Authors note:

So the story idea goes like "Harpers Island" but I'm building it myself. Plus the story is totally AU. No magic

Alex, Justin ,Harper, Juliet etc. are about 25-27 year old.

Enjoy and let me know if you like it!


Selena Gomez as Alexandra "Alex" Russo - Daughter of Theresa Russo.

David Henrie as Justin Russo - The fiancé, son of Jerry Russo.

Jake T. Austin as Max Russo - Son of Jerry and Theresa Russo. (step brother of Alex and Justin)

Maria Canals-Barrera as Theresa Russo - Mother of Alex and Max. Married to Jerry.

David DeLuise as Jerry Russo - Father of Justin and Max. Married to Theresa.

Hayden Panettiere as Claire Mink - Max Russo's girlfriend.

Jennifer Stone as Harper Finkle - The best friend of Alex and a long time family friend.

Dan Beneson as Zeke Wood - Justin's Best man.

Bridgit Mendler as Juliet Van Heusen - The bride.

JD Cullum as Thomas Van Heusen - The brides father.

Nikki Reed as Haley Van Heusen - Juliet's older sister also maid of honor

Uma Thurman as Miranda Van Heusen - Claire's and Juliet's step mother.

Cade Owens as Henry Van Heusen - Claire's son.

Lucas Till as James Wellington - Juliet's ex boyfriend.

Joe Mantegna as Sheriff David Mills - The local sheriff also a Russo family friend.

Kaley Cuoco as Bridget Mills - Sheriff David's daughter and a close friend of Alex's.

Nico Tortorella as Jeremy Bass - Alex's ex boyfriend. One of Justin's close friends.

Corbin Bleu as Sean Ross - Justin's groomsman.

Lucas Grabeel as Ryan Brooks - Justin's groomsman.

AnnaLynne McCord as Naomi Daramour - Juliet's a bridesmaid and one of Juliet's childhood friends

Stacy Farber as Elle Barrington - Juliet's bridesmaid and a former college roommate.

Michelle Trachtenberg as Vanessa Seaver - The local girl.

Jordan Woolley as Benjamin Pierce - a local fisherman who pretty much dislikes everyone.

Alex Russo looks out of the window as she arrives to Seattle harbor. She sees a small ferry docked in the distance with people on the board, celebrating. In the foreground there's a bigger welcoming sign to the guest with the names of Justin Russo and Juliet Van Hausen. She tries not to think about why she is going there as she tightly holds the wedding invite in her hand. The closer the taxi gets the louder she hears people talking. Well basically yelling, because everybody is so excited for this day.

Finally the taxi stops. Alex continues to look out of the window. She really doesn't want to get out. For a moment she thinks about telling the taxi driver to go back, but she cant. She cant run away forever. So she pays the driver and gets out.

First she feels the fresh warm air on her beautiful pale skin. She starts to hesitate about the fact should she or shouldn't she walk over there, towards all the people from her past. The sound of classical music grows louder as she walks her way to the ferry.

As she reaches the deck-level she sees waiters dressed in white jackets serving champagne.

"miss would you like a some champagne?" One of the waiters asks her politely.

She gives him a slight nod and takes a glass.

As she walks forward she searches for a familiar face. Then she notices him. He hasn't changed a bit, he's dressed casually in jeans and a simple dress shirt. First she just stares at him. He's talking to his friends when he notices her. Her face lights up. Justin hurries over to her and he hugs her tightly. She doesn't even remember when was the last time he hugged her. A long time for sure.

Finally he lets her go and takes a closer look at her.

"I cant believe you're here." he says to her with a smile on his face.

"Well I couldn't miss this. " She smiles back to him and then continues "you're my brother after all."

He tries to smile, but suddenly he doesn't feel like smiling.

There's a awkward silence.

Then he feels a hand grabbing his own. "Honey! I was looking for you!" She slightly giggles and then looks at Alex. "Alex! I'm so glad you came!" Her voice suddenly gets a little squeaky from all the excitement.

"I wouldn't miss this for the world. Juliet you look beautiful as always" she compliments her.

"Your so sweet, you look great too." Juliet smiles.

Before Juliet even has a chance to tell Alex more about the wedding plans someone interrupts them. "Alexandra Russo!" A gorgeous Hispanic woman wearing a beautiful red silk dress comes up screaming and waving her hands.

"Mom. Nice to see you too" She chuckles as her mother grabs her into her arms.

"Jerry! She's here! Jerry get your butt over here!" She yells while she's hugging her tightly. "Alex!" a normal looking guy in a colorful Hawaii shirt approaches.

"Hi dad" she gasps when finally her mom releases her. He is more relaxed and just gives her a small hug and a smile.

"Its been too long honey. You look so old" Theresa looks at her daughter.

"Getting old is part of the process mom." Alex points out sarcastically.

"Its been way too long since we all have been together" Justin says.

"Well we are proud of you Justin" Jerry pats his son on the shoulder. Theresa looks at him with a small glimpse in her eyes. It almost looked like she was about to cry.

Justin smiles with Juliet on his side.

On the other side of the boat there a group of young men.

They look like hawks searching for their piece of meat. They are standing proudly by the cooler.

"This is trip is going to be something so good." Ryan says while drinking his beer and gazing some of the ladies. "Ryan. These people are Justin's friends and family try to behave for like five seconds." Sean looks at Ryan behind his sunglasses.

"I'm just glad it isn't me who is getting hitched." He smirks back at him.

Sean chuckles and takes a sip from his beer.

"Zeke shouldn't you be on the boat ?" Sean shouts to the poor man who is glazing the water with a serious look on his face.

"You guys know that I get seasick" He shouts back.

"Justin should have chosen me as the best man" Ryan laughs and continues "Zeke come on don't be such a baby."

Zeke decides to get it together and walks on the ferry.

"And now you're a man" Ryan hands him a beer, but Justin grabs it from him.

"Where have you guys been? I could've used this beer an hour ago."

He takes a sip and stops… "try to behave guys I need to go and find Alex"


Ryan reaches down into the cooler, pulls out a Heineken, and tosses it to Harper. Harper watches the beer fly by her and roll down the deck.

"Ryan! It could have hit me! Are you insane? What's wrong with you? This a WEDDING! Not some crazy college party." She shouts with a serious look on her face and walks away.

"Bitch." Ryan mutters.

"Alex!" Harper who manages to keep her cool after what happened with Ryan,shouts to the brunette who is staring in to the ocean

"Hi Harper" She hugs her casually. "Oh isn't this just the most wonderful day? A wedding on the way and the best part were going on HARPERS Island. I'm going to meet my dream guy there. This is destiny!" Harper has a huge grin on her face.

"I almost forgot how crazy you are and you were named after the island so it doesnt mean anything." Alex laughs.

"I'm not crazy I'm being optimistic Alex!" She playfully punches her arm.

"If you say so." Alex starts laughing.

"Henry sweetheart don't go so near the boarder!" a pale blond woman with scary deep brown eyes yells at her little one.

"Mommy .. I want to see the ducks." He refuses and continues to look into the ocean, but then someone picks him up. "Buddy go to your mom when she says so." The stiff and conservative looking man hands him to her mother.

"Father." She gets up and gives him a kiss on his both cheeks.

"Where's Juliet?" The man looks around to find his other daughter.

She looks around. She doesn't see her, where could she be?

"Thomas! Oh Thomas! Where do I put my luggage?" Another blond woman yells from the pier interrupting . He shakes his head in disbelief of how stupid sometimes his wife is.

"Go find your sister Haley." he commands as he walks away to help his wife who's battling with her Louis Vuitton bags. Haley gets up Henry on her arms. "Mommy who's that?" The boy points. Haley looks over to the end of the ferry and sees Alex.

A moment later Justin is walking his is way to Alex when someone pulls him from his sleeve.

"Justin where's my daughter?" Thomas asks with a grin on his face. He really couldn't understand why in the earth his daughter was marrying a man like Justin. He might be book smart, but his family wasn't worthy of his own. He had made it clear to Justin from the moment they met that he would never approve Juliet's and Justin's relationship. And only two years later they are getting married. Married that word haunted him every time he thought about it. His little girl would be marrying a Russo.

"Sir. I think she's in the bathroom freshing up." Justin says firmly. Not letting him know how much he really was annoyed by him. After a moment of silence Justin steps back and passes him and leaves the old man wondering.

Justin continues his way to Alex when he hears a familiar voice.

"Justin ! Its time for the speech! People gather around." Juliet in her beautiful lace dress was announcing. She takes his hand and it gets quiet all of the sudden. All eyes were on them.

"I know some of you have traveled from far away and others have come under difficult circumstances" Justin looks at Alex and then continues

"I just want to say thank you. It means a lot to us" Justin looks at Juliet who smiles back. "We are about to ship off to Harper's Island a place where we met for the first time and I'm sure your going to love this Island as much as me and Juliet love it"

He raises his glass "To love!" And everyone raises their crystal glasses in air.

"To love!"