A/N: I've got this Idea for a Firefly/Harry Potter/Naruto Cross. Problem is that I don't feel I can write the crew of the 'Serenity' Well enough to pull it off. I'll probably work on this more at a later date, so let's call this a teaser...


Harry Grinned as he pulled the stethoscope away from the safe and pulled the handle disengaging the locks and, with a mild grunt he opened the door to find... A drawing of fox?

"What the hell..."

There was a slight hissing noise, as the Magnetic trigger he'd tripped by fully opening the door released a fast acting poison aerosol into the air.


There was a sharp 'Crack' sound, and a minute later the aerosol's hiss finally stopped sounding in the empty room, again leaving the derelict transport as quiet and empty as it had been since three weeks Prior when the life support failed and the settlers had abandon ship.


Naruto Grinned to himself as he bent around the last of the ACDU (Air Current Detection Units) his natural control of the wind element making bypassing these usually incredibly tricky and sensitive devices as simple as walking through the room. Now all he had to do was get his hands on the Lassitar and get out. The swap was childs play, and that alone range alarm bells in his head. It wasn't until he was back on his ship however that he noticed the words 'Genuine Fake' with a lightning bolt etched behind it.

"That son of a bitch."

It was the first time he'd spoken since he got his hands on it, therefore he was a bit surprised when it replied: "Vocal disturbance detected. Initiating response protocol." Had he been even a moment slower with the Kawarimi the device's explosion could well have killed him. Thankfully the quick switch skill was one he didn't need seals to use, and it wasn't big enough to do more than rattle the other Merchandise in his hold.

"Fifth time this year. I'm going to have to do something about this guy"


Harry grinned and knocked back his drink as he eyed the women entering the bar across the way from him. Santo was a bit rough and tumble, and unlike nearby Persephone it occasionally had issue's with slavers, but he much prefered it to the Snobs that ran it's richer neighbor. Not likely to get into any so-called 'Honor duels' to the death here.

Sighing he flagged down the waitress and ordered another drink. Business before pleasure after all.

"Alright Tam. You called for this meeting, what do you want?"

Reginald Tam ran a hand through his thinning hair before replying.

"You have a reputation as a man who can... find things... I need help."

Harry Shrugged and took another drink

"I'm listening I suppose."

"I made a mistake and it cost me my son and daughter. I've tracked my son this far, but the trail goes utterly cold on Persephone. As to my daughter..."

Harry noted the grimace that crossed the older mans face.

"She was enrolled in a program that was not what it appeared to be. She tried to call for help, and only my son believed her. Either he broke her out, or she's dead, because the government is insisting there was never a program with any such name, and apparently she's been listed as a runaway since shortly after we shipped her off four years ago. I could get information on both the school and my daughter until two months ago when everything just..."

He trailed off and Harry didn't need legimacy to read the conflict and frusteration on the mans face.

"Please. My wife and I are well off. Whatever it costs we'll pay it, Just please. Find our children for us."

Harry sighed. It wasn't the first heartfelt plea he'd heard for this type of thing, and it still tugged at him even though he tried to ignore it.

"I make no promises Mr. Tam, but I'll look into it. What do you want me to do if I find them?"

Reginald leaned back, the relief clear on his face.

"Tell them I'm sorry and that we miss them. Tell my son that I made a mistake and that if he can find it in his heart to call me I'd like a chance to appologise to his face. He'll know how to get a hold of me."

"Very well. I'll see what I can do. Have a good evening Mr. Tam."

"Thank you Mr. Potter. I'll try."


Naruto rubbed his chin as he looked over the files that Fess Higgons had sent him. With the death of the man's father, control of the Canton Mud fields had fallen into his hands. The changes the young man made had not been immediate, but they did have the effect of a slowly raising morale, and a rapidly rising production of the sought-after ceramics that would probably have left an average man reeling. Fess however had taken it in stride and used it to further motivate his workers and increase his bottom line. It had been over a year since the elder Higgons death, and this was the first time the lad had taken time to contact him for something that wasn't strictly business. Though from a certain standpoint it could have been that too.

"So... this 'Jayne' guy... what exactly do you want me to do?"

"I... it's not just Jayne. There's a companion he's sharing ship with. Inara Sierra."

"Ahh... stole your girl."

Jealousy he could understand. He'd still turn down the contract, but he could understand it.

"NO! Well... I don't think so anyway."

"Oh? Then why do you care?"

"You've seen the statue?"

Naruto snorted

"Bit hard to miss really"

"Do you know how he got it?"

"Regular Robin Hood right?"


"Never mind. Stole a bunch of cash and gave it to the poor people."

"Right. He never explained why, he's only come back once, and that one time he tipped the statue over and proclaimed he was no hero. That hero's didn't exist..."

Naruto Quirked an eyebrow. It somewhat explained why the stupid thing was anchored into the ground at least.

"...anyway. The companion explained it all to me. How to be a man among men. How to hold your head up high and do the right thing regardless of what it costs you."

Naruto's other eyebrow joined the first, of all the things he was expecting to hear, THAT certainly wasn't it.

"It took me a long time to realize she was talking about more that just standing up to my father, and even then it wasn't until I realized that she was flying with the man they call Jayne that I was able to piece it together. She's like his prophet to the 'Verse you know? He speaks to the common man, she speaks to those who are foolish enough to ignore him under normal circumstances, and I just want to let them know that the message has been received loud and clear, and that they are welcome back at any time."

Naruto's eyebrows lowered, and a cocky grin split his face.

"I can't gaurentee that I can find a man like that, but If I do see... erm.. 'The Man they call Jayne' or his priestess. I'll be certain to pass along your message."

"Thank you, that's all I ask."


"So yer back are ya? Only mebbe I don't need yer help no more? Ya consider thet eh?"

Harry rolled his eyes slightly. He didn't exactly need the work, but life could get awfully boring without a job now and again, and he rather liked being on the wrong side of the law occasionally.

"Look badger. Wasn't my fault right? There was no way to know that the alliance would pick that Gorram day to change the shift schedule."

"Zhen Dao Mei. So you left my imager behind and made tracks?"

Harry smirked.

"Didn't say that. Just letting you know what a pain in the ass this thing was to get my hands on."

with a flourish and a slight of hand trick the 'Missing' Imager appeared in his hand.

"Well now. That changes things a tick dunnit?"