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In the Shinjuku Police Dept. Detective Ryuzaki is just about to go home for the night and almost out the door when an officer calls his name.

"Ryuzaki-san!" The he stops and turns fully looking at the person that stopped him. The officer bows slightly before continuing with his message.

"Sir, we just got a call from the Ginza police station."

"A call from Ginza?" he wonders out loud

"Yes, sir. They have received a call from security at the apartment complex where Hamasaki-san is currently residing."

"Ayumi Hamasaki?!"

"Yes, sir. Her boyfriend Actor Shiru Aoiryu has informed them that they are both under attack by an unknown assailant. The local police are en-route and security is quickly and quietly evacuating the rest of the building."

"Understood. Ring them back and tell them I'll be there ASAP."

"Yes, sir!"

Ryuzaki bows quickly to the man, rushes out the door, runs to his car and speeds off into the late afternoon sun.


Shiru froze every muscle in his body rigid and tense. There was no way that guy could possibly have recovered that fast, and yet... He turns slightly what he sees confirms that yes the guy he just kicked into a wall is indeed up and ready for a another round, despite the gushing head wound that seems not to be bothering him at all. The guy (boy?) laughs and gets up, cracking his neck in the process.

"You really thought kicking me head first into a wall was gonna put me down for good?", he laughs manically, "It hurt, I'll give you that but if you want to get out of here alive you'll have to do much better than that."

He grins, eyes half crazed, and blood running down the side of his face. The actor's blood runs cold and a feeling (something akin to dread) settles itself in the pit of his stomach. He knows this isn't going to end well for one of them. In his arms Ayumi begins to stir, eyes fluttering open, she gasps upon seeing her boyfriend standing over her instead of the masked man. Confusion sets in as she begins to think that whole thing was a dream.

"S-shiru? I-there was a man here and he attacked me...or was I dreaming?" Her voice carries a hint uncertainty,

"No, Yumi, you weren't dreaming unfortunately. Can you stand?"

She nods and he sets her on her feet, she turns and sees the masked man that attacked her before. Ayumi takes a step back recoiling in fear, and Shiru puts his arm around her in an attempt to calm her.

"Oh, good! The Pretty, Pretty Princess is awake, how wonderful! Now ya can see all the horrible things I'm about to do to your little boy-toy! Heh, but don't worry princess", he hissed the word with so much venom and malice it caused both of them to shiver. "I'll save my best tricks for you." The desire to kill is practically dripping from him; it hangs in the air, filling the apartment as though it were smoke, intent on smothering the other occupants. He's going to kill us Shiru thinks with certainty or one of us anyway. He takes a step forward, jaw set in determination.

"How about I make you a deal? We go one more round: I win you let us go, I lose you do whatever you want to me. You got nothing to lose. Deal?"

"No, deal. She's the one I'm here for not you."

Shiru scowls "Why do you want her anyway?!"

"Heh, cuz I'm really, really looking forward to making her scream."

His crazed laugh fills their ears as he charges Shiru, who has no time to react before he is thrown into the wall. He lands with a thud and his vision grays out briefly, his head feels like it's been split open and he thinks he has a slight conclusion.

`Gale have you secured the pop diva?`

`Not yet, mommy, the boyfriend showed up and decided to get in the way, but I'm just about to dispose of him now.`

`No, bring him as well. It'll give the police something to puzzle over and hurry the police is on their way now.`

`Yes, mommy.`

"Heh, looks like it's your lucky day, pal! I've decided not ta kill ya." he says merrily.

"You're letting us go?" Shiru asks carefully.

"Oh no, nothing like that," he grins maliciously, "I'm taking the both of ya with me. Nighty-night, pretty boy!"

He grabs the top of Shiru's head and slams it into the ground. Blinding pain explodes behind the blunette's eyelids and his vision goes black, a buzzing fills his ears and he struggles to stay conscious. A second blow to the head renders the feeble attempt useless. The assailant turns his attentions towards the panicking pop star trying to slowly make her way to the door.

"Tsk tsk, I thought you were smarter than that."

He's suddenly in front of her, still grinning, eyes bright in the light of her apartment and she's more scared in this moment than she ever has been in her life. He leans in close invading her personal space even more, she can feel his breath on her neck and his lips are right next to her ear.

"I can't wait until I've got you all to myself later."

He licks the side of her neck causing her to shiver in disgust and fear, a quick jab to one of the pressure points in the other side of her neck and she's out cold.

"Sleep tight my pretty, little princess."


The bottom of Hyde's stomach drops as the news sinks in. He then wonder's morbidly if he's going to have to attend yet another funeral and wants to kick himself immediately after doing so. Die stand suddenly, without warning all eyes fall on him and there's a blazing fire of determination burning in his eyes. It's a look that none of them has seen him with since Kyo died and it's a very welcome change to his countenance.

"Die?" Toshiya questions softly

"C'mon people, we're wasting time, let's go!"

"He's right," Ju-ken chimes in with equal determination, "We're losing sunlight and possible witnesses."

He and Die start towards the door already deciding who should be in what groups and how they should divided. The determination radiating from the pair spurs the other into action. The other's get up and stream out after the two brunettes, splitting into their respective cars. Hyde's fishes his phone out of his pocket on halfway to his car and presses the newest speed dial, hoping the person he's trying to reach picks up soon.

"Haido who are you calling?" Tetsu asks beside him.

While watching the road carefully he replies, "Detective Ryuzaki, although it seems he's busy. He hasn't answered yet."

"Well he is a detective, Haido. I'm sure he's a very busy man."

That feeling that Hyde still has only gotten worse, two rings later and the other's phone goes to voice mail. Hyde leaves a short but informative message and pockets the device once again. Nothing else is said as they continue to follow the other's to where Versailles agreed to meet them. Pulling up Hyde could see that Jasmine was half angry and half hysterical, Teru was visibly frightened, and Kamijo and Yuki looked very grim. They surrounded they enclosed the four of them into the group and went into one of the side alleys to talk.

"What happened, Kamijo?" Die asked quietly

"We had just left An Cafe and were just walking around before coming to meet the rest of you, when he caught sight of a manga shop and wanted to go in. Jasmine offered to stay behind with him but he declined and said he would catch up with up with us."

"I should have stayed with him anyway!" Jasmine says voice shaking in frustration and guilt.

Chacha envelopes the pretty man in a warm hug. "There's no way you could have known." He says as he smooth's down dark brown tresses.

"Alright," Ju-ken says, "We still have a couple of hours before the sun fully disappears. Let's fan out and search, talk to everyone even and I mean everyone and most importantly stay with your partner." They pair off and split up: Ju-ken and Jasmine, Kaoru and Shinya, Die and Toshiya, Ken and Tetsu, Yuki and Chacha, Kamijo and Amanda, Hyde and Teru, Yuu and Yukihiro.


The Ginza Police arrive at the complex and are position themselves in the hallway around the entrance to Ayumi Hamasaki's apartment. At the chief's signal they rush the apartment, weapons drawn and are greeted with only silence. They move as silently as possible through the apartment searching the other rooms, they find nothing: no bodies, no weapons, nothing but destruction and blood.