heyyyyyyyyyyyy! omg its christmas vacation :D joy to the world

Carly's POV

I looked over at Sam and Freddie. It was our anual christmas party. We are about to play spin the bottle and I know its not very christmasy but still fun.

"OK everybody time for spin the bottle!" I shouted to every one that was in the iCarly studio witch was where all the highschoolers were.

"Every one get in a circle on the floor!" Sam shouted. Every one sat in a circle on the floor and Freddie got the empty coke bottle.

"OK I will go first" Sam said. she spun the bottle and you will never guess who it landed on!

Sam's POV

I looked in discussed toward the dork. The stupid coke bottle landed on him.

"I thought you had to spin the bottle and kiss the NORMAL person it landed on not a dork." I said

"Shut up Sam!"Freddie snapped back. "I'm disipointed enough that its you not Carly" ouch

"Carly can I spin agian? pleaaaaaaaaaase!" I pleeded.

"No Sam" Carly said.

"You hate me don't you!" I asked

"NO! You guys have kissed before whats so different about it now?"

"That was just to get our first kiss over with."

"oh, really!?"

"Yes really, and why do you care any way?"

"I dont know and you still haven't answered my question"

"What question?!"

"The one I asked you when we were taped to the chairs!"

"Whitch was...?"

"Did you guys like it, the kiss?" Carly asked . I looked at freddie and then back at Carly.


Haha cliffy sorry it was so short but my parents are soooo nosey!

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