Had a horrible decided to write it ou in a story..a One-shot that might become a two-shot if you can figure out why my day was horrible threw out this story i'll eather update one of my storys you might want me too,or make a one-shot for you. Injoy.

Kurt was teleporting threw out the house looking for someone,Not just she was one of the experts on the teenage life,and she might of been alittle slow,But she knew what she was talking about when it came to love life.

Kurt was energetic happy and free-spirit rarly was he ever sad or depressed so looking as lost as he was it had to be important.

''Kitty! kitty!''

Rouge came in sneering ''Trying to ask kitty out again?'' Kurt laughed sarcasticly at her and rolled his eyes''ha ha very funny have you seen kitty?'' Rouge crossed her arms and leaned against one hip and smirked'' Maybe i have,maybe i havnt''

Kurt grabbed his hair in frustration ''Nevermind! your no help'' Rouge was alittle suprised that kurt wanted kitty that bad,So suprised she was curious.

Rouge sighed''Ok ok! she went out for driving lessions'' Kurt fell backwords on the soft carpet and frowned 'God i hope she doesnt die before she can help me'

Rouge squated down looking at Kurt ''Oh brother is it that important'' Kurt sat up immediatly ''Yes! indeed it is'' Rouge shrugged'' Maybe I can help'' Kurt shook his head quick ''Nu uh no way!''

With that Kurt teleported away.

Rouge blinked and coughed alittle now she was exstremly curious.

Kurt teleported aimlessly trying to get away from Rouge not relizing where he was teleporting to,He teleported right into the one man's room that was off limits to everyone and anyone Logans room.

Kurt freaked out and was about to teleport out of the room intill the door clicked,Kurt didnt know what to do if he teleported then a smoke trail would be left.

The door was opening

Logan walked in not in costume at all,Logan immeditatly noticed somthing was off, He sniffed around he was just about to put his finger on who was in his room before.

Knock knock.

Logan sneered and yelled out ''Who is it.''

''Me!'' Called the voice behind the door

Kurt held his mouth shut hiding under the bed,'rouge!'

Logan opened the door and let Rouge in ,she busted in thinking hard ''I cant put my finger on it!''

Logan looked at her like what?''Come in i guess.''

Rouge looked at Logan she''He's hiding somthing! and iama find out what''

Logan was confused more so then ever ''Who? and what?''

Rouge threw hands in the air and sat down on the bed''Werent you lestining to me!?'' Logan was just about to answer intill he was cut off ''Nevermind! Kurt thats who and what! is what iam trying to find out.''

Logan rolled his eyes ''Kurt? hide somthing?'' Rouge marched out leaving to her thinking.

Logan sighed and finally remembered the smell ''Get out from under der''

Kurt frowned and crawled from under the bed and blushed and waved his arms franticly ''Iam sorry! I was trying to get from Rouge she thinks iam hiding somthing and iam not well..i am but not somthing big just hiding it from her''

Kurt got silent after relizing he was rambling,Logan scratched his head and couldnt belieave he was dragged into teenage drama ''Since its not big and your only hiding it from Rouge tell me what it is then if yea want'' Kurt blushed and stepped back tripping landing on the floor.

''Oh no no no! i cant its uhh nothing of that importants'' Kurt was about to make a dash for the window intill his tail was grabbed by Logan, kurt yelped and snatched back his tail ''Hey hey! easy on the tail'' Kurt comferted his tail and frowned.

Logan crossed his arms and looked down at Kurt ''Now speak''Kurt blushed and sat on the bed sighing''I like someone ok?'' Kurt teleported away

Logan scoffed and could NOT belieave that not only was it teenage drama BUT teenage love drama.

Kurt landed outside and he sat in a tree looking out at everyone Spike was skateboarding as usual,Kurt rolled his eyes and turned in the tree holding his waist' This really bites..'

Spike saw Kurt and yelled up at him''Yo my man! wanna help?'' Spike didnt really need help he just didnt like kurt looking so turned around in the tree tail wagging slightly his face litten up ''really? me ?''

Spike never asked Kurt for help,and Kurt loved to help people ''No not really'' Kurt looked sad and Spike smiled ''Just kidden dude come on down here''

Kurt grinned and hopped down cheerfully.

Few moments later

Spike was done fixing his skateboard and looking at Kurt,Kurt seemed distracted the whole time ''Somthin on your mind man?'' Kurt looked at Spike and shook his head ''No..no i guess''

Spike kicked his board up and held it ''Man I'll never know if these wheels are good unless i try them out'' Kurt looked at Spike like he grew a third head and smiled ''Your right!'' Spike looked lost

Kurt took Spike's hand and jumped cheerfully and then teleported away,Spiked smirked he was happy to help even if he didnt know what he did.

Kurt was outside Logan's door and was going to knock intill.

Sniff sniff..

Logan wasnt in there..

Kurt blue face turned a dash of purple and he looked around teleporting ''Logan!''

''Log-'' Kurt pushed open Rouge's door and saw a sight he didnt want to see Rouge ontop of Logan on the bed with the lights off.

Rouge's point of view

''Logan! i know he told ou spill it'' Rouge pinned Logan down on the bed glaring at him.

Logan was bewildered ''Get off rouge! he told me nothing''

''Alright dont wanna talk i gotta trick for you'' Rouge was about to take off her glove intill she heard the door open.

Normal point of view

''Oh my iam yeah I gotta uuh'' Kurt felt so depressed he just wanted to run but he was so scared and he couldnt contain it he sprinted down the halls.

Rouge was completly confused ''Kurt its not like that!'' She called out and Logan flipped her over and ran after Kurt, Oddly it felt like his fault..

Logan cut kurt off and Kurt looked at him depressed and looked way holding his waist insecurly again and teleported away.

Logan bit his lip 'shit..'