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sams POV

Did I?...Yes...wait no...Maybe? UGH why did this have to be soo confusing? i mean really!

I looked back over at him and he looked at me.

"Carly..." He whined

"Don't Carlyyyyyyy me Fredward now answer the question!" he looked very awkward

"I don't remember now what does that tell you" I said and then I stormed back and sat down.

Freddies POV

Why does Carly care anyway! She doesnt even remember!

I don't think I could ever tell anyone the truth though everyone thinks that i'm inlove with Carly Shay but I'm not I'm really inlove with a blonde named Sam.

I loved her so much it hurt it pained me to hear her say that.

I fought with my emotions for so long and I made sure that everyone thought I loved Carly I do but I only love her as a sister.

"I don't remember either it was just a stupid first kiss" LIE LIE LIE LIARR!

Of coarse I remember how could i forget it was the night i let my better judgement flow away and finally my feelings won the battle and I feel inlove.

I want her to be my first and last kiss.

"OK good." what do you mean good Carly?


"uh I mean...food who wants food?" she yelled

She was acting very wierd.

"HAM!" yelled sam

"OK Hey freddie want to come down stairs with me i need to tell you something really quick."

"OK sure"

we went down stairs and walked into the kitchen she turned to me and said...

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