mmm?" His hands paused his roaming as Ludwig broke the kiss, a small whine escaping his lips.

Stop? Stop? He didn't know if he could stop at this point. He wanted Ludwig. He needed him. All of him. There was no going back to the way it was before. He had gotten a sample of how things could be, and he liked it. Way too much to let this moment come to a halt and be filed away in "the things we don't talk about".

He came as close to a growl as he could, although it came out more as whine with his desperation.

"...no. No. Don't stop." He slipped his hands out of Ludwig's shirt and wrapped them around his neck, bring their lips back together.

"We can't...stop...We can't..." He breathed every word into the kiss, parting their lips and exploring his mouth with his tongue.


Feliciano's tongue in his mouth felt soft and silky. The sweet sensation triggered an exploding of fireworks inside him. Heat settled in his pelvic region was fast spreading throughout his whole body making him pant and inwardly wishing for more.

He couldn't help but moan into the kiss and dragging the other man closer to him. Still kissing he pushed his body against Italy carefully forcing him to step back. After two or three steps he had the other man pinned against a tree.

Taking all the willpower he had to spare Ludwig broke the kiss again, lifting his head and bringing his mouth out of Feliciano's reach. His surroundings started to blur, everything threatening to spiral out of his control.

"You..." Ludwigs voice sounded even huskier then before. "You have... no idea... what kind of... demons... you are about to wake..."


It felt like Feliciano was running on auto-pilot; his thoughts were blurred by the sweet warmth spreading through his body, the tingling sensation with every touch, and the desire to have Ludwig-ALL of Ludwig-right now.

The kiss was broken, once again, and his moan was nothing other than desperation. He didn't care about the consequences anymore; he didn't want to think of anything else besides exploring every single bit of Ludwig, memorizing every curve and scar, every scent and taste.

"L-Lu...L-Ludwig..." He could barely get enough breath to pant the words. He craned his head toward Ludwig, feebly struggling against the grip that had him pinned against the tree.

"Per...per favore, Ludwig...p-please..."

He was hard, he was desperate, and he wanted release right now.

"P-Please, Ludwig!"


Ludwig sucked in a sharp breath and held it a few seconds. Feliciano's voice seem to come from far away his words finding their way through the fog of Ludwig's mind, shattering the last bit of his restraining into pieces.

"Oh, Gott..."

Feliciano's need was poking against his thigh proving that the Italian meant what he said.

Finally he moved his head down and caught Italy's lips in a kiss. His right hand found its way up to the other man's collar caressing his collarbone gently and unbutton the first two buttons of his shirt, slipping under it and enjoying the feeling of soft skin.

Pressing slight kisses over Feliciano's jaw Ludwig moved over to his ear and started nibbling on the earlobe.

"Fine then."


Feliciano's sigh of relief came out more like a whine, arching against Ludwig as he felt his teeth on his earlobe. He wound his fingers through his hair again, moaning appreciatively.

His shirt couldn't come off fast enough; even that thin cloth between them was enough to make Feliciano mad. To distract himself, his fingers worked their way down Ludwig's chest, slowly making their way to his pants (and the bulge within). He fumbled with Ludwig's belt, fingers clumsy with his muddled mind. Eventually, he managed to get the offending article off, working his way on unbuttoning his pants.

"Unn...L-Ludwig...f-fretta...h-urry, mmm..." Done with his pants, he snaked his fingers up Ludwig's shirt once again, busying himself with his nipples.


Feliciano's boldness was surprising Ludwig. He hadn't expected something like this from the normally innocent Italian. But he wouldn't let him go to far. The role of leader was his, like always.

Ludwig caught Italy's hand away from his own chest and brought it up to his mouth. "I never thought these little hands could do something else than eat pasta." He kissed Feliciano's wrist and nibbled slightly on it before trailing his tongue over the palm of the other man's hand up to his fingers, taking the index finger in his mouth and sucking on it carefully.

With his other hand Ludwig tickled over the smaller man's chest starting to caress the soft skin of his nipple with his thumb.


Feliciano could only stare as Ludwig drew his hand away from his chest, nibbling on his wrist, oooooh, sucking on his fingers...

It was driving him insane.

"Nnngh, L-Ludwig...you t-tease..." His voice was lost in a gasp as the man touched his chest and rubbing his nipples, moans ripping from his throat. His head lolled against Ludwig's shoulder; he began to work at his neck, licking and biting between his moans. His free hand gripped at Ludwig's back, nails beginning to dig into his flesh.

He wanted this moment to last forever, but the wait was oh so maddening.


Ludwig let go of Feliciano's hand with a last lick over his index finger. Then he moved his head over to lick and kiss Italy's neck and his jaw, stopping at his mouth. He trailed his tongue over his lips to part them and let it slip into the other ones mouth, his hands roaming over Italy's slender body.

Feliciano tasted like wine and pasta and a bit like the dark forest around them. He entwined their tongues savoring the flavor and feelings that were caused by the intimate touch.

He broke off the kiss and whispered panting against Feliciano's mouth. "A tease...?" That made him chuckle to himself. "I am not always a tease, you know... Just sometimes."

Ludwig could feel his own excitement level rising, grinding his body against Feliciano's. Moving his own hand up to Italy's mouth he let his lover lick over his thumb to wet it. Then he reached down and wrapped his hand around Feliciano's hardened length, drawing circles over the sensitive tip of the head with his wet thumb.


Feliciano could only moan appreciatively as Ludwig worked his way up his neck, all too eager to give in to the searing kiss.

Although, he was too distracted with the kiss, trying to taste as much of Ludwig that he could, and too distracted with the touches and the licks, sucking obediently when Ludwig put his thumb in his mouth, to realize where exactly Ludwig's hand was straying.

Ludwig's voice had incited shivers down his body, but the hand on his erection had stars tingling at the corners of his eyes as he gasped and moaned and twitched at the touch. It took all of his remaining self control not to come at the first touch, both hands wrapped around Ludwig's back, nails digging into his flesh mercilessly, hanging on for dear life.

"Nnngh...! L-Lud-Lud...wig...Unn, sto-aaah..."

He latched onto Ludwig's neck once again, licks becoming more sloppy as his mind swam with pleasure. One of his hands trailed down Ludwig's back, grabbing and rubbing his ass.


Feliciano's hand rubbing his backside and nails digging into the skin of his back caused Ludwig to moan out. He squeezed Italy and started to rub up and down over his erection let his nimble fingers brush over the silky shaft.

Ludwig suddenly felt the urge to see his lover's expression and moved his head back and cupped the others chin carefully forcing him to look into his blue eyes. "Feliciano..." It was more a moan then a word but Ludwig realized how much he loved the sound of this name. He always tried to say it as Italian as he could but a little bit of his German accent was always flowing into his words.

The other man's face was fully on fire, his brown eyes darkened by the golden shimmer of lust surely caused by Ludwig's treatment. It turned him on to see the Italian flustered like this, awakening something deep inside of himself.

He let out a muffled groan against Feliciano's face, starting to lick the lips in front of him without breaking the eye contact. His hand was working in a steady beat, slightly readjusting the pace and pressure just by the reaction he got from his partner.


"Nnnnngh...!" His hands shot back up to Ludwig's back as he dug his nails in and hung on for dear life. His fingers felt so good, so unbearably good on his length...he wanted to hang on, wanted to enjoy Ludwig's touch for a bit longer, but as his vision swam and his mind blurred away, it was becoming increasingly hard to do so.

His thoughts barely cleared enough for him to register Ludwig's hand on his chin, forcing him too straight into those clear blue eyes he loved, eyes filled with need for him and only him. He could feel the heat of his flush all over his body, touched by the devotion.


Oooh, even the way he said his name had his erection throbbing like mad. The blond licked at his lips, staring him straight in the eyes, the stroking growing in a steady beat.

It was too much.

Way too much.

"Nnnngh! Aaaah...nnn!" He twitched, writhing in his grip, mind lost in waves of pleasure slowly going in intensity until Ludwig's fingers were all he felt.

"Nnngh...Aaaah~ L-Ludwig, nngh! Uuuh, I-I'm gonna..."


Feliciano's orgasm was close; Ludwig could tell by the reaction he got. He closed his eyes and parted the lips he was still licking. His tongue slipping inside of Italy's mouth one more time to catch the moan he would certainly hear when his partner reached his climax.

Desire was pretty much the only thing Ludwig felt right now. He had NEVER thought his Italian friend could be useful for things like this. But he had also never thought that he would do something like this himself. But it didn't matter anymore. Nothing mattered right now. It was only Ludwig and his lover. Only Germany and Italy.

He pressed Feliciano's back against the tree and started to grind against him speeding up his 'job' on Italy, his own erection throbbing and pressing against the other's waist.

"I'll... finish you... Here... and... NOW!" He panted into the passionate kiss.


Tears were beginning to peak at the corners of his eyes at the pleasure became too much for him, Ludwig's tongue exploring his mouth once again, grinding his own erection against Feliciano. He could only moan in response, his mind completely gone at this point, sloppily returning Ludwig's kiss, panting and gasping into his mouth.

Ludwig's hand began to stroke him faster and faster, Felciano's sight was only filled with those blues.

The kiss...the speeding rhythm...Ludwig's command...

He was too far gone.

"L-Ludwig...!" His vision exploded with stars as he finally reached his sweet relief, screaming his lover's name and gripping on to him with all the energy he could muster.

If the tree and Ludwig were not holding him up he would have fallen, his legs turning to jelly as he shook in the aftermath of his orgasm. His head rested against Ludwig's shoulder as panted from exhaustion.


Ludwig suddenly stopped his motion as he felt Feliciano's erection twitch and tremble in release, the warm liquid flowing over his fingers. Holding his hand wrapped tight around his lover he waited for him to get over his powerful orgasm.

Softly kissing Italy's cheek he could feel him calm down and relaxing against his shoulder. Ludwig let go of his grip and reached down to pick up Feliciano's night-shirt. He used it to whip the white sticky essence off his hand and also off Italy's length. Ludwig threw the night-shirt on page and picked up his own green jacket to wrap it around Feliciano's shoulders. Then he wrapped his arms around his worn-out partner.

"This training did not turn out how I had planned it." This comment was the first thing that came to his mind in this moment and it distracted him from his own still glowing excitement.

Ludwig took Feliciano's face in his hands lovingly stroking the cheeks with his thumbs. "My dear... You look like you need a shower, a plate full of pasta and a long siesta." He brushed a fast kiss onto the others lips. "Shall we go back to my place and get these three things for you?"


Feliciano giggled tiredly, nuzzling his face into the crook of Ludwigs's neck. "Mmm, this was better than anything Germany planned..." He snuggled up in Germany's jacket, too tired to move. His legs still felt like Jell-o, almost like he had one too many sips of wine.

He looked up at Ludwig, a slight pout on his face. "...carry me?"


"Carry you?" That bought Ludwig pretty fast back into reality. He let out an annoyed sigh. That was typical Feliciano. He could be so random sometimes.

Ludwig stepped away from Italy and the tree reaching down to pull his pants up. He thought a moment about what to do with the spotted night-shirt, but decided to ignore it and leave it where it was.

Then he turned around to Feliciano and lifted him off his feet to carry him. "This is only until we're out of the forest. When we are at my house you'll walk for yourself, yes?" He kissed Italy's forehead and started to walk back. HE actually had enough power left after their recent activities.

"Du bist mir auch ein unnützer Hasenfuß..." = 'You are such a useless coward.'

'Danke' = 'Thank you'

'Ti Amo' = 'I love you'

'Ich liebe dich' = 'I love you'

'Gottverdammt' = 'God-damned'

'Per favore' = 'Please'

'Oh Gott' = 'Oh god'

'Fretta' = 'Hurry'

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