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When Yomi woke, sunlight had sneaked into the room from the sides of the curtains. Groaning, the girl pushed herself up, her hair tousled. Opening her eyes, she caught a glance of her reflection in the rectangular mirror hanging on the side of the wall –

And then it hit her. "…Holy… shit…" Yomi whispered softly, touching her hair and her skin. "We're… actually back…" She hurriedly turned to the other side of the bed, where a lump signified Kiyo's presence.

"Kiyo, KIYO!" Yomi yelled, yanking the blanket violently off of her friend.

Kiyo lifted her head up irritably. "Wha–" Her jaw suddenly dropped in surprise.



Kiyo sighed. "Oh… okay. There are two, no, three possibilities here. First, I had a really fucked-up dream. Second, the whole thing is true and we really are back. Third, either I've been drugged or becoming schizophrenic and have been hallucinating the whole time." She tried to laugh, but ended up letting out a sob, tears forming in her eyes. "Yomi… tell me we're really back…"

"We're… we're really back…" Yomi repeated, squeezing her own eyes shut as she hugged Kiyo tightly. "…A… actually, this may be the part in the movie where we think everything is done but then the door opens and some horrible monster comes out-"


"Just wait, Kiyo, the door will suddenly swing open and Zarth'll be there!"

The girls both broke out into nervous laughter, the reality of it all still too far for them to grasp it.

"No… seriously though…" Yomi said between giggles. "Did… that really all happen? Right now, it seems too surreal…"

Kiyo nodded her head in understanding. "I know what you mean… but… it HAD to have happened, right? I remember everything, do you?"

"I… I think so-"

Kiyo froze in horror. "Oh no… is this the part where we slowly start to forget everything until we've become completely oblivious, and it's like 'what were we just talking about just now'?"

"Hmmm… let's see, we got thrown into a 2-D world of Death Note, I disguised myself as a boy, was thought of as a gay boy, kicked L in the crotch and whacked him with a frying pan many times while you kicked Light in the crotch; we reunited with an old classmate as enemies; we almost fell off the largest Ferris wheel in the world; got haunted and later saved by a creepy little ghost girl; I almost got eaten by a crocodile; we made friends with a god who was the identical twin of the very same god who got us into this mess –" Yomi paused a bit for breath. "…yup, I think remember everything."

"…Oh crap, Rokya." Kiyo swore, putting a hand to her forehead.

Yomi grinned wickedly. "Oh yes, I remember that part t-"

"Be quiet or I will climb up to one of these skyscrapers and shout out your darkest secrets to all the people down below. In Japanese and English."

"Pfffft! Whatever you say! …though, my monster prediction still could come true right now –"

"Oh Yomi, stop it!"

"I'm just saying it now so we won't possibly be disappointed later –"

"There is no way a monster or Zarth or Hitokui-kun or Jenny or whatever will walk through that door." Kiyo declared, shaking her head in frustration.

The other girl tilted her head curiously. "…do you think we'll still be able to communicate telepathically now?"


"…that was really off-topic, but I don't know, probably not…" Kiyo mused.

Yomi frowned and closed her eyes, as if thinking really hard.


Kiyo cleared her throat. "Yomi, I don't think it's working."

"…dang. That would have been so useful in this world!"

After several minutes, Kiyo lay back down. "Kiyo? What's wrong?"

"We can't talk about this at all, Yomi. Unless we're absolutely sure that we're alone- actually, no." The sixteen year old sighed. "Maybe it would be better not to mention this ever again."

Yomi's face grew serious. "…I… suppose th- WAIT! Never? Ki-Kiyo, we can't just keep it in ourselves for our whole lives, can we?"

"…fine, you're right. Only when we're absolutely sure we're alone then."


"…Yomi, do you feel happy or sad right now?"


Kiyo looked up to the ceiling tiredly. "I'm happy that we do remember everything, that we know that it happened to us, but at the same time… we're going to have to carry this knowledge with us… all the time… every day…"

"…Kiyo…" Yomi murmured worriedly. "W… well, of course it's going to sound depressing if you put it that way! Kiyo, we're back! We're finally back to the real world! Our world! We won't have to suffer from Zarth anymore!"

Sitting up on the bed once more, Kiyo shifted slowly. "…I guess so." She smiled weakly. "But I feel so empty right now."

The covers rustled as Yomi clenched them closely, memories of L flooding her mind. "...Yeah... we'll probably feel like that for a while."




"From now on, we need to stay AWAY from any Death Note stuff. Especially the L movies."

"... good thinking..."



"I'm still waiting for a monster to burst out of that door, though." Yomi said, glaring at the said piece of wood.

Kiyo rolled her eyes. "Come on, Yomi, cut that out. It's not like in the next second, there's going to be a foreboding knock at the door-"


The two girls both stared at the door, then at each other, then at the door again. "..."



"D-dammit!" Kiyo hissed, quickly ceasing her screaming as she ran to the door. Yomi grabbed at her ankles in vain. "Noooo, Kiyo, STOP-"

"Girls?" To their amazement, it was their teacher who looked at them curiously from the doorway, standing in the hall. "Were you just yelling now? What's going on?"

"SENSEI!" Kiyo almost hugged the woman in relief. "We're sorry!"

"We thought you were a monster!" Yomi added from the bed.

"A monst..." The teacher shook her head, trying her best not to smile. "You guys were staying up all night, weren't you?"

"N-no! We just had a nightmare! A horrible one!"

"I see... well, now that you've recovered, get dressed and meet us in the lobby." The teacher lifted her arm energetically. "We have a lot to do today!"

Kiyo nodded slowly. "Ah... yes..." This... was too weird for her. Not long ago, they were in another world, but now it... truly did seem like a dream.

Unlike her real dreams, however, the memory of it all weighed in her chest like a rock.

"Ne, Kiyo, Yomi, are you guys okay?"

"Huh?" Kiyo glanced up to the classmate in front of her.

"It's just, you guys seem really out of it this morning... did you stay up all night?"

Yomi shook her head. "Nah... we went to bed pretty early... that must be the reason... more you sleep, the more tired you get..."

"So contradicting." Kiyo tsked, rubbing at her eyes. "Well, actually, Yomi was the one who slept a lot, but apparently, she had a 'horrible nightmare' and kept waking me up!"

Her friend simply stuck her tongue out at Kiyo in retaliation.

"Hahahaha, that sucks, Kiyo..."

"Oh, it does."

Kiyo knew she had said that she was going to call her parents. But at that time, there was another person she needed to talk to. With Yomi keeping watch for her, the girl hastily dialed the phone, her fingers shaking in fear.

Vrrrrrb. Vrrrrb. Vrrrrb. With each ring, Kiyo's heart beat faster.

Vrrrrb- "Yeah?" The voice was tired and lazy-sounding. And Kiyo couldn't have been happier to hear it. "Rokya."

"..." There was a moment of silence. Then, Kiyo heard a lot of shuffling sounds, as if he was sitting up in bed. "Shit. Yoko, is that you?"

"Yes." Kiyo bit her lip. "...Do you remember?" It was something she had been wondering about, since, after all, Rokya had been transported to that world after them... and if he didn't, how was she supposed to explain-

"I do. ...Damn it, I also just remembered, I'm still seventeen right now, aren't I?" He laughed shakily. "I was looking forward to being an adult!"


"Hey... it really is over, isn't it? Zarth won't bother us anymore." The sixteen year old paused at the last sentence. "After I'm done with you, I can go after your children" ... "...It... appears so."

"What's with that tone?" Rokya groaned on the other end. "You think he's gonna go after our kids? Like the next generation kind of thing?"

"I-I don't know. Probably not." Kiyo said hastily. "We have Nikushimi-san to watch over us, after all. Ah, I better go. Can only talk on an international phone line for so long. See you when I get back."

"Oh yeah- WAIT, WAIT, WAIT, YOKO!"

The girl froze, startled. "Wh-what?"

"U-um... fuck, I know you have to go right now, but I want you to know that... er, even though in this world, that time doesn't exist, and we're back the way we were before, m-my... I... like you... in the way, you know! My feelings haven't changed!"






Kiyo smiled. "I'll call you when I get back."

"Kiyo, Yomi?" The two girls looked up. "Hm?"

"I got a call saying that you guys have a visitor waiting in the next room for you."

Yomi blinked. "A visitor..." She glanced at Kiyo. It couldn't be...

"He says that you'll know who he is by his sunglasses." The teacher continued on in a dubious tone. "...do you know him?"

Sunglasses... "A-ah, yes!" Yomi cried quickly, trying to think of a lie that wouldn't come to stab them in the back later. "...um... he's one of my distant relatives. Part of my cousin-in law's family... Haha... he likes to fool around with us a lot..."

A few minutes later, they both rushed down the stairs, their hearts pounding in anticipation. "Y... you don't think it would have... been better to catch the elevator?" Yomi gasped jokingly between pants. Kiyo simply kept running, doing her best not to trip. "We should still be careful. It could be a trap, if you know what I mean. His evil twin."


Fortunately, when they finally reached the room, the person waiting there was...

"NIKUSHIMI-SAN!" Kiyo yelled joyfully as they both hugged the high god tightly. Nikushimi smiled faintly and patted both of their backs, actions that would have been unachievable for his brother.

Letting go of him, Yomi gave a sigh of relief. "Phew! I'm so glad we got to see you again!"

"Yes... I am glad too." Nikushimi confessed, taking off his sunglasses. "I was afraid that you two would no longer recognize me."

"Will you stay with us?" Kiyo asked eagerly. "You'll keep seeing us even though this is over, won't you?"

"Someone must guard you from Zarth." The black-clothed man replied, shrugging in what seemed like a nonchalant manner. His face became somber again. "...are you all right?"

"Y... yeah... I... think so..."

Nikushimi nodded seriously. "...well, I wanted you two to come with me for a few moments."

Yomi blinked curiously. "Why?"

"There is something I need to show you." The man answered mysteriously, starting to walk.

"Well, what is it, then?" Kiyo persisted, both girls running up to him and flanking his sides.

Nikushimi smiled again. "...I would like you to meet few people."

"...say what?"

Looking around her, Kiyo realized that they were headed out of the hotel. "Really, Nikushimi-san, where are we going?"

"Not far."

Soon, they were walking outside of the building, the girls' curiosity growing with each step they took.

Nikushimi finally halted in what seemed to be a garden. Patting Kiyo and Yomi's heads, he motioned with his hand politely to a two men on a bench.

At first, Kiyo and Yomi stared at the men tentatively, not knowing who they were. Both looked young, perhaps in their twenties or even late teens, and one had light brown hair.

It was only when the brown-haired man stood up and walked to them, holding his hand out of them respectively. "Hello." He said in english. "I believe we have met before."




Kiyo's jaw dropped open as she stood there, at a loss for words. Yomi, on the other hand, wasted no time shrieking in disbelief. "YOU! YOU LOOK SO FREAKIN' WEIRD WITH BROWN HAIR!"

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