Birth of a Prince

It was evening when the queen clenched her swollen belly and gasped in pain, signaling that the child within wanted out. She was whisked off to the bedchambers while her husband the king, for all his authority, was banned from the chambers by a steely-eyed midwife.

As the labor dragged, servants and nobles alike spread the news. The kingdom about their business but their queen was on their minds and the more excitable ones gathered in the courtyard waiting for any news.

Meanwhile, the queen was drenched in sweat, her voice gone hoarse from screaming, and tired from the pain, the feeling of being torn in half. The king was grudgingly waited in a separate chamber, accepting only reports on his queen's progress.

Then it all stopped. By dawn, as the sun's rays lighten the sky, a different cry came from the chambers. It announced that someone new had arrived.

A son had been born.

"He's small," a young boy piped up. His clear blue eyes were fixed on the ruddy race mewling infant bundled up and wriggling peacefully in the crib, which was surrounded by him and two other boys.

"You were smaller," retorted an elder boy.

"Was not!" the child turned to glare at him. The elder simply rolled his own dark eyes.

"You were Gwy," blithely said the eldest of all three boys, "Father could hold you with one hand."

"Still can," their father stepped in. To prove so, he effortlessly lifted Gwydre with his right hand and swung him into his arms as the child yelped in surprise and delight.

"I'm not the littlest anymore. He is," Gwydre pointed to his new brother, happy to pass down the title.

"That's right, Duran is your little brother," Arthur explained, "He's going to need you."

"For what?" Gwydre questioned, "He's doesn't do much. Just sleep and cry. Looks boring."

"He's about three hours old. Give him time." Arthur said, "Then you can teach all sorts of things. Such as jousting, hunting, how to terrorize your brothers…"

His elder boys turn their heads to Arthur with identical grimaces.

"And you two can teach him the value of respecting his elders," he quipped with a smile.

"Jack can put him to sleep with his books," Amhar joked. As the eldest, he was used to having new siblings to "teach" and exchange loving insults with.

Jack- Llacheu- only hummed a response, since he was paying no attention to the conversation. He had curiously stuck out a finger to Duran's grasping little hands. His eyes widen when one hand caught the finger and held on tightly.

Arthur had to admit the difference between his sons, and how it went farther than looks. Amhar and Jack both took on their mother's dark hair and eyes; except Amhar's skin was a shade lighter and Jack's only curls fell after his first year. Both were good and responsible, and kind boys whom loved to hunt and swordplay. Yet Amhar was outgoing, quite optimistic and relished in the woodlands while Jack was a quiet and reserved soul who preferred to read about ancient myths and philosophies.

Then there was Gwydre, who inherited many of his own features to a point that many say that Gwy was his doppelganger. And apparently, he caused the same amount of trouble. While Gwydre was nowhere near the spoiled brat Arthur was, he was very energetic, and relentless, and demanded a lot of attention.

And now here was Duran, with a head of glossy curls and apparent liking to grabbing things.

Jack shook Duran's hand and with a deadpanned tone said, "Hello Duran."

Duran let go of Jack's finger a moment later, scrunched his face further with a yawn and fell promptly to sleep.

"Come on," Arthur whispered, "let's go back to your mother."

With Gwydre still in his arms, he led the older two out of the nursery and into the connecting chamber where Gwen was resting in their bed. Her eyes opened once they all entered and smiled at the sight of them.

"What do you think of your new brother?" She drowsily asked.

Arthur let down Gwydre, and the boy ran to his mother's side. With a somber expression and uncharacteristic gentleness to her, he replied, "He's very small."

"He has a strong grip," said Jack as he and Amhar joined their younger sibling at their mother's bedside.

"He's a right terror Mother," Amhar grinned as Gwen laughed lightly.

"Alright, let your mother rest now." said Arthur.

"First a kiss," Gwen sat up tentatively.

The boys all quickly peck their mother on the cheek. Quiet talk of affections and swift questioning of well being were exchanged. The door then knocked, and opened to reveal Merlin with Sir Griflet, the one guarding the door, at his side.

"Merlin your timing is perfect for once," said Arthur, "take the boys to my study. I'll join you in a bit."

"Right," Merlin, letting Arthur's taunt go, "The council wants to see you." "They can wait."

"They'll forgive you, with that sunny personality of yours." Merlin led the boys out, "Hey, Gwy lets go annoy Lord Rynor."

Arthur shook his head when he heard Gwydre's thrilled acceptance.

He then turned to Gwen, still with a soft smile.

"So they think of Duran fondly?" She playfully asked as Arthur went over to her.

"Well, Jack is impressed but Gwydre finds him boring."

They both laughed and he took her hand into his.

"It will get very interesting soon I suppose," Arthur continued, "Now that we have four of them. We have been outnumbered"

"Your fault." Gwen teasingly accused.


"You wanted a big family. 'An army,' was your request." explained Gwen, her smile now a large grin.

"Four is hardly an army. And you encouraged it." Arthur countered, trying not to laugh too hard.

"They won't be lonely at least," Gwen sobered up.

They looked at each other. Arthur had thought of his elder three sons, his years with them along with learning how to be their father. How he will learn to be a father to this new little one. He thought of Guinevere, how good a mother she was and how amazed he was with her every time she bear them and brought them into this world. How much he loved her.

"Love you," he admitted.

"Love you too."

A cry then came across their ears, signaling that Duran wanted what he vaguely recognized as "Mother."

"I'll get him," Arthur got up and walked over the nursery.

AN: I had some ideas of how to do a "baby" fic, like Arthur holding Amhar for the first time, Gwen getting ill after a difficult labor (one was an extemely sad scenario in which they loose a daughter) and figured to do one in which the elder brothers weighed in on the new kid.

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