"Rose." He called after me, I kept running, I couldn't have stopped even if I wanted. If I did I knew he would kill me.

"ROSE." he yelled. It was a sound filled with pure rage, frustration, and sadness? That made me slow down. Why would he be sad?

I risked a quick glance behind me... and I realized why he would be sad, he wasn't going to turn me he was going to kill me. He gave me the choice and I chose wrong.

I slowed down and said thank you and sorry to everyone I loved and knew. I stopped there was no way I was going to out run him. I felt rather than saw him come up next to me. He looked at me, realizing I was giving up and smirked. I closed my eyes hoping that my death would be quick. His breath tickled my cheek, as he placed his hand around my neck he said one word "Roza..."

I opened my eyes and looked in to the eyes of my first love and lover and said "I loved you."