My first ever Maximum Ride Crossover fanfic! Please comment and tell me what you think of it! All people welcome!

Crossover with X-Men people!

Began: 12/20/09 11-something AM
Completed: 12/20/09 1:02 PM

Nudge's Point of View (POV)

It had been 3 months since the flock had gone are separate ways, or more like we split into 2 groups. Iggy and I. Max and the rest of the group. It wasn't like we weren't close but the two of us just got tried of helping Max save the world. I thought since the Voice said Max was Earth's savor I would just get in the way. I couldn't fight well against the Earsers and I knew if we had stronger enemies, I would get in the way.

Iggy came with me because he wanted he couldn't do much with his blindness. He said, "I'm going with Nudge. There's not much I can do even if I can feel colors, it won't help when we're fighting and traveling around this much isn't doing any good with me and surroundings. You know what I mean right?" He said it with such force that Max couldn't say no.

Jeb gave us the files that he obtained from Itex, our entire files that had the different experiments done on us and our… background information. It turns out that my mother wasn't that woman Fang and I saw in the trailer; my biological mother was living in New York as a teacher.

Iggy's given name was definitely James so he decided to have it as his middle name-even if this parents tried to make money of him. At least some small part of him acknowledges them being biologically related.

A credit card given to us by US government-the scientific team insisted on giving it to us. Did use it twice to cash out a good amount of it use for food while in Ontario and in North Dakota. We took a few odd jobs here and there (delivering and cleaning); Itex no doubt had someone in the US government that could track us using that credit card. Iggy told me to do so, isn't he just smart?

It took us 2 months to reach the US from Antarctica and another to reach the great NY! I want to find my biological mother because I know some part of me wants that.

That's why we are here at Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters or commonly know as the Xavier Institute. In New York of all places too (hey, we've done our research)! Iggy rang the door bell because I was too nervous; the one who answered the door was a man who I didn't expect to work at a school.

His face was tanned and short dark blue hair styled to like those in the army. Dressed in a black suit with a red large X where his heart was located. He opened his mouth to say something but didn't get a chance to.

"I'm looking for Ororo Munroe, could you please tell her Monique is here to see her?" I asked the man.

Happy Holidays Everyone!

I thank tailendwriter for the inspiration, so read her story: 'Hidden Secrets' if you will.