My first ever Maximum Ride Crossover fanfic! Please comment and tell me what you think of it! All are welcomed!

Crossover with X-Men people!

Began: 3/18/10 9:39 PM
Completed: 6/4/10 7:47 PM

Logan's POV (Point of View)

"I'm looking for Ororo Munroe, could you please tell her Monique is here to see her?" was what I heard when I opened the door. Two brats outside asking for a "Ororo Munroe." I should just get Storm.

"Hey Storm! There are two kids at the door looking for a Ororo Munroe!" shouting up the stairs. I hear her boots hit the stairs as she runs down, not in a battle suit but a business one.

Storm's POV

"Hello, I'm Ororo Munroe. You two must be the students we're getting today." Looking at their faces, I'm surprised Logan didn't scare them. Then again he looks surprised; he didn't know I was called Ororo Munroe.

"Yeah! My name's Monique! This is my childhood friend James." Her smile is contagious; I find myself smiling. Looking at them, their clothing is normal for a teenager. Monique is wearing a pair of jeans, a washed out yellow t-shirt, and boots. While James wears a white t-shirt, jeans, and a navy blue blazer. He's carrying not one but two black backpacks.

"Come on in." I motion them to come in with the wave of my hand. Closing the door after they come in, I chuckle a little seeing the looks on Monique's face. It reminds me of a child.

As I walked down the hall I heard a "Please wait." It was Monique. Both Logan and I turn around to see James' hand is on the wall.

"The walls are a gray color. The light brown is wood isn't?"

"Yeah James, it is. Feel again thing else?"

"This place feels old."


"Everything from this point so far is filled in browns and grays."

"So it's old?"

"Yeah." As if sensing our confusion, Monique speaks up.

"I-James can feel colors."

"'Feel colors?'" echoes Logan.

"I'm blind." James stated. I see his friend grab his hand as we walk upstairs. The mahogany stairs creek as we walk.

"I'll get you to your rooms but the tour of the school will have to wait. There is a meeting that both of us will have to attend to."

The both of them just nod their heads but Monique seems to have something to say.

"Put us in the same room."


"It's easier for both of us, for both of us to know where the other is."

"Alright." Logan interrupts yet again. It as if he can sense something I could not.

After dropping the two of them off at their room; we headed to the jet. My boots clank as we arrive to the hanger and go on board. It was time to save Marie.

Thank you everyone who read. I'll try to update before I go on my two month trip!
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