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After the initial shock had worn of my first feeling was despair- this will sound shallow i know- but it was for my hair. i loved my hair. Don't get me wrong it looked even more Badass now but still... second was figuring this out; deciding that Mason was the only one who can help me out i called- more like shrieked- for him.

As i walked out of the room i noticed more ghosts had gathered around and were staring at me with open mouthed curiosity.

"Mason, you better not fuck with me, what the hell is going on and why have i changed? If you don't answer truthfully i'll kick your arse into the next world and follow you through." By this time i was breathing shallow and was so angry, but this anger was different it was black, thick, tar like, and so and part of me i felt like i'd never been whole until this was brought to me. I was destined for this. I felt power course through my body and i knew, knew what needed to be done.

"Okay, just be patient while i'm telling the story and hold your questions till the end." Mason said calmly while i could smell and feel (sense) coming off him and every one else in this room.

I nodded. The power still there just waiting to be released, i smiled and i must of looked damn scary cause everyone who saw it flinched back. Oh yeah...

Mason Pov

when rose came out of the bathroom i don't think i'd been more turned on or scared in my life. Her expression would have been enough to make the Huns start running fo the hills but she look so god damn sexy that her expression didn't matter. I was brough out of my daydream by her shouting.

"Mason, you better not fuck with me, what the hell is gong on and why have i changed? If you don't answer truthfully i'll kick your arse into the next world and follow you through." She must have been furious because she was breathing in shallow breaths and i couldn't help but to notice how this made her curves rise and fall. Her anger was so strong that i rolled out in waves and i saw several people move away looking uncomfortable and scared.

I looked into her eyes and could see an internal battle waging and that, more than anything else scared me the most. Her eyes went blank and the room noticably dropped, even as ghosts we could feel that, then all life sparked back into her eyes and power like i'd nver felt before smothered us all, it was dark, evil, thick but at the same time pure and made us feel safe and treasured like we belonged we all knew it was coming from Rose and at that moment all of us belonged to her forever we are bound to her as she is bound to Lissa.

"Okay, just be patient while i'm telling the story and hold your questions until the end." i sounded calm but on the inside i was freaking out major time. What was Rose? She was our Saviour.

"Long ago there were a group of decendants from both Heaven and Hell formed a Clann called the Saviours, they saved humanity and the Earth from the total destruction and self destruction the only thing is that two of the Saviours, there were four, fell in love one was from Hell and the other from Heaven, of course this was forbidden and were married in secret, on thier first night of joining the woman got pregant and they had thier first and only child, named Rosalia this child was to be the Saviour of the world for as long as the world exsisted.

Rosalia grew into a beautiful women with powers beyond those expected and went to lead the world for thousands of years, until one day she was killed mercilessly and shown to all those who loved her. Rosalia looked down from a suspended place in neither Heaven or Hell, and was furious that those who she loved and cherished were shown what she had become. Black clouds formed over the world lightening struck close to her body, those that were around her trembled in fear, loved ones begged her to stop, but she was to far gone with anger to listen to thier plea's, the one who slayed her crumpled to the ground as if struck, Rosalia's body was clouded in a black mist that twisted and formed around her.

Rosalia, whose hair had once been a golden blonde spun of the purest gold, was now black as the night sky with streaks of red running through, the blood that had been spilt, her eyes, usually a clear green, were ringed red with brown colouring, the whites now completly gone was replaced with swirling runes moving, creating, red flecks dancing through in an almost unseen hue. Tattoo's now flowed and moved around her body in a dance only she new, in a voice, thousands of voices echoing through she spoke,

"you have hurt me and mine, for that and the crimes of you predecessors you shall walk the Earth thirsting for blood of only mine and will never feed otherways, when i return to Earth we will fight and i will win if you try to win the battle by other means i will kill you myself"

With that she was gone and the first Stigori was born." With that i finished my story looking at Rose i spoke the last sentance in but a whisper

"Rose, you are Rosalia our Saviour and our Bonded" with that we knelt...

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