Nature's Fury

Book 1: The Chamber of Mana

Prologue: Ally Encounters

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"Leave him alone!" stated Kai as he faced down five other boys much bigger and older than him.

The nine year old stood between the gang and a hurt dog. Kai had come across the scene of the bullies picking on the helpless dog and had to stop it. His dark brown eyes showed fierce determination to protect the dog.

"Oh look," droned one of the boys the eldest and leader of the group, "this little baby wants to defend this wretched excuse for a mongrel."

The other boys all about eleven or so laughed as the moved menacingly towards the younger boy.

Kai held his ground; he showed no fear growing up on the streets of London did that to a young boy. Since Kai could remember he had been an orphan living off the streets. His dark brown hair was long and shaggy, tangled and stuck together. He was as skinny as a rod; ribs could be seen through his ripped and torn shirt. Despite he held his ground; this dog was just as lonely and worn down as he was.

"I think we should teach the street urchin a lesson," stated the eldest boy again cracking his knuckles.

Kai was a fighter, he had many times watched from streets and trees into the windows of wrestling and martial arts studios. He learned from observation how to fight and that knowledge is what kept him alive on the streets. He crouched low his hands on the ground as his legs were underneath him; he looked like a big cat ready to pounce.

The boy laughed seeing the boy crouch down thinking it was some pathetic street urchin thing. Only street urchins would take a position of an animal, no normal person would degrade themselves that much.

"We will make you scream baby, but I suppose you have no parents so you can scream all you want and nobody will care," stated the boy again as he lunged at Kai.

Kai moved like a wild cat, he pushed off the ground from his crouching position. He arched his back and slammed into the bully making him fall head over heels backwards. Another of the bullies lunged at Kai; he ducked the blow and lashed out with his foot kicking the kneecap of the bully. However, two of the other bullies grabbed the scrawny kid from behind and hauled him up pinning him against a wall. The eldest one got up and glared at Kai.

"I will make you pay street urchin," his hand slipped into his pocket and came out again with a brass knuckle.

He walked up and punched Kai in the stomach, causing the young boy to gasp as he doubled over. The brass knuckled came again this time straight up into Kai's jaw, his head flew back as it slammed into the wall behind him. The elder boy went to punch again but a large scarred and tattooed hand grabbed his hand and wrenched it backwards.

The man was huge, or he seemed huge to the boys. He was dressed in dark green and brown clothes. His hair was a tangled mess of dark brown hair along with his beard. Sharp green eyes glared at the bullies. The dog that was being hurt was over his shoulder.

"Five against one not very fair if you ask me," stated the man. His voice was gruff and hard, it sounded like a wild animal growl.

"Why do you cared, he is just a street urchin," hissed the elder boy as he tried to pull his hand out of the man's grip.

"Street Urchin? And they called this civilized, I suggest that the group of you evacuate this area immediately," stated the man his hand tightening the grip on the bullies crushing his hand, "before I get really angry."

The boys let go of Kai and ran off. Their leader called after them calling them cowards and cursing the man and Kai at the same time. When he was let go he rushed off cradling his broken hand, still roaring cursed and insults.

Kai collapsed to the ground spitting up blood, "Thank…you…sir." He managed to spit out in between the blood.

The man just turned and started to walk away. At the entrance of the alley he turned and looked at Kai, "Well you coming?"

Author's Notes:

Okay so I know I haven't written in a long time but going through fan-fictions and stuff I noticed there wasn't a Magic the Gathering Harry Potter X-Over so I wanted to do one.

The chapter is short I know but I just wanted to get right into the action.

Even though its short there should be a lot of information on how our main character is going to be.

If anyone can guess the planeswalker that stopped the fight they get a cookie!

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