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Scenes of New York

Schuyler Van Alen was tired of tip toeing through life. She walked through school like a ghost; no one noticed her or acknowledged her presence.

She felt like an acrobat, never touching stable ground, flying through the air, avoiding the flames.

She sighed as she threw her every one of her belongs into her old trunk. She was done, she was leaving. It was up to her now, Lawrence was gone and the coven was destroyed. She didn't want to be an acrobat anymore,

She was a ringleader.

Kingsley Martin walked down to the boardwalk. It was winter but he didn't care. The cold, gray waves broke on the shore as he thought about her.

In every lifetime they had little trysts that entertained her but left him heartbroken. Every time. Charles had told him to accept that she belongs to another. He was worried about them in this life.

But I can't. I never could, no matter how much I tried.

So we'll keep turning around one another, never grabbing on but never letting go.

Oliver Hazzard-Perry went where he always did when he was upset. The Holiday

The bar was in the East Village with a distinct well worn, well-loved feel about it. The dark mahogany panels and sweet smell of cigars were like a comforting blanket when I walked in. The soft tinkering of the piano was heard in the background. Men lined the bar with long faces, hats hung on the hook by the counter. He was about to order a whiskey, her favorite. He sighed.

Suddenly a shadow came over the doorway and he instinctively turned around to see Schuyler standing in the doorway, bags in hand.

"We've got to get out of here."

Jack Force never had any problem with death. After all he was married to her. But he would laugh when people would praise his daringness in battle, his bravery and skill.

Because while everyone else would wait in the wings, waiting until it was sure they would win or until they absolutely had to, Jack charges straight into the battle without any concern for his own life. They call him brave, others call him reckless.

But he knows better than anyone else that nothing will happen to him.

Because only the good die young