The sun shorn high that day, as would any other day in the summer. Pok, pok sounded throughout the morning as tennis balls meet their respective rackets face on. Ryoma had returned from the USA just 2 weeks ago and was helping his former team with practice. Everyone from his freshmen year was there. Tezuka returned from Germany's rehabilitation center and currently battling against Fuji. Seigakun's Golden Pair battled against Kaidoh and Momo, the doubles game had just started to heat up. Inui recorded data on the four players at the sidelines. Takashi arrived with sushi in tow, enough to fill everyone stomach.

Ring, ringwas heard coming from Ryoma's side of the court. The Prince picked it up but not before looking at the number in surprise. It's her number...

"Moshi moshi, Echizen Ryoma..." he said.

"Ryoma! Obaa-san, Misuzu no Okaasan. It's an emergency! Misuzu...!" the voice of a frantic woman screamed at him.

"Obaa-san, calm down. Tell me what happened." His voice was stable but his posture was shaking slightly. Tezuka and Fuji paused from their game stared in his direction; Ryusuki-sensei looked at him as well.

"Misuzu, Misuzu... she's, she's...!" She broke into sobs and continued to cry. What she said next made the prince do something he'd never do.

He dropped his tennis racket.

Now everyone had their eyes trained on him, varities of shock on their faces just because of that one move. The phone pressed to his ear by his right hand and his left gripping the fence with great force that it started to vibrate. His form shook with every passing second.

With a large gaupof air he said, "Obaa-san, I'll be there tomarrow at the latest, alright?" The boy was trying so hard not to cry, even as his eyes watered.

"Okay Ryoma." Click, she hanged up. He slumped to the ground, his grip on the fence went slack. Ryoma finally cried, waterfalls they fell. Numerous footsteps, he heard them but didn't pay heed. A pair of strong hands turned him around as a another hand lifted his face up. No doubt that they could sense he was crying but seeing it was another story.

Looking like the child that he was, the mother of Seigakun quickly embraced him into a hug without a moments notice. It was then did the prince started bawling. It was instantious and his former teammates were in disbelief; all they could do was comfort him for that was all they could do. Day turned to night, it was around 5 in the evening when worried family members came. What they saw astounded each and everyone of them, from Yuuta Fuji to the former Samurai.

Ryoma, the Echizen Ryoma sleeping in the arms of Oshi, surrounded by the tennis regulars. Each regular with either a relieved or worried look on their faces, all directed to the chibi. Their teacher standing on next them, acknowledging their arrival with a nod.

With a cry of "Ryoma!" from his mother did her son awake up ("No Rinko!" whispered her husband, as if he knew it would cause a negative result). He awoke with a jump and looked around, confused. His teammates looked at him anxiously, his family appeared apprehensive and the other just looked worried. His eyes trailed to his equipment and then his phone, the day's events hit him back wh full force. The conversation on the phone replayed in his mind until everything went black for him.

Began: 12/21/09 3:30 PM
Completed: 12/21/09 5:43 PM

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