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"Ve, okaaaaay~" Feliciano watched Ludwig leave the room with a slight pout, turning back to his food. Looked like their fun times were over for the meantime; the German seemed bound and determined to do yard work. "Boo...yard work's still no fun, Ludwig..." He mumbled to himself, nibbling on his toast with a sigh. Oh well. He would be good for now to get Ludwig in a good mood. He smiled to himself, finishing his toast in a few more ravenous bites, devouring his potatoes and chugging his coffee as quickly as possible, licking his lips and wiping his fingers on his borrowed pants before trotting out of the kitchen.

Feliciano headed outside to wait for Ludwig, shivering slightly against the brisk fall wind. The storm had almost stripped all of the trees of their leaves, leaving the ground covered in reds and browns. Racking wasn't on list of things he would consider fun, but at least the leaves were pretty. He hopped of the porch, kneeling down to poke the leaves. Despite the storm, the leaves seemed decently dry. He rolled up the sleeves of his shirt again, the much-too-big fabric rolling down his arm.


Since Feliciano was now wearing what Ludwig originally was planning to wear today, the German didn't change his clothes. Instead, he just finished the laundry before walking out of the house to start work. On his way to the yard he was sure to grab a rake, a bucket, and Feliciano's jacket; the Italian had forgotten to take it with him, of course.

With a slight sigh, Ludwig joined Feliciano in the yard and placed the jacket on the other's shoulders. He leaned the rake against the fence of the yard and gave the bucket to his friend. "It would be better if I rake up the leaves and you pick up the apples off the ground from under the tree over there." Ludwig tilted his head into the direction of a big apple tree. "We can make apple pie later if you pick all the apples."

This task should be easy enough for the Italian so Ludwig could focus on his own work and wouldn't have to worry about over the other man the whole time.


Feliciano squeaked in surprise when Ludwig draped the jacket over his shoulder, looking up at the man. "Ve~ Grazie, Ludwig!" He straightened up, putting his arms in the sleeves of the coat before Ludwig handed him a bucket, looking in it curiously.

"Apples?" Sure enough there was an apple tree where Ludwig had pointed, a bunch of apples laying around its roots from the previous storm. He hummed happily when Ludwig mentioned apple pie, a huge grin spreading across his lips. "Eh heh! Okay, I'll sure to get a bunch of yummy apples then and we can make a really big pie!"

He reached up on his toes to give Ludwig a peck on the cheek before skipping off to the tree with a giggle, swinging the basket in front of him. There were tons of apples at the base of the tree. "Veee...I don't think all these will fit" He sat the basket next to him, picking up an apple and inspecting it. It looked fresh to his discerning eye; no bruises or scars could be seen. He decided that it must have just fallen recently, so he put it in the basket. He picked up another one and immediately dropped it with a squeak. "E-Eeeeww..." That one had to be sitting on the ground for a while; it was squishy and had bugs crawling out of it. "Ve, g-gross..." He picked it up carefully and chucked it over the fence. Feliciano continued on that way, picking and chucking while singing softly to himself, happily focused on his task.


Ludwig was slightly glad he was able to get Feliciano to do something useful. It was something that did not happen often, so it was satisfying. Moreover, the Italian was pretty good in the kitchen, so they would have delicious pie for dinner. Maybe this would turn out to become a good day at all.

Raking up the leaves thoroughly, Ludwig focused completely on his own task. He occasionally would peek over to Feliciano from the corner of his eye to make sure that the Italian was still working instead of sneaking away to take one of his useless siestas.

It took Ludwig almost an hour until all the leaves from the yard were piled up into a neat mound. He turned around to Feliciano, voice as loud and strong as always to make sure the other man could hear him. "I'm going to get the wheelbarrow for the leaves. Just keep on working, I will be right back." Without waiting for an answer, Ludwig left the Italian in the yard.


Feliciano had worked diligently for about ten or fifteen minutes, but as the hour dragged on, he found himself growing sleepy; lots of work always made hims sleepy and there were so many apples to go through...He had began dozing off, rocking back and forth on his heels as he kneeled by the last few apples until Ludwig's call caused him to snap back to reality, head turning toward the voice.

He watched Ludwig walk off and tossed the last few good apples into the bucket, standing and stretching his achy joints. "Veee...that was more work than I thought it would be..." But at least Ludwig was done with his job as well, so maybe he would pay attention to him now. He picked up the bucket after a little bit of a struggle, apples overflowing from it, and began to stumble his way over to the pile of leaves Ludwig had raked.

"Veeee, that's a lot of leaaaaaaves~" He dropped the bucket down next to him, standing on his tip-toes to get a better look at the pile. It looked like ever single leave in the yard had been methodically dumped into the pile; it was bigger than Feliciano himself. "Wow~ It looks kinda comfortable~" Before he could think about how much of a bad idea it would be to ruin Ludwig's hard work, he found himself jumping into the pile, rolling around in the leaves and giggling madly. "Eh heh heh! Leaves are actually more fun than I thought~" He tossed some above his head, watching them float gently back to the ground.


Ludwig came back with the wheelbarrow but immediately dropped it down into the grass as he saw Feliciano rolling around in the pile of leaves like a dog. All the work Ludwig had done within the last hour was completely ruined. All the leaves he wanted to put into the wheelbarrow were now spread over the grass like they were before he had started to work. Ludwig stood silent for a few seconds, starring at the Italian for a moment.

Then something snapped inside of him. With a few strong steps he was by Feliciano and grabbed him by the collar to pull him out of the leaves. "What do you think you are doing?" His voice was filled with anger, sounding more like a captain yelling at his subordinate then a man talking to his lover. "You ruined ALL the work I did!" He shoved Feliciano away from himself with more force than he had planned to use.


Feliciano was still in ignorant bliss until Ludwig had forcibly lifted him out of the leaves, a small cry emitting from his lips when he noticed how livid the man was. Well, Ludwig had never taken well to having his work destroyed; as he looked back at the mess of the pile he had made, Feliciano could safely say he had completely mutilated all of his hard work.

"Ve, Ludwig I'm so—" His words were cut off as Ludwig pushed him away, causing him to stumble and almost fall back into the leaves. He began to laugh nervously, trying to lighten Ludwig's mood. "Ve, I'm sorry, Ludwig~ The leaves just looked so comfortable and I haven't had a siesta yet today so I was really tired and then they turned out to be really really fun and maybe you should try it to and…and…"

He began to tear up, disheartened by Ludwig's stern expression. "Veeeee, Ludwig, I'm really really sorry! Don't be mad! I-I got all the apples, see?" He pointed to the bucket nearby. "I-I-I'll make you a big apple pie, a-and I'll help you rack the leaves again! Veeee, just don't hate me I'm sorry! I'm soooooorry, veeee!" He hugged Ludwig tightly, looking up at him, his eyes begging for forgiveness.


None of Feliciano's pitiful excuses helped to lighten Ludwig's mood. "Now I have to redo ALL the work!" He peeled the Italian from himself and struggled hard against the hug. "Go away, Feliciano!" Ludwig pushed hard against the other man's chest to make his point clear. Then he turned around and picked the rake and started to rework what he had done earlier, frustration causing him to be rougher.

"Just go away and do something useful somewhere else." Turning his back to Feliciano he kept working, making clear that he didn't want the Italian with him right now. If there was something Ludwig hated it was definitely redoing work that had already been done. "I don't want to see you for the rest of the day!"

Great. Feliciano had ruined what was supposed to be a good day for the two of them. Ludwig had even planned to have siesta after lunch, just to make his lover happy. But now he was only frustrated and angry. He would be busy with this again for another hour.


Feliciano stared at Ludwig's back for a moment before choking back a sob, walking away without a word. He drifted back up to the house, sniffing and crying the whole way there. And it had been such a good morning too...He stumbled into the house, stripping off his jacket and wiping his tears with an over-sized sleeve. And now Ludwig didn't even want to see him anymore...

He sighed, stalking through the empty house like a zombie. Feliciano didn't really want to go home; he figured he would just wait until Ludwig cooled down before trying to apologize again...although he seemed really angry...and he didn't even have any apples! He could have tried making apple pie to distract himself (and eventually Ludwig) of his little mistake, but he had left the bucket outside, and he really didn't want to go back outside again either...Ludwig was probably still really mad.

"...veee..." Feliciano sniffed again, feeling another round of tears coming on. He didn't want Ludwig mad at him! Not that it was the first time he had gotten the German mad at him, but still!

Feliciano felt something poking at his leg; he looked down, meeting a pair of round, brown eyes. "Aster! Ve, how did you get inside?" The dog huffed, wagging his tail expectantly. Feliciano wiped at his cheeks again, kneeling down with a giggle. "Sorry, sorry~ I guess I must of left the door open..." Sure enough, two more dogs popped their heads into the room, looking at the Italian expectantly. He giggled and pet the other two, his mood lifting. "Heh heh, I know, I know~" He began to play with their ears, sighing a bit. "I wish I could just pat your master on the head and make everything better, ve..." Hanging his own head, he looked at the big brown dog almost expectantly. "…what should I do, Aster?" The dog barked at him, ambling away. Feliciano quickly jumped to his feet to follow the dog—maybe Aster did have some answers for him? "Wait!"

He ended up in a storage room that was mostly used for the dogs now, proven by all three dogs rushing into the room, curling up on the cushion set aside for them. Feliciano watched them with a giggle before looking around the room, a bit curious. "Ve, I've never really been in here before…" He walked up to a big wardrobe, opening it up- reveal some strange things. Most of it seemed to be books; some pretty normal looking, others looking to be about relationship advice, all methodically ordered. Under those were rows of DVDs which Feliciano really had to struggle to not touch. "...Ludwig has a lot of weird things~" But something else caught his attention; below the DVDs was a box, covered in Kiku's weird lettering. "…a present from Kiku?" He dragged the box out of the cabinet, opening it... reveal even STRANGER things. It looked to be full of clothes; he pulled out what was on top, the foreign cloth turning out to be a maid outfit, complete with endless ruffles an apron. He peered back into the box, only to find it full of maid costumes in different colors and styles. Feliciano stared into the box before a grin began to spread across his cheeks again; maybe there was still some hope for this day…


Ludwig finally emptied the last wheelbarrow full of leaves on the pile of compost behind the pavilion in the corner of the yard after a long, hard hour of rework, just as he had thought. However, now that he was finally done, his mood had slightly lightened up; not that he wasn't still frustrated and mad at Feliciano, but being done with work was at least a small reason to be glad. And he was even able to work without any kind of distraction. he haven't even heard his dogs, which was not much of a worry since they were all well trained and would usually not make any trouble even if Ludwig didn't watch them. Ludwig left the yard and took the bucket of apples with him.

Entering the house, Ludwig put the bucket down in the hallway and headed straight to the bathroom. He would bring the apples into the kitchen later; right now he wanted a shower and clean clothes. The silence in the house was nothing that really bothered the German. For him, it was just proof that Feliciano had finally listened to one of his orders.

Clean and newly dressed Ludwig made his way to the kitchen, sighing at the sight of the plate and coffee cup that Feliciano had left on the table after breakfast. He put them into the dishwasher and left the kitchen after grabbing a bottle of cold beer, headed for the living room. Ludwig sat down on the couch, putting the beer onto the coffee table and opened a book he had started a while ago. A little bit of reading would distract him from the frustration of the day.


There had been a lot of maid outfits to choose from. A LOT. There were some that came with cat ears and witch hats, and some that looked like the strange robes he would wear sometimes when he went to visit Kiku; some Feliciano considered to be less like an maid outfit and more like tiny bands of cloth held together by strings to barely cover one's vital regions. In the end, Feliciano picked a much more conservative dress, reminiscent of the ones he used to wear as a child.

The dress was a deep scarlet, complete with a white apron and handkerchief, and even came with a pair of white socks and bloomers. He wiggled into the dress, the hem dancing at his knees as he struggled to zip it up by himself, the dogs watching him curiously. After a bit of contortion on his part, he managed to get it zipped up, letting out a small victory cry, bending to pat down the front of the dress and fix the white cuffs at his wrists. He managed to find some suitable shoes at the bottom of the box; he slipped them on along with the socks and grabbed the apron, hurrying to the bathroom.

Feliciano looked at himself in the mirror, giggling and twirling a bit. He had never really minded dresses; he wasn't like Feliks, who would cross-dress at any opportunity, but after living with Elizabeta for as long as he did, the Italian was used to being a living dress-up doll. He put the apron on, having more luck with tying a big, pretty bow than he had with zipping the dress up, and put the handkerchief on his head. With one final look in the mirror, he rushed out of the bathroom, determined to find Ludwig.

However, he became a little side-tracked on his journey, mostly because he almost tripped over the bucket of apples that had been left in the hallway. Feliciano looked around, realizing Ludwig must have brought them in. "...I did say I would make apple pie~" He hoisted the heavy bucket with both hands, stumbling off into the kitchen where he wasted no time getting ready to bake, pre-heating the oven and starting to wash and peel the apples.


The beer was gone faster then Ludwig had thought it would be. Slightly cursing himself, he got up from the couch and walked out of the living room towards the kitchen. This time he'd have to take more than one bottle with him.

The sight of Feliciano left the tall blond completely frozen.

Whatever Ludwig had expected to find in the kitchen it was CERTAINLY not this. The first thing he saw was legs. Long, smooth legs covered in tight white stockings which reached up to the knees, slender ankles peeking out of red shoes with frilly bands; Ludwig's brain had stopped responding. He could only stare at his lover like he had just seen him for the first time.

Ludwig's brain slowly restarted as he had to remind himself to breath. Still not sure what to think about this sight, the German found himself starting to feel this treacherous heat tingling in his lower body. He swallowed to clear his suddenly dry throat as he allowed his eyes roam over the alluring sight in front of him. The big bouncing bow that held the apron in the place of its destination nearly covered the whole back of the dress, making the Italian look slender and vulnerable. Almost feminine. Even if the other man still had his back turned, the German felt immediately turned on.

All the frustration he had felt mere moments ago was completely gone, forgotting all the anger he had for his Italian lover. Finally managing to find a few coherent thoughts in the mess that was currently his brain, Ludwig almost choked on the words as he asked in an already hoarse tone, "Feliciano..." He had to swallow again before continuing. "What are you...WEARING?"


Feliciano hadn't even heard Ludwig walk into the room; he almost cut himself when the German finally spoke up, jumping in surprise. He turned around to face the man, a little bit wary of the reaction he might be receiving, but was relieved to see that it was surprise, not anger, spread across the man's face. That made things a bit easier for him.

"Eh heh! I felt really bad for ruining Ludwig's work, ve..." he twisted the hem of his skirt in his hands sheepishly, ", to make it up, I'm gonna be Ludwig's maid for the rest of the night!" He turned back to the apples, skirts swishing around his legs as he did, working hard to finish preparing the filling as quickly as possible. "So, I'm going to make Ludwig this delicious pie, and then I'll make you dinner since I didn't finish breakfast either! And I'll do anything Ludwig wants me to so you can just relax, okay?" He trotted over to the fridge, taking out two balls of dough. He unbuttoned his cuffs and rolled up his sleeves, sprinkling flower on the cutting board so he could roll out the pie crust.

"What does Ludwig want for dinner? Potatoes? Wurst? I'll make you anything you want!" He rolled the dough flat with a rolling pin, rocking back and forth as he pushed the pin with the flat of his palms. "Anything you need, I'll get for you!"


'I'm gonna be Ludwig's maid for the rest of the night!'

Even that one sentence made an endless string of images explode in Ludwig's mind. Very pleasant images. He had tried it every day...actually, he tried it many times every day, but Ludwig could still not understand what was going on in Feliciano's head. All the knowledge he had collected over the years and all the books he had read did not help at all to understand the way his lover was thinking.

Ludwig finally found the energy to move, but his eyes were still fixed on the hem of Feliciano's dress, staring at his long legs and that little bit of tanned skin that was visible between the skirt and the socks. The German had touched and caress this warm flesh more than once, but right now it looked much more appealing and smooth than it normally did.

Ludwig walked over to the table, and holding onto the edge to keep himself steady. His legs felt oddly numb, sitting down at a chair as he managed to force out some more hoarse words. "I...I came here to...get a beer."


"Ve?" The brunet looked up from his rolling, straightening up. "A beer? Leave it to me!" He wiped his fingers on the front of his apron, brushing off the light coating of flour before skipping over to the fridge, grabbing a bottle. Feliciano even got a cool mug out of the freezer as well, pouring the beer into the mug before trotting up to Ludwig, placing it on the table with a bright smile. "There you go! One cold beer, poured just for you! Enjoy!"

He turned around with a giggle, turning his attention back onto the pie. He finished off the bottom crust and placed it into a pie tin. The Italian layered it with the apples he had sliced, and a bit of sugar and other spices, quickly weaving a top crust out of strips of pie dough.

Finished with the preparations, he put the pie in the oven, turning the timer on. "There! And now we can have pie when it's done baking! I hope you like it!" Feliciano turned on his heels, facing the man once again with the brightest smile he could make. "Now, what else can I get for you? A newspaper? Something to snack on while you wait for the pie? Don't be afraid to ask!" He clasped his hands in front of him, waiting patiently.


Ludwig curled his fingers around the mug once Feliciano had set it down, but did not drink from it yet. And he did not answer Feliciano's questions either. Instead, he stared at his lover absent-mindedly. It was like Ludwig had been rolled flat by the force of this new situation. He needed at few moments to get over the astonishment that caught his mind.

But once he was over the first heavy shock, Ludwig let his gaze roam over Feliciano's body, catching every single curve of the sight to burn it into his mind. He slowly moved his hand over to rest it on the other man's inner thigh. The sensation of the silky fabric of the socks almost made him whine, but he managed to keep enough control to take a deep shaky breath instead. He slowly moved and brushed his hand up Feliciano's leg. Soft white socks turned into the warmth of skin, and after a moment that felt like an eternity, Ludwig slid his hand deeper and lifted the hem of the skirt to reveal what was hidden under it.

Oh. God...Bloomers...This maid dress was really complete! Now Ludwig couldn't help it but choking out a low moan, his body slightly shuddering on its own accord, and causing him to pour a little bit of his beer on the table. He froze for a second and snapped back to reality, scooting away from Feliciano and staring at the puddle of beer on the table. "M-My beer..."


Feliciano gasped out when he felt Ludwig's fingers on his leg, but he managed to keep completely still, shivers traveling down his spine as the man's fingers brushed against his skin. The seconds dragged on as Ludwig scrutinized him with his touch, Feliciano struggling to keep his mind out of dangerous waters. He was almost relieved with the touches stopped and Ludwig split his beer; it allowed him to finally breathe once again.

"Ve, I'll get it!" He skipped off like nothing had happened and his heart wasn't beating madly in his chest, but he couldn't disguise the slight color his cheeks had obtained under the sweet torture. Grabbing a washcloth, he hurried back to the table, wiping away the spilled beer. "Let me get that for you~" Feliciano gently took the mug from the man's fingers, walking back over to the counter to refill it with more beer. The Italian scrubbed the side of the mug with the cloth, wiping any trace of beer from the outside and used the moment to regain his composure, taking a deep breath before turning back to Ludwig with the same bright smile as before.

"Here you go! All better! But don't spill it all or we will run out, eh heh!" He clasped his hands in front of him once again, waiting patiently in front of Ludwig. "Ve, now what can I do for you? Do you need anything?"


Once he got his mug back, Ludwig took a long sip from it, the coolness of the beer helping to clear his throat and his thoughts. So, Feliciano wanted to play again? Fine. It seemed that he would never run out of ideas. Ludwig took another long gulp before putting the mug down, looking at his lover intensively. "Yes...there is something I need..." He closed his eyes, trying to fight down the blush that threatened to flush his face, but failed. The German opened his eyes again and locked his gaze with Feliciano's, his eyes dark and filled with a devious glint. He would only play this game when he was allowed to make the rules.

"I need..." He slowly trailed his thumb over his lip and wiped away the foam from the beer, his gaze still locked with his lover's brown eyes as he licked the white foam off his thumb. "...I need you to do something for me..." Ludwig leaned back in his chair and strained his shoulders. "The pie will be ready soon. Go make coffee. Then, we'll eat the pie while it is still warm." The order might have sounded innocent at first, but Ludwig had second thoughts.

Just imagining Feliciano twirling around in the kitchen and busying himself doing the tasks Ludwig ordered him to do was enough to stir Ludwig's excitement. How it must look when the hem of the skirt twisted around his lover's slender legs, and how the bow of the apron would bounce up and down with every movement…Ludwig would sit and watch, to see if the real thing was as stimulating as the image of it.


"...Eh? Just coffee?" Feliciano tilted his head, almost wary of the look the other man was giving him. He had expected a strong reaction from the man, like the one he got when Ludwig first saw him, but now he seemed so...calm. Calculating. And the way that he licked the foam from his beer off his finger wasn't helping Feliciano's imagination of what was going on in the man's head at all.

The Italian suddenly felt a little self-conscious; he could feel the heat on his cheeks as he stuttered out a response. "O-of course! Eh heh heh, w-whatever you want!" He turned away from those blue eyes, bustling over to the coffee maker. "Pie tastes great with coffee! Ve~" He could still feel Ludwig's eyes on his back as he waited for the coffee beans to grind, squirming and bouncing on his toes. The Italian was slightly confused by Ludwig's request in the first place; why did he want coffee when he already had beer? He shook his head to himself, starting to brew the coffee. At least the request wasn't hard; he had almost expected Ludwig to say something like "clean the whole house" or "go outside and do more lawn work" in revenge for earlier.

Feliciano bounced around the kitchen, mood lightening and wariness fading as he just looked to the bright side of things; the task wasn't hard, and he got to eat pie and drink coffee! He reached up on his tip toes, getting two nice mugs for them and sat them on a tray, pouring the steaming coffee into them. "Coffee is done! And the pie should be done soon, too!"


The only thing Ludwig did was watch Feliciano work. The bow of the apron did bounce up and down with every move the Italian made and the skirt did twist around those long, slender legs just like Ludwig thought they would. The sight was almost too delicious to be true. Ludwig had to swallow hard and strain his shoulders once his lover was done with the coffee and had turned back to him.

"That is good." Ludwig's voice was strong and demanding as always, with just a little bit of excitement shining through his stern façade. "While we are waiting for the pie to bake, you should come over..." Reaching out for the Italian, Ludwig put his hand on Feliciano's back and pulled him over. Ludwig spread his legs slightly, pulling the Italian between them. "I'd like to get a good view of you..." Glancing up to his lover from under heavy lidded eyes, Ludwig placed his hands on the back of the other man's thighs. He let his fingers brush upwards ever so slowly like earlier, sliding them under the skirt until he reached Feliciano's behind, never breaking the eye contact.

Ludwig let out a slight groan as he rested his hands on his lover's buttocks, gently rubbing and squeezing them through the fabric of the bloomers. "Reaching up he brushed a quick kiss onto Feliciano's lips and settled his mouth over his lover's. "I can tell..." Ludwig's hot breath brushed over Feliciano's lips. "...that I like what I see...and feel." With that he gave a nearly rough squeeze on the butt in his hands.


Feliciano walked over to Ludwig when called, holding the silver tray in his hands. "Ve, okay-" He squeaked as Ludwig suddenly pulled him over, the mugs perching precariously on the edge of the tray. He put the tray on the table as Ludwig pulled him between his legs, hands flying to Ludwig's shoulders to steady himself. Feliciano looked down at the man, eyes wide and blushing furiously. "L-Ludwig? What..."

His question was lost at Ludwig's first touch on his leg, shivers running down his spine as the hand moved upward ever so slowly. Feliciano managed to keep staring into Ludwig's bright blues, already starting to pant, those pants turning to small gasps as Ludwig began to massage his behind.

"L-Ludwig..." Feliciano breathed heavily into the man's mouth, already flushed with pleasure. A garbled gasp choked out of his throat as Ludwig squeezed him again, little moans puffing from his chest now. He gripped Ludwig's shoulder tightly, starting to squirm under the German's abuse. "W-what about...the pie...?" At this rate he wasn't going to have any room left in his mind for thoughts about the pie in the oven, and the gourmet in the back of his mind just couldn't let a perfectly good pie burn.


Ludwig answered Feliciano's question about the pie with a strong kiss. He pressed his hands against his lover's butt, sliding his tongue into Feliciano's mouth, sucking on his lips and moaning into the alluring warmth. Ludwig kept kissing his lover unrelentingly as the minutes dragged on, still putting groping backside before breaking the kiss for air.

"Haa... Yes. The pie..." He let his hands slip away from Feliciano's butt and shifted his position on the chair. It was new for the blond for his Italian ally to actually listen to his orders, and Ludwig was determined to make use of this opportunity, especially since Feliciano would be dressed like he was for the rest of the day. He slowly stood up, holding the eye contact with his lover.

"You will bring the pie and the coffee to the living room." Ludwig trailed his index finger over the frilly fabric of the apron bands before brushing a small kiss onto Feliciano's lips. "I will wait there for you." With that, he left the kitchen and walked to the living room.

Entering the room, Ludwig closed the door behind him and took a deep breath. He opened the buttons of his shirt while he walked over to sit down on the couch, taking another deep and steadying breath. Ludwig made himself comfortable, placing his hands on his thighs and straining his shoulders as he focused his glance on the door, waiting for Feliciano to come in with the coffee and pie.


Feliciano could only respond to Ludwig's intense kiss, breathing short, mewling moans into Ludwig's mouth as he licked and sucked and explored the hand on his bottom still making him shudder. He gasped for air when Ludwig finally broke the kiss, panting and shaking in Ludwig's hold, mind no better than his body.

The small kiss Ludwig left on his lips before leaving had broken his stupor, but left him blushing furiously. He watched the man walk away, Feliciano holding his hand to his lips before his shook his head, slowly drifting over to the oven. For Ludwig, who was usually so stubborn when it came to love...times like this really took the Italian by surprise. Usually, he had to coax any type of response from the man. Wearing the dress may have counted as coaxing, but at the time he didn't think the response would be this strong. Maybe some blank stares and stuttering, but for Ludwig to take the initiative like this...

It was...exciting. And a bit unnerving. Ludwig was supposed to be the one taken off guard, not him!

The buzzing of the timer almost made him jump out of his skin; he quickly turned it off, sliding on a pair of oven mittens and taking the golden brown pie out of the oven and setting it on the counter to cool. He got out some plates and a knife; shaky hands cut the pie into pieces and placed them down on the plates, adding a dollop of cream and a grating of chocolate on top of each of them.

He took a deep breath before lifting the tray laden with desert, walking into the living room as he was told. He couldn't help but stare as Ludwig stared back, almost tripping over his own feet. "U-Um...Pie's done!" He sat the tray down on the end table with a small smile, straightening up and patting the front of his dress.

"...what would you like next, ve?"


Ludwig had time to cool down while he waited for Feliciano. His shirt hung open over his shoulders, his chest still covered with his tank top. He focused on the door for a long time, only causing his glance to intensify when his lover finally opened it and came into the room with the pie and coffee, those long legs almost stumbling into the room, face flushed but focused on his task; Ludwig found it extremely sexy. This guise of his little Italian fit him better than every lame attempt to train or do anything else the German would call useful.

"Come over here. We'll eat the pie together." Ludwig said, patting the couch next to him. He didn't wait for his lover to sit down though; he grabbed his mug of coffee and took a good long sip from it before he started on the pie. Which was very delicious, just like Ludwig thought; Feliciano was the best when it came to good food.

Ludwig said no word while he was busy eating his pie, pretending he didn't have any kind of interest on his lover. But he did of course, glancing over to Feliciano from the corner of his eye. The tanned skin of the knees barely covered by the hem of the skirt made him long to touch them. He forced himself to stay patient and watch his lover eat the pie. So nervous and flustered; it made Ludwig grow hard even by the sight of it. Like Feliciano had jumped right out of one of the shameful fantasies Ludwig sometimes had right before he fell asleep.

Once Ludwig was done with the pie and the coffee, he stood, his glance still focused on the Italian. "I'm going to take some rest." He walked over to the door, making sure Feliciano would not notice how much Ludwig was already aroused just by looking at him. "You will join me once you're done putting away the dishes." Without looking back he left the living room and headed for the bedroom, sitting down on his side of the bed, his focus again on the door as he waited for Feliciano to enter the bedroom.


Feliciano obediently walked over to the couch, sitting down and grabbing a plate of pie. Well, Ludwig had commanded him to do worse, right? And those times he wasn't even in a maid outfit. If all Ludwig was going to have him do was make coffee and eat pie, this day could be much more enjoyable than he thought it would be.

But he still couldn't help but fumble with his fork and he ate, blushing at Ludwig's stare. He was still not used to this obvious response from the man. Sure, he always wanted it, but now that he had it, he kind of missed the quick glances and blushes he usually got from the blond. At least he didn't feel like every move was being scrutinized then.

He had barely finished his last bite of pie before Ludwig had gotten up, giving him more commands. "U-um, okay, Ludwig!" He grabbed the tray of dishes, trotting into the kitchen. He was happy to have an excuse to have the eyes off of him, the warm water soothing him a bit.

He finished up the dishes in no time, drying them and putting them away along with the pie, wiping down the tables and counters before drying his hands on his apron. Feliciano had almost forgotten about Ludwig's second command, but he froze when he did.

The Italian peaked his head into the bedroom before walking in, feeling apprehensive for some reason. He still had no idea what Ludwig was thinking, although he could make a few guesses that sent tingles down his spine. "Ve, I'm done with the dishes~" He stood in front of the man obediently once again. "U-um...what next?"


Just sitting on the bed and waiting for Feliciano was meant to cool Ludwig down a bit, but it had the opposite effect. Ludwig let his thoughts loose, and considering that had already been turned on since the first sight of his lover dressed like that, the thoughts that wandered were quite pleasant for him. He closed his eyes and strained his shoulder, crossing his arms over his chest. Why did Feliciano need so long? Or was it just anticipation that made seconds feel like minutes?

Once Feliciano finally came into the bedroom Ludwig's eyes snapped open; focusing the man in front of him with a dark glance, he took one deep breath after another, trying to concentrate one calming himself. And failed completely. "Next...?" The strong, low voice of the tall German was almost a whispered threat. "Next, I'm going to take you."

Ludwig's hand suddenly shot out and clenched Feliciano's arm, pulling him onto the bed. Pinning the Italian down, Ludwig hovered over him, holding both of his lover's wrists in an iron grip above his head. "I'm going to do you like I mean it." Ludwig's voice was hoarse and demanding, making sure his implications were clear. "I'll not hold back. And I'm not going to be gentle."


"Ve? What-"

Feliciano should have seen it coming, with Ludwig's actions earlier and the completely feral stare he was giving him.

He had been too focused on trying to catch what the man had been saying that he didn't even notice the hand shooting out to grab his wrist; he hit the bed with a yelp, eyes wide as Ludwig held him in his gaze, blue eyes already glazed with lust. Feliciano struggled against the vice grip on his wrists, even if he knew it was useless. "L-Ludwig?" He was cut off as the man spoke, eyes only growing wider, struggling becoming a bit more frantic. Honestly, he was a bit frightened of his lover at this moment, the dark, lustful gaze only increasing his panic. "Ludwig, w-wait! T-this isn't about earlier, is it? I'm sorry-"


Ludwig lowered his head and nibbled roughly down over his lover's neck. "You are a slut, Feliciano." Biting down on the soft skin of the other's shoulder, he left a dark red mark along with the others he had made earlier. "An Italian whore." Ludwig shifted his full weight on top of Feliciano and pressed him down into the bedsheets. "You cannot run around dressed like that and turn me on like you did and think that I'll stay cool and let you off the hook with a gentle smile."



He gasped out in pain as Ludwig first bit into his shoulder, whimpering. Ludwig's words stung almost as much as the bite; he teared up, trembling instead of the fruitless struggles he had been making before. "L-Ludwig, d-don't! S-stop!" He tried to move his legs up to his chest to curl up against the pain, but the man stopped him before he could even attempt to move, pressing him against the cushions. He whimpered again, tossing his head. "I'm sorry, I'm sorry! Just-aah! D-don't! Stop!"


"You are hypocritical!" Ludwig licked up Feliciano's neck, his voice dark as he groaned his words into his lover's ear, still holding the wrists in an iron grip. "You are always begging me to do you. With every move you make. Every glance and every word from you is just meant to turn me on. And now that I'm going to have my way with you, you are whining." He suddenly scooted off the other man and flipped him over onto his stomach. "It is my turn now, so stop complaining!"

Ludwig pulled open the bow of the bands that held the apron together on the back of Feliciano's dress before forcing the other's arms to back and looped the apron bands around the wrists to tie them together against his back, allowing Feliciano no movement. Flipping his lover back onto his back Ludwig forced the other man's legs apart to sit between them.


Feliciano flinched as Ludwig reprimanded him, choking back a small sob. The deep voice in his ear made him shiver, the licks and nips at his neck causing him to squirm and gasp as his face grew hot. The struggles at the hand at his wrists grew weaker as well; he knew there was no way he could possibly break free from the man's grip. Feliciano tried to beg one last time, growing a bit frantic. The Italian was always been sure Ludwig wouldn't hurt him on purpose; this time however, he didn't know if he could handle what the German was planning, and that left him more than a bit scared. "B-But Ludwig, yo-you're moving too fast! Just, wait, please! I'm not ready-hyaaah!"

His face bounced against the bed as he was forcibly flipped over, gasping out. "L-Ludwig, wait!" His arms were behind his back before he could even think to escape from his grip, wrapped and tied securely in his own apron strings, hands unable to move from the small of his back. "S-stop, please! U-Untie me, ve!" He hated the sensation of being tied up; he struggled more fervently at the bonds at his wrists than he had ever at Ludwig's grip, tears starting to peak at the corners of his eyes again.


Ludwig folded away the dress and slid down the bloomers to expose Feliciano's erection. "You're telling me to stop, and yet you are already so aroused?" Ludwig left the bloomers halfway on Feliciano's thighs so he could still see and feel them while he put attention to his lover's obvious need. "You just proved yourself a liar." Leaning down to Feliciano's lower body he licked up the shaft from the base to the tip and took the head of his lover's erection in his mouth, sucking up the sweet pearls of dripping need.


He didn't have much time to complain before the German had flipped him over again, wincing as he landed on his tied hands. A gasp broke through his whimpers as Ludwig forced his legs apart, pulling down his bloomers and giving his erection a long lick. "Ah!" He twisted his upper body, face now flaming from a combination of embarrassment and pleasure. Despite his fear, this was still his lover giving attention to his body, and he couldn't help but respond in kind. "L-Ludwig...d-don't..." The plea was barely a whisper, Feliciano closing his eyes and shuddering.


Ludwig did not stop. But he did let go of Feliciano's shaft with his mouth, switching to stroke it with his hand. "No, I won't stop..." He hovered over his lover, breathing hot over Feliciano's face. "You are so needy. I just give you what you deserve."

Licking down the other man's jaw, he began to nibble roughly on his earlobe. "You always complain. Every time you say I am teasing too much. And now you say I am going too fast." Ludwig groaned into Feliciano's ear in annoyance. "I can never do it the right way for you." Suddenly, the German let go of his lover and sat back to put his attention to one of the Italian's legs.

He took of the shoe and pulled off the long, silky sock in one smooth move. Then he forced the middle part of it into Feliciano's mouth, tying the ends of the sock behind the back of his lover's head to gag him. "And now I can't hear your complaints any more." Ludwig wrapped his hand around the throbbing erection again and started stroking, keeping his glance on the delicious and flustered face of the submissive man below him.


Feliciano had tried to hold back his moans, gasping out as Ludwig replaced his mouth with his hand. The voice in his ear left him shivering again; it was so primal, almost threatening, and a bit more frightening than he had ever been during training. Feliciano had never been this much at the man's mercy. He had always been helpless and needy and useless, but never this helpless.

With the man's hand away from his length and his lips away from his ears, allowing him a clear thought or two, Feliciano tried pleading once again. "L-Ludwig, I'm sorry, I don't know, I'm sorry! Just-" Once again, he was caught unaware as Ludwig forced the silky stocking into his mouth, his eyes flying open in surprised. He twisted his head, trying to get the gag out of his mouth but to no avail; Ludwig had already tied it tightly around his head, muffling his pleas.

"Mmph!" Feliciano tried to push the thick cloth away with his tongue, gasping out as he struggled and twisted. Eventually he resigned to his fate, biting down on the gag instead. He closed his eyes again tears now rolling down his flushed cheeks as Ludwig continued to stroke him, arching his back at the feeling of pleasure he couldn't stave off.


"Is this what you really want from me?" Ludwig leaned down to Feliciano's face, kiss on the other's cheek almost gentle. "You want me to fuck you hard, right?" Slowly he was starting to lose control over the situation. His lover was so open to Ludwig's will; the German could do anything he wanted now. Swallowing hard, he increased the pace of his stroking on Feliciano's length, adding more pressure to make sure the other would feel all the desire Ludwig had to give.

"Don't you worry, horny boy. You'll get screwed for sure." Ludwig groaned needy against Feliciano's cheek, tongue flicking out to lick up the salty tears that kept falling from Italian eyes. Ludwig could feel the erection in his hand throb and the warmth of his lover's need coated his hand, reminding him of his own lust. "God...Feliciano…You need this so much, don't you?" The blonde grinded his lower body against Feliciano's leg, rubbing his own fully erected shaft against the soft white sock that remained on the other's long, slender leg.


Choking on the gag as he gasped, Feliciano twisted his body again, muffled moans escaping through the cloth. He was frightened, but it felt so good. He was scared and helpless, but despite all that, this was still Ludwig who was touching him this way, still Ludwig who was breathing in his ear and kissing his cheek, still his voice making his head swim.

The hand never relented and the fire in his lower body only got worse, breath hitching as the pleasure became more and more unbearable. He could only squirm and writhe against the feeling, unable to grab or move or do anything against Ludwig's sweet torture. He slammed his head back against the bed, biting harder onto the sock as he fought against the sensation building inside him, squeezing his eyes shut hard.

Feliciano had never been strong, however. He couldn't help but come under Ludwig's teasing, crying out into the gag. His chest heaved as he panted through the cloth, eyes still closed and more tears streaming down his cheeks as he trembled.


Ludwig kept stroking Feliciano in a merciless pace and sat back as he noticed that his lover was almost nearing his peak. Once the first load of release pumped out of the Italian, Ludwig let go off the shaft and pulled the bloomers up over Feliciano's erection. A low moan escaped him as he observed the way how the warm white soaked through the innocent fabric of the underwear, facinated. "Wow... My dear Feliciano..."

He stared at his lover's trembling with dark eyes, thoughts drowned in lust as he trailed his index finger over the sticky fluid that coated Feliciano's lower body now, droplets of it sticking in the skirt. "You messed up that pretty dress of yours." Ludwig tucked away the part of the bloomers that covered the other's entrance and rubbed his semen-covered finger over the tight opening.

A soft voice deep in Ludwig's mind told him to wait, to prepare his lover so he wouldn't hurt him; it whispered that Feliciano needed time to adjust and to come back down from his orgasm. But Ludwig didn't listen. He was lost in his own feral instincts. And that was all that currently mattered to him. Eagerly, he pulled open his own pants, hissing at the sensation as his erection popped free. "You'll get fucked now, boy. Really hard. Like you deserve it." Every hard word came out as a groan as Ludwig lined himself up, pressing strong against Feliciano's entrance.


Feliciano's head was swimming, the haze of his orgasm still slowing down his thoughts. Ludwig's voice called out to him from far away, and his was unable to make heads or tails of the words being spoken; he could've been speaking German for all the good it did the Italian.

The only thing that slowly brought him to the surface was the touch on his behind, sending a whole new fit of shivers down his spine. His eyelids fluttered open, struggling to focus on what the man was doing. It was only when he realized that Ludwig's pants were now open that he began to panic again.

He let out a long groan, squirming as Ludwig began pressing against him. He had no time to mentally prepare himself for this, nor did Ludwig help him physically. His jaw hung slack in a muffled cry, saliva dripping down his chin as he struggled to swallow with the gag in his mouth. "Mmm!" His chest shook with small sobs; it was painful, more painful that usual, and the pleasure that usually offset the pain had not had a chance to recover from his orgasm. He opened his eyes, pleading Ludwig with them, tears clouding his vision and he weakly writhed under his demands.


These big brown, tearful eyes that glanced frightened up to him had exact the opposite effect of what they should have. Instead of slowing down Ludwig broke his way inside almost forceful, his dark eyes locked with Feliciano's pleading glance.

A dark, long moan escaped him at the sensation of his lover around him. Feliciano was as tight as usual, his hot and now dry inside clenched around Ludwig's shaft as he pressed up all the way until he had himself buried inside of his lover to the hilt.

"Haa... ah!" Ludwig didn't move immediately; he kept himself all the way inside and savoured the feeling until his eyes fluttered close and passion took over. He lowered his head down and licked hungrily at Feliciano's shoulder while his fists clenched at the skirt for purchase as he started to move with powerful thrusts.

"Gottverdammt, Feliciano..." The rest of the sentence got lost in a long moan as Ludwig's next thrust hit Feliciano's sensitive, sweet spot. "... du bist so... Aaaah... eng..." Ludwig moved his head slightly up as he growled and breathed hot against his lovers ear, trying to fill his mind with as much of his the Italian's scent as possible.


Even the gag couldn't hold back the cry of pain ripping from the brunet's chest as Ludwig forced his way inside, rubbing against him roughly from the lack of lubrication and preparation. He felt like he was being ripped apart, a burning sensation making his lower body tingle.

Feliciano was barely in the right mind to notice when Ludwig had paused, his length completely enclosed inside him. Small mewls of pain whispered past the sock in his mouth; whimpering was the only thing the Italian was capable of now. His body trembled, but he was too exhausted to struggle anymore.

The brunet may have not noticed Ludwig pause, but he certainly noticed when he began to move once again, a low moan drawing from his throat. He didn't know if it was the pause or the numbness or even pleasure that left this round less painful, but whatever it was he was grateful for it. He squeaked at each new thrust, eyes opening wide as Ludwig began to brush against his oh so sensitive spot deep inside. His length twitched, Feliciano beginning to arch and twist at the pleasure again, stomach clenching and squeezing Ludwig tightly.


Ludwig slowed his strong thrusts down a bit as he noticed that something was wrong. He could not really put a finger on it but it was bothering him. The blond frowned and glanced up to Feliciano while he rolled his hips to deliver a long almost smooth thrust. As he struggled to get a clear thought into his lust dazed mind, it suddenly came to him.

He was missing Feliciano's voice. The shameless moans that turned him on so much, the way his lover cried out his name to prove he loved what the German did to him. The way the Italian was gagged made it almost impossible for him to make any other noises than muffled groans.

Ludwig let out an annoyed growl and pulled out of his lover to flip him onto his stomach. The sight of Feliciano's tied up arms made Ludwig moan out, a jolt of pleasure shot down his spine and made his erection throb. He leaned down and kissed his lover's palms almost lovingly, licking over the bruised wrists and rubbing his cheek gently over the apron strings. "Feliciano..." Ludwig's hoarse voice was lost in a long moan.

Reaching up with a trembling hand, he pulled open the knot that held the sock in place and pulled the gag out of his lover's mouth. "Let me..." The German held his hands on Feliciano's hips as he lifted them to allow him better access. "... hear your..." Ludwig eagerly lined himself up again and pushed inside with a long, merciless thrust. "...voice... Aaah. ah!"


Feliciano wasn't sure if he should be grateful or more worried when the German pulled out of him. Despite the pain, the abuse on his sweet spot had left him shaking, tremors running down his spine and his lower body tingling once again.

He barely squeaked this time when Ludwig flipped him over, too tired to make much more of a fuss. The blood rushed back to his fingertips painfully, wrists throbbing from the bonds. The light kisses at his hands only sent more shivers through his body; he closed his eyes with a silent sobs, forcing more tears from his eyes.

Feliciano coughed a bit as the gag was removed from his mouth, panting in little hitches as he caught his breath. His mouth still felt like it was full of cotton, trails of saliva still covering his chin from the gag. "...Hngh."

The entrance was less painful than the first time, but it was still rough, a small squeak passing through his clenched teeth. "L-Ludwig..." He stifled a small sob, pressing his face into the sheets. Even the growing sense of urgency in his arousal couldn't distract him. "L-Ludwig...i-it...hurts...!"


The only thing Ludwig heard was Feliciano calling his name. The rest of what his lover said was lost in the fog of lust that filled Ludwig's mind. He clenched Feliciano's hips tight and kept thrusting in an incredibly strong pace, moaning and groaning against the shoulder of the man under him.

With the pace he was currently going, Ludwig wouldn't be able to hold out much longer. He was unable to get out any more words, only growling incomprehensible sounds to himself while he tried to draw out the act as long as possible. But the tingling that had settled in his lower body and was slowly crawling up into his length was too strong to ignore.

Ludwig bit down on Feliciano's shoulder over the mark he had left earlier, feral groans escaping his throat as he thrust out his final powerful moves. His teeth dug into his lover's soft, already red skin until Ludwig could taste the copper flavour of blood in his mouth.


In and out, in and out; with each more powerful thrust, the pain just became more and more unbearable. Feliciano panted and gasped into the covers, twisting his head and breathing out half-moans, half sobs. His hands grasped at Ludwig's shirt, the only thing he was able to grab onto, and twisted the fabric between them, trying to find anything, anything, to keep himself together. He knew there was no way to stop Ludwig now, so he resigned to his fate, clenching his teeth and squeezing his eyes closed, tears freely streaming down his cheeks and small hiccups shaking his body.

He did cry out at the bite on his shoulder; that pain new and fresh instead of the raw, dull pain he had been experiencing. With ever new thrust, pain mixed with the tingling in his stomach. If he was feeling this way, then he hoped that Ludwig was feeling it as well and that it would all be over soon.

Despite all he was going through, he couldn't squash the thought that maybe Ludwig would kiss it all better when it was all over.

He came again, more out of necessity than pleasure, gasping into the sheets and trembling all over. "L-Ludiwg...!"


It was Feliciano's cry of pain at the bite that sent Ludwig over the edge. He came hard with a long load moan while strands of with his saliva mixed his lover's blood dripped from his chin onto the bedsheets next to Feliciano's head. Ludwig trembled and gasped while he released all he had to give inside his lover.

Panting hard he pulled out, collapsing next to the Italian, the moments passing by as the lust left him and clear thoughts came back to his mind. Ludwig glanced over to Feliciano, still panting.

The sight of his spoiled lover caused a sting of pain and guilt in his stomach. What did he just do? Losing himself and hurting what he loved most…How did this happen?

"Feliciano..." Ludwig's voice was a silent whisper; he couldn't find words to apologize for what he did. He wrapped his arms around the Italian and held him close, licking up the last bit of blood from the wound on his shoulder. Leaning over, he gently kissed Feliciano's flushed cheeks and reached to pull open the bonds, freeing his lover's hands.

"I... I love you…"


Feliciano was exhausted and sore through and through, mind spiraling through a heavy fog clouding his mind. He wasn't even sure if he was still conscious until he felt Ludwig's strong arms close around him, a soft kiss soothing his feverish skin.

The Italian's arms fell to his sides when Ludwig finally untied him, feeling slowly returning to them. Feliciano's whole body was limp, his eyes still closed as he caught his breath, trembling. Ludwig's words caused his heart to squeeze, a shaky sob escaping from him before he could quiet it. "I..."

It wasn't like his feelings had changed. There was really nothing in this world that could get him to stop loving him. Even through the fear and the pain, he still loved him. Even now, he couldn't help but to love him. And he knew that Ludwig felt sorry for what he had done; it rang through in his gentle touch and the regret in his voice.

Feliciano rested his head against Ludwig's chest with a sigh, a few last tears falling down his cheeks. "I love you, too..." He began to fade out of consciousness, his exhaustion too powerful to resist. "I love you, Ludwig..."


Ludwig held Feliciano in his arms, wanting to comfort him and tell him that he regretted what he did. But it had been too much for his lover; the Italian wilted in Ludwig's strong arms, passed out and silent. There was so much Ludwig wanted to say, so many words that were caught in his chest and needed to be said. But it seemed he'd have to save in for another time.

He inwardly cursed himself for losing himself in the act. Ludwig hated himself for the fact that his body was so awfully satisfied, and that it had felt so good during. He swallowed hard and buried his face into Feliciano's hair. "I'm so sorry, my love..." Even if his lover had already drifted away in sleep and wouldn't be able to hear it, Ludwig needed to say it, if only for himself.

Ludwig would stay; he would be here and hold Feliciano in his arms until he woke up. Like he always promised him...

'Grazie' = 'Thank you'

'Du bist so eng' = 'You are so tight'

That was different to the usual way, right? But don't worry, we are not planning on changing the flow of the Camp to this. Next chapter is going to be very ansty... They need to solve this situation after all. But it will have a nice little surprise on the end. X3

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