This is just going to be a series of one-shots that are all part of the Blue Bloods books, if that makes any sense. They will probably be unrelated to one another.


This is Oliver's point of view when him and Schuyler are at the ball for the European Conclave. Hope you like it!

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Oliver POV

The Past Always Comes Back to Haunt You

"The countess grants a meeting only to Miss Van Alen" the Baron glared conscedingly at him.

"I'll be fine, Ollie" Schuyler soothed him. "I'll meet you later."

"I don't like it." He said through gritted teeth. Something was wrong. He had a bad feeling about this. Schuyler turned to follow the Baron with a smile and a reassuring squeeze to his hand.

He turned to the party and scanned the crowd.


Just a group of socialites, each more extravagant than the next. They looked otherworldly in their finery.

But something was different. It wasn't a celebration anymore, a sinister force, pushing everyone on. Torwards the edge.

It seemed to have been hours since Schuyler left. Maybe he was just worried.

Where was she?

Suddenly, as if hearing his thoughts, Schuyler appeared at the other end of the ballroom. He breathed a sigh of relief at seeing her.

But she was with someone. The dark figure turned around.

Jack Force.

His heart clenched at seeing them together. Because deep down, Oliver knew that no matter what Schuyler said she still loved Jack Force. In an all-consuming way that she would never love Oliver.

He harnessed his emotions before they could become evident.

He reached out to shake Jack's hand. "Good to see you, man. Been a long time."

Jack stared him down as he shook his hand. Behind his cool mask, he saw something flicker, an emotion, but just as soon as it came, it disappeared.

Schuyler quickly explained what the situation was.

It pained him to see how Schuyler, so quickly trusted Jack. Even after all they'd been through.

"So what do you guys have in mind?" He asked warily.

"So far they haven't noticed that Schuyler is missing. So we may have to make it to Lutet-" He stopped suddenly with a horrified look on his face.

I looked over his shoulder to see what it was.

The Baron stood at the end of the room. He stood scanning the crowd, with crimson eyes.


"I was so stupid to let you go by yourself!" He lamented to Sky. "I knew something was off." He shuddered at what could have happened to her. He grudgingly admitted that if Jack Force had not been there, she would have been trapped.

"Look I will only slow you down, but maybe I can slow them down too." He said. Only for her. He thought.

"No! Please, Ollie, listen to me!" Schuyler said in horror as she saw what he was planning.

"Too late" He said. He ran to pick up a torch and stood in the courtyard.

"Come and get me!" He yelled. The elephant reared on its hind legs, knocking of its riders. The guests scrambled to get away from the huge beast. He looked around at the chaos that was the ball.

He turned to see Schuyler and Jack running out the ballroom. Schuyler was looking back pleadingly while Jack had eyes only for Schuyler, trying to lead her to safety.

At that moment he realized how far he would go for love. He stared at her disappearing form as he waved goodbye.

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