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previously on Australian Bananas:

Sprinting through the halls randomly, I found a hall that no one goes through anymore, due to the fact the lighting was shut off and there was no air conditioner. I sat myself down and cried.

And cried. And cried.

"Hello?" A voice called from the darkness. "Are you alright?"

I jerked upright from the sudden voice coming down the hall.

"Hello?" They repeated. Is that….an Australian accent? In La Push?

"Y-yeah?" I sniffed. I probably looked like crap.

"Oh my gosh! Are you alright?" She asked. Definitely a girl.

"No, not really."

"Is there anything I can do to, yah know, help?" She offered. How refreshing. Someone who cares.

"Everything is screwed. My world is spinning in a perpetual pit of sadness and loneliness." …nah, I didn't say that. It's what I wanted to say though.

"No, not really."

"Oh. Well, I'm sure that's not true. Why don't you tell me what happened?" She said, pulling me up so we could walk towards the lit areas of the building.

When we got to the light I couldn't believe my eyes. Standing before me was a statuesque blonde with striking blue eyes. My self-esteem hurts.

I rambled on through my pitiful story and when I got through, she looked like she was near tears.

"So you don't have any friends?" She whispered, as if saying it too loud would make it true.

"No." Was my simple reply. I mean, what do you say to someone that just confirmed what you've known all your life? I wasn't going to lie about it.

"OH. MY. GOSH. You are my new best friend. You see, I just moved here and I don't know anyone, and you are SO nice! Will you be my best friend?" She pouted.

Wait. Back up. Best friend? Best friend? Best friend? Best friend?!

That's a new one.

"Um, sure?" I answered, sounding like I was asking a question. She does seem really nice, even though I don't know her name. Hah, I don't know my new best friends name, how pathetic.

"Hey, what's your name?" I asked.

"Jamie Henderson. Yours?" She responded.

"Kim Tero, nice to meet you Jamie." I smiled. EEEEP! I HAVE A FRIEND!

"Nice to meet you too!" And just like that, my day went from horrible, to horrific, to horrendous, to absolutely fantastic all in the span of 1 hour and 30 minutes. Maybe this is God making up for the mud puddle…and all my life.

With that, I showed her to her first class, laughing the whole way about stories from Australia.


Why does my life have to be so complicated? I mean, isn't being a teenage werewolf enough?

Do I REALLY have to go to school too? I mean, really? I lost all my friends, broke up with my girlfriend of 2 months, and got a terrible haircut just because I'm a freaking werewolf.

I feel like the star of a soap opera.

My inner rambling was disturbed when someone burst through the door of Mr. Onue's class.

And boy was she beautiful.

Long silky brown hair that fell to the middle of her back and was perfectly straight. She didn't wear any make-up, which was good, because that would just take away from her natural beauty. She had amazing curves in all the right places…I just wanted to hold her till the end of time.

And she hasn't even looked at me yet.

Crap. She started walking this way when I saw Tyler stick his foot out to try and trip the angel. WHY THE HELL WOULD HE DO THAT?! Her papers went flying everywhere and she landed on top of me. She is so warm and soft…okay, if I don't want a…ahem…big problem to happen right now, I should stop thinking about how soft she is. She slowly lifted her eyes up to meet mine, and all at once, my life shifted.

Nothing mattered anymore, nothing except for her. What is happening to me? Why do I feel like this? I just wanted to keep this beautiful angel safe and happy. Oh yes, her happiness and safety come first in my unworthy life. Anything she needs, she can have it. Anything that hurts her or even thinks about hurting her, will die. Dead. Gone. Done. If she wants it of course. I wanted to find out her name and where she has been all my life when reality came crashing down on me…Tyler tripped her…intentionally. I started to vibrate when she got up with a muttered "sorry" and went back to a seat behind me.

"Dear Diary," Tyler started reading loudly. What was this all about?

"Jared doesn't notice me. I think it's because he thinks I'm a freak and ugly. After all, his friend Tyler told me today that my butt was too big and that my mother doesn't want me. What hurt the most though, was when he told me I was invisible. Maybe someday Jared will stick up for me…" who's journal was this? The girl of my dreams busted out of her chair crying and ran out the door. Everyone was chanting "INVISIGIRL! INVISIGIRL! INVISIGIRL!" in the classroom.

It was hers.

And they hurt her feelings.

Made her cry.

Do you think Sam would notice if a whole class went missing? Probably. I jumped out of my chair and ran out the door to find her. Someone ran into me though, Paul.

"What the hell man?" He screamed. He started shaking badly. Oh no. I grabbed his arm and dragged him toward the forest. Me holding him by the arm and taking him were I wanted was too much for him, he got so mad. When we got into the forest, he phased into a big silver wolf. I changed also just to tell him what's going on.

What is this?! Why do I have PAWS?! WHAT THE HELL?!

Paul! It's okay! Do you know the old legends?

Yeah. But what does that have to do with anything?! AM I A F****ING WEREWOLF?!

Yes. You, along with me and Sam, are werewolves.

I then proceeded to give him the "low down", as my dad would say, about being a werewolf.

So…we read each others minds….interesting…

Black mail is against the rules just incase you were wondering…I thought smugly.

Maybe so, but things slip. He replied, equally as smug. Ugh. I don't have time for this.

I felt the familiar zing that meant Sam had just phased.

Hey, Emily just made muffins, she said for me to call you in, hey, we have a new member?

Yeah, its Paul.

Uhh..hey? Paul said, question-like.

Did you say muffins? He asked.

Oh yeah. I did. Good muffins too, c'mon. He then led us to Emily's house. Well, led Paul since he didn't know where to go, but I did. Too bad he wasn't allowed into the house, Sam doesn't let anyone that hasn't fully controlled their werewolf abilities into the house…kind of like potty trained dogs if you think about it.

But, I had more important things to think about than muffins.

I never thought I would say that, but it's true. I simply must find out what my beautiful angel's name is, so badly, I think I may explode if I don't find out. What if she doesn't like me though?

Sam caught on to the fact that I was thinking about only that beautiful…perfect…amazing…gorgeous…

Okay! I get it! She's amazing…look, Jared…I think you imprinted. He thought.

Did I?

Did I just imprint?

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