Alex turns around and sees Jeremy waving his hand.


"What are you doing here? I thought the wedding party was up there." He points up to the hills.

"It is, I just came to see uncle Dave." She smiles.

"Oh, yeah. I heard about Vanessa."

"You knew her?" She sighs.

"When we broke up, she made sure that I was okay and I know her brother."

The walk around the local street towards the marina.

"She had a brother?" Alex stops.

"Ben, he is a fisherman. I was just going to go and see him, make sure that he is okay. Ben and Vanessa only had each other when they grew up. This is really tough for him."

"I can only imagine."

"So after the wedding, how long till you will be heading back to Hollywood?" He smirks.

"Why do you care?" She just rolls her eyes and smiles to the lovable doof.

"I just thought, maybe.. possibly we could spend time together."

"I thought Justin invited you to the wedding?"

"Yeah he did, but I cant attend until the ceremony. I have to work." He turns to the pier and starts walking towards a boat. "but now I have to go and check on Ben."


"What?" He turns around.

"I would like that, spend time together."

She wonders as she goes through her thoughts, she sits there wondering if she's ready to forget. She waits for a moment to get her head clear then she starts to get teary eyed, she thinks about what she could have possibly done to help her and him.

"You okay?" He looks at her with his deep green friendly eyes.

"I miss her everyday. These memories. Everything reminds me here about her."

"Bridget, your mom is in peace now."

"I guess so, but my dad isn't. I still don't understand how could he just send me away. Zeke, I was only eight years old. He shut me out on everything. I needed him."

"He was protecting you."

"He was protecting himself."

"Its been like decades, you need to see through this."

"Its easy for you to say that. You didn't loose anybody."

"I lost you. You changed. I saw you every summer here, but you changed through time."

"It's a little more complex than that Zeke."

"Complex? No. You allow yourself to act like this, I mean think about last night."

"What happened last night?" She looks at him.

"You know.. You and Ryan."


"Ryan told me."

"About what?" She asks again, but then she realizes what he is talking about. Words "Ryan" and "last night" - tell a lot.

"Are you serious! You think I would sleep with him, the moment I felt bad?"

"I..I just thought, because Ryan.. told .. me" he stuttered.

"You believed him? You really think I'm a slut who falls into bed with someone soon as she has a weak moment?"

He doesn't answer.

"You should have known better." She quickly stands up and walks back inside of the hotel.

Juliet lied on the floor feeling numb. Everything felt like it was spinning.

James didn't seem to care about her happiness, why should she care about his now? Why should she even think about his feelings when hers mean nothing to him. It seemed like he just wanted her to just please his every need and when it came to hers it didn't matter. He played her. She tried to understand him, but she couldn't. Nobody right minded would do that to someone. Miranda was old enough to be his mother, she was her mother! They shared some sort of bond that people wish they could find but she never thought it would end like this. She sitting on the floor, crying.

Alex was walking through the town, making her way back to the hotel.

Maybe she would be finally able to move on, but still she couldn't forget.

First she thought he was something small that she could pass. Ignoring didn't work and seeing him didn't work.

She turns around the corner and sees kids playing and laughing. It reminds her of the times they were young and came on the Island to enjoy summer. Her mother first said that it wouldn't be a good idea, but Jerry insisted.

"Alex should have the right to be close to her roots." That's what he said, she remembers it clearly.

She was sixteen when she started seeing him more as something else than a big brother. It wasn't just a phase, It never ended.

When she met Jeremy the weird feeling stopped for a while, but then it came back stronger and she had to let Jeremy go. She couldn't hurt him over a stupid crush, or whatever it was. It was Justin's fault, not hers. He was the one who "flirted" and joked around her every second, but there was something that she couldn't just let go. She couldn't control anything anymore. She couldn't escape herself and had to leave him, had to leave her whole family.

Now she was finally ready to put it all into her past. To finally let go and move on.

Alex approached the hotels gate and made her way to the back, towards the pool area where was the back door. Maybe no one even noticed how she disappeared for a second. Last thing she wanted to do is explain why she left without saying anything.

She tried to quickly walk towards the door.


Crap, she cursed.

"Where have you been?"

She turns around and sees Justin. Her breath caught in her throat at the perfection of his chest and six pack, she stutters.

"I was just visiting Jeremy at the bar…"

"How's he?"

Alex still awkwardly staring at his bare chest which was dripping with water.

"Alex?" he waved his hand in front of her face.

"Sorry. Jeremy is fine, but a bit sad about what happened, he knew Vanessa."

"Oh, well.. You want to join us?"

Alex looks behind him and sees all the groomsmen in the pool waving at her.

She smiles. "I don't think I would fit in, but thanks anyway."

She walks inside and shrugs.

She is not ready to let go and move on.

"Theresa is everything alright?"

Jerry wakens her wife from her thoughts.

"I'm fine. The girl downstairs just brought back bad memories."

Jerry hugs her.

"Its okay, we are here to celebrate Justin's wedding. Nothing bad is going to happen. I promise you."

"You promise?" She smiled.

"Sure Hon, I promise" and kissed her forehead.

"Did you see Max? her girlfriend is a great catch." Jerry joked.

"What ? They are here? And they didn't even come and say hi?" Theresa was back to her usual self. "Lets go and see them. Come on Jerry!"

"Max is going to kill me…" the desperate man followed his wife.

"James, I cant do that." Thomas whispered into the phone.

"You cant or wont?" he cleaned his throat. "I'm done with Juliet, she doesn't want me. You will give me 50,000 thousand and I wont tell her about your little dirty plan."

"Where am I going to find that kind of money right now?" he gritted his teeth together.

"Ill take a check."


"Harper what are you doing in my room?" She gasped.

"I asked Maggie to open the door, but that's not important. Where were you?"

"I was just taking a walk."

"Oh well… I was talking to Elle, one of Juliet's bridesmaids. Its really weird her other bridesmaid just disappeared, but she thinks Naomi got bored and left."


"Alex what's going on ?" Harper caught her left arm.

"What do you mean?"

"You don't listen to me, you've been acting weird like for weeks. Usually your excited for parties like these. Everyone's here, but still you act so coldly around everyone."

"I cant lie to him anymore Harper." she whispered.

"We talked about this, its for the best." Harpers lips twisted in frustration.

"Everything feels like a nightmare that I cant wake up from. I feel like I'm stuck. This is not me anymore, I've tried so many times. Harper, I cant do it anymore."

"Alex! This is serious."

"You don't think I know that?"

"Alex, I meant I was there with you. I know what you are feeling."

"No you don't, no one knows!" Alex raised her voice and picked up the glass that was on the night stand and threw it on the wall.

Harper watched as the glass shattered into million pieces then she looked into Alex's eyes which were expressionless.

"I'm sorry I didn't mean to..." She takes a few steps closer to Harper and Harpers grabs her into tight hug, letting her best friend cry on her shoulder.

The hug was interrupted by a knock on the door. Alex wipes her tears and goes to the bathroom while Harper walks over to answer the door.

"Justin hey!" Harpers greets him loudly, so that Alex could hear her.

"Harper? Is Alex here?"

"She's in the bathroom." She lets him in.

"What happened in here?" He looks at the pieces on ground and the water on the wall.

"Just a little accident. Why are you here? Where's Juliet?" She charmingly smiled.

"Juliet is resting in our room and I saw Alex just a moment ago, she looked a bit worried so I thought about checking up on her." He gazes towards the bathroom door as it cracks open.

She had been crying, he could tell it from the fake smile on her face.

"Justin is everything okay?" She walks over to her best friend and brother like nothing was wrong.

"I came here to ask you the same thing."

"I'm good, really good." She smiled.

"Are you sure?"

Alex looked over at Harper. "I'm sure. Justin stop worrying, lets go to the pool." She pushed him slightly and then followed him out of the door.

They made their way to the lobby where Alex saw her younger brother with exhausted look on his face while her mom was intensively talking to Claire. Max tried to mouth her to "help"

But she just shook her head and laughed with Justin.

Finally at the pool area, first thing Alex sees is Ryan talking closely to Elle. She was giggling at the side of the pool with a mojito on her hand. Apparently she didn't give a crap that Naomi was missing if Alex had to deal with the fact that Harper would go missing, she would probably jump out of a building. Ryan could be described as a free spirit ? she wonders. As long as Alex can remember, she remembers Ryan being into girls, like really into girls which was annoying sometimes when he talked about women like they were objects, but everyone who knew Ryan, knew that he was only joking.

The she looks over at the pool where Sean, Zeke and Bridget were laughing. Sean was the closest one to Alex, right after Harper and Justin. He was a calm and cool dude, always fun to hung around. Then there was Zeke the geeky guy. So much like Justin except maybe a lamer version. Alex thinks about it and realizes that she haven't even ever talked to him one on one.

Bridget with her gorgeous blond locks and big moss greenish eyes was her best friend when they were little. She was the one who understood how Alex felt. They shared a bond that couldn't be broken up by anything or anybody.

Before she even realizes Justin is again without his shirt and he is back in the water.

"Alex come on!" He playfully splashes water on her.

Alex smiled, curving her pink lips as she pulled her shirt off and dropped the skirt she had been wearing, revealing her red bikini that fit nicely on her lean body. He watched as his sister jumped into the water making it splash.

"Alex glad you could join us." Bridget smiles and then looks at her "You saw Jeremy didn't you?"

"What?" Alex laughed.

"Just curious, I can tell by the look on your face."

"I did see him, okay."

"Your blushing!" Sean pointed at her.

"Stop it guys." Alex smiled along and buried her face into the water.

"So you are dating him again?" Justin asked with a serious look on his face.

"No. We are just friends." What was that all about… Is he jealous?

Suddenly they were interrupted by a man. He looked about the same age they were, he had a beanie over his head. He looked a bit dirty with his stubble and a 3 inch beard. There was a deadly silence when he walked in.

Justin got out of the water to talk to him.

"I'm sorry, the hotel is booked for a private occasion."

Justin said with a disrespectful look on his face.

"Justin…" Alex tried to pull him out of his way, because the guy looked like he was angry.

"Are you deaf?" Justin asked again.

"Justin…" Alex tried again, the guy was really turning into red.

The mysterious man couldn't hold it any longer and punched Justin in the face making him fall into the pool.

Everyone was in complete utterly shock.

"That was for my sister." He said coldly and backed away.

That's when it hit Alex, it was Ben Vanessa's brother.

"Somebody here killed her! I'm not going to rest until I find out who it was."

"Stay still Justin." Alex held his head while Harper was pressing ice on his nose.

"Alex if you haven't noticed, It kind of hurts."

"No need to bitch about it Justin and this was all your fault, why did you have to annoy him?"

"I didn't know Vanessa was his sister."

"But still, you don't act like that around people at least you didn't use to act like that." Alex looked at him.

"Alex has got a point." Harper agreed.

"Harper, this is between me and Alex."

Harper tossed the ice pack to Alex and walked out of the room.

"Now you made her mad. Happy?"

"Alex stop criticizing." He raised his voice.

"What's wrong with you?" She got up from the bed and backed away.

"First of all I JUST GOT PUNCHED IN THE NOSE." he faced her.

"You don't have to take it all on me. Is this about Jeremy?"


"Before we were on the pool you were all brotherly to me and now you are acting like a psycho maniac." She blinked rapidly.

"Alex it isn't always about you." he hissed through his teeth.

Too stunned to take offense at his words, she just nodded mutely.

"Fine if your going to act like this, ill just leave." she whispered after a long minute of silence and rushed out of the room.

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