This is it, I've just been here to long! I... I can't take it anymore!

Kneeling a young women with reddish hair looked around, It had been just over fourteen years since her imprizonment, and in that time she certainly hadn't grown to love her cage, the damp floor made things worse, and the Bars... Shivering, she slumped forward a little, and burying her head in her hands she began to cry, tearful sobs that Shook her entire being. She sat like that for a long time, weeping and praying for an end. An end that never came. Lifting her hands in supplication she looked straight up, up though the bars of her cage. Raising her voice as though is supplication she cried out.

" I have Learned my lesson! I admit my mistakes! Just please, Let this end. Let this awful agony that I have brought upon myself come to a conclusion, I admit that I was unjust and selfish, and I swear upon the Youki, Upon my legacy and my honor that I will make restitution! Just Please, Please..."

Dropping to a whisper her voice would have been nearly inaudiable even to a person standing right beside her.

"Deliver me from my transgressions."

Breaking down again she collapsed to the floor weeping bitterly. It didn't matter anymore, nobody could hear her anyway. That was were she was wrong however, Far away through some trick of Youki, or even Kami-sama himself another heard her plea, He heard her desperation... and he came.

-Two years later-

Yawning naruto sat up in bed, Despite odd dreams of late he actually felt quite rested.

"Good morning Keti-san!"

Lifting an eye the fox snorted before burying himself deeper into the now vacant bed. Naruto smiled at the sight, at sixteen he was no longer loud and obnouxious, nor was he short anymore. Standing 5'10" he was in fact one of the tallest men in the village, Beanpole thin and whipsaw strong he had been a favorite among the elite instructors even from the start. Hardworking and dedicated, his happy smile and intuitive grasp of new jutsu had quickly propelled him to the rank of special jounin. He had declined to teach a class however, not because he was unable, or even unwilling, but because of the outcry it would have caused. Even at sixteen the majority of the Village of konoha didn't much like him... the civilian part of course, As he worked his way up though the ranks he had, over time, earned the grudging respect of even the infamous Hyuuga's. Unfortunatly this respect had come several years to late for the former heiress who had been shipped off to one of the more influential families in the village of mist. Before she left however she had managed to tell naruto how much she admired him, and to this day they were very close friends.

I wonder if Hinata-chan got my letter yet? It'll be nice to hear how her son is doing

Stretching he made his way to the shower, fifteen minutes later he emerged, alive and awake, ready to face the world. Pouring himself a cup of coffee he walked into his bedroom and picked his companion up by the nape of it's neck.

"Come on Keti, Tsunade wanted to see us first thing this morning, something about a diplomatic mission."

The fox blinked a few times before glaring, naruto laughed. He had found Keti a year ago while on a mission and had brought him back. There was nothing particularly special about the fox, just a companion to talk to, and an extra set of eyes and ears in a fight. Placing the fox on his shoulders he made his way out the door of his small apartment and into the busy konoha streets. it had been Years, in fact he had been gone for almost a year and a half after the unsucessful mission to rescue Sasuke, but still he received hatefull glares, Sighing internally naruto kept a small smile on his face. He had never once let his smile slip in town, and he wasn't about to let them know that they bothered him now!

You'd think I was asking them to commit hari-kari or something, would a polite nod really be so hard?

Unfortunatly no such look was forthcoming from any of the people he passed, in fact he didn't really relax until he reached the academy, Waving to Ikura he continued on, much to the dissipointment of several of Ikura's student's. On occasion naruto had been known to stop by and talk about life as a Shinobe, the children looked forward to it as naruto had a true gift for storytelling. Alas, today he just didn't have time.

Nice to see that they arn't driving him too nuts.


The first time he had shown up it had been near pandamoneium, Ikura had been having a tough time getting the class to settle down and had requested help from the hokage. Tsunade of course had thought it a great 'learning expirence' for naruto and had assigned him to be Ikura's assistant for the day... Ikura's face had lit up the moment naruto entered the door, Hurrying over he had muttered

"Just try to keep them distracted until I can get another teacher from down the hall OK?"

Naruto had taken one look at the class and then shrugged.

"I'll try my best."

Ikura had moved as swiftly as he could to get help, He knew that naruto could take care of himself, but a bunch of kids? He had shuddered at the thought

They'll eat him alive!

Therefore it had seemed rather ominus when there wasn't a sound coming from the room on his return, only Naruto's voice could be heard, and that indistincely

Oh dear KAMI what did he do to them?

Opening the door Ikura had expected the worst, scenarios had flashed before his mind of the childern all tied to the ceiling, or all of them dilligently working on perfecting 'Sexy-no-jutsu' What he hadn't expected was to see all of them sitting silently in their seats, leaning forward, straining to catch every word that naruto was saying.

"... Was almost the worst possible thing that could happen at the time, He was supposed to be a lone fugitive, and there we were, sound nins coming at us from the front, and grass nins trying to sneak up from behind. They both knew we were there, but neither group knew about the other."

There was a silent gasp from the class, and a single voice was heard from the back

"How did you get out?"

Ikura's mouth was flat against the floor, in less than five minutes Naruto had managed to captivate the ENTIRE class by re-counting one of his missions. Naruto waved idly to Ikura a motion that was ment to keep him silent.

"Well, knowing that they hated each other almost as much as they hated us I could think of only one thing to do, I ordered my squad up into the treetops, and then told them to blend in as much as possible and to remain absolutly silent. Well, stealth and disipline being an important part of a ninja's skill they obeyed instantly."

Ikura opened his mouth, perhaps to comment, perhaps to question, but naruto waved him to silence again.

"We watched as the grass nin's came creeping up to our former position at the ground level, Obviously intent on slaughtering us but wary of a trap.. Luckly for us it was then that sound launched their sneak attack. They must have battled it out for nearly an hour before the sound nins got the upper hand. They had just finished tying up the prisoners they had taken when I gave the signal to attack, Sound never knew what hit them, we dropped from the treetops on to our unsuspecting opponants and wiped them out to a man, those we didn't kill we took prisoner, and brought back with the remaining grass nins for questioning."

Standing naruto gave them a smile

"And now I need to let Ikura get back to teaching you."

there was a general groaning sound as the class slowly detangled themselves from the web of story that naruto had spun. Frowning naruto turned back to face them again.

"hey, It may not always be the most interesting thing to do, but the things he teaches you can save your lives!"

again the boy in the back called out.

"You'll come back and tell us more stories right?"

Giving the class a half-smile naruto had responded

"Only if you behave from now on!"

Clapping Ikura on the shoulder Naruto walked out the door... Mission accomplished.

-End flashback-

Naruto smiled and waved at a few of the more entergetic students, several of whom had climbed the schoolyard wall and were waving at him from the top of it.

I'm going to have to get back there one of these first days… Just to make sure they are behaving of course.

Almost as though he could sense Naruto's thoughts, the fox snorted as though laughing before settling down to rest again. Idly Naruto reached up and scratched it behind the ears. He was now walking past the medical training faculity, and he stopped to watch for a moment as Sakura directed some of the first year students in basic diagnostic jutsu's. She appearently had felt him watching however because she glanced up from where she had been correcting one of her student's seals. She smiled briefly, and he smiled and waved before she turned back. He no longer had a crush on her, and as a result the two of them were now fast friends.

I still can't believe that she married Kiba.

After naruto's sasukeless return, Sakura had become a nervous wreck. She had completely let her studies slide and had taken to drinking. That had been how Kiba had found her. Piss drunk at one of the bar's he attended infrequently. Apperently he had just been blown off by his date who had decided that he wasn't exotic enough. There was an old saying, 'Misery loves company'. This proved true enough, and the two of them had started talking about their various woe's. Six months later, the rest as they say was history.

I wonder what would have happened if we had been successful in bringing the Traitor back… There is no way that anyone could have stopped Tsunade from punishing him, although I suppose that he would still have been too big of an asset to just behead…

Turning at the corner Naruto's stride leangthened, and the various people who were out and about instinctivly got out of his way. There is something about a ninja walking with a purpose that make people naturally avoid them, and naruto was nearly to the hokage's tower.

I wonder if Ino is on duty as receptionest again?

Ino had taken the loss of sasuke much better than Sakura had, of course the fact that she hadn't really carried much of a flame for the elusive Uchiha since her academy days probably helped. In fact the only reason she had still been a member of his fan club before he left was because it annoyed sakura.

Pity it didn't work out between us, but I guess that we were just a little to alike.

She and Naruto had dated briefly at the start of the second year after Naruto's return. (A couple of months after he got back from training) It hadn't been long, but the two of them HAD connected. Just not on a romantic level. This had actually become a great boon for naruto as she had been willing to teach him to dance properly just in time for Sakura's wedding reception. That had been what brought them together in the first place. After learning to dance the two of them had just kind of gravitated toward each other in their time off. Ino's parent's hadn't liked it much, but she was a strong young women, and had gone ahead and dated him anyway.

"Good morning Ino, How are you on this fine day?"

"Morning Naruto, are you here for your missions already? You've got a couple of days off yet before your scedualed to work again."

"Nah, Nee-chan has something she wants to talk to me about. Probably another mission intended to build my 'people skills'."

Ino laughed as Naruto rolled his eyes at the thought of another diplomatic mission. Tsunade had always's hated diplomatic functions, and having naruto around had given her handy excuses to avoid them several times as she could send him in as a Proxy.

"The last thing I need is to be the 'Liason from the country of fire' again. I swear the only good things about that whole damn Fiasco were that I got to see Gaara again and that I got to see you in a dress."

Ino grinned at him, since they had been dating at the time Naruto had asked her to accompany him on a diplomatic trip to Suna. Temeri had decided that Gaara needed a women in his life as was proper for a 'Kage, and had thrown him a party. Of course a party for a 'kage ment that it was the perfect time for all the other coutries to attempt to dazzel each other with their best and brightest. The fact that Gaara had lightened up quite a bit in the two and a half years since the chuuin exams had helped considerably as well. Gaara was even known to smile occasionally now.

"I still can't believe that you managed to come to an agreement with shukaku."

Naruto grinned, one of his crowning achievements had come the week after his return from sasuke hunting. Gaara had come to talk to him about being offered the position of KazeKage and naruto had insisted on taking his friend out for a round of drinks. Well, one thing led to another, and before anyone was aware that there was a problem they had a drunken and extreamly emancible Shakuku to deal with. It turned out well however as naruto had talked the Raccoon into agreeing to be nice to Gaara in exchange for a drunken night of partying and dancing once a month.

"Well, he was pretty sloshed at the time, it's a good thing that a youki's words are binding, he can't break that vow even if he wanted to."

Just then Shizune came walking out of the door behind Ino.

"Ino if you see naruto send him right up, he's already running a little bit… Oh! Hello Naruto, Flirting with our receptionist again?"

Naruto grinned

"Always Shizune-san, Always. You busy after work Ino? We could go people watching again? Maby I can even find somone worth your attention."

Ino laughed, It was a running joke between the two of them that they had to approve each others dates, not a big deal all in all.

"Sure Naruto, If you're not busy we can go people watching again."

With a grin and a wave Naruto walked past her, following Shizune up the winding staircase to the Hokage's personal Office. Reaching the top he stopped and re-adjusted his Jounin Uniform and Forehead protector. His dress had changed considerably since his promotion. Of course the Pay raise meant that he finally had money enough to actually go out and buy some decent clothing instead of just grabbing Whatever fit at good will. To his surprise Naruto had found that he look quite good in blue and black, of course he still proudly displayed his orange chaos spiral on either shoulder, but it seemed to work.

"Oh come now naruto, I've known you for almost three years now, and never, in all that time have you cared what Tsunade thought about your clothing. If anything you seem to take care to always look a little rumpled up"

Naruto grinned at her as he pretended to dust a little lint off of his shoulders, but he didn't say anything. Suddenly Shizune's eyes widened

"Oh you DOG! You've been doing that intentionally!"

Naruto's grin widened by a fraction But he still didn't say a word. Shizune shook her head a little bit

Pity I'm going to miss this one, He is getting SO much better at keeping her on her toes.

"Just try not to damage her TOO Badly OK?"

Naruto gestured as though tipping his hat, and then squared his shoulders, pasted on a sober expression, and opened the door to the Hokage's office.

"Of course we can accomodate you sir, just keep in mind that you get what you pay for."

"And as I am paying for the best?"

"You will of course get the best. In fact…"

Tsunade trailed off as Naruto entered the room with a poise and confidence that would have done a Hyuuga proud. Stopping exactly in the center of the room Naruto executed a perfect Fist over his heart salute and then stood loosly at attention.

"As you have Commanded Hokage-Sama, So have I come."

Tsunade stared at him for a long moment, slightly suspicous of what this new act was about. Of course the fact that she could hear Shizune chuckling to herself on the other side of the door didn't help much. Not that there was anything she could do just yet, as Naruto had yet to cause any trouble.

" Ahhh Naruto, Right on time. Uzumaki Naruto, Meet Mitzaraku Tomi. You will be protecting him and his caravan until they reach the capital. Once there you will recive payment, as well as your next assignment."

Naruto swiftly bowed, his every pore seemeing to scream obediance and deadly servitility.

"Of course Hokage-sama, By your command."

Tsunade was getting a little worried by this point, but the merchant didn't seem to sense anything amiss.

"This is my guard? This is the best protection money can buy? Pshaw, The kid is still wet behind the ears."

Turning he faced Tusnade again, and leaned over, propping himself up on her desk.

"Come now Tsunade-sama, I may be no ninja, but I am no fool either. I'll tell you straight up. I have heard rumors that you have a Demon serving at your command. I want it."

Naruto managed to maintain his unpassionate Façade, but just barely

He WANTS a demon Bodygaurd? What the hell kind of freak did you set me up with Baa-chan

Tsuande however had her hands steepled in front of her, and was resting her chin on them. After a moment of staring intently at the man she asked

"And why would you consider the ninja before you Un-acceptable?"

"Simple. I want the intimidation factor. I want anyone we run up against to take one look at my guard and then tip their hats and wish me a good day. I want someone who can command Respect with a look, who can frighten with a glance. I want a guard who so completely trumps any bandit on size and personality streangth that they take one look and decide that he's not a person to be trifled with. Simply put I NEED this Demon of yours."

He leaned back again and gestured to naruto

"And THIS certainly is not it."

Normally naruto would have scowled at this, in fact he might just set the bastards clothing on fire just for the insults alone, but to pull off this prank he couln't break the façade. Beside's he had been called much worse before. Tsunade just sat there in thought for a moment longer, occasionlly glancing between the Rectitent merchant, and her favorite Jounin. After a moment she leaned back again.

"I'm sorry but no. He's all we have so you will have to make due."


Both Tsunade and Naruto were a little shocked at his language. Usually clients were fairly civil.

"This is not acceptable Tsunade. I. Want. The. Demon. If you will not produce then I will look elsewere for help."

"I'm afraid that naruto here is all we have available. I do ask that you don't blindly judge him. Test his ability if you like, if it is sub-par I will attempt to find you another, But be warned. The 'Demon' as you call him will not be available for a number of months."

"Pshaw, I overheard one of your gaurds talking, Your demon just got back from a job, and is on leave for a couple of days. That should be more than enough Time for it to rest and recouperate."

Naruto was beginning to have some serious issues with the man now, but with a suprisingly solid show of discipline he managed not to betray the slightest emotion. Tsunade was a little less Polite.

"Naruto is what we have, and he is what you will get."

"This is an outrage, I DEMAND that you…"

the merchant's voice trailed off as naruto decided that a little demonstartion was in order, and brought up his fighting aura. Tsunade shivered unintentionally, and the man's eyes went as round as saucers.

"If this man is bothering you Tsunade-sama, I will be happy to… remove him… for you."

The merchant glanced behind him, and for a moment naruto could have sworn he saw a look of Pure glee on the mans face, but he had soon convinced himself that he was imagioning it as the man Immediately cowered away from him and tried to hide behind tsunade's desk. Tsunade herself had shaken off her shock rather quickly however, a side effect of having helped train him on occasion.

"No naruto, I'm sure that he simply spoke in haste."

Inside naruto was laughing like mad, but outside he managed to maintain his stoney expression, and Tsunade didn't see so much as a trace of his amusment hiding in his eyes. After another second or so, naruto dropped his Aura back down to nothing.

"As you say Tsunade-sama. Undoubtedly he was about to appologize anyway."

Tsunade inclined her head slightly in a minuature nod as she studied his impassive face. After another second she reached behind her and dragged Tomi back out in front of her.

"Is he correct Mitzaraku-san? Were you about to appologize for being rude?"

"Uh… Of… of course. I deeply Appologize for my behavior Tsunade-sama, I was out of line."

"Yes. You were. Now, I will ask a final time. Is Naruto here acceptable?"

A trace of a smile appeared on the man's face, just for a moment before it dissipeared again.

"Yes Tsunade-sama. He's just what I've been looking for."

Tsunade stared at the man for another moment until he started to shift uncomfortably from foot to foot. After ten or fifteen seconds of that he spoke again.

"Um… We will be leaving from the east gate at 6am two days from now, Please meet us there."

Naruto's face didn't betray a flicker of recognition that the man had spoken, and so after another moment Tsunade replied

"He'll be there."

"Right" said Tomi with obvious releif. "I'll just be going now."

"You do that."

With that, the man hurried out of the room. There were several more seconds of silence as Tsunade studied naruto, Carefully her eyes took in the Perfectly pressed Uniform, the text-book perfect stance, and the clear blue eyes that seemed to to focused one inch above, and three inches left, of the top of her ear.

"What are you doing now?"

"Waiting for instructions Tsunade-sama."

Tsunade studied him for another moment.

"You can drop the act, he's gone now."

"What act Tsunade-sama?"

"The 'perfect soldier' routine, It just doesn't become you."

"Yes Tsunade-sama!"

Tsunade studied him again, and his posture didn't change so much as an Iota. After another moment she asked.


"Well what Tsunade-sama?"

Tsunade nearly growled in frusteration

"Are you going to stop that or not?"

"Stop what Tsunade-sama?"

"If you call me 'Tsunade-sama ONE MORE TIME, I will personally give you an Arieal view of the city Via Extreame Physical contact."

"Yes Tsunade-sama!"

"OK, that's IT!"

In a single swift movement Tsunade was out of her chair and swinging with all her might at the young jounin in front of her desk. It was something of a surprise therefore when he suddenly disappeard. Off balance, and with no target tsunade stumbled a little, and then whirled around when she heard someone chuckling behind her. Sitting in her chair, his feet propped up on her desk, and with an open Bottle of sake out of her private and very Secure Hidden safe (You could tell because the lable said so) was none other than Usumaki Naruto. He flashed her a grin before he poured himself another shot.

"You know Baa-chan, you really shouldn't keep all that anger pent up. It's not good for the heart."

Grumbling Tsunade signaled for him to pour her a glass a well, and naruto immediately complied, sliding it across the surface of her desk and into her waiting hand. He didn't leave his seat however, and she didn't appear to expect him to. Taking the shotglass in hand she walked over to the window and stared out of it for a while, lost in thought. After a moment however she spoke.

"Do you ever wonder if it's worth it?"

Naruto frowned a little into his cup Before tossing back the shot and pouring another. For a while he just twirled it pensivaly, staring into the amber depths. Tsunade sighed, more and more of late She and naruto had found each other as drinking partners. Even though she was several years his senior Tsunade had found that, Like her, Naruto was an old soul. As such he was an almost perfect drinking Companion. Especially considering the fact that Kyuubi Purged alchol from his body almost as fast as he could drink it. More and more often Their talk had turned to Naruto's Dream of taking her place, and the more they spoke of it, the more depressed Naruto tended to become. After several more minutes Tsunade's patience was rewarded.

"Yes… Sometimes. When I come back from a particularly difficult mission and receive the same cold glares. When a mother pulls her children to the side to scowl at me as I walk past. When a resteraunt politely informs me that all their tables are full even when the building is nearly empty. Usually though It happens in the dark hours before dawn while I stand guard at the gates or am out on a mission. It's then that the doubts and insecurities cluster close, a dark unending wave that trys to convice me that I will never truly be accepted."

There was another pause, and after a moment Tsunade knocked back her drink and held the glass out for a re-fill. Naruto obliged. Tsunade waited a heartbeat or two before asking another question

"and what do you do with these doubts? How do you Dispell them?"

Naruto smiled a little, but it was a sad smile, A wistful one.

"I remember the people who are worth protecting, My friends and family, My precious people. For them it would be worth doing, even if I have to fight every step of the way."

Smiling naruto tossed back his shot

"Well, I suppose I had better go and prepare…"

Naruto shook his head a little

"I tell you Nee-chan, you sure find me some strange customers"

Tsunade smiled as well, Absently waving as Naruto moved toward the door.

"Take care Naruto… come back safe"

Naruto paused just inside of the door and gave her a warm smile.

"THAT Nee-chan, is a promise."

and with that he was gone.

When the door closed Tsunade didn't move, and after several minutes she spotted a head of blonde hair leaving the building, weaving in and out of the gathered Shinobe and Kunichi. Laughing and generally having a good time. Shaking her head tsunade drank her final shot and turned back to her desk, grimacing as she did.

I swear this paperwork will be the death of me.

It was five O-clock, two days after naruto's initial confrontation with the odd merchant, He and Tsunade had found themselves frequenting a bar again the night before.


As usual he had helped the inibrated Tsunade back to her mansion. He himself had gone through almost three times the amount of liquer she had (Much to the barkeepers delight) and was now slightly buzzing. Tsunade of course was completely wasted.

"N… -Hic-… naruto kun?"

"Yes granny?"

Tsunade had given him a glare for the nickname but the effect had been ruined by the fact she was focusing on the wrong one of the three heads she was currently seeing.

"Be –Hic- Careful Tomarrow. Theres sumthin funny 'bout that Mer –Hic- chant. Don't Truss im. Be Safe."

Naruto smiled. She repeated nearly the same warning regardless of what mission he went on, But He was always happy to know she cared. He was about to hoist her up again to continue there walk inside when she suddenly grabbed the front of his shirt with a streangth he hadn't thought she could muster in her current sate.

"I'm Sssserious this –hic- time. I gotta Baaaaaddd feeling on this un."

~End Flashback~

naruto is ordered to do a 'B' Class escort, but it turns out that they were all Kyuubi's children, and they jumped him less than a day outside of konoha. Kyuubi himself shows up and releases the seal on Naruto's stomach letting his daughter out. After learning her story, and hearing her vow he declairs that his daughter (kira) has been soul-bound to naruto. Any direct order he gives she has to obey no matter what it is. She of course is angry as hell about that, and tries taking it out on him when he wakes up (Bitching about how good his life must be, how she couldn't see anything, how her only company had been him the few times he had shown up, how easy his life must be, she bitches all the way back to konoha before he finally snaps and tells her to shut her mouth unless she has something good to say.)

With no warning at all they turned on him, the formerly docile 'Merchants' all striking in unison each grabbed an arm or a leg, and struggle as he might, Naruto just couldn't break free.

Kyuubi! I need some of your power!

Oddly there was no reply,


Reaching into his mind Naruto again found himself in front of the cage that had been built by the fourth to house the kyuubi, and as usual His demon was waiting for him

"HEY! I'm a little outnumbered here, some power would help if you want to stay alive!"

The demon just grinned however and a moment later naruto found himself back outside, the demon's voice whispering in his ear.

Why should I help you... against my rescuers?

At these words naruto stopped struggling, too stunned to move, moments later an older man strolled out of the woods just to the left of him. The man didn't really seem that old, Had naruto been forced to guess he would have said mid-forty's, but there was a certain... timelessness that clung to the man like a second skin.


For a moment the man paused as though shocked before asking


naruto was puzzled, yes what? The man however was growing angry

"It's impolite to state my name without asking a question or giving a response of some kind."

"But... I haven't said a word to you..."

now the old man was looking slightly confused.

"Not said a word? You shouted my name telepathicly not a minute ago..."

Now it was naruto's turn to look shocked... the two of them stood there in silence for a moment before the old man sighed

"Look mortal, I'm sorry to do this to you, but I have reason to believe that you hold one of my children prisioner, so if you will please remove your shirt..."

"WHAT! What kind of Perverted old Sh..."

naruto didn't get any furthor as one of the men holding his arms backhanded him across the face hard enough to draw blood while the other tore the shirt off his back.

"You will speak only when told to worm, Kyuubi-sama gave you an order, and you had best follow it!"

The old man gave a tired sigh,

"There was no need for that Yeshiero, he doesn't know or can't accept who he's talking to."

Naruto was of course bewildered,

But he CAN'T be Kyuubi, The Kyuubi was sealed in my stomach by the fourth... They are trying to trick me!

Reading the conflicting emotions on his face, The man gave another sigh.

"No trick young man, although if you would tone down the telepathy I'd be... You can't can you?"

at naruto's confused look the old man shook his head as though dissipointed

"Such promise and no-one has trained you in the mental arts? I shall have to speak to Arashi about this, he knows better than to let such potential go untapped."

At the name of the fourth hokage naruto gathered his wandering mind and focused on the present, obviously this man was a little behind on the times, after all, he spoke as though the fourth were still alive.

"Anno, Grandfather"

Yeshiero raised his hand for another blow but with a casual hand gesture the kyuubi stopped the blow from falling.

"Your name if you will young man, and your question."

"Um, I'm Uzumaki Naruto of Hidden Leaf Village, and I was wondering why you speak of the reveared fourth hokage?"

"I speak of him because I must address the issue of the untapped tallent I see within you. If a student of such ability hasn't recieved proper training in the correct arts then there are obviously problems with the way he is running things."

"Might I ask your name?"

The old man gave a warm smile

"Just call me Kyuubi."

Oh great, I get the psyco on a power trip

Kyuubi of course heard him but chose not to comment

"Kyuubi-Dono... you do realize that Arashi, the fourth hokage died almost sixteen years ago correct?"

Kyuubi took half a step back in shock

"Tell me you jest! How did he die?"

Naruto hung his head.

"He died as a sacrifice to seal... erm... You, into a newborn child."

Suddenly somthing seemed to click in the man's mind and reaching foreward He put a hand over the now visable seal on naruto's stomach. Watching in horror, naruto could do nothing to stop the swirl of red chakra that quickly grew from the seal, first twisting, and then completely destroying it. The last thing naruto saw before he passed out was a beutiful young woman stepping from the now dissipating chakra, and the last thing he heard before he gave in to the blackness was the old mans voice asking

"Oh Kira... what have you done?"

Authors Notes:

This was a pretty old story that I've had floating around. As I recall I had struck on what I thought was a rather Unique Idea, They sealed the wrong demon thinking it was the Kyuubi. The Kyuubi himself comes to see what's happening and finds out that one of his children was jealous of the attention he was paying the Humans and impersonated him. I have another chaper part way done somewhere but decided I wasn't really happy with it.