Ok, so let me fill you in on what's happening.

There's been a rash of kidnappings in town lately. And at ever single case, there's been some strange evidence. Strange enough that SI called me in. Want to know what? Of course you do. Rabbit foot prints, rabbit-like fur, and to top it off carrots. Yeah, I know.

Want to know what I think? Rabbit demon. Don't look at me like that. It can happen. And I can prove it; I'm chasing him down right now.

I caught up to him when he was about to abduct another victim. The demon is a knee-high little white son of a biscuit. And he bites! Thankfully its winter; I had my leather duster. Its defensive spells prevented the bite from breaking any skin. But it still hurt.

He ducks into an alley and I follow. Then he opens what can only be describe as a hole in and goes to jump into it. And I jump after him. In retrospect it wasn't the brightest idea. I tried to get to him before he got to the hole. But when I hit him, our combined momentum threw us both into the hole.

We fell through a vortex of swirling colors, and very random pictures such as flamingoes, jam jars, bunny rabbits, and of all things a dodo. Just as I think I'm losing it, I hit the ground. Hard.

I wake up in a hallway with doors everywhere. And I mean everywhere; the floor, the ceiling, heck even the windows are doors. And for some reason there was a curtain in the middle of the right wall. So, I get up check and make sure I'm ok. Thankfully nothing is broken. Then I check my equipment. Everything's still there minus my staff, but I didn't have it in the first place. Then I stroll over to the curtain and I pull it aside.

And what do I see? What else, a door. Only this one's different. It has a keyhole. This time I decide to be cautious and peek through the keyhole. And I see an ocean. Ok, that's only a little weird. I try to open the door when all of the sudden, the doorknob talks!

"OW! What are you doing?" the door said in a very thick British accent.

"Um… trying to get through?" I try.

"That's not how you get through! That's what the bottle's for!" the door said.

"What-" I start but don't bother to finish.

I then turn around and I see a table with a single bottle on it. Oh and there's a note on it. It reads, "Drink me." Yeah, like I'm really going to.

"Ok look, I don't have time for this. Just open up," I said.

"Now you're sounding like that annoying white rabbit," the door said.

White rabbit, hallway with doors, a talking doorknob, my heads starting to hurt now. And if I didn't know better…

"I don't have time to play with you!" I said through clenched teeth. "Open up!"

"I cannot without-" the door started out.

But I didn't listen, instead I whip out my blasting rod and cried out Fuego. In a flash the door is gone. Good riddance, he was annoying. When the smoke clears I can see outside. And the ocean is gone. It's replaced with a glassy field and a white castle in the distance.

It's one of those days…