I lunged at Puck, gripping my crowbar tightly.

We always fight, and when we fight, things get real ugly.

He jumped and expertly avoided it, which made me annoyed as heck. I growled and dropped my crowbar so I could throw a punch at him, but of course I missed. He smirked. I glowered.

I looked around quickly and saw a small bottle of strong, flowery perfume in my pocket that I used this morning. I grinned, and he looked at me questioningly.

"Suck on this!" I pulled the glass bottle out (do not ask me why I brought that into his room) and threw that at him. He wasn't as fast so it hit his shirt, causing it to break and soak into his yellow shirt. I smiled as his face turned to rage.


"Yes?" I asked sweetly.


"Are totally smart and awe-"

Puck lunged at me in the middle of my sentence, which totally ticked me off. He pinned me to the ground and started yelling at me, mostly cuss words. I growled, but then he started tickling me.

"D-dude, g-get off!" I pushed, but he had grown since we were 12. Now he's fourteen, and I'm shorter than him. Man, I should've used his height to my advantage last year.

"Hahahahahahaha!" He laughed, his spit hitting my face.

"GET OFF!" I pushed way harder then last time, and I pushed him off since he was caught off guard.

"You FREAK!" I screamed.

"That's what they call me." Puck got up, smirking. He stretched out his girly pink wings.

"Gah!" I turned on my heel and left, out of his fantasy room and into the real world. I plopped down on my newly bought comforter and laid down. I laid down, facing my pillow, and suddenly, I felt really sleepy. So I got more comfy and fell asleep.

"Sabrina!" I heard faintly.

"Leave me alllllone..." I murmured, barely even hearing myself.


I sat up quickly. "AHHH!" I then saw Puck. "Dude, why did you wake me up?"

"You've been asleep for 3 days."

"What? WHY?"


I glared at him. "I haven't got all day you nitwit. WHAT?!"

"Um, Daphne sprinkled some sleep powder on you...and, um, took your video camera and sent one of your videos to this TV place for some audition...and you got into a TV show called So Random...and...Daphne sent and application for me...and I got into some other TV show on the same lot your in...but on a show called Mackenzie Falls..." Puck stated, somewhat nervous.

My head hurt real bad, and my stomach felt clutched. One thing I am not is funny. And So Random in for funny people, so why did they choose me?

I got up and grabbed Puck's ear. "You're coming with me." I growled. Somehow he didn't even complain.

I walked out and Puck followed. "DAPHNE!" I yelled.

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