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The dream started out as usual.

Alice was running. From who or what, she didn't know. She was running away from something, and she was in Wonderland. Sometimes the scenery changed, but it was always the same world. Sometimes she would have a glimpse of someone else, usually Hatter, being enveloped by a strange dark cloud. And as always, right before she jumped, she heard the voice.

"I told you so," it said, in a very sing-song voice. Then Alice jumped off the edifice, into oblivion.

Waking, the girl was breathing quite heavily. At least she hadn't screamed this time, her mother would always come dashing in the room trying to comfort her. And how could Alice explain that she didn't want comfort?

No, what she wanted, what she needed, was answers. And perhaps she was getting closer to them. "I told you so." Besides the integral arrogance of the quote, it implied that was her fault the whole entire situation had happened.

Alice wasn't liking this voice that much.

Earth was such an odd place.

Pretty lame, too. It was so terribly noisy, and the air was practically made up of gas fumes. Plus, the majority of transportation moved on the ground. How unoriginal.

Because, really, who wants to live in a world without flying flamingo motorcycles? No one, that's who.

Other than the obvious, the land itself was much like the cities back home, with the bonus of not having the be afraid for your life every time you step out of a building. Then again, that made things even more dull.

Cheshire continued his walk, resisting the urge to yawn. Boring didn't even begin to cover this place. Well, if everything went well he wouldn't have to stay here much longer. If anything went badly, however… He still wouldn't be here much longer, but with the knowledge that he would have to return again in a few years.


Slipping into an alleyway, the Cat had managed to come so far unnoticed, and would continue to do so unless he wanted to be. Moving to stand so that he was facing a brick wall, he ran a hand over a section, grinning as he found what he had been looking for.

The trap was set. Now all he needed was for the prey to run…

"So where, exactly, are we going again?"

"Somewhere," Alice said, flicking her boyfriend's hat a she walked pass him out the door, red skirt blowing a little in the wind.

"Descriptive," murmured Hatter, fixing his hat and turning to follow the girl. This action was stopped very quickly, however, as the man proceeded to freeze and stare at the spot right behind her. "…We're not in Wonderland, right?"

"No…" said the brunette, realizing that something was wrong.

"Then why, dare, is there an army of cats behind you?" he asked, though it was more of a rhetorical question as Alice never did answer it. Instead, she froze as well, listening very closely to whatever might lay behind her. Hatter knew not to joke about things like this, and then she heard a simple sound. It was small, even cute, really.


Alice ran, Hatter with her. Although it might have been more suspenseful for either of them to have said "Run" before, well, running, they both knew that was a simple time-waster. It's not like anyone was reading a story written about that moment, hoping for some dramatic effects to add to the feeling. And while we are on this track, let's just go ahead and say that there is also no chance that the previous sentence was both a mixture of foreshadowing and irony.

…Yeah, right.

I know some of you people out there are wondering why, exactly, would a group of cats be so fearsome and terrifying. Sure, maybe one cat by itself would be perfectly un-frightening, but the reader must consider the large number of the creatures present.

In the first wave there were around fifty sets fangs and claws.

When our two protagonists attempted to travel down a path that would lead them to a busy street, they ran into another battalion that contained perhaps a hundred felines.

And by the time they approached their final destination, the horde behind them had grown to somewhere between 500 and 1,000. That, my friend, is a lot of cats. And they all came to a complete and utter stop when Hatter and Alice entered a certain alley.

After catching her breath, Alice looked back behind her and saw several hundred glistening eyes. "I guess we're going forwards, then."

"Yes, that would be an admiral decision," said a voice, and the brunette whirled around in surprise and instant recognition. It was the same voice from her recent dreams – well, nightmares, really. Hatter was already looking at the source with a bemused expression, as if he knew he should remember something but couldn't quite grasp it.

The man before them snorted at their expressions, before smiling gaily and continuing. "Now, from what I've heard you're not stupid enough to be bribed by the old candy trick so I'm not even going to try it."

"Candy?" Alice asked, and her voice had a whimsical tone to it as she slowly stepped forwards one step, Hatter following her motion.

Cheshire – who was the other person in the alleyway, of course, if you haven't been able to figure that out then I suggest you get your brain checked – simply stood there and looked stunned for a few seconds.

"Yeah… I take back what I just said," said Cheshire, before pushing a seemingly random brick on the wall. It pushed in, and the Secret Elaborate Panels disguised as bricks flipped to reveal mirrors.

Of course, by now Alice and Hatter had figured out that walking forwards wasn't the smartest thing they could have done. Of course, by now it was far too late - seeing as they couldn't move.

They funny thing about mirrors is that while with one you have to run into it to cross dimensions, two facing each other has a very different effect when combined with a certain mark – of which Cheshire had, of course. The light particles are caught in something similar to a vortex, bouncing back and forth continually faster as they go. The feeling isn't exactly pleasant to any organism caught in the middle. The light will start to take that thing's particles with it, until –

[insert obnoxious onomatopoeia here]

All gone to the world simply known as Ink.

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