Ch. 5-One Little Happy Family

Kay, this is the last chapter T.T Cause we ran out of ideas...but maybe we'll have a yuri chapter with Aki all grown up and stuff later...who knows? ;)

Sora pulled away a couple of seconds later, his eyes wide. "Riku...I feel bad for not being there with Aki..."

"You didn't leave her alone, did you?" The silver-haired teen asked in alarm, sitting up straight.

"No, no, of course not, Roxas is there," Sora reassured his boyfriend, settling back into his arms. "And, Aki started calling me Momma!" he said excitedly, his blue eyes lighting up as he remembered.

"Cool," Riku said absently, toying with his boyfriend's hair. "I guess I'm the man, then." He smiled and gave Sora his whole attention again. "Sorry. I was just thinking about stuff."

"S'okay," the brunette murmured, yawning and nodding off against Riku's chest. "Aw, Sor, wake up! I'm bored," Riku complained. He sighed and reached for his hot chocolate, cupping it close to his body for warmth.


"Riku?" Sora yawned adorably, snuggling up tp his boyfriend.

"Hey, baby," the silver-haired boy greeted him, planting a kiss on the rumpled brown hair.

"Is the snowstorm over yet?" Sora muttered, still half-asleep, squinting at the sunlight streaming in through the windows. Riku streched, accidently knocking Sora off his lap and onto the floor, where he landed with an audible oof.

He frowned up at Riku. "That was mean," he complained, glaring up at his boyfriend, who smirked down in return. "Sorry, love," Riku chuckled, standing up and extending a hand down to Sora.

"And it is over, but the roads are pretty icy. But I think we can probably get home; if we go slowly. You ready?" Sora nodded, still pouting about being dumped on the floor, but still followed Riku out into the chilly morning.

The instant they stepped out the door; a blast of freezing air hit them, and both boys shivered. "Meh," Sora whined, rushing to their car and slipping. "Owww!"

Riku slowly made his way over to his boyfriend, pulling him up. "You okay?"

Sora nodded, quickly hopping into their car and turning on the heat. Riku laughed as he got in and cranked up the engine. "The heater won't work until you turn the car on," he informed his shivering boyfriend, snuggling closer for warmth. "And it'll take a minute to get warm."

The engine revved loudly when Riku pressed the gas pedal slowly, carefully pulling out of the parking lot at a snail's pace. They crept out of the driveway and onto the main snow-covered highway, the car slipping a bit as he turned.

Sora started to clutch onto his boyfriend's arm, but thought better of it as they slid again, instead grabbing tightly onto the armrests, his knuckles turning white. "Riku...maybe we should've stayed at the cafe," he suggested miserably, his face turning a very strange greenish-white color.

Riku turned to look at him worridly, and Sora shoved his face back so that it was facing the road. "I'm nervous enough already without you looking at me instead of where we're going," he snapped uncharacteristically. Riku snickered, but did as Sora commanded and stared out through the windshield, slowly driving all the way home.


As soon as the car pulled into the driveway, Sora pulled the door open and jumped out. The instant his feet hit the slick ground, they slid out from him, dumping the poor boy into the ice and snow. Riku couldn't hold back a chuckle at the surprised and hurt face his boyfriend was making, even as he more carefully got out and extended a hand to Sora, helping him up.

"You're mean." Sora grumped, taking the hand and pulling himself to his feet, then slowly walked into the house, taking extra care on the steps which he tended to trip over even when they weren't ice-coated. Despite his caution, he slipped again and fell on his face.

Ignoring the hand Riku held out this time, Sora pulled himself up and stalked into the house, his mood brightening when he saw Axel, Roxas, and Aki in the living room. Axel seemed to be enjoying himself as he snickered at Roxas, who Aki had placed a flowered bonnet on. "Aw, Roxy, you look pretty!" Sora cooed, his blue eys lit up with barely-concealed laughter. "The flowers really bring out your eyes." he said seriously, and Axel threw back his head and laughed.

"Exactly what I told him!" he crowed, high-fiving Sora as Roxas continued scowling. The blonde suddenly picked Aki up and stomped into the next room. Riku strode after him, pausing at the doorway with his eyes wide with alarm as Roxas's voice called out, "Making fun of me, huh? Well then, I'm just taking Aki!"

Riku dashed after Sora, rounding a corner and accidently plowing into the small boy. "Oops," he chuckled, taking his little girl. "Too bad, Roxas, you can't have her! She's ours." he teased as he stuck his tongue out at Aki and carried her back to Sora, who gladly took her and bounced her on his knee.

His boyfriend walked over and pecked Aki on the cheek first, then Sora. "Love you guys," he said, in a rare display of affection, and Axel and Roxas both smiled at the precious picture in front of them.

"Look at that," the pyro whispered to his blonde lover, "they've turned into one little happy family."

A/N: Sorry it took so long to finish this! And sorry for the shortness of it. We had some major writer's block, plus a family emergency in the form of our mother having a seizure. And our stepdad wasn't even home...we had to do CPR and call an amublance. But she's all better now and we're finally done with this story. Thanks so much to everyone for sticking with us, and we hope you liked it! Much love to you all~